My First Short Love Story

Hello friends. I am Johny Ahuja. Age 23,height 5’11”, build average, with five and a half inches of penis. I am student of engineering final year. Here is my first sex experience that I am going to share with you. Hope you people like it.

It was Monday 12 noon when my phone rang and I woke up. It was my classmate calling from college. After giving excuses for not attending the classes I ended my conversation. Then I shouted the names of my roommates and soon realized that I was alone at home. Everyone had left for the college. Actually it was the last night’s hangover that made me sleep that late. Oh jesus! I thought it was going to be another boring day for me but soon I proved to be wrong.

I went downstairs to have a cup of tea. I kept an umbrella with me as it was raining heavily outside. I had just finished my cup when I saw a scooter coming towards me. What a scene it was. A completely wet girl, driving the scooter, coming towards you slowly, and every eye was staring her. She parked her scooter and when she removed her helmet, I found she was my classmate. “Bhagyashree” I shouted. She turned to me. Man, she was looking damn sexy. A brownish Marathi girl with such a nice curvaceous figure, height nearly 5’7″, was looking so steamy in purple top. She had a pair of perfectly sized balloons that seemed juicier in that rain. Her figure was nearly 36 28 36. I couldn’t help myself staring at her body for some moments.

“Hey Johny, what are u doing here?” she asked surprisingly. I replied “I live here in apartments with friend. What are you doing here?” “I had to go to the bank, but got trapped in the rain.” She replied. I told her that it was a strike in the bank. I could see her shivering with cold, so I offered her to come to my apartment till the rain stops. She agreed after showing some hesitation. I think my image of a descent guy in college convinced her to come to my room. We both shared the umbrella and came to my apartment. It was a little awkward for me because as it was the first I was alone with a girl under the same roof, but it was exciting too.

I locked the doors first after entering the apartment. Then she bowed down to remove her sandals. As she bowed down I saw her buttocks covered by the wet jeans. My rod got erected. A kind of lust captured my mind. Somehow I controlled myself and gave her my towel. I suggested her to have some bath first and change the clothes. At first she said she is fine with the wet clothes but she agreed when I insisted. I gave her one of my shirt and a towel. I told her that the door of the bathroom has swollen due to the moisture, so it couldn’t be locked properly. She went inside to have shower and I went to the wash basin near the bathroom door to have some face wash. I noticed that there was a narrow gap in the door. I peeped inside through that gap. Oh god! I couldn’t believe what I saw.

I could see her partially through gap. What a voluptuous body she had. She removed her purple top first. She was wearing a white bra. Her cleavage could be clearly seen. Soon she removed her wet jeans and started unbuttoning her bra. Her melons were much bigger than they usually appeared. She turned on the shower. I was getting charged. I wanted to rub those pink nipples. I wanted to bite them, play with them. Several thoughts started striking my mind. I wanted to kiss her whole body. I was filled with lust. She then started applying body wash liquid to her body. I wish I could do the same for her. Soon she was covered by white foam. Oh my god! I was getting out of control. Few more minutes, and I was ready to kick at the door and do all the things that I was dreaming of. Suddenly she looked at the door and shouted, “johny, are you there”. I was unable to say anything. I just walked to another room.

I thought I was caught. After some time she came wearing my shirt and the towel. My shirt was a little long for her reaching four inches above her knees. She wrapped the towel in her waist. I asked her if she called me. She replied that she wanted to ask me where to keep that wet clothes. It was like a relief for me. Then I took all her clothes and spread them on the chair and then turned the fan on. After that I took her to the kitchen. We made some Maggie with some coffee. We then went to the hall and started talking. We both were feeling cold. So I sat on the bed and covered myself with a thin ‘jaipuri’ blanket. I offered her to come inside the blanket, but she said she was fine. By that time I became very normal. We started our conversation with coffee mugs in our hands.

Bhagyashree: So how many people live you?I: There are together five people. We all are from the same city. Do you live in a hostel?Bhagyashree: No I live with my parents. My father works here.I: You are a lucky girl that you live with your parents.Bhagyashree: No, you guys are lucky. The kind of freedom you guys get, I just dream to have.She started thinking something….

Bhagyashree(after some pause): I have finished my coffee, have you finished yours.I: yup.Bhagyashree: (taking my mug from my hands) Ok give me your mug. I will wash them.I: No, put that down. I will wash them later. (I tried to stop her)Bhagyashree: No formalities please.

She stood up with a smile. I tried to catch her hand to stop. But by mistake her shirt was grabbed into my hand. But she didn’t realize and quickly turned towards the kitchen. The four buttons of her shirt, from the top, got scattered onto the floor. Both the mugs were dropped from her hands. She turned towards me surprisingly. I was still in a sitting position. Both of us stared at each for some moments. I was unable to speak anything and so was she.

After some moments I realized that her nipples were clearly visible. I didn’t know what to do in that situation. I pulled her hand and made her sit near me. I covered her with the same blanket that I was covered with. She was now in the same blanket with me. Now both of us were looking here and there. I was feeling very uneasy and I think she was feeling the same.

Suddenly climate of that hall was changed. Both of us were feeling warmer now. My mind was seized at that moment. I was losing control over myself. I again looked at her for some moments. I got my face close to her. She tried to turn her face. But I kept her face in both of my hands and kissed gently on her lips. ” Stop johny”, she said. But I didn’t stop. I kissed her more passionately this time. Soon I was kissing her madly all over her face and neck. “Please stop. Stop it johny, this is not right. Please”, her voice was shaking this time. “Let me do that, please don’t stop me.” I replied. I continued to kiss her with more and more lust and put my right hand on her left melon.

She tried to remove my hands but that was not enough to stop me. I think she was a little into it at that time. I started pressing boobs vigorously. She was started to mourn,” Ohhhh…. Ummmm please leave me, we are not doing right.” I locked her lip again. This time she was also supporting. I unbuttoned the shirt completely. Then I put my hands on her shoulder and gently made her lie on bed. Then I placed all my fingers of both of my hands between her fingers and took both of hands apart. I was now covering her like a blanket and both of us were still under that same Jaipuri blanket. Now my mouth started traversing both her nipples one by one. I was continuously sucking her pink nipples, playing and biting her balloons.

She was now completely under my control. She was enjoying. I slowly removed the towel she was wearing and started touching the area near her vagina. She showed a little hesitation. She caught my hand and slowly moved her head in a no. I showed no hurry. I removed my shirt and unbuttoned my jeans. Then I again kissed her lips. As I was kissing her, I started caressing her near vaginal area. My hands now slowly got over her cunt. I suddenly put my index finger into her vagina. She tried to scream but my lips had locked her lips.

Now she was completely charged. Her body was shaking. I then removed rest of the shirt remaining on her body and she helped me doing that. My rod was getting more and more erect. I removed my jeans completely. And pulled of under wear little lower. She was looking here and there. I again lied on her, kissed her and pressed her boobs. This time she kept her both legs crossed.

Since it was my first experience, it took some time for me to get into the position. She crossed her tightly and was putting her hand on her vagina again and again. I remained patient and kept doing the foreplay more and more intensely. I put some force to get her leg apart and put both of my legs between her legs. Then I kept my rod(that was still under my under wear) on her cunt and started rubbing it. She was now getting excited to maximum level.

She started to produce sounds more loudly. ” ammmmmmmm ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh. Oh johnyyyyyyyyy……” This was the perfect time. I pulled down my under wear. My rod was already in its max size and red hot. I placed both my hands under her thighs and pulled her with a jerk. I made her legs more apart. I put my rod slowly over her cunt and rubbed three to four times. I inserted my cock slowly. She screamed, “aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh, it hurts, please take it out.”

This time I was in no mood to wait, I gave a jerk and put my whole cock at once into her. She screamed with a louder voice “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh , it hurts.” I held both of her hand tightly and zipped her mouth with my mouth. “ummmmmmm” this was the only sound she could make. I started the engine and kept the piston moving. After some time she started enjoying it and started supporting me by moving her ass up and down. Now I could unlock her lips. After doing this for nearly 15 minutes, both of us started doing is faster. We got faster with time. We were both groaning,” aaaaaaahhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhh ufffffffffffffffff” . I was about to ejaculate. This was my very first experience. I heart beat was become fast. After some time I came into her. We both had orgasm.

After that I kissed her, this time more emotionally. And lied right to her. She put her head on my arms. I got her into my arms and remained in that position for several minutes. Then we realized that my roomies would be arriving soon. She took her clothes on and I walked with her to the basement. We didn’t say a single word.

After all this we didn’t talk and avoided facing each other for months. But finally we talked after a semester but avoided talking about that day. I was worried that she might get pregnant, I am happy it didn’t happen. We are now very much normal, and accepted it was a mistake made by both of us. Any ways, whatever it was, this memory will remain with me forever……

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