My Friend’s Cousin Is Now My Bestie And Sex Partner



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Sub: incident which happened between me and my friend’s cousin.

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This is hemanth from hyderabad; I ’m back with new story. How are you guys? Those who not yet read my previous stories then please go through with them so that you can know more about me and hope you will like it. In this story I ’m going to tell about the. Without wasting your valuable time I ’m jumping into the story.My friend name vinay who is my schoolmate and my father, vinay father are best friends.

Vinay is having one elder brother and younger brother all we are close. I’m the one who is very friendly in their family; they treated me as their family member. If they need any help or if there is any vacation or any party they will call me. For elder brother’s they called me 3 days before I went and helped them, as we are from same town but stays at hyderabad. For marriage all family members are attended, I like children very much I love to spend my time with them. As usual I ’m enjoying with children in marriage one cute boy I like very much his mother who is cousin to my friend; she is the heroine of this story.

Her name is jhansi same age group 23years, fair, good looking but hair is short, not so slim and overall she looks good. She lives in hyderabad hostel and child lives with grandmother, this matter I don’t know until I make friendship with her. As first time I saw her I felt like good looking girl and good hearted girl, we got introduced in marriage itself. We didn’t talk much just what you do?

Where do you stay? What about your family? At that time also she didn’t say more about her husband – just he was busy in office (that’s it). Marriage over and we are back to our works, I just saw 2 more times in friend’s house but we didn’t talk. After 1 month when I was searching for something in facebook I saw her name jhansi as suggestion and checked her profile mutual friends vinay, his brother’s and family members are there then immediately I send request, she accepted me after a week I think so. We didn’t chat at starting but after some days she wants some help, so she texted and asked she is facing some trouble with her lappy will you do it something. As she is working in govt. Office in contract bases she can’t go to shop or care and also she don’t know about

It much so she asked my help. I said I will take it don’t worry she is happy with my words but what happened means her relative took and cleared that trouble. Our chatting is normal about studies,jobs bla bla…

On one day, I got some work but system should be needed I don’t have after thinking for a day I got idea that jhansi is having lappy so I can ask her. Next day she is in online I asked her,she said ok but only 2 days I can give because I will get bore in hostel if lappy is not with me. I agreed and said tomorrow I will come to your place and I will take it. Next day I planned to go but I don’t have her contact number so I login in to facebook and asked her but to my shock already she said her number yesterday itself. I called to her and I went to that place, I met her talked for sometime about general topics.

She –how you though, without my number you can meet me?

I –forget to ask you

She – I know that, so I send it

I took and after 2 days I returned to her, next after some days she called me and we talked about general topics but when we meet at vinay house we not even spoke a single word.

As vinay don’t know that we know each other, whenever I ’m free then I use to call her in that call on one fine day she said about her husband I was shock by listening about him.Jhansi got married in b.Tech 2nd year and given birth to a child in 3 rd year, his husband is in south africa before their marriage for engagement he kept long leave for 2 months and came. For marriage also he kept leave and came. Got married 1 year is going to complete but he is not going to sa for work, if they asked he says like they given long leave I will go next month and the reason continuing. Jhansi took lite and when she is cleaning her house she saw her experience letter I .E he left that job, when jhansi asked about that letter he scolded her bla bla….

From that day torture started to jhansi from husband even from uncle and aunty, she came to known there family behaviour. She said to me all and felt like cry, in a single word “they showed psycho things to her”,she got fed with their words and behaviour and came back to her mother house with the child.

From that day she is staying with her mother, if one of her relative she joined in a job and staying in hostel and kept her child with mother. We started talking once in a week like for hour and sharing her sorrows (what happened before), I tried maximum to make her happy.

After some days she brought new smart phone and then started chatting in whatsapp, soon we became very close (best friends),she shares all personal things also and me too like crushes, girl friends.She is fed up with her husband for not his psycho things; he is the guy who is maintaining many affairs with several girls. He is very talented guy but working in small primary school for rs.3000because he as affair with one teacher, if jhansi goes to her mother house then he will go to someone house (affairs) and spend his time. Jhansi came to known that by neighbours and she asked him and his parents, what they said?

Shocked me – you went to your parents home jhansi then my son is a male, so he can go with someone else until you come, such a worst mentality, character of his husband and his husband parents.She said to me like she always tell lies, no girl will take that easy if her husband goes with someone. Even though I adjusted like I ’m having son to his future I adjusted to live with him if he see me and my son nicely, but he didn’t. Bla bla…..(sorry guys for making you bore)

With all these incidents she got fed up and with my suggestions, my words she liked me lot and became very close. But nothing bad intention there between us, on one day we planned to go somewhere as she got holiday and me too free, we went to jalavihar. We both enjoyed lot and on that day we felt like this is the best day in our life. From that day whenever we get free time we hangout, we went to several places in city and covered all our closeness increased. On her birthday –

I said, I will give treat and I will take you to different place. She accepted and we went to wonderla recently we enjoyed lot where we enjoyed in water, we moving closely hugging accidentally,fighting. Evening we are back to paradise and we had our dinner. She thanked me and say in her life this day is the special and unforgettable, most memorable day forever. We back to our places our relationship is continuing like this, but I ’m expecting

On before day of my birthday she said that on my birthday you make me special right so as tomorrow is your birthday, I will take you to some place get ready at 7 in morning. As usual we met and she took me to orphanage there we celebrated our birthday from there we went to movie in I -max (horror movie – when the horror scene playing she caught my hand I felt in different way) and next***** I asked her to come to my room after thinking for 10min.S she accepted and followed. We prepared our food and had it; enjoyed lot ate chocolates, ice creams and cake. Later we watched movie – raja rani (our favourite movie), while watching movie we look our eyes for many times. It’s time to leave so while leaving she came near to me and presented a gift, planted a kiss on my forehead and said happy birthday my dearest hemo. I felt like *** (no words), with that words I hugged her (with no bad intention only love).Our relationship is very healthy, on one day

She – this weakened are you free

I –yes jhanu ( I use to call her)

Jhanu –ok we will met

I –ok jhanu any problem?

Jhanu –nothing like that, just want to meet you

I –ok where we meet?

Jhanu – I will tell before day

Finally the day came she said that we will meet in your room itself, I happily accepted. She arrived @9:00am I welcomed her, we had our tiffin’s and started like

Jhanu –hemo I ’m happy with you thanks for all this

I –achaaa no need to say dear your my best

Jhanu –thanks hemo, last week my husband called me

I –what happened jhanu

Jhanu –we fight hemo

I –it’s common between you always

Jhanu – bla bla…. She started crying

I –console her after 30min.S she became normal and we started preparing our lunch while preparing I teased her by some jokes and all (we tried to enjoy ourselves) I really don’t know what makes us,especially me( I think so while consoling I kept my left hands on her shoulders and right hand on thigh) after sometime I hugged her from back, she not say anything and saying what happened hemo?

Soon our looks met and she is moving close to me and hugged me while hugging we are caring our bodies, slowly I started kissing her forehead, chicks, ears, nose and looking at her she closed her eyes when I stopped kissing her she opened her eyes then I kissed on her lips she looking at my eyes, our eyes met soon she closed her eyes and enjoying kiss, kissed for 10min.S I lifted her and took to chair and started kissing on her neck from back and pressing her boobs she is screaming heart beating increasing. I was  biting her neck for which she is saying please haaaa hemo please bite slowly, after sucking her neck for 5min.S I left and went to her boobs pressing them from top it was really smooth I never touched such boobs ever, soon I tried to open her top she stopped me and teased me

After 5mins she allowed me to open I opened her top, she is with inner wears I cared her body on innerwear’s itself I kissed on armpits and licked them for that she is felt like laughing and shaking her body with goosebumps I caught her hand and licked sucked them hard I even bite skin over armpits wither sounds I got full in mood and opened her jeans and now she is only in inner wears I pressed all parts and licked her body. Tried to open her inner wears with my teeth and finally I succeed opened her inner wears she is nude my eyes opened wide. What a body she had very fair, little dark(brownish) at pussy area. She opened my dress and she too tried to open my inners with teeth but it was not opened so she removed with hands now we both are in nude,

We kissed and licked our bodies with my tip of tongue at all parts went to neck started licking, kissing and sucking her neck she is screaming like haa haaaa haaaa and her heart beat started increasing her body is shivering and moving like snake. I went to armpits slowly I licking and sucking it tastes salty but I like that different taste slowly massaging her boobs it was in perfect shape I licked lot started kissing her nipples and biting slowly she is feeling that pain and enjoying that kind of pain, started sucking slowly increased my speed and rubbing her boobs she is in pain saying please leave me it hurting lot please I didn’t listen to her had sucked her mango and made them red.

She got angry on me and started beating me she is in hurry with angry sat on my stomach and pinching my nipples, stomach and making me to hurt and then she was cool and started enjoying my body with lot of kisses, she licked like dog I really enjoyed with her she eaten my armpits I love it went to cock and she given kiss, started licking slowly and sucking she felt it was like banana, lollipop and sucked for 8mins and we went to 69 position which favourite to me I kissed licked her whole bottom part, she licked and biting my ass and she is sucking my dick I was about to cum, but I enjoying that move and I was about to cum she left my dick and I cummed we lost our energies we took rest for 30 min and we had food I feed food to her and I too had.

We slept in afternoon after 2 hours I woke up she is in still sleep I started enjoying her body I licked her whole bodies which tastes salty as we are sweat its summer that to afternoon, when I ’m licking her pussy with that pleasure she is moaning haa hmmm haaaa hmmm with that sounds I got in full mood and kept my cock at pussy and tried to insert it went easily it was wet inside I fucked her hard she woke up with fucking she is shouting at me what you doing hemo now I can’t it’s paining hemo please take it I removed my cock, she smiled at me by seeing my hurt face and said come on hemo it was long back please fuck me like anything I was waiting for 3 years not even fingered myself.

With that words I went to different world and started fucking her slowly and teasing her she scolded me for my teasing after teasing 5min, s I increased my speed and started fucking her in missionary position for 4 mins and then changed to doggy style and fucked hard by changing different positions for 20mins. she is screaming and shouting ha haaaa haaa hmm yes yaaaa hmm by seeing her face expression in sexy way with opened mouth and that sounds, words I cummed soon on her ass.

We took rest for 10min.S and again started next round and then went to bathroom and fucked there also, we bathed together and we left the room with such a long french kiss 10mins we lost our energy totally. I dropped her at her hostel and I ’m back to my room, I slept happily that night but from that day our way of chatting changed and my all thoughts is about her and I ’m not able to live in that room where we enjoyed, I said to her about my condition she said don’t worry hemo I will come this weekend to your room we can blast. I was happy with her words and waiting for that day. I like to apply cake, silk chocolate, jam, honey, whipped cream to whole body even armpits, boobs, pussy, ass and lick, suck and eat them (waiting for this situation).

Whenever chance get we enjoyed lot in my room and we also planned for trip where we booked one a/c room and planning have fun and enjoy over there, trip –week days, I hope that week days will be most memorable days in our lives. How is my narration?

Hope you guys enjoyed, please give your valuable feedback on this story if possible so read my previous stories too, I narrated many stories by that you people can understand how much passion I had on sex. Waiting for healthy relationship, don’t hesitate to ping me I don’t think in a bad way. We have a right to do whatever we like and willing to do.

Trust me (this is the only word I can say) – I ’m the guy from good family just due to interest in sex I started reading stories in iss, by reading all these stories I got inspired to put and share my feelings with you. So I became an author and posting my feelings. *stories which I posted in iss is just my narration not happened in my life

Hemo, signing off, waiting for your valuable feedback and feelings.

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