My Friend’s Mom Agreed To Be My Slave Part – 2

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The story Continues……


As Anup and his mom Divya agreed to be slaves, I had lots of ideas in my mind to degrade them but I was not sure Divya will agree to all my ideas , so I made a video of them naked and I told Divya to suck anups cock


Divya: Sunil no, I cant suck my son’s cock

Me: Call me sir you bitch

Divya: Sorry sir

Anup: Please Sunil doesn’t do this. I respect my mom, I can’t see her sucking my cock

Me: If you don’t suck ur son’s cock, I will make him fuck you

Divya: Ok sir I will suck his cock

Me: I will video shoot all these so make it hot

Divya: Ok sir


Divya started sucking her son’s cock, Anup closed his eyes but I asked him to smile so that it looks like he is enjoying and he came in her mouth. I made 5 min video of mom sucking her own son and saved it on my phone and I told


Me: Guys can I upload this to internet

Divya: As you wish sir

Me: Good, but I am not going to upload now.

Divya: Thank you sir

Me: Anup, I am waiting to fuck your mom from 3 years, today I will fuck your mom in your room bro

Anup: Congrats man

Me: Thanks. I want this day to be memorable so decorated your room like first night with flower’s and take your mom to parlour ok

Anup: Ok Sunil, you don’t worry you made me pass the exam and now all I want is to make you happy

Me: Good. I will come to your house at 8 pm ok

Anup: Ok


So Anup made all arrangements and when I entered his house it was like a festival , Anup welcomed me and told me to wait in his room. So I went to his room and sat on the bed with full flowers on it. Anup bought his mom with a glass of milk in her hand. And started to walk out but I stopped him and told


Me: Anup I want you to see me enjoy your mom’s body

Anup: Ok Sunil


Divya handed me the glass, I drank it fully and started kissing her and I removed all her clothes and she removed mine. She sucked my cock for a while and I started pumping her pussy, she started screaming. And I told her to scream my name. I was screaming ” anups mom” repeatedly. After 15 min of fucking, I ejucated in her pussy


Me: Anup thank me, man

Anup: Thank you Sunil (he was not happy)

Me: For what

Anup: For..r. Fucking my mom

Me: Say it again

Anup: Thanks for fucking my mom


His eyes already filled with tears after watching his friend fucking his mom.


Me: Keep saying thanks, thanks until I tell you to stop

Anup: Thanks for fucking my mom , Thanks for fucking my mom, Thanks for fucking my mom, Thanks for fucking my mom …….


After saying 10 times he started crying loudly and he sat on the ground then I told him to stop but he was still crying


Divya: Don’t cry son, I am ok

Me: Anup, bring me an ice cream

Anup: We are out of ice cream

Me: Go to ice cream parlour and buy some now

Anup: It’s 10 pm Sunil, parlour may have closed

Me: I don’t care. Don’t come to house without ice cream, go now


He took money from his mom’s purse and went.


Divya: you want to eat now

Me: No, Anup still think I am his friend, I want him to know that I am his master so I sent him

Divya: Ok sir

Me: you want Anup to be an engineer right

Divya: Yes sir

Me: I will help him

Divya: Thank u, sir , I will get two seats in good college for both of u

Me : then you should me be my slave permanently

Divya: Ok sir


After that I fucked her 4 times in that night .and when I was going to my house Anup was waiting for me near the gate with ice cream. I slapped him and told him to thank me for fucking his mom. He thanked me and I saw his tears rolling and laughed in front of him and told him to go inside and I went


I fucked his mom for 15 days daily whenever I wanted. After 15 days our school called us for send off function for us. So I told Divya to come with sleeve fewer blows with V shape neck and transparent saree and loose hair .i told Anup to introduce his mom to all our friends. And I ordered her to hug everyone. She hugged everybody and at last, she hugged me for 20 seconds, I pressed her ass, everybody was in a shock and I commented her she is sexy and she just gave a smile. Everyone thought she is very modern and slutty and I took a selfie with everyone and by grouping her, I slide her pallu and her right boob coverage was visible and I put my hand on her and pressed 40% of her boob. And I posted it in anups FB account. With the caption ” my mom and all my friends” .and I told Anup to thank everyone who comments his mom. And it was my comment ” Anup, thanks for having a hot mom. She is really sexy”.


And all our friends commented badly after seeing my comments. Anup thanked everyone individually which made them think she is a slut.


Anup had an enemy in our class his name his Vijay. He commented this “Sunil is very lucky to press ur moms boobs, and your mom is a milf”


Anup got angry and deleted his comment. So I punished Anup for deleting the comment by letting Vijay fuck Divya in front of Anup. I will tell you the whole story of how Vijay humiliated Anup by fucking his mom


To Be Continued…..

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