My Incestuous Journey – Part 5 (Chalet Heat)

Hey, guys, I’m back again with another incestuous journey with Annu. But this time we were in a holiday Chalet with the whole family around!

How did we do it? Well I’m here to tell you how.

So my uncle (Annu’s brother) decided to go on a short 3 days 2 night holiday in a holiday Chalet nearby to blow off some steam from work pressure. So they said it would be great if I came along since I have the membership to the leisure club attached to the chalets.

Plus being around Annu and creating the enormous sexual pressure for her and seeing her reactions to my actions is my favorite pastime.

So we all reached the Chalet in the evening, and there were only 2 rooms. My uncle and aunt took one room, and Annu and her mom took the other one. So I said I will sleep on the couch in front of the TV.

The family went to the nearby restaurant to buy food. I just told them to pack something for me while I hit the gym at the leisure club. When I got back they were all back home.

My aunt, uncle and his mom retired to their rooms. Only Annu was watching TV. Sometime over our relationship, I found out that Annu has a fetish of me being sweaty and showing off my muscular body.

So just to make her a little horny, I walked around the Chalet shirtless and sweaty. I could see it her eyes that she wants to get naked and rub her body on mine and have mindless sex.

Suddenly my uncle came out from his room, we came back to our senses and I went to take a bath. After my bath, I had my dinner and went to watch TV. Annu was nowhere to be found so I was just watching an action movie.

While watching the movie Annu came out from her room wearing a booty shorts and tight sleeveless tank top. Oh, the moment she walked out of the room I started to drool and so did my dick.

She went to drink water. I was just watching her like a lion waiting to jump on their prey. As she was drinking water, some trickled down from her lips down to her chin and to her neck.

Ugh, I was really controlling myself from pouncing on her. But I just sat there on the couch waiting for the right time. She came and sat beside me on the couch. And she asked,

A: Couldn’t sleep uh?M: Nope. Interesting movie.

A: Oh really? That movie gave you a hard-on? (My dick was saluting her, all 9 inches of it).M: Oh no it was another scene where this hot chick came out from the room and went to get water and a drop trickled down.

And as I was saying that Annu just grabbed my dick and started to jerk me off. She pulled out my dick and start to give me a blowjob. OH MY GOD was the only words that came out of my mouth.

I grabbed her hair and pushed her head down all the way to the bottom of my dick. The best part about deep throating Annu is that she doesn’t have gag reflex. Which means I can push down no matter how deep and she is not going to have that vomiting sensation.

I reached out to her hip and flipped her over to my head while my dick was still in her mouth. I pulled down her booty shorts and ate away her pussy and asshole like it was a buffet.

When a girl moans while sucking your dick, that’s a total different feeling. I was almost cumming so I stopped her pushed her to the wall and kissed her while kneading her breast.

I turned her around and rubbed my dick on her pussy from behind her. I love this position. Standing doggy style. I pushed my dick in her tight pussy and started to give her deep strokes.

Just as we were getting into the rhythm my aunt came out of her room to go to the toilet. Annu pushed me away and ran to her room. I pulled my shorts up and lay down on the couch. The TV was still running.

My aunt asked me to switch off the TV and sleep as it is already late. I said ok and switched off the TV. After my aunt went to her room I texted Annu.

M: Hey she is gone. Come out now so I can finish what you started.A: No it’s too dangerous. We should do this tomorrow.

Damn, I was so frustrated. I was frustrated because after feeling the warmth and tightness of her pussy, I can’t cum because of my aunt disturbing our session. I texted her again.

M: At least finish me off with the blowjob.A: No. It’s dangerous. And I don’t like getting our sessions stopped. I have plans for tomorrow. Save the cum for tomorrow.

M: OK.And so I waited patiently and slept for the night.

The next day wasn’t eventful as I went to the club for a swim, while Annu and the family went to the nearby bird park. As I was swimming I met an old friend Priya.

Priya was my old school friend. She had grown. I mean really grown since I was seeing her in her bikini. Her boobs grew so much she is at the size of 36D.

I seriously had a boner and since last night I couldn’t finish what she started today was just difficult. Priya gave me her number to keep in touch.

Based on her tone and the way she swayed her ass walked away, she only wanted one thing. Dick in her pussy. So I took her number saved it in my phone.

I went back to the Chalet and took a bath to cool off. It was almost dinner time and Annu cooked for all and made special drinks. At around 9 pm everyone went to bed and I was thinking, “Wow that was early.”

Suddenly Annu came out wearing her old school uniform. My jaw dropped. Her uniform was short for her where if she bends, ‘Woo-hoo hello ass.’ And it’s so tight, her boobs were trying to come out to be free. I was like.

M: Hey your brother and aunt are in the room. It’s too early.A: Nope nothing is gonna happen except for us fucking like rabbits.

M: But how?A: I mixed sleeping tablets in the drinks for them. They will be in deep sleep now. For us, I mixed in 2 viagra which will be taking effect right about now.

As she said that my dick grew. From 9 inches to 10 now, and it was extra hard.

M: Oh baby get ready to be fucked to your wildest dreams. Do you want an A student or do you want it in the A(Ass)?A: Oh sir I just want the D in my A.

I turned her around and again standing doggy style I fucked her hard. I didn’t even do it slow. I grabbed her boobs and banged her harder. Since my ball sack was full of cum since yesterday I came hard in her pussy.

Her pussy was full. I was still hard. I took some cum and spread to her asshole and started to penetrate her asshole. She screamed. I didn’t care. I just wanted to fuck her mindless and I did. I fucked her hard and cummed in her ass too. I was still hard.

I told Annu to go on her knees and put my dick in her mouth. I didn’t let her blow me but I fucked her mouth to my rhythm. After a while, I flipped her in the pile driving position and pile drive her pussy and ass alternately.

I was about to cum and I asked her where should I cum, she said to come in her mouth and I unloaded in her mouth. She swallowed all of it. Then she said.

A: Omg it’s almost 5 am.M: Yeah and I’m super drained.

Slowly my dick started to get smaller back it’s original size.

We both went to take a shower together and our sessions proved to be not enough as I got hard again and I fucked Annu again one more time filling her pussy with my cum.

This was a great holiday for sure. There are more adventures with me Annu. Next story is with Priya. Stay tuned folks. Happy fapping.

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