My Love Story – Part I

Hello everyone, this is Hridik and i am huge fan of iss. This is the first time i am writing story so please forgive for my mistakes. Let me introduce myself frankly first. i am an average youngster without any six packs living in hyderabad . The most interesting thing about me is i am passionate about sex please

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Let me come to the story.. It is more like a love story rather than erotic one. Please be patient as it is a little long story. Everything changed when i first saw shreya . She is the wife of my neighbour suresh who got married recently. She was like an angel in white top and blue jeans . I kept on staring at her until my neighbour mr suresh called me for some help moving their new furniture to their apartment. I jumped to help them . It took almost two hours to move their furniture. They thanked me for my help and invited me for dinner. I too agreed without much hesitation. In the evening i got ready in my best dress and eagerly waited for their phone call. After half an hour waiting finally i was in their apartment.

Dinner was very nice occasion for the people to talk freely and get close. They talked about their marriage ceremony. I learned from their talk that they had not celebrated their first night yet. Suresh got a phone call from his boss . He was asked to visit their factory immediately as it got fire and a huge loss to the business where suresh is working as a sales manager. He rushed there asking me to take care of his wife until he return as this is new place to her.

I promised him that i will. He left in few minutes. At that moment i observed disappointment in shreya’s face. She tried to hide her feelings. After sometime i gave her my mobile number and asked her to call me if she needs anything anytime. Next day morning , after my breakfast i went to their place to ask suresh how that fire accident happened. He told me everything and confessed that he lost his job. He was in a depressed mood. I consoled him saying everything will be ok and left them alone.I hadn’t visited them for more than 3 weeks. But sometimes i noticed that their apartment is full of relatives all time. After few days i got to know from my maid that Suresh parents and some relatives blame shreya for his job loss. After quite a few days i observed suresh going out for some job trails. My conversation limited to casual good mornings with him. I came to know that suresh family lost some land in a dispute.

This incident made suresh’s parents to convince him to give divorce to his wife as they considered all these bad lucks are because of her. Everything is messed up in their life. They end up fighting on everyday and night.

One fine morning i received call letter from a company asking me to join in two weeks. I left my home feeling pity for the couple and new aspirations on my employed life. I forgot about them and moved on in my life. I am happy doing my job hanging out with my new friends. One of such days i found shreya in the same city where i was working. First i was so shocked and couldn’t believe myself. When i went nearer to her she was happy to see me and asked my where-abouts. I got to know that they got divorced and she decided not to marry again as she started believing that she is an unlucky girl not fit for any relationship.

As i was running out of time i asked her number and told her that i will meet her on the weekend. That week seemed a year for me. At last weekend came and i called her and asked her to meet me in restaurant that evening. Out of excitement i went there a bit early and eagerly waited for my angel to arrive. There she came in a blue saree with matching ear rings and sticker. My heart stopped for a second and straight away went to her and told her that she is looking awesome today. She said thanks.

Later we talked about how things gone wrong after marriage and her decision of not to marry again. She asked me a favor that she need some job to get rid of her loneliness. Luckily i know about a job vacancy on the same building where i was working and asked my Boss to refer her stating that she is my relative. She got the job and treated me in a nice restaurant. We use to meet daily as we are working on the same building. She was enjoying my company more than many things in this world. I used to drive her home on my car and pick her up sometimes.

One such days while driving her to her hostel. It started raining heavily and there was an accident on the road . It made full traffic jam on her way to hostel. We waited for sometime and the jam didn’t seemed to take hours to be resolved. I invited her to my room to which she agreed reluctantly. We reached my room and i made Noodles for both of us. Later i asked her to sleep on my bed and i slept on the couch. Believe me guys girls look adorable when they open their eyes after a good sleep. When i saw her like that i was unable to control myself straight away went to her and kissed her on her lips. She was shocked by my sudden move and pushed me away and slapped me.

Then i realized what i just did and said sorry to her. She said sorry to me with tears in her eyes. I tried to console her. She embraced me tightly and kept on crying for sometime. I caressed her back. For a while we sat in that position. She started immediately saying that ” i should leave”. She walked upto my door and turned back once . I was looking at her with a feeling that i am going to miss her forever. He came running to me and kissed me on my lips. That is the best kiss that i ever experienced . We both are in fire. I was fondling her boobs over her dress and kept on kissing her for a long lasting thirst. Then the door bell rang. To be continued. If you like my story please do mail me on [email protected]

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