My manager dominated me & fucked my asshole

Hi all, Radhika is here and thank you for the amazing response for part-1. Those who did not read it, please read it; this is its continuation.

Hope you like it, so let me introduce myself. As I said, I am Radhika, 26 years of age and the most important part you like the most is my figure which is 32-28-38.

My manager lifted me in his arms and threw me on our bed. The bed on which we used to sleep and where I used to fuck my pussy every day. I ran my hands over the bed, and when I looked, my manager was standing near my legs and looking at my pussy.

I don’t know why, but I felt shy knowing someone. I fucked me till now, looking eagerly at my pussy. I placed my hands on my pussy. My manager immediately caught both my legs, pulled me to the end and placed my legs on his shoulder.

He just rubbed his finger on my pussy lips which made me shiver. I got goosebumps all over my body. He bent down and smelled my pussy and said your pussy smells like a sweet Radhika.

Saying he used two of his fingers to open my pussy lips wide and saw my inner pussy. It was red, so he said, “Your pussy was well used. Your pussy lips became so dark and black.”

Only I knew the reason why they became so black and smiled shyly. He bought his mouth to my pussy and pushed his tongue while his hands spread my pussy lips wide

“Ahh, I was in heaven, and I caught his head with my legs and continued to moan and raise my waist to match his licking. He is so good at licking that he made me cum in no time.”

Once I came, he came beside me near my head. I started to get some air and breathed hard. Once my breath settled, I turned to see his dick and big balls hanging down too.

I caught his dick and balls with my hands. I could feel his dick getting hard, and in no time, his dick was hard. I started to examine his dick. It was fast, and I could not grip it with my hand.

I moved towards his dick. I noticed the veins on the dick, and it was a veiny dick which is my dream dick. I started to rub his dick all over my face after smelling it.

I smelled his balls as they were hanging. I took them into my mouth as taking hanging grapes and sucked his balls. Within no time, he started to push his dick into my mouth and fuck my mouth.

He pulled my head out. My head was hanging out of bed while he was fucking my mouth and his hands playing with my pussy. After fucking my mouth, he turned me to my fours.

I started to run his fingers over my ass hole and tried to push his forefinger into it, making me moan loud. The time is 3 am, and all are sleeping. If not, neighbours might have come running.

Fingering my ass, he asked. It seems that this hole was used a lot. I moaned, “But it never took a fat dick like yours. Fuck my ass, sir.” He started to lick my ass while he inserted his other finger too.

He finger fucked my asshole with two fingers and started to insert his dick into my ass hole. God, as his tip entered, I could feel my ass hole ripped apart. I love to get fucked in the ass, and my hubby never does it.

I was feeling like heaven and was moaning. He pushed his dick completely into my ass hole, making me shiver and tremble. After some time, I started to enjoy it and started to move my hips back to take his hard strokes in.

He caught me by my hair and pulled me back, making me form an arch. He started to slap my ass cheeks and fuck my ass hole as I started to finger my pussy. After some time, he noticed I was fingering myself.

He said, “Naughty girl, pleasing yourself.” I requested him to please fuck my pussy by lifting me in the air. He caught my throat, lifted me, and pinned me to the wall. He inserted his dick into my pussy and started to fuck.

I was enjoying the fuck. I can see our image in the mirror, where my hair is scattered all over my face. My legs were around his waist, his hips moving with speed. An orgasm started to build within my legs, and I also felt like pissing.

I told him I was going to piss. He took me to the bathroom but never stopped fucking. I pissed and cum at a time. He lifted me high and removed his dick, and some of the cum filled piss fell on his dick.

He took me to the hall and made me kneel. He asked me to suck his dick, which I had pissed before. I did like an obedient slut. After which, he turned me into a doggy and fucked my pussy like no tomorrow.

I, as a slut, enjoyed his fucking and moaned so loud for his fucking. He turned me into a missionary position and came on top of me. He caught me by my hands, pinned them to the floor and started to fuck me like a dominant animal.

I loved his dominance and enjoyed and cum again. He took his dick out and cummed all over my body. I lay down like that and fell asleep. When I woke up, the floor was still wet, and the cum was still fresh on my body.

I took his cum and smelled it, and licked. I remembered the first time when 2 of my college seniors took me to their rooms fucked my holes, and cum. They left me the same way my manager left.

In the morning, my manager left, asking me to take leave for the day. He texted me later. I was the only one who took his dick in both holes in a single night of all the women he fucked.

I felt proud and scared about how I will face him the next day in the office. Also, what if he takes advantage of that? Let fate decide it.

You can leave your feedback at [email protected]. I hope you pump your dicks and finger your pussies till you cum.

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