My mom becomes my wife

My brother and I had been fucking our mom Sarayu for years. Then, he got married and moved away overseas with his wife. Since I now had my mom to myself, we became bolder at home. Inevitably, we were discovered by my dad Cheenu.

It was a weekday. I was on the computer when my mom walked over and wanted sex. I was busy on the computer, so she stripped completely and wriggled under the desk. She pulled down my pants and started to suck my cock.

Just then, Dad walked in, very angry. He asked where Sarayu was. He could not see her because the desk covered her completely.

I asked, “Kya hua?” (What happened?) And he replied, “I’ve heard that Sarayu had sex with one of our neighbours, that bastard Ramachandran.”

I knew this was true Sarayu was fucking Ramachandran, our society president, regularly to gain favours from him. So here we were, with my hard cock deep inside my mom’s mouth, with my dad Cheenu pacing around angrily.  He asked me to come with him to Ramachandran’s house.

But I couldn’t just get up since I didn’t have my pants and underwear on. Suddenly, without warning, he walked around the desk and caught us in the act. My cock was not in Mom’s mouth anymore. But she was fully naked, and my cock was hard and erect in front of her face.

Cheenu flew into a rage and immediately asked if we were having sex. Sarayu stepped up and sat beside me.

She fondled my hard cock and said, “Haan, hum to kahi saalon se ek doosre ko chhod rahe hain. Mera beta mujhe tumse zyaada khushi deta hai. Uska lund tera lund se bahut bada hain aur tera lund to khada bhi nahi hota hai. Aur main sirf usko hi nahi chhod raha hoon. Tu to mujjhe chhodta hi nahin aur jab chhodta hain, to mujjhe koi khushi nahin milti.”

(Yes, we’ve been fucking for years. My son satisfies me more than you ever have and more than you ever will. His cock is much bigger than yours, and you can’t even get it up anymore. And he’s not the only one that’s fucking me, either. You never have sex with me, and when you do, it gives me no pleasure.)

It was an uncomfortable but life-changing moment. Cheenu immediately grabbed my mom and tried to hit her, and I stopped him, saying, “Stop it, you’re not going to hurt my mom. I will not allow it.”

And, right then, he said, “Madarchod, fir tu hi teri randi maa ko sambhaal.” (Motherfucker, then you take care of your whore mom.)

He said, “Ghar se nikal jaao, tum dono.” (Get out of the house, both of you). And Sarayu replied, “Ghar to mere naam hain. Tu nikal and hum dono ko shaanti se chodne de.” (The house s in my name, You get out and let us fuck in peace).

Mom: Aa beta, apne baap ko dikha ek aurat ko acchi tarah se kaise chhoda jaat hain.” (Come on, son, show your dad how to properly fuck a woman.)

I picked Mom up, laid her on the desk, and roughly parted her thighs. I slammed my cock forcefully into her cunt in my dad’s angry eyes. He immediately packed his stuff and left within an hour. His last sight of us was watching my mom laying on my computer desk, with my cock deep inside her cunt.

He left and sent her divorce papers within a few days. The house was in Sarayu’s name, so she wasn’t worried at all. I think she was relieved to be free of this burden. She was making ten times more than his salary from her prostitution alone.

That night, my mom and I lay in bed together with no worry about being discovered. We were both naked and didn’t have a care. No one else was at home or would accidentally come home.

I said, “Maa, aaj se main tera beta bhi hun and tera pati bhi hoon. Main teri dekh baal kar loonga aur mujjhe koi dikkhat nahin hain ki tu ek randi bhi hain. Tu jisse chhaye, usse chod aur main bhi tere liye aadmi le aoonga lekin aaj se tu meri patni hai.”

(Mom, from today, I’m both your son and your husband. I will take full care of you. I have no problem with you being a prostitute. You fuck whoever you like, and I will also bring you men for you to fuck, but from now on, you are my wife.)

Sarayu replied, “Tera mota lund meri chut mein ghusa ke yehi baat bol, beta. Aaj se main teri hi hoon.” (Stick your fat cock in my cunt and say this, son, from now, I’m fully yours.)

I spread her thighs apart and sank my hard cock into her pussy. I kissed her lips, sticking my tongue deep into her mouth and intertwining my tongue with hers.

“Oh maa, kitne saalon se main is lamhe ka intezaar kar raha tha. Jab tu us chutiye baap ko chodke meri biwi ban jayegi. Ab hum khulam khula apna pyaar dikhayenge.”

(Oh, Mom, I’ve waited so many years for this moment. When you’d get rid of that asshole dad and become my wife, now we can openly show our love for each other.)

We spent the rest of the night loving each other like husband and wife. Not having to separate and go to our separate rooms after sex.

The next morning, we were still in bed together when the servant maid knocked on the door. Sarayu shouted, “Chaavi mat ke niche hain.” (Key is under the mat.) But didn’t leave my side. So, the maid Shobha entered the apartment and started doing her chores.

Soon enough, she walked into Mom’s bedroom to find us both naked in bed and with a lot of cum on my mom and the sheets. She was shocked, and Sarayu said, “Aaj se, yeh hi mera pati hai, Shobha. Mera woh chutiya pati mujhe chod ke chala gaya aur mera beta hi mera pati hain.”

(From today, this is my husband, Shobha. My asshole husband left me, and my son is now my husband.)

Shobha was obviously shocked, but she went about her business. I told Sarayu, “Now, this is going to be news throughout the building and more. Was that a good move?”

Sarayu: I don’t care. I have fucked half the men in this building already, and the other half want to fuck me, so no one’s going to say anything. Now, we can be open and maybe find more men to share in bed.

I called out to the maid, “Shobha, sindoor ka dabba le aao yahan aur hamari shaadi ka gawah bano, please.” (Shobha, bring the box with the sindoor, and be a witness to our marriage, please.) She brought it in and handed it to me, and stood by.

I took a big pinch of the sacred red powder in my fingers. I plunged my cock into Mom’s pussy while applying it to her forehead before Shobha’s eyes.

And that’s how my mom became my wife. With me applying sindoor while my cock was deep inside her, with our maid servant witnessing the ceremony.

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