My Mom Fucked By A Doctor

Hello everyone! I am presenting you a true/real story. Yes it is a real story. Please read the following story carefully :-

First about my mom. My mom is of 41 years, she is little heavy (weighs around 75-85 kgs),she looks very horny type of women, i always imagine her in naked pose most of the time, her boobs are just awesome, they are very big, I dont know about her pussy because i had never seen it.

Second about the doctor. He is old (i think 45-49 yrs old), he is bald(ganja)(little black hair is present).

My mother was having some problem in her eyes. Her eyesight was becoming little bit weak. So one day she said to me that she want to go to the doctor and I said OK. There was only my grandmother at home. My father and grandmother had gone for some work outside. So I took my mom to doctor(eye doctor). When we reached their we went to reception, Receptionist was a young lady. She was very sexy. Though she was elder than me we both starred to each other.

Receptionist said that if my mom has weak eye sight then she can also have a special personal check up with the doctor for just Rs 120/-. My mom said that if it is useful then she is ready for that check up. That lady said yes its useful and it is also very cheap. So my said that she is ready for that check up..

There were 1 person before us. When he came from the cabin that lady said that its my moms chance to go. We went to doctors cabin. His cabin was spacey and equipped with machines. He asked from my mother some various questions about her eye. He was continuously starring to my moms face and then her boobs. He was looking very excited.

Then he said to my mother that can she go for special check up. My mom said yes to him. My mom entered to a special room with the doctor and when I started to go there the doctor said that only doctor and patient can come inside the room and I said OK! I wanted to see her check up.

I wanted to see everything so I entered the store room and from the store room i went inside and inside and then I found a window for that special room. I could see everything from the window. The main part started from here.

The room didnt had any machine for check up. All was just FAKE!. It had only a bed. I could even heard their talking but they cannot see me because of that angle. Doctor said to my mom to sit on bed. My mom said why? Then he said for the special check up. My mom sat on the bed. Then doctor starred at her boobs. My mom could see that and she didnt ask anything after. Both were looking at each other.

As no one was in the store room i also got naked. The doctor came close to my mother and sat on the bed. Then he put his hand on my mothers shoulder. My mom said nothing to him. Then Doctor asked to mom that does she have any problem an internal personal problem. My mom said that she got bored having sex with my father(her husband). Doctor said OK! He then said that now “I will fulfill your wish”. My mom said Thank You.

Then they both get more closer. He put his both hands on her shoulder and started tearing her blouse as she was in saree. Then thy came more closer and brought their lips close too. Then touched lips with each other. The started kissing wildly. They kissed, kissed and kissed. Then he tore her blouse fully and her bra was visible. Then he sucked my moms neck wildly. My penis got straighten. I started masturbating.

Then he sucked my moms bra. Then he pulled down her bra. And now…….. SLLSSSSLLS OHHHHHH!!!!! her boobs were visible. That were soooooo gooood! And then he started sucking my moms breast. My mom was also enjoying a lot. Then he pressed her boobs and started sucking it again.

Then they both started kissing again. Now my mom pulled down doctors shirt. There was no inner. Then my mom started licking on his chest. They started kissing again. I thought they both had sex first time. They both were too wild and excited. Then doctor pushed my mom to fall on bed.

Now both of them laid on bed. My mom was under the doctor and he was above. They both licked on each other. I was feeling tooooooooo goood!!!! Now my mom pulled his pants down. He also wore an underwear. So she pulled that also and threw it. Then both rolled and my mom came above the doctor. My mom was too excited that she pressed his penis. His penis was good looking. When my pressed his penis he became more excited.

My mom now started licking on her dick and then sucked it. She sucked it for a long time. Now he pulled out my moms clothes and started licking my moms pussy.

They both were looking sex couples. Now the end came.That doctor putted his penis into hey pussy. He fucked her wildly for a very very long time.

I mastuburated. That was very amazing and I cannot forget it.

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