My Mommy Is Mine – Part II

Hi Friends, This is Varun back with the second part of MY MOMMY IS MINEthose who haven’t read my 1st part please follow the below link for your response for my first part.Here comes the 2nd part.

Next day morning mom woke me up with a sweet kiss. I looked at the wall clock. It was 11 AM. I asked mom,” Why don’t you woke me mom, I have to go to college.” “You were tired last night, so I didn’t wake you up.” Mom said. I drew mom close and said,” I am ready again.” Mom smiled and said,” No. no love making till night.” “Please … please mom just….” I put my hand on mom’s breast. “No, leave me.” Mom said. I squeezed her breasts and left her. I wake up and got ready to go to college for afternoon classes. Mom asked me to come earlier. I returned from college at 6 pm. I bought flower for mom. As soon as I entered home I gave flowers to mom and asked her to keep it on her hair. She kept them in her hair.” Really mom, flowers on your hair enhances your beauty.” I kissed on her neck. Mom pushed me back and walked towards the bedroom. I followed her to the bedroom. She sat on the edge of the bed and threw her loose end of the sari aside and raised her hands and invited me. She was looking very sexy. . I went near her.

She can see the bulge in my jeans pant. She touched my bulge over the jeans and started to remove the belt. She loosened my pant and was about to remove. I caught hold of her hand to stop it. I bend down on my knees and kissed her gently on the lips. I kissed her on the neck and moved down towards her breasts. I pushed her on the bed and went on top of her. I could see the hardness of her nipples, as she hasn’t worn a bra. I sucked her nipples over the blouse. She pushed me on to other side of the bed and came on top of me. She was placing her butts on my penis and removing my shirt buttons. She took both my hands and placed them on her breasts and pressed them. Then she took off my shirt and threw it aside and started to kiss me. She started kissing my forehead; eyes, cheeks and she took my lower lip in her mouth and started to suck it. She even took it between her teeth and bites it. She removed my pant and kept her hands in the underwear and played with my penis. After some time she removed my underwear and my penis was standing 90 degrees.

She stood up and removed her clothes and removed the flowers from her hair and threw it on me and loosed her hair and came over me. She sat on my penis and inserted it into her pussy and started to move up and down. After sometimes I reversed the position and laid her on the bed and went on top of her. I started pumping hard and she moaned and held me tightly. I was on climax and cum in her pussy and laid on her top. I woke up at 9.30 pm and went to the kitchen. We had our dinner. I returned to the bedroom and mom came after cleaning the utensils. I was standing near the window and looking out. She came near and hugged me from my back. I turned back and asked,” What is the matter, mom.” “Your dad telephoned. He is coming tomorrow.” Mom said. “So what.” I said. “There may not be any opportunity for us for two days.” She said. “Even dad is there, I am going to make love and fuck you.” I said. “But how?” Mom asked.

I didn’t answer her but lifted her to the bed and we had another session of hard fucking before morning. Next day by the time dad came every thing was normal. I behaved with my mom as a son. Dad asked,” How are you?” “I’m fine as mom is with me. She is taking care of me.” I said. Mom smiled at me when I said this. We passed time talking with dad. I was waiting for night to have mom. After dinner we talked for some times. I asked dad,” When you are going back.” ” I will be staying for one week.” Dad said. I felt bad hearing dad to stay a weeklong. I also saw displeasure on mom’s face. I wished goodnight and went to sleep in my room. They watched TV for another 30 minutes and went to their room to sleep. I thought to behave normally with mom as a son till dad leaves and went to sleep. Next morning I asked mom,” How you spent last night?” “Not happy without you.” Mom said. “Honey, I want a kiss.” She continued. “But, dad is there in the house.” I said. “You said ‘even dad is there I am going to make love and fuck you’ “Mom said. “Everything is not easy as I say.” I teased mom and went to college.

I thought of mom on the way to college. I called her on my cell. She lifted the phone. I said,” Sorry mom. Is dad near you?” “No, he is in bathroom. Don’t say sorry to me for the things happening between us. I love you.” Mom said. “I love you too mom. I didn’t kiss you in the morning just to tease you. Don’t misunderstand me.” I said. Mom said,” I know my son very well. I will be waiting for you in the evening.” Mom kept the phone. I attended the classes and returned home as usual. Dad opened the door. My eyes searched for mom. She was in the kitchen preparing some snacks for me. I went near her and hugged her from behind. I asked,” What are you preparing mom.” “Your dad is here.” Mom said slowly. “I know. He does not think wrong if I hug you from behind. He thinks it his son’s love towards his mom.” I said. Dad was in his hall in front of TV and his back is towards kitchen He cannot see us what we are doing. So, I started to press mom’s breast over her sari and kissed her on her cheeks and neck.

Mom was feeling tensed as dad may turn back and see us. I pushed my hand in to her sari and started to caress her cunt. She was trying to remove my hand from there and I was trying to poke my finger in to her hole. After sometimes I removed my hand from her cunt and smelled my hand and took it in my mouth in front of her. She turned to me and said,” You really make me hot.” I kissed mom on her lips. Mom pushed me back and said in a low tone,” Dad might see us.” Dad turned and asked me to fresh up. I left the place and went to my room. After 5 minutes I called mom from my room. Mom asked from kitchen,” What’s the matter?” “I don’t find my shots.” I yelled. “Wait for 5 minutes, I’m coming.” Mom said. Mom came to the room with snacks plate and a glass of water. I was in the towel wrapped around my waist by the time mom came to my room. She smiled at me as soon as she entered the room. She kept the plate and the glass on the table and came towards me. I stood up from the bed and was standing in front of her. Mom saw the bulge in the towel.

I took her hand and put it on my standing penis and said,” Take care of this naughty little boy.” “It’s not possible, your dad is present.” Mom said. “At least let me suck your breasts.” I said. “No, dad is there.” She said. “Please mom, please.” “Ok, just for 5 minutes.” Mom said. I said,” Ok.” She moved towards the corner of the room. She let her loose end of the sari aside and invited me to suck her breasts. Dad can’t see what is happening in my room. So I went near her and pressed her breasts once over the blouse and started removing her blouse hooks. As soon as I removed her first hook dad called mom. Mom yelled,” Coming.” Mom went to dad and asked him,” What’s the matter?” “I am going outside to meet my friend. I will be coming back in 2 hours. So close the door.” Dad said and went out. Mom closed the door and moved towards my room. I could see the smile on her face. She came near me and let her loose end of the sari aside and said,” I am yours till your dad returns.” I said,” I want this beautiful lady to be mine all through my life.”” Don’t waste time. Your mom needs You.” Mom said and pulled my towel.

I removed her clothes and we are complete nude. I said,” Mom I want to suck your breasts.”Mom said,” You can do anything with me, I am yours.” Mom slept on the bed. . I slept by her side and took one of her nipple in my mouth and started to caress her other breast with the hand. I sucked her breasts one after another. Mom stared breathing hard and pulled me over her. She parted her legs and guided my rock hard penis into her burning wet cunt. I thrust deep in to her and started fucking mom deep and hard. Mom started moaning and begging to fuck hard. I fucked for 20 minutes and unload my cum deep into her belly and collapsed on her. She embraced me tightly and we relaxed for 10 minutes. Mom kissed me and we parted. Mom was dressing herself and I was watching her. She asked me,” What are you watching?””I am watching the beautiful lady whom I am going to fuck tonight.” I said.”Don’t behave stupidly.” She said.I said,” I shall make your husband stupid.”

Mom laughed and said,” you have already made him stupid.” Suddenly calling bell rang. We thought it was dad. Mom threw my clothes on me and went to open the door. As we have expected it was dad. We are happy as he came after we finished fucking. In the night we all had our dinner and watched TV for some times. At 10 pm we went to bed. After 5 minutes I knocked the door of my parents. Dad said,” Come in.” He asked,” What happened.”? “The fan in my room is not moving.” I said. “Till evening it was moving properly.” Dad said. “Yes, but now it is not working properly.” I replied. “Ok, come in and sleep here.” Dad said. I went and slept between dad and mom. The lights in the room are off. While I was sleeping between them, mom and I smiled at each other. I shared one bed sheet with mom. I entered into her bed sheet and started to press her breasts gently. I took her nipples over the blouse and was caressing them. After some time dad got up from the bed and switched on the light and said,” This bed is not sufficient for 3, only 2 can sleep comfortably. So I am going to sleep in the hall.”

Dad went out and closed the door. As soon as dad left the room I went and locked the door from inside with out making any sound. Mom removed the blanket over her as I locked the door. I went and switched on the bed lamp. Mom’s sari was tied below her belly button. In the view of bed light lamp she was looking utmost sexy. I slept by her side and said,” Any one who looks you like this will want to fuck you.” Mom said,” I don’t any one else except my son.” She pulled me closer and kissed on my lips. She asked me to remove my dress. I removed it and kept aside. Then she stood up from the bed and started removing her clothes in that dim light. She removed her sari and let it down on the floor. I could see her belly button clearly in that dim light and it looked very sexy. So I went near her and pulled her little closer to me and kissed her on the belly button and removed her petticoat. She removed her blouse. She slept on the bed. We kissed and sucked for nearly30 minutes. Then I went between her legs and insert my penis in her cunt hole .Mom said,” I may scream or moan due to the pleasure you give.

Your dad is there. So, let us avoid this tonight.” “My lips are there to lock your lips.” I said and pushed my penis in her cunt. “You are very crazy to make sex with me.” Mom said. I smiled and closed her lips with mine and started pumping heavily. Mom embraced me tightly and I drained my load deep into her belly. We slept silently for some times. Then I climbed down her and we slept side by side. I put my head on mom’s breast and we started talking. Mom said,” You are going to make me pregnant one day.” I said,” I will definitely make you mother for my children but not now. I want to make love with you for 2 years with out any one around us to disturb and then start a family with you after 2 years.” She smiled and said.” This is not possible as your dad will be there to disturb us some time.” “No.” I said. “How?” “Because you are going to divorce him.” I said. “It is not easy as you think.” “Do you have any plan to live with him?” I asked “No.” Mom said. “Then give him divorce as he married other woman other than you.

So court will not take much time to give you divorce and court will ask him to give some property to you as he has cheated you.” “Ok, we will do as you like.” Mom said and me. I looked to her face and asked, “Mom, I want to kiss you, can I?” “I am yours and you don’t need to ask me for permission. You can have me when ever you wanted.” She said. I smiled and took her lower lips and sucked it. After some times she pushed her tongue into my mouth. We kissed for a long time. Then she turned her side and came over me. She said,” You know how to make love and please a woman very well.” I said, “I only know how to make love with my mom and please her.” Mom said,” It is too late, let us wear dress and sleep.” We wore our dress and lay on the bed. Before we lay on bed I unlocked the door. Next morning I woke up and make ready to go college and went to kitchen for breakfast. Das was in bathroom. I said mom,” I am going to have you tonight also.”

Mom took my hand and put it on her pussy over her sari and said,” I need you now.” I pushed my hand under mom’s sari and touching her wet cunt and said,” Mom, you make me hot by your words.” Before proceeding further dad came out of the bathroom. I removed my hand from mom and gave a kiss on her cheek and went to college. During the lunch break in the college I saw dad at the canteen. I went near him and asked,” Dad, you are here?” He said,” I want to talk to you privately for some time.” I said,” ok.” and went to bike stand to talk. Dad said,” Don’t get angry on me for the matter I am going to say with you.” I said,” Ok dad.” “He said,” I got married to a woman other than your mom. I love that lady very much. I want to spend my rest of the life with her only. I can’t stay with you and your mom. I don’t love your mom. My parents got married to your mom with out my wish.” I asked dad,” Why you are saying all these to me instead of telling it to mom.” Dad said,” Because you convince your mom to divorce me.” Hearing it from dad I became very happy. I said,” Dad, I never thought mom and you will live separately.”

Dad said,” I could not say this to her. You should convince her.” I said,” Ok.” Dad asked,” How you will convince her.” I told dad,” You send mom to sleep in my room tonight. I shall talk with her about this.” He said,” I shall give 40% of my property to you and your mom so that you need not struggle for money after I left you.” I said,” Ok.” Dad left college and I telephoned mom and said the matter to her. I said,” Mom, behave normally with dad till tomorrow morning. Mom said,” Ok honey. Come early. I will be waiting for you.” I said,” Bye my sweet mom.” I kept the phone. I went to home after college. I behaved normally as if nothing as taken place. After dinner I wished good night to dad and mom and went to my room to sleep. After about 5 minutes mom came to my room. She locked the door from inside. I told,” I am waiting for you.” She smiled and came to the bed. I raised my hand; she caught it by her hand and sat beside me. I was lying on the bed. She asked, ” What are you thinking about the matter your dad told.”

I drew her over me and kissing her lips whispered to her ear,” My mom is going to give divorce to my dad and she is staying with me for the rest of my life.” Mom hugged me tightly and kissed me. I told mom,” You should show your anger on dad tomorrow morning.” While kissing mom I squeezed her breasts over her sari. She remover her sari and I opened her blouse and petticoat and made her completely naked. She put off my t-shirt and sorts. My penis was hard and ready. Mom laid on the bed of her back and opened her legs for me. I climbed on her and thrust my rock hard penis deep into her juicy wet pussy. I fucked mom and drained my load of hot semen deep in to her belly. We locked in an embrace and slept. Next morning dad asked me,” Have you talked with your mom?” I said,” Mom agreed and every thing will be fine bur she is angry on you. Better try not to talk to her. Dad said,” Ok.” And he thanked me. Dad returned to Hyderabad. Within next few days mom returned to Hyderabad for the divorce matter. It took two months and the matter was settled. Mom telephoned me,” Honey, the matter is settled. I got divorce from your dad and got the property also. I’m coming to you tomorrow.”

I replied,” Ok darling, my sweet mom, I will come to receive you.” Next morning I went to the bus station to receive mom. She was waiting for me as I was late. We smiled at each other and I took mom home. As soon as we entered the house mom hugged me and said,” I missed you for 2 months to get divorce from your dad.” I said,” Its ok mom, you missed me 2 month for divorce but have your son rest of the life.” I embrace mom tightly and kissed her lips. I said,” Mom, exam is going on and I have to go to college.” Mom said,” Ok, you take your bath and I am preparing something for you.”When I was going to college, mom asked,” When is your last exam?” I said,” Today is my last exam.” Mom wished me all the best and kissed my forehead. After exam I telephoned mom,” Mom, my exam is over. But my friends are compelling me to go to a movie. I am going with them and coming to you in the evening.” Mom said,” Ok, but come early.”I went to movie with friend but thinking of my mom as I missed her for two months. As soon as the movie was over I rushed home. From market I bought flower for mom. Mom opened the door with a sweet smile and asked,” How is the film.”

I gave her the flower and went to the bathroom. I came out of the bathroom wrapping a towel around me. I went to mom’s room, but the door was locked from inside. I knocked the door an mom replied,” Wait for 5 minutes.”After 5 minutes mom opened the door. I am surprised to see her looking like a bride. She called me and I went into the room. I said,” Mom, you are looking very sexy.” She put her hand on my lips and said,” From today I am not your mom but your wife.” I removed her hand and kissed on her lips. She said,” From today we are wife and husband but for rest of the world we are mom and son. She pulled of the towel. My penis was standing like a rock. She caught my penis and said,” This is mine, only mine.” I lifted her in my arms and said,” I want to celebrate my honeymoon with my darling mom cum lovely wife.”

I laid her on the bed and lifted her sari and petticoat up to her waist. She pulled me over her and whispered like a newly married bride,” Arey.. at least switch off the light.” I kissed her lips and squeezing her big breast and whispered in her ear,” I want to fuck lights on in this honeymoon night.” I thrust my hard penis deep into her dripping pussy and started pumping hard. She moaned in excitement and cum several times before I drain my load in her pussy. Really it was a new taste to fuck mom cum wife. Since then we are living as husband and wife but for others I am her son and she is my mom. THE END! Hope u all like the story. Please leave me ur comments to [email protected] Any girls r aunts from Hyderabad interested to meet me.??, am ready…trust me, we shall enjoy.

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