My Real Sex Life – Part XIV

Hi My dear horny readers. How are you all doing?

My name is Deva (not real name)

I’m now 27 years old, 5.95 feet height, athletic and average looking.

Okay let me continue the Story …

Kavitha’s mom said “yeah we know that you can take care of yourself. We actually come today for something else Deva. I already spoke to your mom regarding this.

Me: what is it aunty?

Kavitha’s mom: nothing much Deva, we are actually going to a function and marriage in Mumbai. We couldn’t take kavitha as she will miss her college, she got her exams and she will miss her entrance preparation blah blah.

I was just listening to her.

Kavitha’s mom: I requested your mom to leave kavitha in your home till we are back.

Me: how many days aunty?

Kavitha’s mom: 14 days Deva. We may come soon also.

I was not very happy as it might disturb my romance with Komal. Then after a minute I thought chalo okay, why should I object when she is leaving her beautiful daughter in my protection: p. They took that decision to leave kavitha in my home because we had a permanent nanny and not because of me.

Me: hmmmmm. Okay.

Kavitha’s mom: What Deva? You have any problem? Your mom told me that it is all your wish.

Me: nothing like that aunty. She can stay any number of days she want. I don’t have any objection. When she is moving aunty?

Kavitha’s mom: we are leaving for evening train. We will drop her with her luggage before leaving. I’ll give our house keys to Komal. If kavitha needs anything from home please help her Deva.

Me: Its okay aunty. I’ll take care of her.

Kavitha: I’m elder Deva. I think I should be the one taking care of you.

They exchanged laughs loudly for the p joke and I had to smile anyways.

Me: I said hmmm okay no problem.

We had a little chat for some time. I told Komal to arrange lunch for everyone. But they told that they have to leave soon as they got all the journey preparation.

Kavitha’s Mom: okay Deva we will leave now and will come in the noon to drop kavitha.

Me: Aunty I may go out to club for some time. Komal will be there and Can she sleep in the guest room?

She could stay in Anirudhs room but komal is staying there with her son. And if she wants she can also use the master bedroom.

They were very much flattered for the hospitality. Actually Guest room is on the other side of our rooms beside dads room. 😉

Kavitha’s mom: Thanq Deva, you are too kind. Kavitha can manage in the guest room.

They left after sometime. I called my mom and she told me the same stuff again. I told mom that I need a new computer. She gave permission to go and buy with the accountant.

After they left. Komal and I were watching TV.

Me: sorry Komal.

Komal was smiling and watching TV till then and suddenly became silent when I said that.

She went to kitchen without saying anything. I thought she was angry and did not say anything.

When we were having lunch I asked Komal “what happened? Why are you angry on me?”

Komal: I’m not angry on you.

Me: Ohhh. Cool. I thought you were.

Komal: hmmmmm.

Me: Then I think we will have some privacy problems if kavitha stays here.

Komal did not reply anything.

Me: Komal yaar sorry for touching your pussy. Now talk. Do you need any help draining your breast?

Komal: chi shut up Deva. And I don’t need your help.

Me: ooooo. Okay

I did not say anything after that. We finished lunch, I went to my room and was working on something.

Komal came after some time with Butter milk. I did not pay any attention. She kept the glass on my study table and was leaving.

She came back again and said “sorry Deva, sorry for being rude.”

I looked her face and she was red. I saw tears rolling in her eyes. I immediately went near her and hugged her saying “okay now my baby, please don’t start crying. I cannot see women cry. Please komal.”

She tried to move back but I insisted this time. She put her head on my shoulder and started weeping man. I really did not understand how to control her. I took her to bed, mad her sit and started consoling her. It took her more than 5 minutes to stop crying.

I gave her some tissues to wipe her tears and running nose: p. She finally stopped. I took her to my wash room and told her to wash and clean her face. She said its okay but I did not listen. I waited till she got cleaned.

I held her hand again and brought her to my bed. I increased the AC cooling and told her to sleep for a sometime. I went to kitchen to prepare some coffee for her. Not a good coffee but was okay when I tasted it. I brought some sugar and coffee power along with the tray.

I came to bedroom and Komal was still sitting on the bed thinking something. When she saw me with the tray, she immediately came to take the tray from me and said “what are you doing Deva? Why are you doing all these things?”

Me: nothing I just made some coffee for you. Thought it would relax you a little. Check with the taste and help yourself with the ingredients if necessary.

Komal: where is your mug?

Me: did you ever give me coffee anytime from the first day?

Komal: ohh sorry you won’t drink right. Then you want some milk?

Me: you want me to drink this butter milk or milk?

Komal: ohh then you finish the butter milk. I’ll give milk in the evening.

Me: Arey yaar Komal don’t bother about what I need now. Just have this and we will talk later.

I gave the mug to her hands. She started sipping it and said Thanq Deva.

Me: hmmm. Hammayah all set now? you are not going to cry again now right?

Komal smiled and said no

Ahh I was like “Thanq you god, you made some one laugh finally.”

She was sipping coffee and was talking to me. After she finished drinking I interrupted her “No pain.”

She nodded her head. I did not understand whether it was yes or no.

Me: So you said you will give milk in the evening right.

Komal: Yes

I teasingly said “are they empty now?”

Komal: chiii Deva, I won’t talk if you talk like that.

Me: okay okay don’t get tensed.

Me: why were you so mad in the morning?

Komal: nothing.

Me: whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

Komal: nothing, I’ll tell you later.

Me: when?

Komal: laterrrrrrrrrr. You don’t leave, do you?

Me: Later means? What ! when I’m under those and pointed her boobs with my eyes.

Komal really felt shy and started walking towards the door.

Me: where are you going now?

Komal: to keep these. And she showed me the Mug and tray.

I understood that she had something on her mind but she was not telling. I know it was not completely negative because if it was, she might have left our home by morning. She didn’t. So I could come to a conclusion that I was not the problem.

Komal came after sometime again and said shall we watch TV for some time?

Me: why don’t we sit and talk for some time?

Komal: what?

Me: come and sit here. I’ll tell you.

Komal came and sat next to me. She was doing okay after the coffee. She did not have that morning look on her face.

Me: so no pain?

Komal did not say anything.

Me: I may not be able to do if Kavitha comes.

No response from Komal.

Me: okay then you go and watch TV. I have some work to do.

Komal was about to leave and said “I’ll allow you if you don’t do anything.”

Ahhhhhhhhhhh finally she opened her mouth.

Me: hmm okay. How do I need to assure you?

Komal: you don’t have to assure or promise anything. Just tell me you won’t do anything other than drinking milk.

Me: okay Komal I won’t do anything. Now please stop the strike. I think they might be full by now and you definitely have to drain them.

Komal smiled and sat next to me again.

I understood that the war of silence was done. I told her to come on bed. She nicely adjusted on the bed resting her back against the wall.

I went close to her and made my position in her lap. We actually started everything from the beginning.

I was not doing anything. We were just looking each other. She put her pallu again on my face and slowly opened her hooks. I was still not doing anything.

Komal said “ummmm.”

I did not reply.

Komal: what happened?

Me: You wanted me not to do anything right. If you want you guide them.

Komal she removed the pallu from face and said “ahaaaa, now you are making me do huh?”

Me: what ever you think.

Komal was looking into my eyes. I was simply smiling.

Komal finally gave me a smile and took her right boob in her hand and guided her nipple near my mouth. I did not open my mouth to tease her a little.

She really got pissed off and pinch me on my cheek.

When I said “Aaaweee” in pain she guided her nipple in my mouth.

We were smiling. I was not sucking her and was sitting silently with her nipple in my mouth.

Komal: I cannot press them now Deva. It will pain if I had to press to drain milk.

I understood I have gone too far and I did not want her to ask me anymore.

I started sucking her milk without saying anything looking into her eyes.

She smiled when I started sucking her. She moved a little close for a better access. I was just sucking her slowly. I did not even put my hand on her waist.

She was watching me and closing her eyes in pleasure all the time. I moved my hand back but did not touch her waist. She put her hand on mine and moved it hold her waist.

Ahhhhhhhhh. This was what I wanted. Her approval. She likes me caressing her. But when I’m going near her pussy, she was holding back.

I finished the milk completely and stopped sucking her. Komal was in pleasure. She did not want me to stop sucking her. She held my head and pressed her boobs on my face tightly. I started sucking her hard this time and was caressing her waist, belly and naval.

She took my one hand and placed it near her boobs to touch them. When I was not touching it she moved herself again and gave me her boobs in my hand and said “ummmmmmmmm.”

That was enough from her. I jumped from her lap and made her lie on her back and moved on top of her body. I started kissing and pressing her boobs vigorously.

Komal smiled when I was pushed her on the bed. I was sucking her and slowly started removing her blouse.

This time she lifted her hands to help me removing her blouse. She was sleeping half naked under me. I removed my t-shirt and pressed my chest on her boobs and was kissing her neck and upper portion of her breast.

You know a dogs tail. It wont come straight what ever we do. Same thing happened to me. Though she told me not to do anything I again started moving her saree up. I was successful till her thighs.

Komal was moaning in pleasure and did not bother her saree. I was pressing her thighs and was sucking and biting her boobs. When I tried to move my hand in side near her pussy, she had a panty on.

I put my hand on her panty.

Next reaction … lol … Komal said “as I expected”… she pulled me on top of her and held my head in her hands.

Komal: you don’t listen, do you?

Me: uhuuuuuuuuuuuuuu and I kissed her cheeks.

Komal smiled and said “I know you won’t. That’s why I had to wear something else.”

Me: ohh, you mean you wore that like a shield or something to stop me?

Komal smiled again and said “yeahh.”

Me: so you think that will stop me?

And I again tried to moved my hand inside her saree.

She stopped me again and said “ayeee Deva, don’t do that. It is making me feel in a different way.”

Me: good or bad?

Komal: nothing.

And she kissed me again and said “done?”

Me: I can never say I’m done Komal.

Komal laughed and said “stupid boy, no you are actually a naughty boy. Hmm I don’t know how your wife is going to bear you”

Me: lets bother about my wife when its time Komal. Lets do what we have to do now.

I again started attacking her boobs.

Komal: “ayeeeeee Deva. Kavitha and her parents will come in the noon. We have to get ready. I’ll come in the evening or night again.”

Me: How? Kavitha will be there right…

Komal: She won’t be sleeping in your room. I’ll come after she is asleep.

Komals voice changed to a sweet and cute one suddenly. She was talking in a romantic way. I really love to hear when Girls talk cute. It will make us do anything they wish.

Komal: shall we get up and get ready now?

I smiled and got up from her. Komal saw my erection and winked.

I moved near her and said “I’ll hook you.”

Komal: you cannot, it will be little difficult from the other side.

Me: let me try.

I took her blouse from her hands and made her wear. She was smiling all the time.

I started Hooking her blouse from top but I was not getting the grip. I was not able to accommodate her boobs in the blouse.

Komal was watching me doing and laughed and said “you should not hook from top.”

Me: then how?

Komal: You have hook in the bottom first and move up hooking one by one supporting the breast.

I was still finding it difficult.

Komal smiled and said “You should not be unhooking all the time, you should learn hooking too.”

Komal took my fingers in her hands and guided me to hook. It was really romantic dressing her. I finished and pressed her boobs in my hands and said “see I’m done.”

Komal smiled and kissed my forehead and got down from the bed.

She adjusted her saree and said “You take bath and get ready; I’ll go get bath and come.”

Me: you need any help in washroom Komal? And I smiled.

Komal: ahaaaa, nooooooooo neeed. I can take care of that.

Komal did not bother me talking dirty. She felt no harm talking kinky.

Me: hmmmmmmmm. Okay.

Komal left my room. I finished taking bath. Kavitha and her parents came after sometime.

They gave all instructions to Kavitha like my mom and left after some time as they were getting late.

I showed Kavitha her room. She got settled and came to my room wearing a nice tight jean and T-shirt.

I could say she had a nice figure. I observed that Kavitha was wearing a bra and spaghetti inside.

Kavitha and I started talking about school, studies, friends, girls etc. Sabhita came after some time. They also know each other.

Sabhita: hii akka how are you?

Kavitha: I’m good sabi, how are you doing? blah blah

Kavitha understood seeing bag and books in sabhita’s hand and said “you guys study daily?”

Me: yeah Kavitha. She helps me with 9th standard Physics.

Kavitha: oh you guys carry on then. I’ll also start studying.

Me: why don’t you join us kavitha? Anyways I was planning to come your home for 10th math. I have the books. You can help us while studying if we get any doubts.

Kavitha: yeah no problem let me get my books then.

Kavitha was 18 years and 5.3. She was tall enough for her age. She was below my height. Her curves were interesting. Not huge but they look nice. She was also like a normal teenage girl. She was not very reserved anyways. She was funny and talkative.We studied for 2 hours.

Me: kavitha, we will go and do some exercises. Would you like to join?

Kavitha: what exercises?

We told her about our schedule. Kavitha liked the idea and agreed to join us.We two went to the gym room. Sabhita went to change and joined us. She was wearing a tight tshirt and cotton tracks.

Kavitha saw sabi and said “I’ll also change and come.”

Kavitha came in t-shirt and Capris. Both were looking cute and sexy in their exercise costume. Tempting obviously. A clear shape of their ass, thighs, boobs and body.

I told them few exercises and stretches. Kavitha was a quick learner. Then I started Surya Namaskaras. I like this one very much, especially when women does this in tight outfits, it looks really awesome.

All those stretches, bending, balancing those poses they look sexy brothers. I like those 3rd, 6th, 8th, 10th poses (Pada Hastasana (Hand to Foot Pose), Ashtanga Namaskara (Salutation with Eight Limbs or Body Parts), Parvatasana (Mountain Pose), Pada Hastasana (Hand to Foot Pose)).

They are the most inviting and erotic poses which will be really help to boost up the pleasure of having sex. Stretches mainly help to hold pain ;).

I don’t think you guys mind but I was actually preparing their pussies to accommodate mine in the future. I have discussed this with uma already on phone sometime back. I mean loosing my virginity to any one of these virgins. I had no idea who it will be at that time.

I touched kavitha and sabitha at maximum places other than their pussies. I did not get a chance to touch their pussies though they were inviting from their tights. When they were bending to touch their toes I had to hold their waist and support them staying close to their ass.

I brushed my dick on their ass and hands many times accidently while doing exercises.We repeated those 12 steps of suryanamaskara for more than 15 times. Both we breathing heavily and sweating.

I told them to take the position of sevasana and relax. I was really enjoying their company.I showed them few difficult poses of yoga like inversion, upward bow, Natarjasana, side bow, half bow, Bow etc …I also made them do Svanasana (dog tilt pose), Utthita Svanasana (extended dog pose), upward facing dog. Most sexy positions. I taught them how to rotate their hips.

They find few exercises funny and little embarassing. But when I had no expression in my face both of them were smiling and were doing all the exercises.They were really tired by the end of the session. Both went to take bath and came out in their dresses. I was really really happy being with 2 cute teenagers.

I went and dropped sabitha home. Kavitha, Komal and I finished our dinner. Kavitha and I went to my room and studied for some more time. We also used to chat on different stuff while studying. Even kavitha was impressed with my general awareness. I told her so many unknown stuff.

I also used to flirt with her sometimes and kavitha says “ayeeeeee.”

After sometime kavitha felt sleepy and waved me good night and left.

I went to Anirudh’s room to check on Komal. Her son was sleeping in the cradle and Komal was reading some book. I went near her and sat next to her on the bed.

Komal smiled while adjusting her saree pallu, sat on the bed next to me with the book and started talking.

Komal: so deva babu got freed up finally.

I placed my head in her lap.

Komal suddenly “Deva not here. Kavitha might come. Go to your room.”

I came to normal position and said silently “kavitha is sleeping komal.”

Komal: still, we cannot take a chance when someone is at home Deva.

Me: I did not do anything yet Komal.

Komal: it doesnot matter. Still there will be chances to give a doubt. You don’t come to my room or near me when someone is at home.

I understood her problem and said “I’ll be in my room then. See me when you are done with your book.”

Komal smiled when I understood her problem and did not irritate her with an argument.

Komal: only few pages left.

I went to my room without saying anything. Komal came inside and locked my bedroom door. she switched off the bedlight and came near my bed and sat next to me.

We were not talking anything. Komal slowly went on to bed and rest her back.

Me: what happened Komal?

Komal whispered “what happened? Nothing. Come this side.” And she pulled me towards her body.

Komal made me sleep in her lap slowly without making sound. I was just following her.

When Komal was opening her hooks I put my hand on hers and said what happened again.

Komal: first drink.

Me: what happened Komal?

Komal: ayyo deva, they are full since evening. I was waiting for you but you were busy studying and exercising.

Me: oooopssss. Oo sorry Komal. You might have called me right.

Komal: Its okay. I can handle that. Now drink.

She was unhooking again completing her sentence. As she was talking very freely it felt nice. I put my hands on her and said “let me help myself” and moved from her lap and sat on her waist slowly pushed her on the bed.

I slided pallu from her chest and went down to kiss her neck and upper portion of her boobs

I removed my tshirt and pressed my chest on her boobs. Komal moaned slowly in pain. I kissed her cheeks and was pressing her waist and caressing her boobs on blouse.

I felt the hot air from her mouth. Komal slowly whispered in my ear “drink.”

I did not waste time and started unhooking her blouse. I couldn’t see her face in dark. Komal lifted her shoulders to remove the blouse.

Komal whispered ” Deva, sleep in my lap. That way is easy to give milk.”

I moved from her and placed my head in her lap. She pulled my head close to her boobs and took her right boob and guided into my mouth. I started slowly and went fast when she started moaning “ahhhhh deva, hmmmmm, ummmmmmmmm.” The more the milk in her boobs, the more will be her moans.

Komal was caressing my face, cheeks and naked body while I was drinking and pressing her boobs. I finished drinking milk and moved on top of her again.

Komal understood that I want to caress her body and laid back.

Komal teasingly whispered “Deva milk is over no. what are you doing now?”

Me: haaan. Doctor told me that your boobs need some tongue massage after drinking milk. It produces more milk no.

I was caressing her boobs slowly in my hands while talking.

Komal: ahaa. He did not tell me.

Me: ohhh, he didn’t? he also told me to massage somewhere else too which you are not allowing.

Komal: shut up deva, you already promised me that you wont touch.

Me: yeah okay okay. that’s why here. And I started pressing her boobs and kissing her neck and cheeks.

Komal did not say anything than a broad smile and a kiss on my cheeks.

I was moving my hands slowly from her waist to armpits. She had hair under her arms. She felt tickles “aye devaa ummmm”

While pressing and caressing I moved her saree till her knees. I put my hand inside and was also pressing and caressing her thighs.

I slowly moved my hands more deep under her thighs and caught her nude ass cheeks through her panty.

Komal said ” ayeee devaaaaa.”

I removed my hand and was pressing and rubbing her thighs while sucking and pressing her boobs.

I helped her remove her blouse. Komal was pressing my head on her boobs and brought me up to her cheeks. I was kissing her cheeks and kissed her lips for the first time. My rubbing, massaging and pressing did work. She opened her mouth and started kissing me vigorously. I played with her tongue and pinned her down to bed by pressing my body on her.

She had her arms around my shoulders, neck and head. She lifted her knee up and I got the access to move near her inner thighs. I have separated her thighs and moved my body deep into her. I started pressing her inner thighs and ass on her panty. She started moving her ass.

I could feel the cum dripping through her panties. I did not want to miss the chance. I slided the elastic on her pussy and inserted my middle finger inside her in a swift. Her cum made it easy.

Komal moved her lips from my mouth and said” ayeeeeeeeeeeeee devaaaa uhhhhuuuuuuuuuu vaduuuuuuuuuuu (noooooooooo).”

I did not listen to her this time. I locked her lips, pressed her left boob and finger fucked her simultaneously. She could easily take my finger inside her pussy. Komal liked what I was doing to her. She was responding to my activities slowly with out objection but moaning,waving and moving her body under me.

She also started kissing my cheeks and moaning “ummmmmmmm, ahhhhhh, hmmmmmmmmmmm.”

I slided my shorts and underwear in this process and started rubbing my dick on her thighs.

Komal sensed me moving with my dick near her pussy and said “devaaaa nooo plzzz.”

I whispered “don’t worry komal. I’m not going to fuck you today.”

Komal suddenly stopped me from doing everything by force and said looking into my eyes “what do you mean by, I’m not going to fuck today.”

Me: nothing komal. I’ll tell you later. And I promise that I’m not going to fuck you today. Just shag my dick.

After saying that komal had a smile on her face and I immediately lip locked her again and started pressing her boobs and ass.

I moved down from her lips and started sucking her boobs, pressing her boobs and slowly inserted my finger in her pussy.

I moved up a little and brought her hand down and placed my dick in her hand. She understood my curiocity to get hand pumped and started moving my dick up and down.

It felt really good when her cold and soft hands were on my hard dick.

I was moving down from her boobs and was kissing her belly, Naval. I did not stop finger fucking her. I had my two fingers in her pussy. Komal was really excited with the finger fucking session. She was pressing my head into her belly when I was kissing her naval.

Her moaning never stopped. She stopped calling my name and was moaning deeply ahhhhhhhhhhh, hhhhhhannnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. She was also moving her hips.I was very much encouraged with her encouragement 😉

I slowly dropped my body to her thighs and was kissing her thighs and finger fucking her. I could insert my three fingers in her pussy. She was not too tight but she was heavily lubricated.

Komal once murmered ” ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh pettuuuu (putt itt inn)”

I couldn’t do it though I was fully excited.

I slowly moved my waist near her face while kissing her thighs and finger fucking her.

She held my dick and started pumping it. I moved my dick more close to her face. I held my dick with one hand and rubbed it on her chheks, nose and all over the face, neck and boobs. I also pressed my ass cheeks on her face. She held my waist and ass cheeks while moving her hips.

I slowly widened her legs and inserted my face between her thighs. She didn’t expect that. She had pubic hair but her fleshy milk thighs and ass made me forget everything and suck her offfff..

I kissed her pussy and started licking her pussy lips and the pee hole. Komal gave a biiiig moaaaan “aayeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee,devaaaaaaaa hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

Komal started pressing my dick and shaking it vigoursly and moved her hips in pleasure.

I slowly guided my dick towards her lips. With little rubbing komal opened her mouth and pushed my dick in her mouth. She was a beginner I understood the way she handled it in her mouth. But after few jerks she took my dick in her mouth and started sucking it like a icegola by making slurp slurp soundss.

I slowly started moving my hips to get a blow job. Komal was also moving her head holding my ass cheeks. Komal had atleast 2 orgams when I was finger fucking and sucking her pussy.she used to tighted her mouth grip on my dick when ever I gave her a love bite on her pussy. He held her pussy lips and sucked them one by oneneatly. I slowly moved my face and put my tongue inside her pussy and I started tongue fucking her.

Komal went mad and moaned ” ahhhhhhhhhh hannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnm hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm and again put my dick in her mouth and fucked my dick with her mouth.

After 15 minutes of vigorous sucking and tongue fucking I was reaching climax. I bet might have had 3 to 4. I pressed her shoulders and started shooting my jets in her mouth with out any intimation. She could take as much as she could and removed my dick from her mouth. I made her to hold my dick and made her to empty the rest.

After I moved from her komal got up and went to washroom immediately. I wrapped a towel around me. Komal came after 5 minutes with no blouse and her saree around her shoulders and completely dressed from her waist till knees.

I also went to washroom and came after 2 minutes. Komal was on the bed wearing her blouse.

I slowly went near her and sat next to her. I was watching her wearing the blouse.

Me: I’ll hook

Komal removed her hands from her hooks as an affirmation.

I slowly hooked her from bottom and sat in my place.

Pin drop silence. No one was talking. I moved close to her and adjusted her dupatta on her shoulders neatly and kissed her cheeks. When I moved to kiss her lips, komal did not respond.

I thought she was not interested and moved back.

Komal said good night and moved away from my room.

I understood that she might be carrying some past guilt. I closed my door and hit my pillow into dreams happily imagining what ever happened in the last 45 minutes.

I woke up in the morning with a hard door knock and a hard on.

I adjusted my dick in the dress and went to open the door. It was both komal and kavitha.

My hardon was clearly visible through my dress. Kavithas eyes immediately went on my dick.

Kavitha: Good morning deva, sorry did we disturb your sleep.

She asked me with a cute smile on her face. I was very happy too see those two beautiful faces in the morning.

I waved good morning and said 2 minutes and closed the door to wear some underwears to hide my erection. After that I thought I better release my morning leak. It will give some relief with in the erection.

I went out to living room.

Kavitha was sitting with the paper and morning coffee. I had my milk there. Komal was in the kitchen.

Me: Pretty good morning kavitha. Sorry I was not completely out of my dreams in the morning and I couldn’t respond you well.

So how was the first night at a different place? Did you sleep well kavitha?

Kavitha: Yeah deva I have a very good sleep. It might not have been normally but yesterdays exercises helped me get into deep sleep. My body is aching too much. It has been a long time I had any warm up. Its been only books and exams this year.

Me: hmmmm pretty good. If you continue doing, you will get used to the pains. You need some physical exercise atleast 15 minutes in a day other than books. I promise, it boosts up.

Kavitha: yeah true.

Komal: anything special you want for the breakfast?

Kavitha: dosa.

Me: anything is fine komal.

We had our breakfast and finished our morning chores and started studying. Kavitha left to her college on her scooty.

I didnot feel like going out that day.

Thought to move around with komal for sometime, but she was busy with her kid and household work and conversing with the other maid.

I got bored and went to my room to started studying. Kavitha came for lunch. We all had lunch and kavitha again left to college. Komal and the maid cleaned up everything. Komal sent the maid, made her son sleep and came to my room wearing a salwar kameez. She was in her saree till we had lunch actually. I was at my study table fooling around with my books. She came with butter milk and gave me in my hand.

I smiled at her watching her salwar. I was smiling inside about her being protected. Komal went and sat on my bed. I closed my books and went to my bed.

Me: nice dress komal. It suits you.

Komal just had a formal smile on her face.

Me: Komal would you stop acting. You know you came here to give me milk. And you know you wore a salwar to have to lower portion protected. I told you to

be free. You are being fine sometimes and you behave oppiste the second minute.

Me: calm down komal.

Komal did not say anything. There were no big expression on her face. She had her head bent down facing the floor.

I sat next to her and went near her ear and said “which milk you want me to drink first? Butter or this.” And I put my hand on her left boob and pressed her a little. I also gave her a kiss on her left cheek.

Komal said “hisss.” And nothing else.

No reply from komal. I slowly moved my hand inside her top from her waist to belly and naval. Komal was not saying anything.

I went behind her and started unzipping her top. Komal was not wearing any bra. Her sexy back was fair and soft. I slowly massaged her shoulders, neck and back. I removed her zip till her lower back. I put myhands inside her kurti from back and held her both boobs in my hands.

Komal moved a little. I was slowly massaing her boobs, caressing her nipples with my fingers and moving my fingers and hand on her boobs nicely. I crossed my legs, komal moved her back close to my chest when I pulled her shoulders close to me.

Komal was responding with out talking. I was caressing her boobs and started kissing, biting and sucking her neck and back simultaneously.

Komal said ” hmmmmmmmm.”

I slowly lowered her kurt from her shoulders with my mouth and tooth by giviing her love bited on her soft and fleshy skin.

I crossed my legs around her waist, pulled her very close to my chest, pressing my dick on her back, rubbing and pressing her boobs and nipples, kissing and sucking her neck and ears.

Komal suddengly gave a moan and dropped her head back on my shoulders and kissed my cheeks. I was also pressing her belly, waist and fingering her naval. komal was responding to my activities and was moving her body and hips in my arms by spreading her legs.

I moved my lips from her cheeks to her lips. I licked her lips with my tongue and komal opened her mouth giving me full access to her lips, tongue and mouth. Komal slowly put her hands on my thighs and head pulling me into her mouth.

I slowly moved my hand on to her pussy on salwar. I put her hand on mine and moved them to her boobs.We were still pressing and kissing passionately. I massaged her boobs and I again moved my hand to her pussy after few secs.

Komal did not move my hand but said sweetly “noooooooooooooo hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,”

I started rubbing her pussy slowly. She was enjoying the pussy massage and started moving her hips with me by closing and opening her legs. Komal was not wearing underwear. I felt her cum. As I was not rubbing it hard she like the slower way on caressing her pussy.

I slowly moved my hand to her knot and removed it slowly. Komal was not in her full senses. She was excited and busy kissing me. As she was moving her hips, the knot came out easily.

I immediately pushed my hand to her pussy and started caressing her pussy on pubic hair. She really liked the way it was. She put her hand on mine again but did not force me to remove it. But she felt little objection with shy and tried to cover it.

I moved my hand to her thighs and started massaging her thighs and inner thighs. Once in while I was touching her pussy and she was putting her hand on mine.

I understood that she was in a flow and quickly moved our positions and I dropped my face to her thighs and moved my hips near her face. I also lowered my shorts and underwear in a swift.

I started licking her pussyslowly at first and went fast immediately.

Komal gave a sigh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm and spread her thighsto give me full access.

I went to 69 immediately and started rubbing my cock on komals lips. She kissed it and slowly took my dick in her mouth. She started sucking my cock and I was kissing and sucking her pussy on hairs. I fingered her pussy with one finger and inserted 3 and was fucking her fast.

Komal tightened her mouth grip and fucked my dick very hard with her mouth. She was pusing her hips to my mouth. She gave jerks when she cummed hard and she moaned loud ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, she was also pressing my ass cheeks and balls in excitement.

I removed her lower completely and was going deep into her pussy wit my tongue. I was also pressing her ass cheeks. They were really awesome and soft. I didn’t get bored squeezing and pressing her and fingering her. She might have cummed thrice in 20 minutes. When I was reching climax I started sucking her vigorously. She also sucked me hard and I cummed in her mouth again. I made a do one gulp and she could take it anymore and took it out side and squeezed my dick.

I relaxed my legs on her shoulders. She felt difficult to move and cleaned her mouth with her dupatta. I did not stop fingering her pussy and sucking her inner thighs, ass and pussy lips.

Komal was just making sounds” hmmmmmmmmmmmmm aaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnn haaaaaaaaannnn issssssssssssssssssssssss ooooooooooo ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.” And was massaging my ass and back.

When komal had her orgasm she held my head very tight between her legs by moving her hips into air and collapsed making a biiig sign hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmnnnnnnnnnn…

I understood komal had enough with her pussy. I quickly moved my position to her boobs and started sucking her milk.

Komal did not move from her position but took my body between her legs by spreading them. I was massaging her ass cheeks and drinking her millk from her right boob by holding the boobs from its rim.

Komal just dropped her head back and relaxed her body completely. She was watching me sucking her milk with a satisfied look on her face.

After empyting one boob I moved up kissing her neck to her lips.

I looked into komal eyes and kiised her lips.

Komal brought her hand to my chin and said smilingly “don’t you get tired?”

I loving kissed her cheeks and said ” nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.”

Komal smiled and said “get up once. Let me go to washroom and come.”

I gave her way and she went to wash leaving her lower on the bed.

She came adjusting her kurti and sat on my bed.

Komal was looking very sexy withour her lower. The naked side of her thighs and ass was making her look more cute and sexy.

I smiled at her and again started lowering her on her back.

Komal said ” let me feed you today.”

I was happy with her attitude and dropped into her lap.

Komal lowered her kurti from her shoulders and brought her left boobs and gave me her nipple to suck. I started slowly and sucked her fast.

Meanwhile I again started caressing her thighs, ass and was trying to push my fingers near her pussy.

Komal: don’t you sit silently deva. Drink frist.

And she pressed her chest on my face and hugged me tight.

We both smiled when I pressed her ass cheeks again.

I held her right hand and inserted them in my shorts. Komal smiled and started massaging me slowly with small moans. Then I moved her again and lifted her kurti from her pussy and put my head and started sucking her again by pressing her pussy with my head.

Komal: you like doing so many thing at a time, don’t you?

Whatever it was komal liked my kinky activities.

I was rubbing my head on her naked pussy, sucking and pressing her boobs and was caressing her ass cheeks. I was hard again by the time I finished drinking milk.

Komal smiled looking into my face and started pumping my dick a little fast.

I finished drinking her milk completely and pushed her back onto bed again and started kissing her lips. Komal opened her lips and we started again.

I was rubbing my nacked dick on her pussy. I slowly moved my finger to her pussy and started fingering her again. Komal broke the kiss and said ” deva my legs are aching, shall we do it later?”

Komal asked me pleasingly in a cute way. I couldn’t say no. I thought she might have got tired.

I removed my finger immediately. Komal smiled and took my face in her arms and kissed me deeply.

Me: do you want to take rest?

Komal: no

Komal did not remove her hand my dick. She was also caressing it.

I started kissing her again and komal hugged me tight responding to the kiss. She brought her legs around my waist and pulled me close to her.

I never stopped massing my dick on her pussy and belly. Komal was also pressing my dick on her pussy by holding it.

Komal understood my excitement and said while rubbing my dick “deva, if you want I’ll take this in my mouth.”

I happily agreed to it and jumped to her shoulders and adjusted on her chest.

Komal held my dick in her hands and was smiling at me. I slowly moved close to her face and started rubbing my dick on her mouth.

She got my urge and took my dick in her mouth.

Mannnnnnnn it was sooo fucking good and romantic when she was sucking my dick in her mouth and looking into my eyes giving a sexy seducing smile.

I was slowly moving my hips and fucking her mouth. She stopped moving her head and just tightened the grip on my dick. She put her hands on my ass and was pushing my hips. I was pressing her breats and fucking her mouth.

I couldn’t cum for more than 20 minutes as it was an immidiate hardon. Komal only had her kurti which was till her waist. And she was completely nude from waist.

I couldn’t control and immediately moved to 69 and started sucking her pussy lips.

Komal immediat ly removed my dick and said ” devaaaaaaaa nottttttt now..”

Me: I wont finger fuck. Don’t worry.

Komal relaxed her legs when I said that and started sucking me vigourously to make me cum fast and to escape from finger fuck.

I started sucked her madly and fucking her mouth. Komal also started sucking fast.

After a minute komal also got into mood and moving her hips in pleasure. I reached climax and fucked her mouth fast and sucked her offffffffffffffffff harddd…

komal was thrusting her hips moaned hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, ummmmmmmmmmmm, tightened her thighs pressing my head and dropped her legs. We almost reached our climax at the same time.

No one had the energy. Komal cleaned her mouth with the cloth again and relaxed her body under me. I also dropped my face on her pussy and relaxed on her body for 2 minutes.

Komal asked me to get up to get cleaned. When komal got up from the bed I removed her kurti completely and made her nude. I was already nude.

Komal felt shy and tried to cover her body with her hands and I immediately hugged her tight.

Me: come we both will get cleaned.

Komal felt a little shy but after all this she felt it was fine.

Komal: get me the towel

I got her a towel and wrapped her in it.

She moved towards the washroom and I followed her. She cleaned me first and asked me to leave.

Me: shall I clean you too?

Komal: no need, you go, I’ll come in a minute..

I went to bed under the covers nude.

Komal came in towel after 2 minutes adjusting her hair and all.

Komal was really looking sexy in towel.

Komal picked her dress from the bed and was about to leave.

I said ” komal let us sleep for sometime, you are looking very tired.”

When komal said “I’ll change and come,” I said pleaseeeeee with a naughty face.

Komal smiled and dropped her clothes in the cornor and came near my bed.

I asked her to come under the covers.

Komal smiled and slowly came into covers holding her towel.

Komal slept a little far from me.

I slowly moved close to her. Komal felt my nude body when I hugged her.

Komal: chi stupid fellow.why aren’t you wearing anything?

Me: hmmmm I thought to sleep nude with you komal

Komal: ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, veshalu ekkuva ayyayi abbayyi gariki… ( acting smart now a days huh)

Me: hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… and I kissed her cheeks.

Komal smiled and pulled me close to her boobs and said “hmmmmmm enough now, you told you will sleep.”

Now sleep and komal kissed my cheeks.

I was pushing my hips on the towels edge so that it would go up. The towel was not too long, it hardly covered her thighs. I could easily move my dick near her pussy moving my hips.

Komal sensed what I was doing and said looking at me with a smile “ayeee deva sleep silently.”

With her smile I put my hand on the edge of the towel and tried to pull it. Komal held the other side and was not releasing the towel.

I moved my other hand near her ass and slowly to ass creek and put my hand on her pussy.

When komal moved her hand to her pussy I removed 90% of her towel from the body. The rest was under her body. Now I could feel her naked boobs, belly and pussy in contact with mine. It was a great feeling with the pretty women beside me.

Komal: naaku telsu nuvvu legestav ani vedhavaa..(I know you would pull that you idiot)

She did pinch me on my shoulder and was smiling.

I smiled back and said “komal I said I wanted to sleep nude with you. And me alone here is not nude ;)” and I kissed her cheeks smiling.

Komal smiled and said ” ahaaaaaaaaaaaaa, donga vedhava. (Smart ass.). I feel shy sleeping like nude deva.

Me: how can you say you are nude komal. You have covers and my body on ;).

Komal smilingly chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Komal: okay happy now? Sleep for sometime silently.

And she hugged me close to her body pulling my one leg on her legs.

Me: you are a very sweet lady komal. Thanqqqqq. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I kissed and sucked her cheeks strongly with my lips.

We both smiled and slept hugging each other. I lowered the balance towel and she helped me remove it moving her body slightly.

I lost into dreams and dozed off. I woke up at 5 pm nude on my bed. Komal was not there.

I hear kavitha and komal talking in the living room.

I went out after getting dressed in shorts and tshirt. Kavitha and komal were in the sofa.

I saw kavitha in her skirt showing her knees and thighs and a tight t-shirt with her pretty boobs. Komal saw me and went to kitchen to got us some juice.

Komal went to her son to feed him and get him dressed.

Kavitha and I had a small chat for sometime. I told her that I’ll go and study for sometime before sabitha comes.

Kavitha: yeah okay deva, I’ll also start studying.

We both left to our rooms. Sabitha came when I was studying. We also had some laughs and gags and started studying. Kavitha came with her books to join us. Sabitha was wearing a traditional salwar.

Sabitha gave a look at kavithas dress when she showed us her white panties while sitting on the bed. Sabitha looked at me and we both smiled. Sabi caught me many tmes watching kavithas legs and thighs.

After sometime I asked kavitha when we will study 10th math.

Kavitha immediately said” deva we will do that in the night after dinner. But I can spare only one hour.” I have to study for tomorrow.”

Me: okay no problem.

After 2 hrs studying we wanted a break. I said lets do some exercises. I got bored with books from morning.

Sabhitha readily agreed but kavitha felt a little lazy with the body pains. I told sabhitha to change and come.

Kavitha was little nagging. I held her hand and made her stand and pushed her into her bedroom to change and come.

Kavitha: deva I’m feeling lazy today. I’ll do few warm ups in this costume itself.

Me: common kavitha. They wont be comfortable.

Kavitha: plzz devaa. I really feel lazy to change now.

Me: hmm okay lets go then.

We went to our exercise room and started with warm ups and came to stretches.

Sabitha was doing fine but kavitha was saying aweeeeeeeeeee ammmmmmmmaaaa, ayyyooooo with the body pains.

I told her to do bending exercises. She adjusted her skirt a little and bent.

Sabitha and I could see her inner thighs and her tshirt and slip also went up exposing her waist. Sabi and me smiled again. Kavitha couldn’t do the exercises and wanted to take rest for sometime. Sabhitha and I were doing. I was holding her shoulders, legs in the name of support every once in a while. Kavitha was watching me doing all the stuff. Komal came and said “sabitha your mom has just called. She wants you to come home early today. You have your relatives and cousins home.”

Kavitha felt really happy as we were going to stop.

Me: sabi go and get ready I’ll drop you home.

Sabhitha: deva why don’t you guys come to my home and spend some time with my cousins. They are really nice.

I didn’t mind going. I asked kavitha and she said she has to study.

Me: okay sabi I’ll come for an hour. Who are the cousins?

Sabitha: I’ll tell you while going, now go and get ready then.

Kavitha felt a little embarrassed as we were leaving her in the house alone. I could see that in her face.

We all went to our rooms. I freshened up and went to kavithas room to ask her again to come with us.

Kavitha was a little angry and said ” no need, I’ll stay home.”

Me: kavitha if you wont come I wont go too. I cannot leave you home alone.

Kavitha smiled with the concern and again said cutely ” no I wont come.”

Me: common don’t make me beg you for this kavitha. Now please get ready.

Kavitha smiled big this time and said ” 5 minutes.”

And I went to komal room to inform her everything. I also asked her whether she can manage for 2 hours alone with her son.

Komal smiled and said “you guys take care, we will be fine. Call me if you guys are going to have dinner there.”

Me: are you sure?

Komal: arey baba, you are doing my job now. Don’t worry go.

I moved close to komal pressed her boobs a little and kissed her cheeks and waved her a bye.

Komal smiled and said ” ayeeee.” She came out after a minute. We all got ready in nice costumes.

Sabhitha came and said oh kavitha you are coming too?

Kavitha: why I shouldn’t be coming?

Sabhitha: arey akka, it was me who asked you first to come.

Kavitha: cool, I was kidding. Come lets go.

Komal: deva babu drive safe.

Sabhitha: I have 3 cousins. Kasturi who is doing her engineering 1st year, madhurima +2, shyam 9th standard. They are very funny. I like all of them. Shyam is a little stubborn guy. They stay in Hyderabad. She has given us a lot of info about her cousins on the way to her house.

We went inside and sabhitha made a big sound eeeeeeeeeeee and her cousins also heeeeeeeeeeee ayeeeeeeee sabi. They were greeting in excitement actually. Kavitha and me smiled looking each others face.

Before sabhithas mom started introducing us I made my introduction with all of them.

Hi kasturi, how are you? I’m deva, kasturi with a puzzled look and said hi deva how are you and thanq. I did the same with the rest and introduced kavitha to their family.

Me: don’t get too surprised your cousin just loaded your biodatas on the way.

Every one smiled and sabhithas mom “devaaa isss a very smart boyy hehehehe.”

I don’t believe who praise infront of my face. They always expect something, some way from you.

Anyways sabhithas mom was an over reactive lady. 😉

Sabhithas mom invited us all for the dinner.

We all had a long chat while having dinner.

Sabhitha gave a big intro about me to them. They were impressed with my activities and my responses.

I showered many questions to kasturi and madhurima. Kavitha and madhurima became close soon.i felt something burning beside me. It was shyam. He felt little uncomfortable as we were busy talking.

Me: Hey shyam, I heard that you play badminton very well. Sabhitha told me. Would you like to join me in the morning? And she said you are good in physics. If you are going to stay for sometime, I got some doubts. Will you join us in the evening study time with kavitha and sabhitha?

I did not give him a gap. He couldn’t escape and said yes for everything. He was few months younger than me.

He was happy as we made him centre of attraction for sometime discussing his stuff.

Kasturi observed the way I made her brother involved in the conversation.

Guys always believe in comforting your surroundings. Both things and people. And the best result would be your ultimate comfortness. It’s a directly proportion theory. Domination the group would end you up like a jerk with someone atleast. Make friends everywhere. Most powerful guy is not the guy with lot of money but lot of good friends.

Uma aunty taught me that. And following it helped me a lot throughout the journey of my life.

If you want to fight with anyone, fight only once and don’t see their face again. As the fighting sequence wont stop for the rest of your life with that person. But fighting is nonsense, compromising is the best things which would make you superior than anyone.

Okay enough with the preaching’s. But please, follow them my fellow human beings. It will be only happiness around you all your life.

Back to the story….

Well after the dinner we all had desert and went to living room again for chat.

This time elders and kids got separated.

We all went to sabhithas room and parents were in the living room.

Madhurima wanted to play uno. :p

I normally don’t play indoor games much. If I play that would be to enjoy the crowd around me and the masti they do. Its fun. And on a routine I play ourdoor and bedtime games ;). Everything is fun.

We all started playing. I was sitting in the middle of kasturi and kavitha. Shyam was in the middle of sabhitha and madhurima.

I didn’t tell you about kasturi and madhurima. Both were pretty and fair. Madhurima was wheatish brown and cute. Kasturi was 19 and madhurima was 18. Both were wearing jeans and tight tees. Kasturis figure was more grown up than madhu’s. Both had almost same size of boobs. With 5.4 and 5.3 heights. Smooth skin and cute ass. Sabhitha watched me many times rubbing and pressing and touching kasturi and kavitha. As we were all playing no one bothered. Kasturi was a smart and elder girl in the group. Not too knowledgeable but was fine. We finished playing and everyone enjoyed. We were invited again to their house tomorrow. They came for a 20 days visit. They have some family occasion in their village. They came to send us off.

Kasturi: you drive a car huh?

Sabhithas mom: yeah deva knows bike also.

Kasturi : even I don’t know driving a car though we have one.

Me: hmmm. Sabhitha was also asking me since a long time. We all will plan one day for a driving session. I can teach you all.

Everyone were like almost impressed with my offer for a free driving course.

Sabhithas mom: deva I’ll also learn from you. I asked uncle many times but he never did. I always has to depend on him or the driver.

I said to myself “sure I’ll drive you all first and ride you later” 😛

Always offer something which cannot be refused. :p especially to girls. Brothers don’t do it foolishly, understand your girl first. Else consequences will be worse ;).

After waving good night to every one kavitha and I drove back home.

Lol Kavitha also asked me to teach her.

Me: sure. Anytime.

Kavitha smiled and said thanq deva. We drove home.

It was 9.30 pm and komal was watching tv.

Kavitha went to her room and I went and sat near komal.

Komal asked while watching tv ” how was the evening deva babu? How was the dinner?”

Me: did you eat your dinner?

Komal: yeah

Me: hmm evening was fine. And dinner was good too. Met new friends kasturi, madhurima and shyam.

Komal: oh good. Would you like to eat or drink anything?

Kavitha also came and joined us.

Kavitha: no komal I’m stuffed.

Me: me either.

Komal while going to kitchen ” I’ll get you some butter milk.”

Me: yeah okay.

I said “kavitha shall we start studying?”

Kavitha “yeah okay, come with yoour books then” and she left to her room.

I went to kitchen and had the butter milk.

Me: komal take rest for sometime, I’ll come after an and wake you up.

Komal smilingly said” why?”

I moved close to her, put my hands under her saree, put my hand on her left boob, pressed it and said ” for this.”

Komal: ayee devaa, no, kavitha is in the house. And she moved away from me

Me: its okay she went to her room. Komal I’m already hard. Can you massage me for 5 minutes?

Komal: nooooooooooooooo wayyyyyyyyy. You go and study now. Come after one hour and I’ll do everything..

Me: everythingggg?

Komal smiled and said ” haaaaaaaan baba everything.”

Me: komal can you do this?

Komal: what?

Me: hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…

Komal: whattt?

Me: nothing…

Komal: tell me devaa.. what is it …?

Me: komal is it possible for you to remove all the hair on your body?

Komal: chiiiiiiiiiiiiiii… siggu ledhu…. (don’t you got shy)

Me: no komal, actually I would like to see them clearly. :p

I winked and smiled.

Komal: chi shyless… goo and study… I’ll do what I can do…

Me: okayyyyyyyy…

I went near her and kissed her cheeks and left to my room for books. I went to kavithas room and she was on her bed studying. Kavitha again wore her short skirt. Her lower thighs and knees and legs were looking cute and sexy. Her position on bed with her ass to the other side and bent state looked sexy. We started studying. She cleared many doubts of mine with trigno and mensuration. I was touching her legs accidently once in while. She was fine.

After one and half hours of studying kavitha said she was feeling sleepy. I could see that in her eyes. I packed my stuff and said good night. She waved good night and locked her room. I said okay and left to my room.

After 10 minutes I came out and locked kavithas room from outside and went to komals room to see wht she was doing. Her lights were off and she was sleeping the other side wearing a long nighty.

I did not want to disturb her son by putting the lights. I went close to her bed and slowly adjusted behind her on the bed close to her body. I will let you know what happened with komal in her bedroom and how kavitha got her first doubt on us in the next part.

Story continues in My Real Sex Life – Part 15 – DEVA

My email address is [email protected]. Please do drop some feedback friends and guys please don’t ping me for girls id.I’m not going to disclose them to you anyways. Don’t waste your time on me guys. Try to understand me. I’m not your enemy, same way I don’t need enmity from Women.Stay Fit and Be Horny. Please and Thanq – DEVA

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