My Sex Friend – Part III

Hi friends this is a 21 year old chap living near Bangalore and kindly mail your responses at [email protected]

So that I can write more stories in a way you like as you already know the relationship between me and archana, we are desperate for each other. We both used to talk in mobile daily and used to chat daily.

One day we had a small bet and she lost the bet to me as a winner I asked for a gift and she replied anything for you dear. I asked the one thing only her husband can get from her. She replied that I already gave it to you.

But I said yeah we can have sex with anyone but not like the first night we spend with our wife/husband. So I wanted to have first night with her, the thing only her husband could get. I know she will not reject. She agreed.The day was fixed.

But obviously we should arrange for lot of things like flowers, decorations, sweets. I told her to come in a white saree. I reached her house with flowers and sweets. We worked on the decoration for 2 hours. I went to the bathroom to take a shower.

After I came back she gave me a dress and told to be in the bed room which we decorated. I went to the bed room and I was eagerly waiting for her. The bed was filled with rose petals.

I was really excited to have such a scene. The door opened suddenly and she came in wearing a white saree and holding a glass of milk in her hand. She kept some jasmine flowers in her hair.

Oh god she was looking really awesome. She came near me and gave me the milk. I drank a little and gave it to her. She too drank a little and kept it aside. I went near her and gave her a hug. I started kissing her neck first.

Next I stared kissing her juicy lips. Wow I love her lips I sucked like an ice-cream. I started pressing her boobs over the saree. They appeared as big mountains from the jacket. I took her to bed and laid her on the bed.

I removed her saree and now she was just in her jacket and langa. I again played with her boobs over her jacket. Next I went for navel and gave a kiss for it. I made a gentle touch on her belly.

I removed her jacket and langa. Now she was only in her bra and panty. I removed her bra too and started pressing her boobs. I sucked her boobs while one of my hands is playing with her pussy.

I poured the remaining milk over her boobs. Wow you should see that sight of white milk over her white boobs. The milk was shining over her body in the light of the night.

It went down and some portion reached her belly button and stayed there and remaining flowed through her pussy. I reached her belly button and sucked the milk from there.

I again started sucking her boobs and the taste of milk with her flavor of body was too good. I placed some halwa in her mouth and rubbed the oil on her body. It feels good to eat halwa during sex.

Now I went down to her pussy and started licking it. I spread her pussy lips and started licking her deep. I used the help of my finger during the feast. Oh god I don’t know how much I like her pussy.

I started using my two fingers again I replaced them with three fingers. She was moaning loudly all the time. Her moans had their effect on me. I rose up and took some jasmine flowers and spread it all over the bed and on her.

I covered her boobs with two big flowers and kept one flower on her pussy. she was damn sexy in that costume. I got a snap of that costume. Now I started smelling her body with flowers.

The smell of jasmines with her body odor was turning me on. I asked her to take over and I slept on the bed. She started with z kiss later went down and was rubbing her boobs over my chest.

I could feel the touch of her soft boobs rubbing over my chest. Suddenly she stopped and fell on my chest. Her boobs were crushed on my chest and over lips met. She went down and took control over my dick.

At first she used her hands and later she gave a kiss at the tip of my dick and started sucking my dick. I was really in heaven. She even sucked my balls.

Oh god I love her tongue work. I told her the same. I informed her when I was about to cum and she signalled me to cum in her mouth. She tasted every drop of it.

Latter I laid her on bed and gain went for her pussy. I licked it for some time and used my fingers too when my dick was ready for action I thought to go for missionary position.

I spread her legs and placed my dick in front of her love hole. I teased her for some time with my dick. I suddenly pushed it inside with full force. She was taken back and left out a moan.

I started giving her deep thrusts slowly. She was screaming all the time. I slowly increased my speed and made my moments faster. She increased her pitch and started shouting fuck me dear fuck me fuck me harder and I am there oh I am there.

Finally I came inside her and she too had her final orgasm. I could feel her juices running over my dick. We both slept nude in each other arms that night. I thanked her for the nights treat. But she told me that it was even her fantasy too.

Friend’s this is my fantasy and I never had sex before and eagerly waiting for a chance and any girl or women can mail me. I am planning to write more stories in my style so please give some comments. Thanks a lot for your responses.

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