My Sexy Team Leader Deepika

Hello readers, this is my first story here and in fact a true on which happened just a week back. I work for an MNC and my team is a 3 member team. Me the project head, a new trainee who just joined our company a month back and my team leader Deepika. This is a new team and we were looking after a new project. Since the 3rd member is a trainee for official client meetings, me and Deepika had to attend. Every time the client discussion will be through video conferencing and this time the client wanted us to visit the site and work there for about 2 weeks so that we would get to understand the project pretty well. We were based in Bangalore and for the client meetings we had to visit Mumbai for 2 weeks. Our stay and travel were taken care of by the client and we were given 5 star accommodation.

To tell you about Deepika, I had a crush on her the first day I saw her at office and for the past two years I have been flirting with her in order to get her on my bed but all my efforts were in vain as every time I take up the topic of relationships or something of the sort, she would just bluntly change topics and I was waiting for a chance. The moment I heard the news of staying alone with Deepika in a different town for two weeks I made up my mind that this is the best chance and its now or never. I was thinking all the possible ways to get her laid. Deepika was a sexy blunte with stats 32 28 36, fair complexion and a height of 5’8. The most appealing thing with her is her hair which is thick black with mild curls at the end. Deepika always wears salware to office taking much effort not to expose her skin.

We took a late evening flight on a Sunday and as usual she was in a cream coloured salwar covering her entire body. We checked in the hotel and met up at the hotel’s restaurant for dinner. That was the first time I ever saw her in a western dress where she wore a white shirt and a blue denim jean which suited her really well and again she never exposed her skin. We sat opposite to each other at the table and most of the time when she was speaking I was just checking her body out.

That evening nothing interesting happened and as usual she never touched the topic which I wanted to. We retired to bed as we had an appointment with the client by 8:30am the next morning. We were given a suite room with 2 bedrooms and we hit the bed separately that night. Next morning I woke up and I was in my best formal attire and I was really shocked to see Deepika. She had worn a business class black shirt and a satin black skirt which was above her knees and a netted black stockings. Her boobs were pressing against her tight fit shirt and were waiting to pop out any moment. I was speechless seeing her in that attire and we headed to our client’s place.

On our way I told her she looked stunning in that dress and why is that she never wore such dress back in Bangalore. She blushed to my comment and she said her family does not like her wearing those and they always insisted that she wore a fully covered salwar kameez. We had a long day at work and we were satisfied with how things went on and I suggested that we celebrate the evening. Deepika first said that its already 8pm and it would be late if we had to go back to our rooms and then go out for dinner.

I really wanted to take her out and take my chance today as it was the first time I ever saw her in a sexy outfit and didn’t want this opportunity to go away. So I said lets go to a nice wine and dine restaurant and then later get to the room. Deepika was first reluctant but after my insisting she was fine. We then went to the Marine drive area and first took a walk there which was the first positive reaction from Deepika. We took a walk for like 30 minutes and entered a nice pub. I quickly ordered a whiskey and a vodka shot for her. I made her drink that and made sure she was high enough that night and she ended up taking 7 shots within an hour’s time.

She was high after those shots and wanted to get back to the room so we took a cab back. She was struggling to walk and wanted to me to hold her, in that pretext I purposefully touched her boobs and that was the first time and I had an immediate hard on. In the cab she started to open up for the very first time where she told she had got drunk after like 2 years and during colg days, she used to drink with her frens. They all had boy friends and everyone used to enjoy sex during colg. She being a day-scholar never had a chance for sex and she used to long for a man’s touch.

Back in the room I knew this is the right moment to proceed further and so I pulled her up to me and planted a kiss on her lips before she could realise what was happening. At first she was reluctant and later due to the influence of alcohol, she started to respond to my kiss. I then carried her to the couch and sat on her side cupping her boobs over her shirt and started to kiss her again. This time it was more of a kiss and she was responding well. I then went down took her legs and kissed her toe.

I then moved my hands up to pull down her stocking and started to suck her toe fingers and then moved up to her thighs. I parted her legs and and inserted my hand inside her skirt pulling it up to her ass and pulled down her panty which was soaked in her juices. For the first time in my life I saw a real pussy and she had little hairs there, I opened her pussy lips and touched her inner pussy. She let out a moan the moment I touched it and I kept on rubbing her pussy lips and she couldn’t control her moans and with every second her moans got louder and finally she had a massive orgasm.

We then got up and I pulled her to me and we were kissing again, Deepika moved her hands to my pants removing it and took my 7″ cock in her hand. I then pushed her down on her knees and her mouth was just in front of my dick. I pushed my dick to her lips and she opened her mouth and started to lick the tip of my penis. Her right hand was holding my dick and her left hand was playing with my balls. She then pulled back my foreskin and planted a kiss on my dickhead. OMG! that really sent shivers inside my body. Deepika slowly started to take my penis inside her mouth and she was licking it like a lollipop and her left hand was holding my balls. I was about to cum and didn’t want to finish off easily so pulled her up and carried her to the dinning table and made her lie down on the table. I pulled her skirt up and parted her legs wide apart exposing her pussy lips. I then stared to rub my cock over her pussy making her go mad and was trying to get inside her.

Being the first time, my penis slipped out a many times and finally I was inside her pussy completely. I put her right leg over my shoulder and started to fuck her in slow motion. Deepika was like ” aaaahhhhhh,. mmmmmaaaghhhh… oooooffff.f… yeeeaaaa…. cooooommeee onnnnn…. fuck my pussy, lick my thighs, kiss my lips…. ooooohhhhh…..yyyyeeeeeaaaaa…. itttssss ssoooo goooodddd… ooooohhhhhh yeaaaaaa maaaannn… tear my shirt and squeeze my nipples…” and I knew she was going crazy with the fuck and I was following all her words, licking her thighs, kissing her lips. I tore open her black shirt and she had a black single stranded cotton bra just enough to cover her nipples. She was looking sexy like ever.

I pulled her bra to the side exposing her boobs. OMG.. they were so stiff with black nipples pointing straight.. I wasted no time in taking them in my mouth and Oh dear lord thats was so amazing and Deepika kept moaning “mmmmm yeaaa… take my other nipple.. suck it hard. squeeze my boobs. pinch my nipples..”. I was doing as per her request and soon she grunted with a load moan said she’d cum. I told her ” am going to cum as well and shall I cum inside her?” she was happy to take my cum and said “hmmmm.. yeaa…. go ahead give me your cum deep inside me”. With 4 more hard strokes, I emptied my load and was totally exhausted. I sat back in the chair and Deepika was still lying down gasping for breath. 10 minutes later, Deepika got down from the table and came towards me.

She still had her skirt and bra on her exposing her boobs though. I got up, held her head with both my hands and titled her head slightly to her right to kiss her lips. I placed my lips on hers and was just sucking her lips. Deepika responded well by opening her mouth and pushing her tongue inside my mouth and our tongues started to play. I then unhooked her bra taking the piece of cloth from her body. I even pulled down her skirt and for the first time Deepika was standing stark naked in front of me. I broke the kiss and told her ” oh deepika. u are too good for the fuck and lets get started again”. Deepika blushed and said ” I love.. am all yours”.

I carried her in my arms to the bedroom and there we got into 69 position. Deepika was on top of me and she positioned her pussy in front of my mouth. I was holding her by her ass and was making way for my fingers into her love hole. Deepika took my limp cock in her hand and she was stroking it and kissing the tip of my cock once a while making it to stand rock hard. Within few minutes my cock was at its full length and Deepika wasted no time in taking my cock inside her mouth. I was now tongue fucking Deepika’s pussy and the room was filled with sex fragrance and our moans.

Soon Deepika screamed that she is cumming and asked me swallow her juices which I obliged. 5 minutes later I was about to cum and didn’t want to finish things off so I stopped Deepika saying so and she turned around and started to kiss my lips with full of lust. She then went down and took my cock in between her boobs and she was giving me boobjob for some 5 minutes and then she got up and sat on my cock taking it fully inside her pussy. She bent down to kiss me and she started to move her ass up and down taking my cock inside her. She was kissing me all over, biting my neck, lips and her face reactions were making me hornier with every stroke.

Very soon I had sprayed my load inside her pussy and she just hugged me in that position with my cock still inside her pussy. She said she wanted to sleep with my cock inside her love hole and we slept in the same position. Both of us woke up at the same time around 5am in the morning and she left for bathroom to pee and clean herself. I followed her inside and I too cleaned myself and had the early morning hard on. So I just like that pulled her to me carried her to the bed and started to fuck her pussy in the missionary position. Being early morning I lasted longer than the night and we both reached our climax at the same time.

We then had a shower together and left for office. That day I made her wear a white shirt without a bra and exposing her ample boobs and a black shirt with black netted stockings and a high heels. For the next 2 weeks, we had an amazing time fucking around and everyday I made it a point to select her dress which exposed her skin. We tried different positions every night and early morning the traditional missionary position. We had to spend a weekend there and we had off on Saturday and Sunday. So we hit the pub on Friday night and Saturday got drunk and had a nice fucking in the room. I even fucked her ass on Friday and Saturday nights after getting totally drunk.

Within 2 weeks, I lost my virginity to her, fucked her virgin boobs, pussy, ass and mouth. Now we are back to our hometown and I’d proposed to Deepika the day we left Mumbai and she too accepted with joy. We are planning tie knots in a few months’ time. We didn’t get a chance to enjoy sex after Mumbai and am eagerly waiting for the following weekend as my parents are going on a pilgrimage trip and had made all the arrangements to fuck my love Deepika and that episode I will post on seeing the response to this story.

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