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I am from Gujarat and fan of this site since long and I came to know about this site through a friend of mine and after that, I was thinking about my younger sister. I am going to narrate what happened next and please forgive me if any grammatical mistake. You can give me feedback or suggestions on [email protected]

I was surfing porn in a cyber cafe and saw my friend in the cyber cafe who seems reading something in the monitor. I quickly ran towards him and saw that he was reading sex story about mom and son. First I felt awkward about mom and son story but I read the whole story and was feeling strange inside and thinking what to do now. I came to the home and masturbate 2 times about thinking that story. A whole day I was thinking about that story and my mom & sis. I was thinking whether it can be true. Is there anyone in this world who is fucking his mom or sis.

I thought that mom won’t agree for this kind of relationship easily. So I think to try my luck with my younger sis and thinking how to get her. At that, I came in touch with a lady on messenger who was claiming that she has sexual relation with her son and I told her about my fantasy for my sis. She told me that she will help to get my sis to bed with me. She asked for messenger id of my sis. So she can chat with her and try to convince her. I gave her id of my sis and she sent message to my sis but my sis ignore her for few days but one day she did chat with that lady. She somehow started a chat with that lady and that lady was sending me a copy of chat with my sis for my knowledge.

That lady started about sex, fingering with my sis. My sis avoid that kind of chat for few days but that lady convinced her for sex chat and she was trying to get my sis on track of incest but my sis told her that she don’t like incest and also she fear my dad.

Sorry friends I forgot to tell you about my family. My dad is strict and all family members fear of his anger and we are living in 1bhk. The main thing was that we can’t get privacy.

Back to the story.That lady told me that my sis got to agree and told me that I should go in her room at night and touch her body, her boobs, and pussy.

I was thinking whether she is telling truth or not but she clear my doubt and share copy of her chat with my sis and I was feeling happy and also what will happen in the night.

I went around 1 p.M. In my sister’s room. She was wearing salwar kameez and sleeping. I went near her bed and watching her whether she is awake or asleep. I couldn’t figure out. So I touched her hand but there was no response from her side and after that, I touched her legs and thighs. Still no response from her. Then I put my hand on her belly and slowly moving my hand towards her boobs. Suddenly I felt that she is awake and she turns left. I was confused is she really want or not. I put my hand again on her belly and slowly try to touch her boobs. Now my hand on her boobs side and it felt so amazing. First ever touching soft skin of boobs of my sis and can’t describe how much I was happy at that time. Again she turns towards me and pushes my hand but her eyes were closed at that time. But I was feeling that she was awake and I left her room due to fear. Then I masturbate thinking of her and slept.

Next day in the morning I try to figure out what is her reaction but she was normal and I was confused. Then I messaged that lady about an incident of the night and she told me that she will talk about this to my sis and get to know about her reaction. I was tensed and excited about what will happen next. My sis was chatting to someone in noon and at the same time, she messaged me that she is now chatting with my sis. My sis told her that she was awake when I entered her room and touched her. She was in fear at that time and due to that, she did not respond at night. That lady tries to make her comfortable and again convinced her for the night.

That lady messaged me and told all things and give me confidence and also told that try again this night. I was confused what if my sis does not allow me at night but that lady anyhow convinced me and I agreed.

I again tried my luck that night and went to her room around 1:30 p.M. After all slept. I put my hand on her hand and she was not responding. I put my hand on her belly and then towards her boobs. Today I put my palm on her boobs over her dress. Wow what a feeling. They are feeling so soft but no response from her side. I touched her both boobs and I was on cloud nine. Then I put my hand oh her salwar and loosen her salwar. My hand was shivering but I want to try my luck today and put my hand in her panty and kept there for some time. Slowly I lower my hand towards her pussy and my fingers touching small hair between her legs.

I was excited and nervous at the same moment and pushed my fingers little lower towards her pussy and.

Oh, my god, my finger was touching her pussy and I was so much happy. Still no response from my sis but I can feel that her heart beats are fast and she wants to turn. I pushed my finger little lower and I was feeling something wet, her pussy was wet.

I was happy, excited and nervous at the same time. She suddenly turned left side and pushed my hand aside. I wanted more but someone came in the kitchen and I was frightened about thinking who was in the kitchen and what will happen if I was caught …

I will tell in second part what happened next and give me suggestions and feedback on my e-mail id. If any sis, bhabhi, milf wants to chat then mail me.

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