Nephew seducing Pune muslim aunty for sex

I have read a lot of incest stories on ISS for more than a decade. In my opinion, real incest does not happen in a flash where the woman instantly gets horny and consents to have her asshole drilled. Real incest requires crossing many psychological and emotional barriers. Only with patience, perseverance, smart play, and (a lot of) luck, does it become possible to get there.

Through my story, you may get a good game plan on how you too can convert your wildest incest fantasy to reality. Now, coming to the story (names are changed for privacy):

My name is Zain, I am from Pune and I am currently 25 years old. I have a muscular physique since I workout daily at the gym. The heroine of this story is my mom’s younger sister Shehnaz aunty.

Shehnaz aunty is 43 years old and, a mother of 2 children. But she looks like she is 30 years old. She is beautiful and has a fair complexion, silky black hair, and is about 5’6″ tall. She is pretty fit with a slim waist and normal-sized boobs. But the most attractive feature of her is her mind-boggling butt. She dresses in a slim-fit kurta and leggings.

Her tight big butt always juts out of her frame and jiggles when she walks. Men always stare at her ass with an open mouth when she walks by. You can say she has a butt like actress Nora Fatehi, only slightly bigger. Anyone would be tempted to squeeze those cheeks and shove a finger up her asshole.

I live in Pune with my parents and I did my schooling from there. Shehnaz aunty also has lived in Pune with her husband and 2 kids, their house is pretty close to ours. We frequently visited their place and vice versa.

Her husband works at a bank and is a very boring and unattractive man. He is at most of the time at the office and also goes abroad for months together on work-related trips. I was sure he never had sex with her except right after marriage to have kids.

Initially, I never had any bad intentions towards her. She was a traditional muslim housewife who took care of her family and loved me like a son. But this all changed one day when I was in my 1st year (I was 18+ years old back then).

I went to her house for the weekend. Shehnaz aunty’s maid was on leave, so she had to clean the house herself. I was alone in the house with her and was watching TV in the living room. She then came to the living room and switched off the fan. I understood she was going to sweep the house.

She was wearing a salmon-colored salwar kameez with no dupatta. She pulled up her kameez and tied it to her waist to get ready to start sweeping, and this left her lower body exposed i.e. only in the thin salwar.

Oh my god! That was the first time I noticed how huge my aunty’s ass was! It was clearly much bigger compared to her waist and overall frame. The roundness and size were just utter perfection. I just could not take my eyes off it. She started sweeping the floor by squatting, with her big ass in my direction.

I had already crossed the puberty stage, but to my own surprise, I felt blood rushing to my penis. I could clearly see the outline of her panty through the thin salwar. The cloth kept moving in and out of her ass crack as she slowly moved around the room in a squatting position, sweeping the room.

Then I grabbed a cushion and kept it over my lap to hide my boner. She was casually cleaning the house with no bad intentions and thought I was watching TV, but this scene had corrupted my young mind forever.

After my aunty finished sweeping the living room, she moved to other rooms. I was in a very guilty state of mind. I had many thoughts cross my mind :-

How can I get an erection looking at my own aunt?!

She has such a huge butt!

I am the worst person in the world!

I was filled with shame at my thoughts. Just then, Shehnaz aunty returned to the living room with a bucket and cloth. She was going to wipe the floor now with the cloth, as she did not have a mop. This time, she got down on her knees (like, doggy style), her ass upwards facing towards me, and started wiping the floor.

I tried to look away, but I just could not! Her rubbing the floor made her big ass jiggle so much. My erection got so hard I thought my dick would tear through my shorts. I could feel precum leaking into my underwear.

That night, I kept trying to delete those images from my mind, but they seemed imprinted forever. Feeling weak, I headed to the washroom and started stroking my dick thinking about my aunty. I did not imagine her naked, because I still had love and respect for her. I just imagined getting close to her while she was wiping the floor and brushing my dick against her huge tight butt. That was more than enough for me, and I ejaculated instantly! However, after that night, I decided to never do it again, as I was filled with guilt and shame.

Also, from that day, I would sometimes sneak a glance at her ass occasionally, but not with any sexual thoughts, just out of admiration.

I used to go out with her a lot to the market for shopping and other chores. She used to ride an activa scooter and I used to sit behind her. Many times, I used to slip slightly forward and feel her ass with my crotch for a few seconds, taking the excuse of speed breakers. She never even suspected anything. Also, in the market, I used to walk behind her and many times I have seen men ogling at her swaying ass as she walked. This used to make me angry, and I would cover their view by walking close to her ass. But deep inside, I knew that these men could not help themselves. I mean, if her own nephew can’t stop staring at her huge ass, how could those strangers?

Fast forward to 2020. I had completed my college and got a job in Pune itself. My relationship with my aunty was completely normal. However, since my office was at the other end of Pune, I left home and used to stay in a PG to avoid commuting. I used to rarely visit home due to the long distance and hectic working hours.

Then the Covid 19 lockdown started. I was stranded alone in the PG with work from home. At this point, I must tell the readers something very important regarding incest. For incest sex to actually happen in the real world, there are a few important prerequisites that must be in place. Let us call these fundamental requirements as Tenets:

Tenet 1: You should find her attractive and have a lust for her (obviously).

Tenet 2: You should have the desire and more importantly, be willing to take action to seduce and fuck her. (This part is not very obvious, because many people may find their aunts hot and fantasize. But not everyone has the desire and courage to actually be willing to accomplish it. They mostly indulge in wishful thinking and masturbation, end of story).

Tenet 3: SHE should be attracted to you. I don’t necessarily mean ‘sexually’ attracted. But she should be very comfortable and free around you. She should desire your company like a best friend. She should be open with you, share her secrets with you, and should miss you when you are not around. If she finds you physically attractive, that’s a bonus. (But remember, incest is all a mind game.)

Tenet 4: This is perhaps the most important and definitely the most difficult tenet to achieve. She should KNOW about tenets 1 and 2. In other words, she should know for a fact that you find her attractive and want to fuck her. This is the step where fantasy actually starts moving into reality. I will explain in greater detail about this when my own story reaches that stage.

Tenet 5: Conditions to facilitate your incest relationship exist. These conditions can occur naturally if you are lucky, or can be created artificially by you also. Again, I will talk about this more later.

Tenet 6: The window of opportunity. This is the final moment of truth. It is that day when things are conducive enough where all the barriers between you 2 fall away and the incest actually begins in reality.

Coming back to my lockdown phase. I was all alone, couldn’t move out of the house for about 6-7 months, and had a very high-pressure job (working from home). I spent long hours working and had no source of entertainment. The only thing I could do to entertain myself and reduce stress was to jerk off. I had been reading ISS and watching porn from my college days itself. So, I started jerking off several times a day.

But watching porn also got boring after a while, especially if you are watching it so often. It’s the same thing in every video, just different actors. I wasn’t getting excited enough. To get excited, I had to add some fantasy to my mind while watching the videos.

One day, I saw a video of a young guy grabbing the ass of a mature woman on a bus. I wasn’t getting that much excited. But suddenly, I imagined that the guy was me, and the woman was Shehnaz aunty. I instantly got the hardest boner, and within a few seconds of rubbing, I ejaculated a huge load!

My shame returned to me. I was feeling guilty for the rest of the day. However, over the next few days, I realized that I had to keep my excitement up, otherwise I would not survive the stress of my work and the lockdown. So, every day, while either reading an ISS incest story or watching porn, I imagined that I was doing all that to my aunt.

Slowly and steadily, in my mind, I was groping her ass, taking off her clothes, parting her soft ass cheeks with my hands, teasing her tight asshole with the tip of my tongue, and imagining her moaning, etc.

It was crazy! The thought of her, made me hard each and every time, multiple times a day. I never got bored fantasizing about her. Each time, she gave me the same level of excitement. And this is how the Tenet 1 level was reached for me. You see, until now, I had been avoiding lusting for her due to guilt. But now, I could not stop fantasizing about her.

When the lockdown restrictions eased, I was able to go visit her. And this time, I used to stare at her ass every chance I got. Once I went to the washroom after she had come out after taking a bath. I saw that my aunty’s pink color bra and her dirty salwar were hanging inside on the hook rack.

I was so excited that I took her bra and sniffed it deeply. The smell of her sweat and perfume in the bra was making me crazy! I licked the insides of the bra and chewed on it. Then I took her salwar. I put the inside crotch region of it near my mouth and started licking and sniffing and sucking it mad. The aroma was just mind-blowing! I jerked off standing there. This incident made me secure Tenet 2.

Then I decided I had to have sex with my lovely aunt at any cost! I was willing to put in any amount of effort it took. And for this, I had to move towards unlocking Tenet 3. I knew I had to make her attracted to me, both physically and mentally. I was already in pretty good shape due to my workouts.

During the lockdown, her husband had to go to another state for 3 months for work-related stuff. And her kids were barely at home. They spent most of their time at their friends’ houses or studying in their rooms. Since I had to work from home, my parents suggested that I stay at my aunt’s house so that she had some company. Shehnaz aunty was more than happy to have me at home.

Every day, I used to talk to her for long hours. She started becoming more and more friends like with me and used to share her feelings. She told me how lonely she felt with her husband gone and kids always outside and nobody to talk to. I used to comfort her saying that I was always there for her. I used to make her laugh with my jokes and tell her how nice her silky black hair was and how she looked so young. Also, I told her that she had the figure of a model.

She was always happy with me around and used to get sad whenever I used to jokingly tell her that I had to go back once lockdown was over. I used to put on a movie every night and we used to sit on the sofa and watch together, laughing, and enjoying each movie.

Gradually, I started watching movies that had sex scenes. Initially, it was awkward, but slowly, it became normal. I used to never fast forward to the sex or kissing scenes. I knew she was getting turned on because she had not had sex in many years. Also, I used to keep my hand on top of hers and also place my thigh against her thigh.

One day I came out of the washroom after taking a bath and was only in the towel wrapped to my waist. My aunty was outside and she saw my muscular physique. Then she stared at my body for a few seconds with her mouth open and then looked away. I told her, “Shehnaz aunty, check out my muscles” and I flexed my chest and biceps.

She laughed and said, “Wow Zain, you have become a bodybuilder!”

I said, “Come, feel how hard my chest muscles are”. Saying this, I moved closer to her, took her hand, and rubbed it on my chest. She was a bit hesitant, but innocently felt my chest and shoulders. I told her that I could easily lift her. She said no she was too heavy. I said, “I can prove it.”

Then I stepped forward, rounded my arms and grabbed my aunty’s thighs below her butt, and lifted her easily. Her soft ass cheeks were pressing against my knuckles. She said, “Haha, such a strong boy.” I told her I just wanted to see how long I could keep her lifted. She did not protest. Her boobs were touching my face.

Finally, after a minute, I put her down. While putting her down, I got the chance to press her ass with my hands. I was sure she felt my strong grip and was both embarrassed and impressed. I had shown her my body, but I wanted her to see my dick also.

We used to sleep in separate rooms at night. Her kids were almost every night at their friends’ houses for sleepovers, so we both were always alone in the house. It was hot in those days, so I started sleeping only in my boxers. Every morning, she used to come to my room to take things from the cupboard.

So, one day, before she came, I watched some porn, got an erection, pulled my boxers below my dick, and pretended to be asleep by making snoring sounds. As usual, I heard her footsteps coming. I kept my eyes very slightly open with one hand over my forehead and the other hand near my dick. Then I continued the loud snoring sounds.

She entered the room and stopped abruptly when she saw me. I could see her shocked, seeing my erect dick. She hadn’t seen one in many years. She stood there for a few moments clutching her night and staring. Obviously, she thought I was asleep and that my boxers might have slipped down in my sleep. She then went out of the room without taking her things from the cupboard.

At this point, I knew that I had completed Tenet 3. My aunty was lonely, and I was her best friend. The recent erotic movies had awakened her sexual urges. And then she had seen my muscular body and erect dick, so she found me attractive. But I knew that not even in her fantasy she would imagine having sexual relations with me due to being from a conservative Muslim household.

How could she have sex with her elder sister’s son? That too, being married and a mother of 2 grown-up kids. It was just out of the question.

This is where I had to move towards achieving Tenet 4. I had to let my aunty know that I wanted to fuck her! She already knew that I found her attractive because I kept complimenting her beauty and figure. But to let her know of my desires was going to be the biggest challenge. This could be done either through words or actions, or a combo of both.

Tenet 4 was the most difficult because as soon you let her know about your desire, they immediately drew up a wall between you and them. Also, they were disgusted by you and probably cut you off completely. The consequences could be drastic – a lifetime of embarrassment, humiliation, and regret.

That is why this stage was so delicate. But this stage was also absolutely necessary in the whole process. Because if you directly pounce on her, there is a 99% chance she would treat it as harassment. You need to let her know your intentions first.


To be continued.

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