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Well to start with let me introduce myself – A software engineer by profession working in Pune My name is Neeraj, Age -25, Awesome looks, I am from Mumbai natively. This is the story of me & my Bhabhi (wedded just a few months ago with my cousin brother) , I have a strong urge of incest love( that was with my Aunt, will discuss it some other day ) To explain my Bhabhi , ohh guys she’s Perfectt, Genuinly young , Age-22, Figure as I came to know is about 32-28-32 Her eyes are Manzri i.e., brownish green, she always wears a saaree in daytime 😉 as its a tradition in there family.

All this happened when i was in my first year of grad. , i have to live with my cousin Bhaiya as he is my only relative in Pune till that time. Bhabhi was a shy girl , who talks less with others, one day when I was leaving for college with Bhaiya (Bhai used to drop me at bus stop & goto his shop from there).

I told Bhabhi to take my courier in my absence & leaved. As I got on the busstop I came to know that I had missed my college bus & as my college was very far , I decided to return back home. It was 9:0 AM on the clock that time , Bhaiya has gone to his shop, i rang the bell … Ones twice thrice , Bhabhi was not opening the door, I thought she might have gone upstairs, so I peeped through the back channel gate, I remembered that I have the backdoor keys , I opened the back gate & gone inside.

As our flat is 1BHK, thus bedroom is used by Bhaiya Bhabhi & I spend my nights in hall, as it was daytime I lay in my bhaiya’s bedroom, thinking Bhabhi had gone upstairs, As I was getting bored I searched for something to do, n I found a condom pack under the bed, I opened the pack & was seeing the instructions as it contains nude photos of some girls also. Suddenly Bhabhi entered the room…. Ohhh god !!! I can’t believe it, Bhabhi was standing stunned in front of me wrapped around a white knee length towel, she stand aghast by seeing me there with their condom pack. I can’t keep my eyes off her partially visible boobs & fleshy thighs..

Bhabhi moved to the kitchen without saying anything & locked the door.. Now I have a strong urge to make love to my Bhabhi anyhow. I thought aaj to Mai Gaya , Bhaiya will scold me very bad, but to my surprise Bhabhi haven’t told anything to Bhaiya regarding this(maybe becoz she was shy) , after that incident I can’t keep my mind onto any work , I can’t sleep. I thought to take some day off from college & rest at home , so I have taken sick leave from college. One day I woke up early i.e., 8:30, & saw Bhabhi going for bath, our bathroom door has a small hole which was due to the screw misplacement, I went near the door as soon as Bhabhi closed the door.

I peeped through the hole, Bhabhi was taking off her saaree, her fair skin was making me Mad, she was now in her black blouse & black petticot, she started removing her blouse ohhh myy !! I was shivering badly due to this , Bhabhi was going nude infront of me not knowing anything. She losened the petticot knot & let it slid down through her fleshy milky thighs, I loved the view & take out my burning tool out of my pants still shivering , Bhabhi was taking off her black bra which was covering her firm boobs & Yessss Bhabhi was topless now, her boobs were fleshy & the nipples are bright pink in color,

Till now i have seen this type of boobs only in porn movies, now she has only one cloth on her body i.e., PANTY , her pink flowered panty , that time i got an uncontrollable urge to break the door & tear out her panty but I hv to stand still to see this live show. Bhabhi havnt removed her panty, I don’t know why but she started the shower & start bathing with panty on her body. Soon I thought Bhabhi will change clothes in her bedroom so I left the bathroom view , went to her room & climb on the top of the chajja what we say as place where we put all our stuff above our room, the room was cleary visible from there, but I cannot sit properly there as the place was filled with stuff badly , but all these problems seems negligible for seeing my Bhabhi naked.

I was madly waiting for my Bhabhi to come & yes the good time startsi now She entered the room wrapped the same white towel around her body, she closed the door & latched it, I was seeing all this sitting above, Bhabhi unwrapped herself & the towel’s best time passed away, I was surprisingly looking at bhabhi’s completely Nude body. Well guys to get the best feeling let me tell you her name – Shikha, Shikha then started soaking herself with a dry towel, her wet hairs are placed beautifully on her left boob, hiding her pink nipple, her boobs are completely round tight & soft , they don’t even hang a cm, I want to touch them, suddenly she sit on the bed & start soaking her pubic area, she has little hairs on her private part, she leaned down on her back & spread her thighs, ohhh Mann …..

At last I have seen her pussy, it was light pink in color facing towards me, seems like calling me to get inside it. She parted her pussy lips & soaked the place with this fortunate towel, what a fortunate towel it was, getting the touch of the best vagina in whole world. While I was seeing all these silently, Shikha has no clue that someone is seeing her doing all this, Till a RAT jumps over me & I fall down due to imbalance over the bed near to Shikha, Shikha was astonished to see me there in such a condition & stood up abruptly, her face become red, & as she was not wearing anything , she tried to cover herself – both boobs with one hand & other hand on her pussy.

But this was not sufficient to hide herself from being seen Nude & Sexy. I have seen anger in her eyes , she started scolding me, what are you doing in my room sitting above, & much more, but I was not able to listen her as I was in another world, I was continuiously looking at her Nude body, without caring anything else. At last she left the room & went to the kitchen to change but forgot to take her clothes in anger, which let her come in the bedroom once again totally Nude with those milky boobs, she’s looking more pretty walking without clothes here & there, she searched for her clothes then she told me can u please stand up, as I was sitting on her clothes, she took her saaree & other stuff in kitchen & I was still sitting in her room, thinking how to make love to her, how could I get loved by my princess shikha.

That day we havnt talked much, two three days passed the Same way, we don’t talk much due to that incident, but I liked one thing that she haven’t told any of these things to my Cousin. The next day my cousin has to leave to his hometown for some attorney work, I was very Happy that I will be alone in home with Shikha for almost 2 days & 3 nights. My cousin left to hometown in the morning & I was feeling free as no one will disturb me & shikha now. Till now I don’t know what shikha thinks about me, but I know that I will make her mind to love me in these 2 days.

Shikha asked me what would I like to eat , I told you cook everything at it’s best, I’ll love to eat anything cooked by u, hearing this she smiled shyly, but the anger of that incident still resides in her eyes. I got mixed feelings & was confused how to start the topic. & then she asked what I was doing there in her room at that time, I had no words to say, so I told I was searching for my stuff, to which she naughtily replied I know what stuff you were searching for that day 😉 😉 I was stunned hearing this & asked WHAT, with an open mouth…

Then she told me that she had seen the tent in my pants that day, what was that for, I sheepishly said I was not able to control myself on seeing such a perfect blessed body, to which she replied ohh really : Have you seen someone else like this before.. ? Do you have any GF ? Do you masterbate ? A series of questions followed, i told her that I masturbated once while seeing her bathing, & I have seen my Aunt completely Nude before this. Hearing this shikha’s expressions changed somehow , & her face is saying it all, she asked me do u like my body in a sexy voice, to which I without saying anything grabbed her from her waist & placed my lips on hers , freed her hairs from the hair buckle. We kissed for 2 minutes & then I lifted her up & took to the bedroom , placed her on the bed slowly & collapsed on her.

She was not able to say anything to this, so she closed her eyes & let all this happen. But I don’t like doing it this way, I told her – shikha open your eyes, she didn’t & said I feel shy. I went near to her ears & told something which i will let you know after the story completion. She opened her eyes I removed her pallu off her boobs & she was not able to control herself & told me that my cousin don’t make love to her everyday, to this I replied I will, shikha grabbed my face & kissed me passionately, I was pressing her boobs in the middle of this.

She placed her hands on my erected cock over my pants & I shivered, she told me that she had not been fucked since last month, I slid my hands under her petticot & then panty , till I reached her vagina.. I gave her a sensual passionate kiss & inserted my forefinger in her vagina , she jumped off the bed & started kissing me all over my face, I asked her can I tore your blouse & petticot, she said all yours 🙂 I tored her green blouse by both hands in one go , her boobs pumped out in her bra & she raised her upper portion somewhat upwards….

Shikha pleading : Please lick my boobs, please. Please I stood up , losened het petticot knot, & slid it down her legs, now she is only in her black panty & bra. She got up & lifted left side of her bra to let her boob come out & pushed it in my mouth, suck it , suck it hard. She was unzipping my pants simultaneously, I was sucking her left boob & pressing her right boob , simultaneouly fingering her vagina.

She removed my underwear & took my cock in her hand , she told me she wanted to blind fold me, to which I agreed, she make me completely naked & blindfolded me, then she pressed my cock with full pressure sucked it & abrubtly slid the skin down very fast, I jumped over the bed, I was not able to control myself, I removed the blindfold & pushed her down on the bed, I parted her thighs while she was removing her bra, & I kissed her vagina over her panty, she told me to remove her panty but I wanted to do it the other way, I searched for a scissor & make a hole on the top of the panty. She was lying fully naked on the bed, with her boobs pointing to heaven, I sat on her thighs inserted my finger in the whole I created in her panty & told her to close her eyes……….

As she closed her eyes I tored her panty in two pieces & freed her vagina, She lifted her legs Above & opened her eyes, she was not able to control now & wanted my penis in his vagina at it’s earliest… But I wanted to hear this from her, I again started sucking her boobs & leaved her vagina without doing anything, she was urging badly for my insertion, at last she told me , fuck me please, insert your tool inside my vagina, tore it off by your penis as you tore my blouse & panty, it’s all yours, hearing this I sucked her boobs more passionately , one of my fingers was now in her mouth which she was licking, I parted her legs apart, streched her pussy to both sides to see the pinkish region of her pussy, then I slid down foreskin of my cock, ( I want pink penis to be placed on pink pink vagina )

With one hand I was streching her pussy & with other I was holding my penis, I placed my penis on the enterance of her vagina which gives a shivering sensation to her, like a current flowed in her body, she pleaded me to enter inside her, I slowly inserted my penis in her vagina, she was so tight as she was fucked a month ago, I was having trouble penetrating inside her vagina coz I don’t want to pain her, I kissed her passionately & slowly slowly tried to insert my penis, she bit her lower lip due to pain , but don’t stop me due to the heavenly pleasure she’s having….

Suddenly I inserted it in one go, kissing her & simultaneouly pressing her boobs, she shivered like fish out of water & grabbed me tight, more tighter, as tight as she can, I was not able to move, then after some time she losened the grip & let me pump in & out in her vagina, she want me to suck her lips & lick her boobs while making love.

Shikha: making sensual erotic sounds Aaahhhhhh aahhh yes yes love me love me kiss me lick my boobs, insert your penis deep deep down my pussy, it’s all yours fuck me, fuck me like there’s no tommorow. Ohhhhh ammmm mmmm ouiiiii ughh aaahhhhhh yessssssssss love me I was humping her & reached climax she told me please stay as it is I want to feel the warmth of your sperms in my vagina, hearing this I increased my speed & exploded inside her … Whoooaaaaaaa what a heavenly feeling it was, we both slept in same position without ejecting my penis out of her vagina for some time, she told me that she want to be in the same position for the rest of her life… I kissed on her forehead & let her sleep lifting her over me in same position with penis even now inside her…

She slept in me for 40-45 minutes & then i felt something down between my legs, she was sucking my cock passionately making slurping sounds…. We continued our fucking session till 5 in the afternoon had food & then u know night was awesome, those were the best nights of my life till now. Waiting for someone to make them much more better. Any girl wanted to make sensual passionate erotic love can mail me [email protected] I will wait for your reply chicks. 🙂

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