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Hello guys… I am Abhi from Pune. This is first time I am sharing my sex experience with my niece. Her name is Manu. We had a difference of only 6 months between us as she was granddaughter of my maternal aunt and my maternal aunt was married at a young age. I know that’s a bit long introduction so I will start my story.

I was like teen even though I seemed a child. I was 5ft 6 and had 6 inch dick at that age and also had a great stamina. I was introduced to Incest by my cousin brother as we share almost everything. Since then, I started looking at my cousin sisters in different way. I hated Manu because she looked very ugly at that time. My cousin sister (Her mother) decided to send her in SGI International school and within a year she was transformed from ugly, old fashioned village girl to trendy, hot teen. I saw her during the summer vacations of 9th after almost a year and I was just Wow! She looked like princesses.

Manu was short, just 4ft 10 and had a dusky complexion. She looked amazing and had great legs and hips as she danced a lot. Her boobs were medium sized (I don’t know size as who cares to look at that age) and were spongy.

One day, I went to my maternal aunt’s house (Manu’s grandmothers house) to spend my vacation at their house even though my house was only 250m away. I wanted to fuck Manu at any cost and started making plans in mind. Maternal aunt’s house had 4 bedroom, one was occupied by her, one by my cousin bro and remaining two by cousin sisters. As everyone was married and had their wife/hubby with them so me and manu had no place to sleep. Maternal aunt asked manu and me to sleep with her but I refused her saying that I wont be comfortable in her bedroom. So, it was decided that me and manu will sleep in hall.

Everyone played cards till 11 and went to sleep. Manu and me were sleeping side to side. We were not sleepy as we usually wake up at 12pm in morning so we started chatting. I intended to take chat to sex so after a bit chat I asked her-

Me- So do you have bf?

She was surprised to hear that from me. She hit me on my chest playfully

She- You kidding me…I don’t have any

Me- I thought you must having one

She- Why do you think so?

Me- I thought who wouldn’t like any girl like you

She blushed and gave me naughty smile. I know understood that she is way much hornier than I thought.

She- Oh really… Then tell me why would someone like me?

Me- Coz you are sexy, hot and cute

She moved in shocked and quickly climbed on me and was looking in my eyes. I was just in cloud 9. Wow! That was awesome.

She- You like me?

Me- Yes, I just love you babe.

A was bit nervous as I said but then in a flash of second. She kissed me. I was shouting in mind Oh fuck! Oh fuck! My own niece is kissing me….Wow! Wow! Her lips were as delicious as mango. She kissed me for 5 long minutes and it was best kiss in my life. My junior was rock hard and was like tearing my shorts to come out of it. As she was on top of me, she felt my throbbing cock which was struggling to come out. She looked in my eyes and it felt like she was asking my permission to touch it. But as she had already played her move, it was my turn now. I rolled and now I was top on her.

I started squeezing her boobs and she started moaning ‘Ah! Abhi! Ah! Itsss amazing… Ah! Mmm ummm’ That sound made me crazy and I was fully turned on. I removed my tee and her tee as well. She didn’t even had time to resist to that when I tore her bra. Now, I started sucking her boobs, they were delicious. I sucked on them for 10 min. She now pushed me and pulled my shorts down and in flash, my whole junior was in her mouth. She sucked it and balls and it was now my turn to moan. Wow! That was an awesome feeling. As my stamina was not that great, in about 10 min of sucking I was going to cum. I told her but she kept on sucking. And within a min my whole load was sprayed in her throat. She happily licked and ate all my sperms and kissed me again.

We lay half naked for half an hour, cuddling each other. I woke up and pulled down her shorts and spread her legs. She had an awesome pussy with little hairs. I started sucking her pussy and she was moaning like hell ‘Ah!!! Abhi please…..It so hot…..suck faster faster.. Fast fast….’ And within 2 min she drained all her juices in my mouth and I was hungry dog and didn’t even left a drop. Now, my junior was again rock hard so I took it in between her legs.

But as I was about to enter she stopped me and told me that she didn’t want to give her virginity at that time. I was badly in mood to fuck her so I asked whether I can take on her ass. She still refused but I was in no mood to listen.

I rotated her in doggy style and stuffed her mouth with my shorts so that she wont shout and scream. I knew it was going to be painful as it was her first time. I started licking her ass hole and made it wet. I applied Vaseline on my dick so that it would slide easily (Thanks to ISS stories and porn for lubrication info.) I positioned my cock and thrusted my first shot. It didn’t enter her hole but I wasn’t going to quit. I tried for few shots and now my head was in her hole. She screamed but the shorts didn’t let the sound out.

I pushed little hard and now the hole cock went in. She was crying in pain but I didn’t care at all. I was crazy now ‘Thump … thhhump … chik…pichik …’ sounds started. She was now enjoying as well… Her scream turned into moans ‘Ah… ah hai fad de meri gaand abhi…ghusad apna lund.. ahhhh ahhh mm umm’. That’s was awesome… I cummed in her and we slept naked for some time. I woke her up at 3am and told her to wear clothes as we were sleeping in hall. She wore her dress, kissed me and we slept.

Thanks for reading. I know I am not great writer so please email responses to [email protected]. More stories coming soon

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