Nimmi Aunty, My First Fuck

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My mother Parvati’s best friend Nirmala lives in a huge farmhouse adjoining ours. I am Mahesh, 18 years old student and my mother Parvati is a 39 year old widow. Mom is very sexy. Her tits are big but firm, her legs are long and thighs are nice, her ass is round and firm. It is a pity mom has lost the much needed supply of dad’s cock. I know my mother is a healthy lady. There is garden with high hedge around our farmhouse which gives us all a valuable privacy where just we three people lived. Nirmala became my sexual obssession when I read a book by Mast Ram in which the author wrote the explicit sex story between a mature aunt and a young nephew. I masturbated with an image of Nimmi aunty’s naked body. I was in the Tubewell room at our farm where no one comes. My 9 inch cock in my fist as I jacked off violently. The thick white cream squirted from my cock as I gasped and moaned, eyes closed while my eyes imagined my naked Nimmi aunty under me begging me to fuck her,”chodo Mahesh beta, apni Nimmi aunty ko chod dalo, beta!!!!!!!!!!!!!(Mahesh, my son, fuck your Nimmi aunty!!!!!!!!!!!!)”

I watched my cock cream slide heavy and thick down the wall of the tubewell room before hiking up my cottton pajamas and stuffing my spitting snake back inside. Nirmala aunty is a widow like mom and is younger than my mother. She is wheatish in complexion whereas my mom is fair. Aunty is not as tall as my mother. She is about five feet two inches tall but her ass is is wide and boobs are ample. Nimmi aunty has her hair cut short and often wears tight jeans and Tshirts which make her look even more sexy. Friends, I must confess that I am in love with her ass. I wish to touch it, cup it, bare it and kiss it. Nimmi aunty’s ass is my temple and I am its worshipper. Her skin is pure cream and she has the art of looking sexily with big brown eyes of hers. I often stared at her tits and I am afraid she has noticed me staring at her. I won a lottery when one eveing I saw Nimmi aunty heading to tubewell of our farm. She was carrying a towel as she moved swaying her huge hips sexily. My heart skipped a beat as I realised that Nimmi was going to take a bath at my tubewell. I moved like a thief and hid myself in the room just behind the waterfall of the tubewell.

Nimmi aunty took off her jeans and Tshirt, watchful if she was being observed. I was well hidden as I watched my almost naked aunty from the hole in the wall.The sky was bright blue; perfect for watching the object of my perverted desires. Nimmi stood in her small panty and bra of black silk. My cock saluted that mature sex goddess. She looked around, hesitated but then removed her undergarments, Bra was the first to go as brown globes jumped out of the tight confines of silk. My God, aunty had niples the size of my thumbs!!!! I almost died at the sight of those suckable beauties. Then her hands pulled her panties down her shapely thighs. Ohhhh my God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nimmi had a shaven puffy pussy!!!!!!!!!! If even my mother had a pussy like hers, I doubt if I could stop myself from fucking it. Thanks to dear Mast Ram for bringing real raw lust in me by his book.I was in heaven as I saw this sex goddess walk naked under the water gushing frm the pipe of the tubewell. My cock had gone wild and I fisted it as my fingers squeezed its girth. My hips were moving as I gripped my naked cock. “Ohhhh Nimmi, come on fuck me…fuck me…ohhhh god, fuck my cock, aunty!!!!!”

I was uttering starnge obscenities. My cock was hard as rock and my balls were sending cream up to my cock. I was in an ecstasy, my breathing was noisy. Just then the supply of electricity got cut off and the water stopped all of a sudden and my moans could be heard in the sudden silence. Nirmala aunty’s head turned to the source of the sexual moans and she noticed my contorted face through the hole in the wall. Her voice showed disbelief and horror. She said, “Mahesh? What the hell …? You bastard, you are watching me bathe!!!! I am your mother’s best friend!!! By god, you can’t be spying on me!!!!”

I had no excuse for my presence. I blinked, stuttering, “Oh! Aunty…. I … uh … I was checking the tubewell …” Flustered and blushing I tried to get away. But aunty did not try to cover herself. She moved towards the tubewell room naked. Aunty stared at me with shock and suspicion. “What are you doing here, Mahesh? It’s evening, why aren’t you helping Parvati with house work?” “I just wanted to check that the tubewell was working allright,” I lied.

“So you thought you’d hide here and peep on an old lady taking a bath?”

“Well,” I blustered. “I didn’t know if … if you were here taking a bath…” I shrugged. ” But, you know if mom knew I saw you naked, she will throw me out of the house. I swear I did not watch you….it was just a chance…I saw you and could not help but watch you….Aunty you are so sweet… sexy…..really!!!.” I hoped to pacify Nimmi Aunty. She sighed and smiled. “I know Parvati. She will certainly throw you out. But I may not tell her…if you………,” she stopped rolling her eyes and giving me a naughty grin. “Do you think I am an old bag?.”

“Old bag? I think you are the sexiest lady on earth!!! If I could, I would woo you…..announce my love to the world…make you my love and marry you…!!!”

Nimmi smiled at me,”Dont tell me all that rubbish. But I wont tell your mom. “Thanks, aunty…but what I said was true….I love you,” I said. She wrapped the towel around her naked body. “I bet you are flattering this old woman … I hope you don’t spy on me in future….” I blushed, feeling my face grow hot. “Oh, no,” I began, stammering on. “I did not flatter you aunty. You … uh … you look very sexy ..sexier than college girls to me.” Nimmi did look voluptuous and fuckable, curved and rounded in all the right places.

Desire for this goddes surged through me and, reckless with lust I stumbled on uncaring. “I’d give anything to have a girlfriend like you.” She must have thought I’d gone crazy. She eyed me, looking me up and down. “But I’m so old, almost mother to you….. Could you be seen with a 35 year old? What would people say? What would your mother say?” I blurted, “I wouldn’t care. I’d be happy to be with you. Will you be happy with me?” I asked

“But about Parvati? I’m old enough to be your mother. I’m your mother’s best friend!” “But Aunty, you have your feelings…your desires, dont you? I wish to take you out where it will be just you and me….Will you go out with me for a day? Just the two of us. Tomorrow you can make an excuse to visit you sister and I will tell mom that I am going to school. My friend has a hotel near Jalawara (a small town) and we can spend some time there”She seemed to be thinking and then decided, “Ok Mahesh but I will have to decide what I can allow you to do. I feel guilty to Parvati…Do you think I will be betraying Paro by making friends with you?” I became bold by her promise and put my arms around her “Absolutely not. It’ll be fun. We could stay together in the hotel room and enjoy ourselves like real lovers!!!” !She smiled and kissed me on the lips.

That night I could not sleep. The next day I reached my friend’s hotel by bus and Nimmi took another bus. We met at 10 in the morning. My friend congratulated me on my first fuck opportunity and said to me,”Why dont you let me dip my cock too in this old cunt? She can easily take two.” But I was in love with this mature lady. “Yaar (friend) not this lady. If I have another, I will share her with me. This is special.” I did not tell him that she was special because she is my mom’s friend.

The door closed and I hugged Nimmi aunty. I felt emotion swell in my chest as I stared at her huge boobs.

I leaned closer to her and pressed my mouth to hers. Nimmi slowly opened her mouth and slid her tongue into my mouth. My cock swelled instantly. Desire made me reckless as I cupped one big breast in my hand. She let me kiss her. I slid a hand through the waist of her jeans to her cunt. Aunty didn’t stop my fingers as I let my hand slide along the smooth fabric of her underwear over her shaven cunt I had seen yesterday.

“Aunty,” I gasped when she opened her legs for me. “I want to … to .. You know……..” I blurted.

” Fuck me?” she finished the sentence.

I know this is the advantage to loving a mature lady. They come to point without wasting time.

“Is that what you want to do, Mahesh?” Lust flared hot inside me. My fingers found the heat between aunty’s legs. Her underwear seemed moist from her cunt juice. The” Fuck” word from Nimmi aunty’s lips, enflamed me.

“Yes,” I croaked. “I want to fuck you.” “What else would you like to do to me Maahesh?” Nimmi aunty pushed her hips forward to press her heat against my hand. “What else would you do to me, if you could?” She touched the growing bulge of my crotch. “What would you like me to do?” Her hand rubbed my cock again. I felt a drop of my cock juice trickle from my penis as she went on. ” Would you like it if I licked your cock?”

“Yes aunty,” I groaned. ” I could lick your cock … I’d show you my tits, Mahesh. You could touch them and suck my nipples . Nobody is going to disturb us. Make me naked, undress me Mahesh. Take now.”

I took off her shirt and se undid her jeans. Today she wore no bra. Her huge boobs sprang free in my hands. She whispered. “Touch them. I know you’re dying to feel my tits, rub them.” I lifted her breasts in my hands. Aunty sighed and let her head loll back. “Mahesh, you motherfucker, you have not taken your clothes off. Do it,” she moaned.”Show me your cock,”. I heard the urgency in her tone as I undid my pants.

“Come on,” she gasped. Then, when I brought my hard cock into view, she moaned and moved her mouth towards my cockhead. “You motherfucking bastard!!!!!!!!,” she said. “Let me eat your meat. I cant resist it. No cock hungry woman can resist such a meat, not even Paro, your mother can resist a cock like this”

What was Nimmi aunty saying? Why was she comparing her liking for cock with my own mother? Was my mother also badly in need of a young cock for her mature pussy? Did she discuss her need with Nimmi aunty?

Nimmi was stroking my erection and kissed my cock, her tongue sliding over its length. “Would you like your mother’s best friend sucking your cock? Or would you like your mother to suck on your cock? Imagine your mom on her knees licking you … Bastard, you are lusting for your mother….I can feel the swell of your cock at the mention of your mother….my God…your cock has swollen like an angry animal!!!!!” Nimi said.

“Aunty,” I moaned, my voice filled with lust. “yes Aunty, suck my cock!!!!.Yessss I would like to fuck you and mom together. You are so sexy!!! And mom is soo sexy!!!” Nimmi squatted in front of me, her face close to the head of my cock as she stroked me faster and faster. “I am sucking your cock, son,” she said and slurped at the dome. “Sucking your big cock and I promise one day Paro will suck it too.” Reference to my mother made me so hot that I came in her mouth. The squirt of my cream fell over her mouth. Another spurt landed across one cheek while a third rained down against her throat.

“Sorry,” I said. “I was carried away “. “Just come on me,”Aunty purred, her fist still jerking my cock. “Give me all your cream…” I groaned and sighed, my fingers pushing through her thick curly hair as I tried to force her mouth around my spitting penis. She slurped and sucked at it, squeezing it close to my balls. I stared at her, ecstatic at what we’d done, what she’d said and done to me about herself and my mother. I gasped, “Can I fuck you? I have to fuck you. Please, Aunty.. I have dreamt of fucking you. I want to…Look my cock is hardening again….Can I fuck you?”

My hand reached down and cupped her steaming cunt. Nimmi’s eyes were shut so she could only feel my cock. Her body needed a cock. To me she looked like a bride on her wedding night, waiting to be fucked. I cupped her breasts. “Want me to suck them Aunty? You are like a mother to me. Can a son suck on your tits?” I asked.

Aunty could only whimper and nod. When my lips touched her breasts aunty arched her back to give me more of her boobs. I sucked one tit and then the other as Nimmi aunty moaned and groaned with lusty pleasure. I pinched and pulled her nipples. My hand found her soaking cunt. She cried out as my fingers played with her clit moving back and forth.

“Now son!!! mmmmmm…Mahesh, you motherfucker….put your cock in……. Put your big cock in my cunt…… please…fuck me!!!.” Aunty stammered.

She was ready to be fucked. I lay on my back and asked her to stradle my cock.

Without shame, she moved over me, her body drenched with sweat and she lowered her shaven cunt on my throbbing cock.

“I want you to fuck me. I want to feel your young cock stretching my pussy’s walls, filling me. I want to wrap my hot cunt around your big prick and fuck you back. I want to fuck and fuck until I cum and cum. I want you to cum inside me, flood my womb with your seed.” As she sat down, I thrust up my hips. My cock was buried insideher cunt. It felt like someone taking her virginity all over again. Adam bumped into her back wall. “Are you ready?” Adam asked.

“Take me.”she sighed. I pulled her a gainst me. My cock plunged to the full depth of her cunt in one motion. Both of us gasped as I felt the thril of her clutching cunt walls. We began to fuck in earnest. “Oh, yyyyyeeeesssss, hesh beta. Fuck me! Fuck me hard and fast. Ram your hot cock into aunty’s hungry pussy. Fuck me, you mother-fucker. Fuck me harder!” She was driving her hips hard against my cock. She would lift up and then slam down again. I was responding to her wild movements by fucking harder each time my cock went into her hungry cunt.

I was slamming my cock up into her pussy as hard as I could. Aunty was bouncing on my hard shaft. The bed was creaking and shaking from the force of our wild fucking. I was cumming again. “Ride my cock, aunty! Fuck me! Your pussy is so hot. It feels like it is burning my cock. You are so hot! … so wet! … so tight! Take my cock aunty! Take my cock deep up into your wild twat. Your Mahesh beta is going to fuck you until you cum and cum. Ooooohhhhh, fuck! Aunty I am cumming!!!”

She began to fuck faster. It seemed she was cumming too. My cock never left her twat. I drove my prick deep into her hungry cunt. Again and again I slammed my cock down into her. “Do it, Mahesh. Fuck me! Don’t stop! I’m almost there. Keep fucking me, you mother-fucker. Make your Nimmi cum and cum! Ooooohhhh, yeeeessss! I’m there son I’m cumming! I’m ccccuuuummmmiiiinnng!” I felt her pussy walls collapse around my cock as she came! I felt the hot rush of her cream as it bathed my shaft. Her whole body trembled with the force of her orgasm. I came too and buried my cock one last time into the depths of her willing body and held it there, and came. My cock throbbed again and again, sending spurt after spurt of hot cum into her womb. “Mmmmooooommmm! I’m cumming! Take it, Aunty! Take it all! Ooooohhhh, shit! I’m filling you with my hot, sticky seed!” I moaned into her ear.

We lay on the hotel bed for a long time without moving. Nimmi moves and kissed me”That was wonderful Mahesh Beta (son). I promise I will get you another hot pussy of Parvati if you want. She is my female lover, your mother. Now we three can be lovers, will you want it?”

I winder what a team we would make if my mother joined us?

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