Nisha Aunty – Episode 1 (Home Alone Bored)

Date – 15 May 2017

Today is 15 May. I am traveling to Surat.

Harshit uncle is a 46-year-old working in an MNC company. He is kind of a workaholic person who does his job from 9 am – 8 pm. His wife, Nisha is an extremely sexy and a hot 43-year-old woman. She is a housewife. Having no children, she spends most of the time alone. Harshit uncle was the one who gave me a room to live. He was my friend’s uncle.

On 16th May, I reached their home in the morning at around 6:30 pm. Nisha aunty opened the door. The moment I saw her, I just fell in love. She was so sexy in that tight t-shirt and shorts. Her nipples were visible. I kept on staring at her for a few seconds. Then I got in. She welcomed me with some orange juice. Their house was good – a 3BHK house with an open terrace.

Around 9 pm, we had our dinner. I kept on staring at her while I was having dinner. Luckily, she didn’t notice that. She was still wearing that tight t-shirt. I seriously was getting a hard-on. To get rid of that, I went into the bathroom and masturbated. I was thinking of sucking Nisha aunty’s nipples while masturbating. After that, I went to sleep in my room.

Suddenly at around 3 am, I heard some noise. So I went into the hall. I saw Nisha aunty was smoking a cigarette. She was only wearing a bra and a panty. My dick stood up as soon as I saw her. She saw me too. I asked her whether she smokes without telling uncle. She said, “Sometimes at night, I love to smoke”.

Without even bothering about in what clothes have I seen her, she asked me if I want to join. But I refused as I don’t smoke. She told me to promise her that I won’t tell uncle about her smoking. I did and I was going back to my room. She stopped me and told me to wait until she finishes. I was having a hard-on watching her. She might have noticed it too, but she stood silent. After finishing the cigarette, she gave me a cheek kiss and we went to sleep.

The next morning, I woke up late. Harshit uncle had already left for his office as he got late that day. Maybe last night they had some sex.

Nisha Aunty came into my room. She was not looking well. I thought she was in some tension. I asked her about her sadness. She didn’t tell anything. After an hour, she came into my room. She said she wanted to share something with me. I told her to share whatever that is in her mind.

Then she started telling me their story. It was about their “Sex Life”. She said she had a bad sex life. Also, she was getting too bored with staying alone at home. She had always asked Harshit uncle for a vacation where they can spend time and have some pleasurable nights. But his work always came in between. I was shocked for some time after hearing her opening up to me like that.

Then I told her to get some sleep to calm her nerves. I went to the nearby medical store and brought some medicines for her. I took good care of her until she felt better. By evening, she was fine and she thanked me for whatever care I gave her.

Later that night, after dinner, she invited me again to join her during her smoking time. We met on the terrace. She was wearing a black bra and panty. I was so amazed by that. She pulled me near her and she kissed me on my lips. I licked her tongue in response. It was a deep kiss. Aunty then removed her bra at the open terrace itself as there were no one around their house. Immediately, I started pressing her boobs. They were damn soft.

As I started sucking her nipples, she started asking for more. But all of a sudden, I thought it was inappropriate and I must stop. Leaving her like that, I went into my room with a hard dick. I was confused about whatever but the decision but I didn’t go back.

The next morning, everything seemed as usual. Harshit uncle left the house. Aunty came into my room with the breakfast. Without saying anything, she started taking off her t-shirt. She took her bra too and asked me to continue from wherever I stopped the previous night.

This time, I started fondling her boobs. She then directly grabbed my dick with her hand inside my pants. My dick was very hard now. My thoughts were totally changed. I removed her pants and started teasing her clit. Meanwhile, aunty started sucking my dick. I felt too good while she was sucking my dick. She said her pussy was waiting and then she sat on my dick.

It was my smoothest fuck ever. We both were enjoying it a lot. I was kissing her boobs in between. I was in love with her sexy body. A sex relation between us was forming. We tried 4 positions before I finally, I cummed inside her. She was so happy as well.

Then I had my breakfast. Later, we took a bath together with her boobs getting pressed with my hand and her clit getting teased under the shower. We enjoyed the shower session very much.

In the afternoon, we slept in 69 position. I fucked her once again before Harshit uncle came home. I cummed inside her again that time. She was not at all worried about getting pregnant.

After dinner, we watched TV while she kept massaging my dick. Harshit uncle came but he was too tired and so he slept soon. We enjoyed until 2 am in the night. She sucked my dick and I licked her pussy and kissed her boobs that time. We went to sleep after that.

Our luck was good enough as Harshit uncle didn’t wake up. Then I slept until 8 am. At about 8:30 am, Nisha aunty came into my room with the breakfast. She said she was really enjoying my company and she wanted more from me. I was also happy that she was getting satisfied by me.

She was talking with me about her husband and told that she never had proper sex for like 3-4 years. I promised her that I will give her satisfying sexual pleasure anytime she wants.

As promised, we fucked for continuous 4 days. But then Harshit uncle took leave from the office as he had some meeting near the office. For the next 5 days, I couldn’t satisfy Nisha aunty. She texted me at the night to come to the terrace. I met her at the terrace. She kissed me like mad.

I felt she was missing me a lot as we were having sex almost daily for a few days. Then I had an idea in my mind. I told her about my idea and she thought it was good. The idea was to go on a picnic leaving Harshit uncle as he had work.

So Nisha aunty asked Harshit uncle about going for a picnic. Harshit uncle was not ready as he had work. But Nisha aunty kept on asking and Harshit uncle told her to take me for the picnic. Our plan worked!

Then we started planning the wild things we should do.

To be continued.

The picnic part will be covered in the next episode.

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