Nisha’s Gift To Her Boyfriend.

It’s me Rajiv again. First of all, I would like to thank this website for creating a new phase in my life. It has helped me meet many amazing people, win new friends and changed the way I think about relationships. After writing several stories, I am trying to come up with a sex story from a women’s perspective. This sex story is purely based on imagination and I only wish that it comes true one day.

This sex story is about Nisha. After going through a couple of my stories Nisha dropped a note to me appreciating my sex story. I promptly replied to her and I came to know that Nisha is a 19-year-old engineering student in Bangalore who is basically from Kerala. She is a vivid reader of sex stories and a beautiful human being. We chatted for a couple of days and stayed friends. I also came to know that she is a virgin and has a boyfriend who is working in Mumbai.

One day Nisha told me that she and her boyfriend are meeting this summer and are planning to have sex for the first time. She knew her boyfriend was not a virgin and she was nervous not to disappoint him. I reassured her that sex is more about love and as long as love is in the air everything will go fine. As any other individual, she was extremely nervous and she said she want to try it out first and if I could help her. I asked her if her boyfriend is ok with it? To which she replied that it’s a gift to him and she wants to be at her best to him.

I was working in Hyderabad and we decided to meet one weekend. I traveled to Bangalore one weekend and we planned a get away to Ooty by road. I borrowed my friend’s bike and we started the early morning by road. We spent the time getting to know each other. Nisha was basically a beautiful girl who had a seductive smile and sexy glare in her eyes.

Her body language, stare gave you the hint that she would be the dominant one in bed. She had an average height, slim figure. Her slim figure with no tummy meant that a tight fitting t-shirt made her breasts pop out and make her look extra sexy. She was wearing black jeans and a green sleeveless tight fitting t-shirt. She was bit dark and her smile was an icing on the cake. Her t-shirt was so tight and sexy that her nipples were clearly visible through her dress.

I mentioned it’s hard to believe that such a beautiful girl who is living alone in Bangalore, having a boyfriend is still a virgin, to which she replied that she was always in her hometown and the first time she and her boyfriend would be meeting away from home. We continued our journey to Ooty and we reached Ooty at around 3 in the evening. I had booked separate rooms for us as I didn’t want any trouble in Ooty.

We then visited a couple of places in Ooty and then finally had dinner at around 7:00 and then proceeded to our rooms. Nisha playfully told me that hopefully, I remember what we came for and not for a school trip. I quickly retorted saying why do you think we came to Ooty? It’s our honeymoon and it’s my friendship gift to her to which she quickly corrected me saying friends with benefits, nothing else. That was our deal.

I then asked her to freshen up and asked her to come to my room at 9:00 pm. I then took a quick shower and I was actually in dilemma on how to please Nisha. Being her first time I wanted it to be a memorable one for her and also I wanted her to be an amazing gift to her boyfriend.

Still, in doubt, I called her and asked to just imagine I am her boyfriend and make love to me when she visits me. She quickly retorted and told me to come to her room. I agreed and I was in for a pleasant shock as Nisha turned out to be a sex machine and she had come all prepared with her wild fantasies. I knocked at her door and she was wearing a pink transparent nightwear. I could clearly see her red bra and red underwear underneath her gown. Her beautiful and seductive smile was not the only thing that welcomed me. She had switched off all the lights and decorated the room with candles and the room had the fragrance of the room freshener.

She quickly pulled me in and closed the door behind me. One thing I was right about her was her dominance. She was dominant right from the beginning. She dragged me by my collar and ripped off my shirt. I was wearing jeans and a full sleeves casual t-shirt.

She tore it off with so much momentum that all the buttons came off and I was in my jeans and vests. She then dragged me towards her and pushed me towards the bed. She then grabbed my vest and removed it off. She was so dominant that I was all helpless totally submissive to her. Now I was in my jeans lying on the bed and she was literally on top of me. Her dark well-chiseled figure glowed in the candle light and I could see her hard nipples still popping out of her bra.

She then removed my shoes and socks and pulled off my jeans. I was in my underwear and my penis was hard waiting to be let loose. Nisha turned out to be a bigger sex monster than imagined and she tied my hands to the bed with the dupatta she had brought with her. She started teasing me now with her various antics. She first removed my underwear and I was here lying naked in the bed tied up and a sexy lady in front of me.

She first let her hair open and started fiddling it over my tummy. My penis was getting only harder and it was erect and I was literally hungry for sex. At one instance I was even wondering if this lady was a virgin indeed. She started fiddling her hair over my body, face and over the groin. She then had brought Nilgiri oil along with her and she started rubbing it over my balls and penis. Oh, my… That was the best feeling indeed. Her tender fingers and the cool oil and the cold weather all combined I couldn’t hold any longer. I ejaculated right on her hands as she was massaging my penis. I was a bit ashamed as I was supposed to last longer.

But Nisha used all her experience of reading stories and watching porn and I was hard again in a moment. She stood right in front of me and playfully lowered her underwear. I could see her vagina right in front of my eyes and she was playfully moving away from me. She then took out a condom and carefully opened it and slipped it on my penis. She then slowly took my penis in her hands and with some effort inserted in her vagina. She gave out a huge moan as it was pretty difficult moving in. She was on top of me and smiling at me and moving up and down slowly. I desperately wanted to pinch her hard nipples but was literally tied down. This lasted for a couple of minutes and she abruptly stopped in between only to tease me further. I was literally begging her to untie me.

She stopped in between and laid on top of me with her breasts tightly pressed against my chest and she started kissing my lips. My penis was still hard and I was trembling in need for sex. She started licking my lips, eyes, nose and cheeks. She started fingering her vagina in front of me and started applying her love juice on my face and started licking it clean. I could hold no longer and ejaculated. She started teasing me that if she came all the way to Ooty only for this. Even I felt embarrassed and promised myself to do better. She finally untied me and I was free to take the lead.

Finally, my hands were free and had to put them into good use to please Nisha. I placed Nisha on my lap and now her breasts were right in front of my face and her ass was on top of my penis. My penis was beginning to get hard again and was pressing tightly against her ass cleavage. I started sucking one of her nipples as if drinking milk from her, simultaneously pressing the other one. I started licking around her breasts and with each move, I started licking her nipples with all the force my tongue could generate. Later I repeated the same thing on the other breast. Later I moved towards her mouth. We gently placed our lips on each other and slowly nibbled each other’s lips. We kept tasting each other’s saliva and we then gently started probing each other’s mouth with our tongue.

I started licking her tongue and the inside’s of her mouth. Nisha was running out of her breath now and we simply slept on each other’s arms for some time. We were lying on the bed with my penis erect. She made me stand on the bed and Nisha slowly got up and took my penis in her hands. She gently held my balls in her tender hands and started licking my penis. She then started licking my balls and started sucking my balls and she had my balls inside her mouth and I was literally begging to fuck her. She then gently kept licking my penis and balls and inserted my penis into her mouth. This continued for some time until I finally ejaculated on her face. I then licked clean her face.

I knew that now I had to take care of her tender vagina. She had a cleanly shaved vagina and I gently started sucking and licking her upper thighs. With each passing second, I moved upward until I reached her vagina. I then gently started licking the inner walls of her vagina and she started giving out subtle moans like mmmm….. I knew she was thoroughly enjoying it and I kept licking her vagina. I started probing the inner walls with my tongue. She started shaking in enjoyment. By know, I was hard again and I fucked her hard now. I fucked her for almost ten mins until I ejaculated again. The condom had ruptured long back and I don’t remember what happened to it.

We then took a hot shower together, cleaned each other and slept. We had sex couple of times more in the night again. We woke up in the morning, had breakfast and started back to Bangalore. Nisha and her boyfriend are planning to meet this month and I hope I have done justice to Nisha and stay in touch with her. Thanks for reading my sex story.

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