One Night Stand With Customer

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Hi ladies and gentlemen this my another story of which happened a few years back.

I was on onsite to Dublin for many years and this particular encounter happened one night after work. There was a late night restaurant that opened into the wee hours of the morning serving wine illicitly. It was a popular spot and always packed to the point that most people were standing. I went there with a guy I worked with and we met one of his friends. We chatted over a few glasses of wine while standing and I felt a little excluded from the conversation as they were reminiscing about their partying days and all the drugs they took. I was, however, enjoying the wine.

At some stage, one of the guys looked over my shoulder and said: “we’re getting the eye”. Of course, I couldn’t see. My colleague said, “I’ll go to the toilet and have a look as I go by”. He came back soon after and said yeah we’re definitely getting the eye. At this point, I turned around and saw a very attractive brunette with curly hair smiling right at me. She was with a group of boisterous London girls who looked like they were on a hen weekend. I realized instantly that it wasn’t us who were getting the eye but for me! When I was younger I got a lot of attention from the ladies, I was quite good looking and blonde as a teen but started to go bald when I was around 18. This seemed to have no effect on my attractiveness to the ladies and I continued to get plenty of attention. At this stage, I was 23, 6 foot tall, shaven/bald and quite slender with broad shoulders. I’ve filled out a lot since then.

We made our introductions and started chatting. I can’t even remember the girl’s name now but needless to say, we hit it right off. She was pretty and voluptuous, with a cheeky smile. A little older than me at the time, probably in her mid-thirties and she was wearing very tight white lycra trousers. I remember these most of all because at one stage she bent over and the site of her ass in them was glorious. Big and round and shaped perfectly by those beautiful white pants.

I’ve always believed there is nothing more attractive to a man than a woman who fancies him and I was eager to get with this sexy woman.

We got closer as we chatted and before long we were cheek to cheek, she was playing a little coy and not letting me kiss her straight away but soon we locked lips and started to explore each other with our tongues. At this stage, I had a raging hard on and had only one thing on my mind.

I suggested going back to my place, again she was playing a little coy and said “oh, I don’t know” in a sexy cockney accent while biting her lip. The play acting was driving me wild with desire and I could see the lust in her eyes as she said it. Before long she suggested we go back to her hotel but as she was sharing a room she had to ask another friend for the key to her room which had a double bed in it. Great Success! I practically pulled her out if the restaurant in excitement.

We hailed a cab, gave him the address and then started kissing passionately in the back of the cab. I slipped my hand down over her sweater and felt the outline of a beautiful big tit and gave it a gentle squeeze. God, this was going to be a great night.

We continued smooching in the cab and I was stroking the inside of her thigh and her pussy through those tight white pants. She was grinding her clit against my fingers. There was no space left for subtle foreplay, we were super horny and couldn’t wait to fuck.

We got to the hotel after giving the cabbie a nice little show, although no flesh was exposed. straight up to the room and more passionate kissing. She turned on the TV for some light, enough to see each other but not enough to be too imposing. we continued kissing and groping each other on the bed. I pulled off her sweater and fondled those beautiful big tits through her bra until she took it off.

Well, she practically took my breath away. I’ve always loved both tits and ass and find it hard to choose between them. Fortunately, I didn’t have to. Her tits in the flesh were as spectacular as her ass was in white lycra. 34dd with big round hard nipples, big but not sagging.

I buried my face in those amazing tits, licking and sucking and squeezing and then back up to kiss those lovely lips and lick her lovely tongue. I continued squeezing those big tits as she groaned in pleasure and then moved my hands down to grab that sweet ass. Squeezing her has and sliding my fingers down towards her pussy. I massaged her bum and pussy through her pants as she writhed in pleasure and my cock pulsated in my pants. While rubbing her ass and pussy from behind I started to grind my cock into her clit. I was overwhelmed, I couldn’t get enough, there was too much loveliness to focus on.

At this point, her friend showed up to get something from her room and looked at me and as she was leaving said to me “don’t cum on my sheets”. That would be a hard promise to keep.

My hot cockney slipped off her white lycra pants to reveal a thong perfectly framing those glorious arse cheeks. I love the sight of a big round arse in a thong and often leave them on for foreplay but I pulled that thong right off and buried my face in her beautiful shaven pussy.

I started licking and slurping and slobbering over her glorious cunt. It smelled like nectar and she was dripping wet. She said, “oh, I get so wet”. I loved it. I’ve always considered myself a bit of a dab hand at eating pussy. When I was 18 I went out with a girl who was terrified of having penetrative sex in case she got pregnant. She did, however, love oral sex and gave amazing blowjobs that brought me to climax every time. She also coached me in cunnilingus and how to bring her to orgasm with my tongue every time, I became a master at finding her clitoris and every clitoris I’ve searched for with my tongue since. my hot cockney sex bomb was very appreciative of my skills. “I don’t want to give you a big head, but you’re fucking good” was what she said amidst the groans and then “oh fuck, eat my pussy, yeah lick that clit, that’s fucking amazing”. It helps when you love what you do and I love eating pussy. I was drenched in pussy juice as I lapped at her delicious cunt, I licked and sucked until she had an explosive orgasm, bucking her hips and screaming “yes, fucking yes, ooh fuck yeah!

We kissed and groped some more and then she asked if I wanted her to suck my cock, of course, I did. The sight of this hot sex siren wrapping her lips around the tip of my cock and sliding down my shaft sent me into ecstasy. I was loving it but I also loved the taste and smell of her pussy and the shape of her glorious arse so I suggested a 69 for our mutual pleasure.

God, it was glorious. My mouth and nose full of her dripping wet pussy and an eyeful of her big round arse cheeks and pretty little bum hole. I couldn’t resist while licking and slurping her juicy snatch I slid my fingers into it to lube them up and the slid a wet finger in and out of that gorgeous tight asshole.

Oh, she loved it! she let out a gasp of pleasure and began grinding her hips into my face even more.

I was loving this but now I wanted to Fuck!

She rolled onto her back and I took in that glorious view of her pretty face, big melon tits, dripping wet shaved pussy and lovely curvy legs spread wide and waiting for me. I lay on top in the missionary position, slid my tongue into her mouth and my cock into her pussy – Oh God Yes! we both let out a groan of pleasure. I gently slid my cock in and out of her pussy as we locked tongues, tasting ourselves on each others’ lips.Then I started to pick up the speed, thrusting my cock into her dripping wet snatch as she bucked her hips in time with mine

“Oh yeah, fuck me

Give it to me

I want your COCK

Fuck my pussy

I want it

Yes, yeah, yeah, oh fuck yeah!

It was time to fuck harder so she rolled over onto all four’s and I slid my cock into her pussy from behind.

Again I was looking at her beautiful bum hole and I lubed up my thumb and slid it into her bum while I fucked her pussy with my rock hard cock.“Oh yeah, god that feels so goodFuck me!Finger my ass!give it to me”I was pounding her pussy with my cock at this stage, watching her big melon tits bouncing back and forth as I fucked her from behind.I leaned over to give them a squeeze while fucking, God this felt amazing.So much so that I blew my load suddenly and as I did I drooled! An explosion of cum from my cock that reverberated through my entire body.

We lay down for a post-coital cuddle and snooze before fucking again in the morning. I made a deposit in the wank bank and have made many withdrawals since.

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