Pleasure During Train Journey Between Baroda – Surat

Hello readers, I am here with my new experience after long time. Hope you find it exciting and use your hands well after that. Let’s start.

I am Hardik from Vadodara. I often travel from Vadodara to Surat By train. I am 23, cute guy for sure and working guy. Mainly I prefer general coach as I can have chance to sit beside a girl. I always try but mostly never get lucky. But last week I got a good chance.

So this happen last week. I was travelling to Surat by train. The train was pretty crowded and somehow I managed to get a single sided window seat. As you know these two seats are at one side facing each other. There was a lady seating on opposite side. She was about 30 years old and wearing saree. Her children were seating on long seats near us.

After this background let’s start the main thing

I was in my formal wears. And was cleaned shaved so she got attracted to me. She gave 3-4 smiles and we talked a little bit also about where she from and where she is going.

After 15 min people are getting drowsy and going to sleep. She told me that her legs are paining because of long journey and she wanna stretch her legs. So she asked me to spare my legs. I did. And she put her right leg between my legs.

Ah and I was getting little hard down there.

After that she was getting sleepy. Me too closed my eyes and looking at her with small eyes.

5 mins passed.

And now her leg was getting little deep.I got a green signal but was waiting for her to take a little bold step. She slowly moving her leg on my thighs. And she almost reached my cock. I was too hard at that time. I put my bag on my lap and again acting like sleeping.

Her leg was touching my cock now. After that I myself push my ass little further so now she was touching my full length of cock. Ahh she was getting excited. She was smiling with closed eyes.

She started rubbing it. A good foot job is started. She was pinching and rubbing with her leg fingers. Ahh. A great pleasure. With fear to get caught. She was doing it nicely. She also noticed my horny face. She smiled once again.

This rubbing happened for more than 20 min. Now I was rock hard and I wanna do little more. I signalled her with my eyes towards her boobs.

She said no slowly and I insisted little hard.

She convinced after sometime and drop her pallu little bit. Because of air her pallu was flapping and I saw her cleavage and boob size. Oh man she was too perfect. milky boobs and must be soft boobs. She was looking at me. I lick my lips so she get a signal that I liked her boobs. Ahh good.

After this happened. She suddenly asked her one child girl to sit at her seat and she sat on her seat. Oh I was liked she dont wanna do more. And the show is ended here. But you know you never get what woman thinks. So this was her plan.

10 min passed. She then asked her child girl if she was frustrated from heat. She said yes. And she asked me to exchange seat with her. Obviously I agreed and gave my lady a naughty smile. She smiled slightly.

We all settled now. She was beside me and her body is rubbing my body. I was rubbing my leg as per train vibration. She too was responding very well.

I put my bag in my lap and started acting sleepy. She too put her bag in her lap now. I crossed my hands behind my bag. And started rubbing her left leg with my left hand.

Slowly slowly I was doing it. Mmmm moment

She too put her right hand on my leg. I put my bag little further so she get accessed to my cock too. Slowly she moved her hand near cock. She was definitely cock hungry. She suddenly grab my cock. I was surprised but as well happy. She hold it for good long time. I was enjoying her firm grip on my cock. She grab my balls as well. A great pleasure.

Ahhh I was too horny.

Slowly I moved my hand towards her belly. It was milky white and I touched her navel. Oh she was giving almost noiseless moans. She was too enjoying my soft touches on her stomach. I touched her for 5 min and I headed towards her boobs now. This was too risky even though people are almost sleeping.

She put her bag properly so no one can watch us. I slowly touched her boobs and started rubbing it. I get to know she was not wearing bra. And her hard nipples are in my fingers now. I pinched her hard. Mmm oh what a feeling it was. I still getting hard cock during writing this story.

Her children are now awake. So she didn’t wanna continue. So I get my hands off her breasts. And sitting ideally.

But she wanna ended it with surprise. As I was looking away she suddenly grab my cock and grab it very hard. She almost crushed my balls. This happened in 3-4 sec and she gave me naughty smile.

Ahh this lady was too good. I wish the journey was long long distance.

Surat station arrived and I put my bag on and stand up.

I was leaving that time her face my near my cock. She smelled it deeply. I saw that. Woah. Lady to be with.

I was off the train with my hard cock.

So how was this amazing adventure story. Hope you all liked it. Can share your views on my ID.

[email protected]

And yes I am available in Baroda and Surat. You know what I mean. 😛  all will be secret.

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