Pranay – The Classical Theatre

“Hey Mac,” A loud voice diverted the attention of Mac. He turned around and saw Sudip in the corner waiving his hand to him. He responded lifting his hand up and walked towards him. Sudip was with a beautiful lady. He introduced her to Mac. “Mac, She is my wife Vidya and Vidya he is my dear friend Mac.”

Vidya saw Mac with the most gorgeous smile that is found in Bengali Women. Mac found her really beautiful. Height around 5’2”, Wheatish Complexion, a Big forehead decorated with a round Red Bindi, Sparkling eyes.

She wore a typical Yellow Bengali Saree with a Red Blouse. The visible portion of her shining smooth chest was looking magnificent. The hooks of her blouse were on front and one could clearly see their hooks getting apart due to her Big Round almost 40 sized breasts revealing the baby pink colour of her netted brassiere inside. Wet underarms of her blouse with her sweat were giving her a more erotic look. Her waist had extra pads on the sides but the Pallu of her saree was wrapped in such a way that one could easily get a hard on seeing her belly and the deep navel. Even above her saree one could make out that she must be having marvellous fleshy thighs and ass.

Mac wished her bowing down and Vidya replied back with a smile clearly indicating that she liked Mac and his dressing style. Mac was wearing a 3/4 Bermuda with a sleeveless tee shirt. His entire chest and arms were exposed and one could see those artistic tattoos on his well built muscular arms. His chest had a bunch of curly hairs in the centre and being an artist he had not even shaved his armpits. He had long hairs tied at the back as a ponytail.

“Came to watch the play?”Asked Mac to which Sudip replied. “Man, I am the Hero of this poetic play “PRANAY”. Its nice you have met us. I was really worried that Vidya might get bored since the play is too artistic and whatever we are going to act on the stage will be explained through a poetry recited in the background. Now since you are there so two of you can watch it together and you can also explain it to Vidya if she does not understand some part of it.”

Since Sudip was the Hero thus they had special passes of the Dressing room in which Mac was also accomodated. They sat on the sofa. Sudip soon took leave and went for the entry on the stage. Now it was only Mac and Vidya sitting on the sofa” As Mac sat besides Vidya she got the lovely smell of tthe expensive deo he had used. The smell seemed to be a bit erotic to Vidya.

“Bhabhiji, are you fond of these kind of plays?”Asked Mac to which Vidya replied, “No Mac, actually I always have been a science student and far from literature. But since Sudip is the hero so I had to come. Although such plays are far beyond my taste.” Mac laughed loud. Soon the lights were off and there was a very dim light in the dressing room where both of them were sitting. Soon, the play also started.

Sudip was acting with the heroine of the play and they were just doing actions recited in a romantic poetry in the background. Soon Mac saw that Vidya was trying to shift here and there losing interest in the play. Mac asked, “What happened Bhabhi.” Vidya said, “Kuchh interest nahi aa raha, I am feeling bored.”

It was his duty to keep the wife of his friend entertained so finding no other way he said. “Bhabhi, lets make it more entertaining.” Vidya asked, “How?” Mac said, “Bhabhi lets act in the same way as Sudip and the heroine are doing on the stage. You as Heroine and me as the Hero. In this way you will understand the play and it will become more entertaining.” It sounded nice to Vidya and more over after her school days she was going to act once again. So she agreed.

Mac started acting as Sudip was doing on the screan and Vidya started copying the heroine. Now it was becoming interesting for Vidya. Suddenly Sudip took the face of the heroine in his hands and acted as if he is kissing her. Copying him Mac also took Vidya’s face but due to darkness he could not stop and unintentionally his lips touched her lips. Mac immediately got away and Vidya blushed and started looking down. “I am sorry.” said Mac and Vidya could not say anything. She was feeling embarrassed.

They both started watching the play quitely. But Vidya was breathing heavy and Mac, was feeling something, some where inside. After a silence of few minutes Mac said, “Bhabhi aise mazaa nahi aa raha. Shall we start acting again if you dont mind?” Vidya agreed but this time she was not merely an actress of the scenes. She was feeling as if “PRANAY” was slowly entering the atmosphere.

They started acting. Mac took her hand as Sudip was doing on the screan and placed it on his chest copying Sudip. A shiver went in Vidya’s body as her hand touched the middle of his chest with those curly hairs. She tried to pull her hand back but Mac was busy in acting and he was rubbing the back of her hand on his chest.

Vidya had started feeling something. She kept her hand still looking towards the stage where Sudip took the heroine in his arms and before Vidya could turn to Mac she felt strong muscular arms of Mac taking her body in them. He had wrapped her and her face was burried in his chest. She was getting that erotic manly smell of his body and she had started breathing fast, losing control over her senses. Mac kissed her forehead copying Sudip but Vidya was not able to see the stage and unintentionally she responded with a kiss on his chest. As soon as she did, she realised what she had done and tried to get away. Mac was looking at her with astonishment. He was not able to understand that Vidya had done it intentionally or unintentionally.

They sat quite for few more minutes and Mac looked at Vidya several times who was looking towards the stage knowing that Mac is looking at her but now it was not embarrasing. It was the nice feeling every girl gets when she finds her lover is watching her. Might be “PRANAY” was entering in the air.

Sudip held the hand of the heroine and Mac moved his hand towards Vidya. The heroine inside her had already moved her hand towards him and he held her hand in his. Both of them looking straight to the stage where Sudip lifted heroine’s hand and kissed it. Mac also lifted her hand and found no resistance from her. He brought it near his lips and planted a kiss on her hand. Vidya closed her eyes in pleasure and Mac let his lips kiss her beautiful hand as if he never wanted it it end.

Vidya tried to pull her hand away with force and following it Mac’s lips approaced her face. Their lips were just a centimeter apart from each other, their eyes looking into each other’s and all of a sudden both of them closed their eyes together and Mac placed his lips on hers. He pressed her fiery red hot lips with his and slowly took her upper lip between his and started sucking it. Vidya had opened her mouth and taking his lower lip in it. Complete silence. “PRANAY”was there in air and Both of them were busy in kissing each other deep, chewing lips of each other, getting their saliva mixed, their eyes closed, their breath hitting each other’s face.

Niether Mac Nor Vidya were in their senses. She didnt realise when Mac had made her lie down in his lap. Her head was resting on his thighs. He was bent upon her and was giving her a deep french kiss. His tongue swirling inside her mouth, fighting with her hot wet tongue as if two serpents are playing their love games. She had wrapped her arms around his neck and was pulling his face towards her, moving her tongue up and down of his. The silence of the dressing room was getting filled with slow moans, “ UMMMM …. UHHHMM … UHHHH. … UHHH HMMM MFFFF …… MMMM … UUHHHM.” Mac had pulled off his tee shirt and was bent upon her Bare Chest.

With one hand Mac was caressing her head while his other hand was moving along her naked waist, moving all along the lower end of her blouse till the edge of her saree. The feel of his hand on her naked stomach was igniting fire in her body. She moaned UMM ……. AAAHHH MMM …. UUUUMMM …. UMMMMM …. and moved her head up pushing her entire tongue inside his mouth and fixing her lips between his. Mac moved his hand up and his fingers tried to get inside her blouse, but could not. He kept on kissing her and tried to open the lower hook of her blouse but his fingers slipped. Vidya brought her hand up and opened two bottom hooks of her blouse. Finding way Mac’s hand pushed inside her blouse and started moving over her breasts over the net of her brassiere. His fingers had located her swollen nipple and was rubbing his finger on it.

Vidya was on fire now. She pressed her hand at the back of his neck and bringing his face close started licking his whole face. Her tongue was making his whole face wet and Mac urned his hand upwards and all the hooks of her blouse broke one by one. He spread the front of her blouse and burried his face inside her breasts. He was kissing all over her lovely mounds madly and she was just banging her head right and left. He took her nipple along with the net of her brassiere in his mouth and started sucking it. UHH ……. YESSSS …. MAC PLEASE ISKO KHOL TO LO ……. AAHHH.

Mac took his hand to her back and opened the hook of her brassiere and with a jerk threw it away from her body and like a mad dog burried his face inside her breasts. He was kissing and biting those big soft loafs, moving his lips and teeth everywhere on them, kissing her aerola and suddenly he opened his mouth and gulped her nipple alongwith the wide aeroal in it. He was sucking it like a hungry child, using both his hands, pressing it from the sides and even pressing near the aerola with his fingers.

He changed from right to left and left to right and Vidya was literally screaming, “OHHH YESSS ….. SUCK THEM Mac .OOOHHH BABY YOU SUCK SO WELL ….. HAAAN CHOOSO MERE RAJJJA … AAAAH MAZZAAA AA RHAAAA HAI.. UFF CHOOSO ….. PEEE LO INKO …. MERA DOODHH … AGGHH MERA DOODH PIYO … UFFF.”

Mac was shifting between her boobs and was pressing their sides and sucking them as if he had got fresh mangoes of the season. He pressed her boobs from sides and extended the pressure till his fingers reached her aerola and then moved his mouth and tongue on her nipple pulling it up. Vidya was offering her boobs into his mouth with his own hands saying, “OHHH Mac MERI JAAAN MERE RAJJA ….. AAAAH KITNAA MAZAA AA RAHAA HAI…. PIYO HAAN AISE HI PEE LO IN CHOOCHIYON KO …. DEKHO GHUNDIYAAN KAISI KHADI HAIN ….. MERE YEH AAAM TUMHAARE LIYE HAIN PEEEE LO …BUJHAA LO PYAAAS MERE JAANU …. AAAH HAANN LAAL KAR DO AAJ INKO CHOOS CHOOS KAR UFF MAR GAYEEE.”

Mac had opened the knot of her saree and her patticoat and pushed his hand inside her panties. He kept on sucking her nipples and his finger started playing with her peak shaped clitoris, opening it and moving the tip of his finger round and round inside it. Vidya was going wild. She had started lifting her waist with pleasure screaming,


Mac pressed his lips on her nipple and expanding his palm he grabbed her cunt inside it. Vidya took a deep sigh, “UHHH HHH UHHHH UUUU” and she opened her mouth and started kissing his hairy chest. She found his nipple and she took it into her mouth and started sucking it like a child. Mac was kissing her stomach now, pushing his tongue deep in her belly button and again and again he clenched his palm pressing her cunt in it and then releasing it. Vidya was madly sucking his nipple and suddenly with a jerk Mac opened her pussy ips with his fingers and pushed his two fingers inside. “UGGGGHH …. AHHH …… MAC ….. UFF CHOOOT MERIIII UMM,”vidya screamed and wrapped her both hands around his neck.

Mac got on his knees and opening her legs wide opned her cunt lips with his fingers and fixed his lips on her wet cunt. Vidya screamed with pleasure, “UFFF CHOOS AAAH MACCCC MAR JAAUNGI PLEASE AAAHH MERI CHOOT CHOOS RAHA HAI UFFFF.” Mac had till now pushed his tongue deep inside her cunt and was slurping it life a wild dog, licking all her juices from inside and Vidya was banging her waist on the sofa wildly.

Mac held her waist hard with his hands and pulling her body towards him pushed his tongue to maximum depth inside her cunt. Vidya felt as if his tongue has reached the opening of her utereus. She screamed, “MAC …. AAH ….MAR GAYE UFF KHHHAA JAAAAO MERI CHOOOT PLEAASEEEE MUJHE CHOD DO PLEASE AB …….. UFFF NAHI SAHAN HO RAHAA …. MAR JAUNGI BABYY ….PLEASE MUJHE LUND DO APNA ….. DAAAL DO PLEASSEE IS CHOOT ME PLEAASE MAC.”

Mac got up and holding her hand took her to the back of the Sofa where a stack of curtains was lying. He slided his bermudas and underwear. His 7 inches cock sprang out, fully wet with the precum. He pushed Vidya on it and wrapped her legs around his waist and looking in her eyes said, “LUND CHAHIYE NAAA TUJHE… LE DETA HUN TERI PYAASI CHOOT KO,”and saying this he pushed his entire manhood with one thrust inside her cunt. Vidya’s eyes popped out and her mouth was open for a few seconds.

She felt that the head of his cock had penetrated deep till the opening of her utereus. Her fingers clenched on his arms but Mac, without having any mercy pulled out his cock and again with a strong thrust pushed it inside. Vidya was scratching his muscular arma and he was holding her breasts in his strong palms. Vidya was banging her head left and right and shouting, “UFFFF SAAAALE PHAAAD DEE TUNEEEE JAANWAR. AHHHAA AHHH AHHAA AAAA MERI CHOOT PHAAD DEEEE CHHORRR MUJHE KUTTE, UFFFF MAR GAYEEEE, MERI CHOOCHIYAAN CHHOR SAAALE JAANWAR.”

But Mac showed no mercy on her. The sound system of the theatre was loud enough and Vidya’s screams were unaudible to anyone. He lifted her legs once again and resting her ankes on his shoulders started banging her cunt. Pulling his entire 5 inches fat and 7 inches too out in one go and then banging his thighs on her ass pushing the entire cock inside. His muscular arms were holding Vidya’s tender body in such a way that she was not able to move even an inch. She had started getting pleasure and now she was looking at him fiercely and saying, “HAAAN CHODD SAAALE KUTTEEE AAAAHH CHODD DE MERI CHOOT ….SAAALE AAJ TUNE PHAAAD DE HAI CHOD CHOD CHOD MUJHE UFFFF AAAHHH AAAHHH HAAAN AISE HI POORA LUND DAAAAL AAAAH MERE RAJJAA AAAH MAZZAA DE DIYA TUNE AAAHH MAIN TERI RANDE HO GAYEEE MERE JJAANU UMM UFFFF.”

Mac was banging his cock in her cunt thrust after thrust. His cock was sliding in and out of her cunt like a piston. Suddenly he pushed it deep inside and Vidya pushed her body back and Mac pulled it out and then pushed it in and halted and screamed, “MAINN JHAAAAR RAHA HUN SAAALIIII AAAAH LE TERI CHOOT ME.” Vidya lifted her body up and wrapping her arms on his neck hanged herself on him and screamed, “HAAN JHARRO MERE RAJJJAA MERI BACCHEDAANI ME AAHHH MAIN BHI PAANI UFF CHOR RAHII AAAHMM MARIII MAINNN.”

Mac’s body was still and Vidya was getting jerks after jerks, releasing her orgasm, while a thick white fliud was comming out of her cunt with each jerk. The hot oozing sperm of his Man, his Hero of “PRANAY”.

But, two more eyes were watching them behind the curtains. Yes, they were of Sudeep. After all this role was very important for him. He had to get it by hook or crook and he was not guilty, because he had obliged the Director of the play….MAC.

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