Rahul and Hijabi Fatima’s hot sex story

Hello friends, I am Rahul, and I am from Kerala. I am currently pursuing my BTech degree from a local college.

Fatima is 21 years old. She has a wheatish complexion, a 34B bust, and a regular body type. She looks charming. She has some fat around her buttocks and arms. She always wears a hijab, and that makes her look more beautiful and sexy to me. I’m a big fan of Muslim women and girls.

I met Fatima in college. We are classmates and become friends very quickly. We come from the same place and use the same public bus to reach college. I come from an ordinary Hindu family with religious values. Fatima is from a rich religious Muslim family and wears religious outfits.

Fatima’s father works abroad, and she has only a mother in her house. So she always depended on me for her outings, purchasing, project work preparation etc.

Whitish colour and fantasies towards Muslim women gave me great desires for Fatima. Once, I even proposed to Fatima to marry me. But Fatima replied that she was already engaged to a Muslim man. She explained her helpless situation to me and denied my proposal.

After that, I was heartbroken. We didn’t meet, and I didn’t attend her marriage either. I felt that much jealousy towards her fiancée. Thinking that he could undress her and enjoy her naked body and fuck her. When thinking about that, I can’t even sleep.

She was on leave for one month. From that moment onwards, I understood I had only lust, not love, for her. After one month, Fatima returned to college. I did not try to meet her again or not even try to talk with her. I knew that would make Fatima in great pain.

Whenever she tried to meet me, I avoided her. But I can’t wait for long because I still desire Fatima and wonder about her changes. After marriage, she went to college in a religious dress.

Suddenly, after entering college, she removed a long religious dress and used a hijab and the ordinary salwar and kameez only. And the dress became tight, which shows her body structure clearly. My desire for Fatima increased by looking at that.

The next day was our college’s Holi fest, the Festival of colours. The students were very happy and energetic. They smeared colours over each other and even used water balloons and guns to share colours. Unexpectedly, Fatima splashed colours over me from a water gun and ran away.

I thought that was a chance for a reunion. I followed her. By looking at me, she started running more and more quickly. She reached the college building’s backside, and she stopped running. She said sorry to me for not contacting me on her honeymoon days.

I said, “I can’t accept your apology. I want to punish you.” I smeared colours over her and again and again rubbed almost her whole body. I wondered if she was not opposed to me. It’s clear, and anyone can understand that my intention was 100 per cent sexual.

That gave me so much confidence to forward my actions, and I tried to kiss her. As she started to move away, I grabbed her waist and pulled her toward me. My body was against her. My knees were touching her thighs. Her waist was against my body, and her face was right in front of my face.

She was shocked at first but didn’t say anything as I held her. She whispered someone could see us. I replied, “Let them see,” and kissed her sweet lips. That was the most beautiful moment. She didn’t respond at first. But hearing some noise from students near us, she pushed me back.

She asked me to come to the college library with a seductive smile. She quickly disappeared from there before anyone had reached her. Still, she has a hijab on her head, a ‘Seductive smile in hijab.’ For me, it is just feeling like reached heaven. When I reached the library, she caught me from the backside.

I turned around and hugged her. I went closer to her. Fatima responded by opening her mouth a little. I took that as a positive signal and jammed my lips over her lips. All of a sudden, we started kissing. I grabbed her waist and pushed her deeper inside the library.

We went in together, kissing till her back rested on the wall at the end of the library. I lifted her top and kissed her navels. Now, I know this sounds weird because she was already responding positively. But I asked her, “Do I have your husband’s consent to do all these things to his hijabi?”

She laughed and didn’t say anything. It ruined the mood a little, but I repeated it, and then she said, “Yes, Rahul, please. Now, this hijabi is for you only.” I continued kissing her navel and slowly came down. I put down her pants and then suddenly put down her panties.

I kissed her pussy, and started licking her vagina. She was crying with pleasure and holding my head tightly. We heard someone entering the library, and Fatima slipped away once again. She got my dick hard and up in seconds. From the library, we reached the college entrance.

Her dress was full of colours which I had smeared on her so she couldn’t go to her husband’s home. So we planned to go to a textile store. Luckily, one of my friends was working in a textile shop. And we reached there and met him.  I secretly told my friend she was in a great mood now.

If I miss this chance, it’s very difficult to get another to fuck her. I asked him to make a suitable place for us. His name is Vivek. I introduced him to her to “Meet my friend Vivek. He is an expert in women’s dress items.” She replied to him with a nice smile.

Vivek gave her a salwar and kameez, similar to what she wears now, Directing her to a changing room far from the textiles’ main area. As soon as she entered the changing room, I chatted with Vivek. I asked him to stay there to inform us of anyone coming there.

Then I entered her changing room, and I kissed her many times. I moved sideward and started kissing her neck. She couldn’t control herself and moaned loudly as I kissed all over her neck. I bit her neck in the rush she asked me to do soft. She was very sensitive to my bites.

I rolled my face all over her beautiful neck. She held my head, pushed me toward her body, and kissed my lips. I let loose her dress and removed her salwar and kameez. I then kissed the skin above her breasts and pulled her tee up.

My hands moved to her hot back, unhooked her sports bra strap on her back and pushed her up. I sucked her juicy boobs. She was pushing her body in front of giving me her divine boobs, and I was sucking them. I placed my hand on her whitish thigh and massaged it quickly.

I stroked her naked thigh until we reached our destination as Fatima’s breathing deepened. In front of me, the most beautiful Muslim hijab girl in our college was only dressed in underwear. I kept kissing her thighs and legs again and again. She didn’t stop moaning the entire time.

I tasted every inch of Fatima, my dream girl’s body, as she aggressively ran her hand over my head. Fatima said while dragging me for another French kiss and pulling my hair up. My hijabi then quickly removed my t-shirt and pants while kissing me throughout.

While we were kissing, she started caressing my dick. Fatima then quickly removed my underwear and let my erect dick out. Her expression of surprise said it all, “Hmmm.” There was not much space for a missionary sex position, and she asked me for that.

I said, “If you are ready to take some risk and compromise, we could open the door.” Then she asked, “I understand it’s risky, but what do you mean by compromise?” I replied, “I insisted Vivek stay in front of the changing room for our safety. If we opened the door and had sex, he would see your naked body.”

I don’t know why. She was ready for anything! That much she was sexually aroused (High level erotic!), and she opened the door and lay on the floor naked. We started and enjoyed sex in front of Vivek. She ignored the presence of Vivek and all the risks around us there.

She enjoyed it like we were doing sex on another planet. It was now time. I removed her underwear and slowly rubbed my cock around my girl’s classmates. Fatima was moaning like a pornstar with high intensity. I thrust my cock into Fatima’s tight virgin pussy in one go.

She was in pain, but I don’t know how she pleaded with me to proceed. We continued for at least 15 minutes. After that, she stopped me. She said her husband would start searching for her and we should leave soon. I was in no mood to leave.

She said that if we didn’t stop, we would get caught and jeopardize her married life. She dressed up and gave some money to Vivek, and gave him a beautiful hug. She returned to her home. After that, Vivek collected her number from me and asked me for support to Impress her.

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