Raise Of R.K Part 1

To cut it short and make the sex story interesting, me – RK, 32 years old male gifted with a monster dick. Writing my life experience of sex and how I grew my urges to unleash the devil to different extents.

For the versatility and spice, I have changed few aspects of the story. Feedbacks are welcomed.

When I was 18, I lost my virginity with my neighbor. We are a small family of me my younger brother and parents.

Our neighbors are Mr. and Mrs. Ravi (let’s name her as Akila) a north Indian couple got married 4 months back and got shifted to our colony as Mr. Ravi 30 is working for railways.

My mom and Akila are good friends and she often uses to visit our house. She is a typical north Indian 26 yrs old with a wheatish complexion and 5’6″ tall. She is bit busty due to her 36d big buttery boobs but a nice 30-inch slim waist with less fat on the tummy. She was a sex bombshell with that wide 34 ass.

I use to shag a lot fancying her but never had the courage to approach her directly. As my relative passed away my parents left me home and went to the funeral. As I’m 10th student nd had exams my dad insisted me to stay back home.

I was so pissed… My mom has informed Akila to prepare my food. As I was home alone I thought of watching some porn.

I turned on the VCD player and loaded a hardcore porn. I locked the doors and was enjoying my porn time wanking my dick. Forgot to mention, at that age, my dick was 7 inches long uncut and thick. I thought it was natural as my younger brother also got similar size…

It was a white wife cheating movie. I was enjoying the hot fucking of the cheating wife suddenly the power went out. I was so pissed and shagged of went to study. Around 12 pm I heard the door bell. I went and opened the door, it was Akila bhabhi standing with lunch. I greeted her and welcomed inside. She was wearing a bright green salwar nd matching suit without the shawl. I was ogling her big boobs forcing on the fabric shamelessly. She saw that but didn’t say a word. She asked me to have lunch and started serving me. All the while I was looking at her tight big assets.

We were talking about various topics and was trying to build rapport. I was so much in the urge to bed her somehow but, didn’t have the guts.

Suddenly power came back. The tv was behind me and she was sitting in front of me. I got totally frozen when her eyes are awestruck on the tv I could hear the white wife moaning sound.

I was embarrassed to the core and switched off the tv. She gave me a sheepish smile. I was so much worried and pleaded not to tell my parents or Ravi uncle. She said she won’t and said she wanted the VCD. As for that moment, I was very scared so just gave it and she took it and went.

I was thinking of all the events and was cursing myself for not using the opportunity. By 4 pm I heard someone at the backyard. I went to check and found Akila was drying clothes. She saw me and asked me to come over for tea. I was hesitant but she insisted on coming over.

I went to her house she gave me tea and locked the door. I bought some courage and asked did you watched the VCD. She gave a naughty smile and said no. I immediately asked her can we watch it? I didn’t watch it completely. She laughed loud and said ok.

I was sitting on the sofa and staring at her big ass as she was loading the VCD. I was so excited, the movie started and she came and sat right side next to me. The foreplay began and the black man started whipping the white wife’s ass…

I saw her through the corner of my eyes, she was glued to the screen with her lips slightly parted. I was so horny and wanted to fuck her immediately. I slowly circled my arms around her shoulders… She didn’t show any protest… I took it as a green signal and placed my palm on her boobs gently… A weak moan escaped her lips and she slid towards me. I grabbed her boobs with both my palm and enjoying her melons. It was big soft and rigid like a dough. She started moaning steadily.

Then we started kissing… It was my first eternal kiss and we were in an urge to relieve ourselves. I saw the nigga making the white wife suck his dick. I asked her if she wanna try it. She nodded yes in shyness. I pulled my shorts down and formed a big tent in my underwear. She first was astonished and pulled my underwear down. She was staring at my dick and I was not sure what went wrong. I brought her back to senses and asked if she was ok, she said ur dick is so huge and she is scared. I told her to see the white wife taking bigger dick than mine. So asked her to try and also confessed she was my first women for sex. She was so delighted and slowly removed her dress… Her milky white busty body made me hornier. I got up from the sofa and hugged her nude soft body.

She was fully aroused… I felt her light brown nipples and sucked them. Asked her for a blowjob and immediately she went on her knees and started sucking me just like the porn star.

It was my 1st bj and I was in heaven. Within mins, I realized I’m gonna cum, so I pulled my dick out of her mouth but it was too late.

I sprayed my load on her lips, face, neck and boobs. She was flattered with the cum facial I gave her. She took me to the washroom. We cleaned each other and she took me to the bedroom.

Guys leave ur feedback to continue the sex story…Coming soon: raise of R.K part 2 with a lot of action with Akila and how she got impregnated by me.

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