Raji The Secret Wife Of Rajeev

This is my second story over here. My previous one was https://www.Indiansexstories.Net/couple/raji-the-lust-queen-of-rajiv-part-1/. I took this long period to bring you the real erotic update. Ladies and gentlemen, I am damn sure this story will turn you on. Please read the entire story with patience.


I assure you people for no waste of time. The queen of my story is Raji, to be frank, any men will be turned on seeing her for the first time. She always wears sarees revealing her curvy hip and navel. She measures 34 30 36. She aged 34 and she is divorced at her earlier stage of married life since her husband is drunkard and use to beat her for no reason. She was my neighbor in my native located near Madurai. Myself Rajeev aging 26 working in it staying in Chennai. I’m quite athletic and during my early days after completing my graduation, I was preparing for interviews in my native.


I used to maintain my body fit by doing regular exercises. As I mentioned in my earlier story that’s how I started enjoying Raji at first later we do have some sessions whenever we had chances. But this one which I’m gonna narrate is the ultimate fun that’s why I really want to pen this incident and share with you guys. Guess I have done enough intro about me and my sex queen. Now on to the incident, this happened a couple of days before last Diwali 2015. It’s more than a month since I had fun with Raji. We didn’t get much chance even to kiss or fondle in between days. Both of us were burning inside to explore each other. I could sense the hunger for sex from her looks. In my family, we always used to celebrate together with relatives during festivals and functions.


Sometimes we used to our relatives place stay there for a couple of days for celebration. This year, as usual, my family planned for the same. I don’t have any plan or intention till then. Later my mom told that Raji’s mom was sick so she went to Madurai where the elder brother of Raji resides. Also, my mom said that she also compelled Raji to come our family so that we could drop her too at Madurai which is located on the way to our relatives place but she denied. Suddenly I found some message to me at this point in time. I thought for a while and told my parents I will be celebrating here with my friends and will study since I have gate exam the next month. They also agreed with me and my mom asked me to have food in Raji’s house since she too was alone and informed her while departing.


By that time itself Raji knows its gonna be the time we waiting for a while and winked at me with a naughty smile. Once the car departs I went to my friends and told them I am going to relatives place for celebrating Diwali so that they won’t call me for any movie plans or fun. While returning to my home I went to medical and bought a packet of condom flavored strawberry. I am excited and my heart is pumping hard which I could sense by thinking the happenings that I gonna enjoy with Raji for the next couple of days. I parked my bike in my home and got refreshed took the condom packet with me and noticed the clock ticking 6 pm. I locked my house and went to my darlings house. The door was open I entered and locked the main gate & front door. I went inside in search of my queen of seductress without making any noise. Finally found herself in the kitchen making something. I went near her I could sense that she was so fresh and should have taken bath shortly.


She was in her madisaar revealing her curvy hip. I couldn’t resist on seeing her like that. I just hugged her from behind suddenly. She was shocked but was enjoying my act. I hugged her so tight while doing so I slowly moved my right hand through her saree on to her stomach region in search of her sexy soft and silky navel. She was turned on which I could sense from the hotness of her breath. She leaned over me resting her head on my shoulders backward. I was squeezing her belly mildly meanwhile licking her neck region.


She closed her eyes and enjoying my act. She could have sensed the erectness over her ass since I was hugging her so close. Gently bit her ear lobes… Licked them which gives her a tickling feel. Then I turned her towards my self. She kept her eyes close and enjoying the erotic act. I moved her saree and placed my hand over her bare whitish waist. She just hissed and didn’t utter a word. Gently squeezed it and pulled her towards me. I was able to sense her lust burning inside. I could feel the hotness in her breath. I squeezed her lips with the other hand and was enjoy watching her sexy expressions along with hissing sounds. Then I locked my lips with her to which she opened her eyes in shock but still was giving me a good company in smooching. I am like eating her lips wildly to which she responded well. Meanwhile, I slid her madisar down.


That was the scene of passionate kissing with squeezing her waist region hardly. The kitchen is filled with mwuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaah….. The smoching sound of us. She went wild started kissing all over my face. I stopped her few mins later then removed her madisar fully. Now she was in her blouse and petticoat. This scene again brought some energy for me, then I pinned her against the wall. She removed my tees and I was on my bare chest. Again I started smoching wildly and passionately hugging her. She was jammed between me and the wall. She rolled her legs around my waist. The kitchen is filled with our huffings and puffings since we were kissing madly and into our own land of lust. I broke the kiss and tore her blouse and bra threw it somewhere. Oh my god… What sight… Her melons drove me crazy further. Without wasting any time I just dug my face right into her jucy melons… Licking, sniffing, suckking, bitting….


Did everything I could do. Even tried to eat them… She was moaning heavily when I was performing all these acts. Could see her boobs were glowing in kitchen light due to my saliva on it. Even it turns reddish slightly. That was the view of my life. I just backed a little and looked into her eyes. I could sense the lust burning inside and her eyes where like come on take me I’m all yours like that. I just lifted her holding her both sides of the curvy hip. Made her sit on the kitchen slab, she locked her legs around me.


I took a bottle of honey, poured it into her deep sexy navel. She had a naughty smile on her face since we discussed this kind of foreplay during our earlier fun. I kept the honey bottle aside and started tasting the honey from her navel. She was moaning and holding my head so that I dig my face on her navel. I sucked without leaving a single drop of honey left in her navel. Later I blew some air over her navel and tummy which again tickled her it seems. Then I removed her petticoat and panty. Her pussy was clean which I finger fucked for few minutes to which she was moaning so loud. Then kissed her lower abdomen, I groped her flesh in hip area from both sides then I kissed her clean shaved pussy. I could sense her body’s shivering. Slowly I started licking her pussy to which she holds my head and was screaming like a wild cat.


Then she pulls my head upwards and smooched like there is no tomorrow. Now she said it’s my turn now and asked me to be seated on the slab. She removed my boxer and started sucking my cobra. Oh my god how would I able express that feel. I just stood up down the floor holding her head and started mouth fucking her. She too was sucking wildly then I splashed in her face. She does’nt waste a drop of my cum. Then I kept my cobra in between her melons and started boob fucking her. Again my cobra was back into a monster. Then she helped me with the condom pack I bought with and I made her get up turned her aside and guided my cobra into her pussy in doggy. She was screaming like anything. I just caught hold of her melons from the back and start ramming her pussy. It seems to be little tight since it’s been a month we had fun. But im damn sure im gonna tear it off shortly. I was banging her so wildly. She enjoyed each and every stroke of me. She was such a passionate women in bed.


We had lots and lots of foreplays that day. Even we both were running all over her house nudely which ignited the fire inside us even more. I thoroughly enjoyed her body inch by inch. I stayed at her home that night. Next day I even tied a mangal sutra and fucked her which I will say to you in my next update. Ladies around chennai feel free to ping me for some erotic foreplays and secret fun. Privacy assure. Ping me at [email protected]. Thank you

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