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Hi, all! This is Shankar again. Here I’m with the part of my last experience. I thank all the people who sent their comments and feedback to me for my previous experiences. I am really glad to see such feedback.

I’m getting a huge response after sharing my experiences here. I am from AP (Now), age 27, single, having a hairy chest with an average body. You can also read all of my stories published on ISS.

Coming to the experience. After reading my past experience, one of my readers approached me on hangouts one and half years back. She appreciated me for the narration. She introduced herself as Lakshmi, age 45 and a housewife from Chennai. She showed a keen interest in me.

It was more about the sexual part rather, interested to know about me. Like how I meet, place. With due course of time, it’s like a friendly chat. This went for 3 weeks of boring chat. I asked her whether she is satisfied sexually. She said she is very much satisfied.

I got no hopes and started ignoring the chats. But she was repeatedly sending messages. So as I was bored, I continued to chat. After a week or 10 days, I guess she trusted me with my chat. Then she started slowly opening up. She was not 45 but 28.

A married woman from an affluent family, a housewife from Hyderabad. Then she started telling me that she was testing me all these days as to how I talk with a 45-year-old woman. What is my mindset? This blew my mind. Then after she told me the real story and why she approached.

She is from an affluent family living along with her husband in a big villa. She was married 2 years back. Her husband and she have a 13 years age difference. She is happy with everything except for sexual pleasure and pregnancy. Her husband is a busy man with her business and pays little attention to her.

He finishes off in 5 minutes only. Even after 2 years, she is unable to conceive. Her relatives are asking for a child. With this pressure from others, she made a smart move. She got tested in the hospital and got confirmation that she can get pregnant. She is searching for the right person to make her pregnant.

But this right person should be a stranger. After a great search, she reached me. After this story, she asked me to help her. She will pay for me in return. Later she asked me to provide a few medical reports like my sperm count, whether I can make her conceive, HIV test, STD test, etc.

Then after all confirmations, she planned for the meet. We planned in the period which she can get pregnant easily. Then she booked a hotel on my name for couples for 3 days. I reached the hotel by 7 am and took a shower. This meeting was only in the day time as by night she will be back home.

With preplanning, I was waiting in the lobby by 9:30. By 10 AM, she reached the hotel and we behaved like we are a married couple. Later we headed to the room. She is a bombshell, having the right shape and sizes. She was in lemon yellow saree with the right amount of exposing.

Once we entered the room, our moves are very formal. We sat on two opposite chairs, and I offered a coffee. Later we started talks in a normal way. How she became confident to meet me while having a coffee. Then with a wink, I said let’s move forward. She smiled from the heart and gave her hand to me.

While kneeling down before her I kissed her hand. She looked very shy and happy with this move. Then I pulled her a little towards me while standing and hugged her. She caught me very tight. Then, I kissed on her neck, she gave a little moan. Slowly I kissed her ears and said, “I’m going to kill you today.”

With this, she even gave a tight grip. Again I kissed on the neck and slowly moving upward to the face. I kissed on her forehead, cheeks and then a peck on her lips and her eyes are closed. Then I held her in my hands and headed towards the bed. I laid her down on the bed and went over her.

With my teeth, I caught the pallu and removed it. Later I removed my T-shirt. She was in her low neck blouse and boobs were pointing out like two sharp mountains. Then I slowly slept next to her with one hand on her navel. We are started kissing. From here for the next 15 minutes, no talks.

We both were smooching with her eyes a little open. After 2 minutes of kissing, she caught my head and started smooching at a great pace. I was caressing her navel and pulled her upon me. Now she was above me and smooching. We both were fighting without tongues.

Then suddenly, she broke and started kissing all over my face. Then I took control and went over her. Unbuttoned her blouse and removed the saree along with the petticoat. Now she is in yellow-colored bra and panty. I removed my clothes too.

Then we rolled her back and fighting to remove the bra. But I couldn’t. Then she smiled and sat, removed her bra and panty. God, they were like small mangoes and she looked like a college virgin girl. Then I understood that her husband did not pay good attention to her.

We were dominating each other. I was sucking her boobs and she was moaning. I was holding one boob and sucking the other. She caught my dick and pressing it hard. Then slowly, I started moving down towards her pussy. First I split the pussy lips and started to caress her clitoris.

With this act, she became mad and was pressing the pillow with her hands and moaning. Then later I started licking it. She was going mad with due course of time. I started licking her pussy more and more. After 15 minutes of this licking, she squirted on my face. I went to the washroom to clean myself.

After that, she laid down on the bed with a lot of satisfaction. I slept next to her and asked how it is? Instead of telling the answer, she started to dominate me and came over me like a hungry dog. By now she became totally free with me and enjoying the sex. She kissed all over my face and smooched me.

Later went down and started sucking my dick and balls. With her aggressiveness, she even bit my dick. I thought I might explode. So I came over her and started inserted my dick in her pussy. It was a tight pussy and not a used one but not like virgin tight. With little effort, I went through.

We both were in the heights of enjoyment and I started fucking her. As I know, I may explode at any time. I controlled myself to explode and changed the positions. First in missionary style then shoulder holder, backside positions and finally exploded after 15 minutes.

I didn’t let my dick come out. We slept in that position only after getting tired for an hour. Then at 1 PM, I ordered the lunch in the room itself. She was very happy with my performance in bed. Meanwhile, lunch arrived. We thought to have a quick shower both together.

We started eating naked. In the morning our conversation was bit formal and limited. But now, she is talking from the heart with naughty conversation and with more blush. We ordered only limited food as we don’t want to take a rest after lunch. So had half stomach food with fruit juice.

This time, she is freer and asked to try different positions. We again started our foreplay and excited each other. She liked the way I licked her pussy. So she asked to lick is again. Then I said to her to come over my face while I sleep on the bed. She came over my face I started licking her pussy.

This time, she has more control. So she started putting more pressure on me while licking. I was not getting a proper breath. She went mad while getting licked. She even used the advantage while being over my face. She enjoyed the clitoris caressing and licking at a time.

Later I started fucking her in different positions. She came well prepared by telling different positions how she wants to enjoy. I have done a total of 4 times till 5 PM in the evening. The next day we planned to start early with a lot more positions.

We enjoyed and tried positions like cowgirl, butterfly, reverse cowgirl, doggy, love seat, pole position, face-off, lazy girl, butter churn, sex under shower, in the bathtub, against the wall, on a chair, one the table, etc. This went for a long 3 days.

On our final conversation, she said, more than becoming pregnant, she enjoyed the best sex with me all these days. We were hoping to get her pregnant soon. Even after our meet, we started to talk and chat for a few days. Then again to be sure, in the next pregnancy cycle we again met and had a few more sessions.

After three months, she got pregnant. This made her dream come true. She was very happy. Later till her 5th month, we met. Later due to her parental guidance on her pregnancy our talk and chat became less. Then one fine day, she gave birth to a baby boy. She is very happy now and her family too.

After her delivery, we met only once. Her parents started staying with her due to baby care. She said, if she plans for another baby, she will surely take my dick only. We are still in touch but very little once in a week or so.

So this is my experience in satisfying a woman and makes her dream come true. Let me know your feedback after reading these experiences. Guys, please don’t ask to introduce you as a call boy or to any lady. I am happy to get your feedback about my experience.

I’m here to satisfy the horny females who are sexually unsatisfied. 100% privacy and secrecy are maintained with me. Please give your valuable feedback to me at [email protected].

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