Revenge Is Best Served On Bed

Hello, friends. This is my new sex story narrated in a dramatic way.

Scene 1Feeling the cool breeze, with a satisfied and accomplished feeling, I was gazing at the sky. As I was enjoying the moment, I suddenly heard faint footsteps getting close to me. A smile crept up my face. I know who it is. As the footsteps got near, I felt a hand on my shoulder. I slowly looked up, bringing the owner of the hand into my lap.

I gently kissed on her neck while she shyly blushed. Leaning on my chair, I held her with one hand and using the other hand to gently feel up her ear, kissing her, slowly starting from her neck, her cheeks, nibbling her ear while whispering “I LOVE YOU”.

I started to pull her even closer as if I want to melt into her. My hand started to feel up her breasts through her clothes, gently kneading them as I start to get closer to her lips, wanting to suck them.

Ding Dong.

Fuck. Disappointed, I lean back on the chair as my wife went to see who it was. Well, the guest was no surprise; it’s the person with the worst timing. Yep, that’s my father-in-law, along with a lot of other relatives.

Scene 2With a smile on my face, I greet all my relatives. They are very happy to see us. Exchanging pleasantries, I look at my wife who is serving the guests. She looks back at me and smiles, telling me to keep up and not let down the guests. What does she know, my “fire” hasn’t been put out yet.

Three hours have passed, but I refuse to put out my fire. My moment in the balcony has been spoiled. My wife, noticing my situation, started teasing me. Taking care that nobody has been watching, she gave me a look. It’s a seductive look. God, I want her, but I can’t move as I was tied up with my brother. She then slowly walked up to the kitchen to prepare snacks for the guests. I really wanted to spank her because she started to swing her hips seductively.

I walked up to the kitchen, slowly stalking the prey as she was filling the glasses with juice. I walked up and hugged her from behind, pushing my fire into her ass. I wanted her to know how badly I wanted her. I started to knead her breasts as she started to struggle as someone might walk bust us. Footsteps can be heard, coming closer to the kitchen. She struggled out of my hands, gave me a ‘Keep-away-or-no-sex’ look.

I was disappointed. I sat in a corner with a grim face. Noticing my feelings, she started to giggle. I really want to spank her, but I couldn’t. So, I started making plans on how to get revenge.

Scene 3As the sun fell, the party began. More of my relatives started coming. As it was evening, my wife went to get ready, closing the door, going for a shower. On the pretense of bringing some items, I left the house, leaving my servants to entertain the guests. I walked out of the house, circled it and climbed the wall back into the compound. Sneaking around, I reached my room’s balcony with the help of a tree. Revenge was my motivation.

I snuck into my room and hid under my bed, waiting for my seductress to come out of the shower. I didn’t wait for long as she walked out of the shower with a towel wrapped around her body. Her hair was dripping wet, sticking to her body. She began drying her hair with a towel and then with a dryer. I waited as it was not the right time yet. As she finished with her hair, she started to select her underwear. After selecting, she removed her towel. No matter how many times I look, it’s still mesmerizing. Her jade like body, round and perky breasts, slim and slender waist, her long legs, round and plump ass. Aah, she was perfect.

My time has come as she opened her towel to get dressed. I slowly crept out, and with a creepy and filled with lust, I gave out a laugh. She was startled and covered her breasts with her hands and gave out a shout. I immediately closed her mouth, not giving her a chance to shout. Luckily, the party was going out and the music was on and no one heard her shout.

As she realized, it was me, she calmed down and immediately started to panic as someone might see us. She gave me a stern ‘Get-Out’. I got dejected and walked to the door and unlocked it, then immediately locked it again.

I walked back to her and started kissing her. She struggled and said it wasn’t the time as the guests were home and wanted me to go away. I refused and pushed her onto the bed and started sucking and kneading her breasts. She was struggling. I slowly sent my hand down her navel to her legs, stroking her recently shaved pubic hair area. Then my hand went further down and was on the pussy lips, gently stroking them. She calmed down and started pleading me not to do it now as she was afraid guests might know what was going on. I said alright and released her breasts, but immediately started fingering her. She was startled and started trying to push my hand from inside her. I reached her ear and gave a gentle whisper ‘Shhh’ and started to nibble her ear.

Now to take off from where we left this morning. I started to eat her as she was trying to keep her moans down. I started to lick her while I was fingering her at the same time. Slowly I got rid of my clothes and brought my stone hard cock near her pussy and started to tease her. She started to beg me for it as she wanted to finish it soon. I refused. This is my revenge. Pinning her down, I started to rub her clit more intensely with my cock. Her moaning got louder. Mn. Now, this is what I wanted. I suddenly penetrated her, putting the full length in one go. Aaah. A louder moan. I started thrusting, then got slower, as I wanted to fully enjoy her. I was melting inside her. Her hot juices, combined with my hot cock and our bodies warmth was melting me. I turned her over on her knees, grabbing her breasts, thrusting from behind. SLAP.

All of a sudden, I spanked her butt. Not knowing what happened, she turned and looked at me with teary eyes. SLAP. Another slap to her ass. Her tears got more intense as her dam was about to burst. I didn’t want her to cry, so I grabbed her boobs and got near her ear and said in a soft voice ‘Revenge’. She understood that I was doing all this because she teased me during the day. With a mean look, she said “Shameless”. Hahaha, I laughed like a villain. I flipped her over to face me. I grabbed her breasts with both hands and started to thrust madly. She knew why I was doing this and started to respond accordingly. Soon, we both climaxed and I cream-pied her.

Laying on the chest, looking at me, she started cursing softly, saying I got no manners. Doing such a thing while the guests are home and even cumming inside her, she is mad and I don’t want to face her when she is like this. Ignoring her, I got up and got dressed. I looked back to her and said in soft, mocking voice “It’s rude to keep guests waiting”. She was enraged and started to throw things at me. Laughing, I ran towards the balcony and escaped.From now on, she would know that if she ever teased me, she’s got a hell of a fuck coming.Indeed, as the saying goes, “Revenge is best served on bed”. Hope you liked my sex story.

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