Romance With The New Office Joiner


Today I would like to share an incident from my past of my sexual experiences. It is bit awkward as I never thought of this incident will ever take place in my life and have an eclipse in my friendship with my childhood friend.

Mail me at [email protected]It happened in 2015 when as usual I used to work and at my office a new comer came and joined as she was fresher. I was senior at office in my field and she was been appointed to me. Her name was shreya.Shreya – may I come in?

Me – yes! Looking at my laptop doing my work.Shreya – good morning sir. (smiling)Me – morning and further asked her how can I help you?Shreya – hi, I am shreya and I am a new comer in the office and I came to know from hr that I have to meet you.Me – have your seat. Do you like to have some coffee as I was sipping coffee that moment?Shreya – no, sir. Thank you.

Me – so how are you feeling, I could sense that you are bit nervous and something going in your mind.Shreya – no sir, I am fine.

Then we had a general talk and I started to discuss about her skills and knowledge and kept admiring her facial beauty. There was nothing in my mind that moment naughty for her and nor I knew that she was my friend’s sister. After that I gave her a paper in which her office details were mentioned and told her to go to her seat and talk with her colleagues and further added to my talk that see you at meeting at evening. Later I called for a meeting at my cabin and I introduced her to her group and told everyone to help her in whatever way she like to get to make work get done.

Days passed by and she used to know her work and she was doing well. Sometime I used to ask told her that if she need any sort of help then she can consult me directly. Her seat was at in front of my cabin and I used to see her daily. Days and then months passed by and one day she mailed me and told that she want to have a talk with me.Shreya – may I come in sir!

Me – yes, please. So how was your day?Shreya – good sir.Me – so, tell me what’s the matter?

Shreya – I want to change my seat because I am not comfortable at the given place.

Me – did any one told you something or commented?Shreya – no, sir. I just request you to change my seat if possible.Me – hmm. Ok. From tomorrow onwards seat at my cabin as I have a big desk and you can say the clerk and change your system.Shreya – thank you, sir.

Me – by the way, I was thinking to talk to you.Shreya – yes sir, please say.

Me – I have come to know that you are going early now a days and this month your performance is poor. As well as your work is pending that has to be done by you only.

Shreya – yes sir, I will do it and I am sorry too for that. I assure you that you will not get any complain from my side.

Me – that’s ok. Anyway if you need any sort of help in doing your work fast then let me know. I will surely help you.

Shreya – I have few queries and I am analyzing it on the internet and hence it’s late.

Me – don’t analyze much for now. Do one thing as friday is last working day in every week so you can spend bit more time at office and I will be there to help you.Shreya – ok sir.Then soon the days passed and friday came soon and in afternoon I mailed her that today she have to complete 50% of her work at any cost. She too replied me that she will. Then as the clock struck 7 in the evening all slowly started to move out and me and shreya was only at office left. The security guard came and asked me that when I will go? I told him that work is pending and after 2 hours I will be going. He again asked me about shreya. I told him that I will drop her.Me – hey Shreya, so how much work left?

Shreya – almost full.Me – I looked at her system and then told her to come let’s have a cup of coffee and then I will help you out.Shreya – no sir, I will have to finish.Me – do you know how to do it?Shreya – no sir, I am trying.

Me – so I am saying you come, get refreshed and then try.Then me and Shreya both went for coffee and had coffee and I talked with her in general and made her stress relived.

I was admiring her beauty and thinking to have a girl like her in my life but there were no erotic feeling for her. She used to wear in normal white salwar kameez and dupatta at office. After having coffee we came back to my cabin and I told her to show where she was strucking so that I could help her. She shown me the problem and while making her understand my eyes got a view of her milky deep cleavage due to non-covering of her dupatta. She didn’t noticed as she was in hurry to complete and go to her home. After sometime I came back to my seat and started to think of her that time and soon she told again sir. I asked her what happened. She told me again error is coming. I asked her to come near me and she stood from her seat and came near me.

Something naughty went in my head and while she was standing near me looking how to resolve the error I knowingly made my pen fall down from desk. I asked her could she pick it up. She immediately bent down and picked the pen and in the mean while her dupatta from one side fell from her shoulder and I got a good glimpse of her deep cleavage this time and her bra lining over her boobs. She then stood straight and I explained her how to resolve her problems. Later she finished her work and after that I dropped her at her place and went back to my place. In the night the office scene was in my dream and days moved on again and I usually used to do this when I wish to feel horny.

Then one fine day, some sort of report I wanted and that particular day she was in her leave. I called her and asked for her system password and then took the particular report from her system into my system. Something went in my brain and I opened her internet explorer and my eyes were popped out. She had a long list of some erotic stuff in her internet explorer history but in the meantime I was thinking how she had opened all sorts of these things at office as it was banned. I simply off the system and then went back to my system. Later on next day when she came to work I asked her can she help me to open a website as it was blocked at office and that website contain valuable information. She told me it’s simple and I asked her how? She came to my system and wrote some sort of commands in command prompt and that website was open. It was not an erotic one by the way.

Then I came to know that she knew all these stuffs and I asked her again, from where did you learnt all these thigs and she told me her friend taught her during college days. I smiled at her and told well. Now I got a chance but waiting for a good time to seduce her. Days again moved on and after few months I got the chance. She had again commited some mistakes in the reports and I asked her to be at night and complete the work. She agreed and that night I asked her why she do all careless things. She told me by mistake.

Me – I have got a report from admin about you.Shreya – what sir?

Me – a complain that you have accessed some websites that are not allowed and for this, you could be fired.

Shreya – no sir, I have not opened.Me – the admin department were tracking everyone’s system and in your internet history, they got something that has not to be.Shreya- looking confused! Sir, what?Me – yes! But I didn’t expect and I lied her that management has told me to fire you

Shreya – sorry sir, I will not.Me – your team mates have told me this before but I ignored as I thought you to be a good girl.Shreya – sir, please forgive me.

Me – how can I forgive you? Ok for a while I can but what about senior management?Shreya – please sir! I will be nowhere.Me – you know rules and our office is too strict.Shreya – I can do anything to save my job.Me – what can you do?

Shreya – anything sir.Me – what is your color of your bra today that you are wearing?Shreya – what? Confused?Me – didn’t you heard it?

Shreya – sorry sir.Me – you have told now anything you can do but if I am asking you something then why confused?Shreya – white.(with a slow tone)

Me – I can’t able to hear you. A bit more aloud.Shreya – white.Me – and what about panty?Shreya – same.Me – hmm. But I doubt that you wearing white today.Shreya – no sir. I am not lying

Me – could you prove it, by showing your strap over your shoulder?Shreya – what?Me – please! Don’t try to be formal now. Just show it.Shreya – here?

Me – wait a minute. I had already a format of dismissing letter in my system and I show her my laptop and asked may I put your name and send it to management?Shreya – no sir! With a sad face.

Me – then be like a good girl and as no one here you can.Shreya then showed me her bra strap over her shoulder adjusting her salwar.

Me – could you please remove your dupatta, as it is of the same color.Shreya then aside der dupatta and I was able to see her bra strap.Me – stand up and come near me.

Shreya stood up and came near me slowly. I asked her to show me her panty lining. She kept silent for a while and told me please sir. I asked her please. Then she adjusted her dress and shown me her panty elastic. I stretched my hand and put over her waist. She moved aside closing her eyes. Then I removed my hand and asked her why she did all these stuff and due to that, she was not able to work and all these drama.

I knew she was now in my hands and so I told her if she makes me happy in this weekend then I could do something for her. She told me please sir again. I told her she was free of her will and she could do anything as the choice was her.

Me – Shreya if you have no problem then you could be my guest for next 2 days and I could also help you to resolve all these. So what you think?

Shreya – kept silent for a while and as she had no option she told me yes.

Me – that’s like a good girl and I knew that my hungry lust will be satisfied now.

Then I told her to let’s go as it’s late and told her to wash her face and come and make her system off. She went to the washroom and till that time I smoked a cigerette going outside near my car. After few minutes she came and we drove to my place. I told her to get in and closed my door.

Me – please make a call to your family and call your house owner that you will be back on Monday or by Sunday night.Shreya – ok sir with a dull face.

Me – if you have any problem or if you feel bad then say it now, I will drop you to your place.Shreya – no sir, I am fine.

Then she called and after calling she stood there and I told her to have your seat on the couch and then went to the washroom for a quick shower and came back after a while. I asked her if she like then can have a shower. She denied and I did not force her. Then I went and had a beer from my fridge and asked her if she wants to have and she told me no. I told fine and then we both came to bed. I moved my hand over her body and then told her to go and have a quick shower and come back as I wish to be fresh with her. She got up and went inside my washroom and had a quick shower and got back.

By this time I was having my beer standing near my window, looking at the night sky as my apartment was on the top and I was able to see a clear view of the city or somewhat. As I heard my washroom door open I told her to close the lights off and come near the window. She followed my instructions and came near me closing the lights of the room. After that, we remained silent for a while and then I put my hand over her shoulder and pulled her towards me.Me – so how are you feeling?

Shreya – silent…Me – I pinched her a little on her shoulder and repeated my question.Shreya – good sir.

Me – I am your sir at the office, but not at my home now. But as you wish.Me – did you had a boyfriend in past I mean college days?Shreya – yes.

Me – good! I guess right. So did you had fun with him?Shreya – just kiss and hug. No more as I was busy in the study.Me – yeh! I can see that as you have been selected. So where he now?Shreya – we broke up as he got another girl.

Me – so sad to hear that. But may I know what the matter was.Shreya – he wanted to have fun but I was not ready.Me – hmm.

Then I slowly removed her clip from her hair that she has used and then turned her towards me and kissed her lips in the light that was coming from outside. I was wearing my towel only that moment as I usually use to wear it when I am alone in my room. I hold her hand and put her hand over my cock above the towel. She immediately removed her hand and I asked herMe – what happened Shreya?

Shreya – nothing sir.Me – then why so shy. Should we stop it?

Shreya – she knew what I mean so she told me no sir and put her hand back on my cock above the towel.Me – good girl.

Then I made her seat on the chair that was in my room and stood in front of her. After that, I told her to remove the knot of my towel and make it down. She obeyed my word and removed my towel and my fresh dick was in front of her hanging a bit. I told her now as you never had fun so you must be not knowing anything oh my sweet Shreya. So let’s guide you tonight and teach you the art of romance. After that, I told her to play with my cock taking it in her hands. She took my cock in her soft warm hand and shook it slowly. Then I told her to touch my balls and finally told her to make my cock head out of the foreskin and kiss the tip. She slowly kissed the tip of my cock and then I asked her to kiss like that the entire cock slowly as we have a lot of time. She did as I instructed her.

After that, I told her to now just put the cock head in her lips and suck like a candy. She took slowly in fear as her hands were shivering holding my cock. As she sucked my cock head I was in real heaven. A virgin was sucking my cock. Oh, my goodness. Damn, what a feeling was it that moment. After few minute I told her now to take my half of the length of my cock inside her mouth. She took it and then I told her to take rest half of it. Soon my cock got an erection and it was getting bigger now. The blood was rushing in my cock veins and I was in heaven that moment. After few minutes I removed my cock from her mouth and came near the window and told her to seat on her knees and give me the blowjob again. She again gave a warm blowjob that time and in the meanwhile I told her to suck and lick my balls. She sucked my balls and licked my cock from upside as well as the downside. After some time I hold her head with my hands and gave her a rough mouth fuck for few seconds. In this, my fully erect cock was touching her throat and it choked her few times and she was gagging. After that, I removed my cock from her mouth. My cock was full of her saliva and wet and dripping.

Next, I made her stand up and hugged her and kissed her face, eyes, and lips and bite her neck and her ear lobes for a while to make her aroused. After that, I slowly sucked her lips and then smooched her for a while standing near the window. She was trying to resist but the more she was resting the more I was going rough in smooching her lips. After that, I stopped smooching for a while and put my hands over her waist and from her kameez side, I slide inside her dress to access her smooth tummy. She was having a flat soft and warm tummy. I rolled my fingers over her tummy and then below her tummy hole I found her knot of her salwar. I slowly pulled it loose and her salwar fell down on the floor. She closed her eyes tight as it was all strange and new for her. She was having a mixed sort of emotions which as fear, shame and shy altogether. I moved my hands backsliding from her tummy hole towards her ass and pressed her butt over her soft panty. Her butt was also soft and bulgy and I pressed it several time in that moment. Then again I slide my hands to her front and rub it gently over her panty between her legs over her cunt. She made her hands tight and she was just feeling that moment to end it up all fast.

I gain hold her head and planted a kiss on her lips softly and was doing slowly. I was sucking her lower lips and as she opened her mouth I inserted my tongue inside her mouth and our tongue got tangled. I hugged her and then after few minutes I hold her kameez or churidar whatever you say and removed it above from her head and made it drop on the floor. She was only in her lingerie with me. Her body was soft and fully ripped and I was getting wild by just touching her that time. Then I slowly placed my hands on her back and removed her hook of her bra and made it loose and finally slid it from her shoulder and made it drop too. Her boobs were small around 32 size and round with erected nipples. I turned her back towards me and hugged her from back again.

My hands were moving all over her body and feeling every bit of her skin. My fingers moved over her soft boobs and felt her perky nipples and then softly pressed them. After that, I slowly hold her hard nipples between my fingers and kept kissing her neck and ears. I pressed her nipples and pulled them soft. She was getting hot slowly but her eyes were closed as she was with mixed emotions. She was moaning softly and I could hear her moans in the silence of the darkness of my room and a partial light that was coming from outside. I further slowly moved my right hand downwards her body towards her panty and inserted my hand inside her panty. Her cunt had soft hairs over her pubic region and it was less. I rubbed over her pussy and pressed her pussy entrance with my fingers.

She tried to resist but I hold her tight with my left hand across her boobs. She was not getting hotter and was moaning more. After doing for some more time I turned her towards me and brought her near to my bed. Then I sat on my bed and hold her panty and pull it down and she was fully nude like me. I planted a kiss over her cunt and she again tried to move back but I hold her hand and made her sit on my bed and made her lay down. Her legs were resting on the floor and her body was resting on the bed. I bent over and kissed her body from her neck moving down via her boobs and then tummy and finally over her cunt.

Then I sat on my knees on the floor and positioned myself between her legs my making them wide apart. I hold her thighs and kissed them first and then slowly reached till her pubic region and started to lick her pubic area and then followed by her cunt opening. I licked her cunt side and entrance area and kept holding her thighs as she was resisting a lot. My licking was making deep sensation over her cunt and in her mind. After that, I touched her pussy opening with my ring finger and slowly inserted it inside. It was wet by my lick and sucking way. After that, I fingered her for a while and then again kissed her legs and thighs and make her stress free.

Next, I stood up and moved to the bed and lay down keeping my head on my pillow and asked her to give me a warm blowjob again. She sat on the bed near to my cock and hold my semi erect cock and took it in her mouth. Now she was familiar to give a blowjob and she gave it for some minutes till my cock was rock hard and wet with her saliva. In the mean, while I kept creasing her smooth thighs. Then after that, I told her to lay down next to me and kissed her lips and folded her soft boobies. She was laying on her back. After that, I sat up again and parted her legs and positioned my cock over her soft fresh ripe pussy and kept her legs resting on my shoulder. Then I rubbed my cock over her pussy to tease her for a while and inserted my cock head in her cunt first and took it out. As I was inserting my cock head in her cunt she was holding the bed sheet tight as she was in deep fear and was thinking all sorts of things that moment. Then after teasing her for a few seconds I again positioned her legs over my shoulder and rested them and then again pushed it gently.

Her cunt was tight and I didn’t give force in the first stroke. I took my cock out again. She was moaning. Slowly and then watching her that she was moaning in the second stroke I pushed my cock half inside her cunt and her hymen broke out and she told ouch….. Closing her eyes deep and ahhhhh was next to ouch. I am there in the same position and then took my cock out a bit and gave her another stroke in which my cock went some more than the half. Blood start to ooze out from her cunt slowly. Then I took my cock out and let the blood flow a bit. Then again I inserted my cock and it went more than half again and this time I keep stroking in and out in the same position. After that, I made her left leg down resting on the bed and keeping her right leg over my shoulder I again started to push my cock bit deeper. My cock was fat and hard and it was going smooth in and out. I kept doing for a while.

After that, I rested her right leg and positioned her inside way and again inserted my cock in her lubricated cunt. I hold her waist and again pumped my cock in and out of her pussy and she was now moaning ahhhhh.Ahhhhh. Ahhhhh slowly. Her eyes were wet as her hymen broke for a while by my black monster.My cock was some time getting slipped as it was too much lubricated.

After a while, I told her to be in doggy position and I told her to keep her hands bend and rest over a pillow and her ass was up. I kept my left hand on her back and with my right hand, I rubbed her pussy and her ass from the back. I kissed her pussy and licked it again and then I put my cock back in her cunt. I pushed my cock deep and deeper this time to pump her bit fast in and out. It was now paining her and she was saying bit louder ahhhhh… ohhhhhh but I kept pumping her for few minutes. After that, I sat on my knees and kept my cock inside her pussy and told her to sit on my cock in slanting and move slowly in the same position.

She did for a while and in the meantime I was holding her boobs and folding them. After that again I told her to give me a blowjob and she turned back and took my cock in her mouth and gave me a warm blowjob. My cock was mixed with her juices and she sucked my cock well by holding it. She rolled her tongue well over my cock and sucked it for few minutes.

After that, I lay down on the bed again and told her to seat over my cock positioning her cunt. She did and I had sex for few more minutes in the cowboy position. I was holding her waist and she was bouncing on my cock. Then again I told her to seat in reverse cowboy position and fucked her pussy for some more time. It was now nearly 1 am at night and I was having sex with her. Then I told her to lay down on the bed on her back and this time I gave few deep and fast jerks for a while stretching her legs apart and then took my cock out and exploded my juices over her boobs, belly and pubic region. After that, I too lay next to her and kissed her lips and hugged her. She too hugged me and then we talked for a while and we slept.

We woke up at morning and by now the sun was up and the room was full of light. I saw her she was folding her legs and sleeping nude next to me and her face was towards me. Her body was shining in the room light as she was fairer in complexion. She too woke up and then I smiled at her while my hands were over her waist. She looked at me and smiled a little and then I told herMe – how are you feeling?

Shreya – good softly.Me – so you are women now and no more a virgin.Shreya – smiled and blushed.Me – so come on let’s go to the shower.Shreya – you go first and then I will.Me – come on let’s go together.

Shreya – ok.Then we both inside our washroom and we brushed and shower together. We soaped each other and had a small session of sex again under the shower in standing position. She gave me a blowjob again and I asked her how my cock was? She told me she liked it and told it’s too big for her and fat too. I kissed her lips and then we came out wet and dried in the room. After that she asked me that can she go. I told herMe – why so hurry?

Shreya – I wish to take rest in my roomMe – then what about the pending work and some more sessions. I guess you did not like it.

Shreya – no, I liked it.Me – then stay here till Sunday evening and then I will drop you.She agreed finally and we had sex until Sunday afternoon. On Monday I taught her how to resolve her work at the office.

We had sex after that every Friday to Sunday at my flat and once or twice she gave me a blowjob at my office while I used to make her work bit late. We had like this for more than 6 months and then I was transferred to another branch. I tried to make her transfer to my branch but due to some reasons, I was not able to do it. Slowly time moved on and distance made us separate.

But one day one of my friends sent me an invitation card of his sister marriage and when I saw the name I doubted but when I went to her marriage function that time I came to know that Shreya was cousin of my friend and my friend never came to know as we both remained silent and behaved like strangers.Mail me at [email protected]

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