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Hello, guys this is Banner 25 yrs old from Hyderabad with another fantasy.

Please apologize me if you found any mistakes in it and can give feedback to me.

About me, nothing much to explain, I love sex-related topics, fantasies and some dirty horny chats with opposites sex….. Hope you people like my stories. Let’s begin.

This fantasy is about a woman who was29 yrs old, not satisfied by her inner desires as she was not married but lived with her family. She is working in a stationary shop. Her name is Nivedita. She is beautiful tan in color (which I like), a good height of 5.8” has an awesome figure, and her attracting part is her big ass which is bootylicious.

This started when I used to go to stationary for buying some stuffs for my studies and assignments as it was my exam time. I came across this shop where one lady used to shop keep the items; she was very charming as she welcomes everyone with a cute smile.

I entered the shop and she greeted me with her smile and asked “how can I help you?” I said “I would like to have these items…” I gave my slip to her and she placed all the items and arranged it and I bought those materials. While leaving I said “thank you Aunt”, she with a one eyebrow up said “do I look like aunty?” I smiled and said “sorry, then how can I greet you?” she replied “call me Nivee(her pet name)” I replied “thank you Nivee”. She smiled and said “please visit again”.

I started my assignment and I often go to her shop for materials as the items were getting over due to much use. Meanwhile we became close like friends, we used to meet at vegetable market if came across, we use to talk if she is free at shop. One day due to often visit to her shop she asked:

(N: Nivee and M: me)N: hey, looks like you have a lot work to do, what you are doing, you look so tired too!

M: nothing Nivee just some assignments and scrap works from college as my holidays are going so have to complete is meantime.N: Oh! You seem to be dedicated towards your work, kind a person.M: with a smile, yeah, quiet. How are you?N: Ah! Don’t ask, I’m just fine…

M: what happened?! You seems to be sad or worried, is everything fine??

N: nothing… annn actually I can’t tell that!!M: it’s ok, take your time… (I said bye n about to leave, she called me)N: hey can I get you number?

M: yeah, sure. (I gave my number and said bye for that day)Due to my heavy work I got busy. One eve I got message from a number saying:

N: hello, Nivee here, where are you, didn’t seen you for a week? Are you fine!

M: Hi Nivee, yeah I’m fine just fine, got busy with my work. How are you?

N: great just feeling bad not able to see you! (With a wink smiley)M: ha ha… well you have my number you can talk to me. I’ll use to come often then, for you. (With a wink)N: sure, you must!

For that day we greeted each other, texted a lot and shared some funny jokes which we both enjoyed.

Days passed, my assignment was about to complete, and I went shopping for buying final materials n said to her the same she greeted me with a sad face. I asked what the matter is. You didn’t even tell what is bothering you, on that day!

She grabbed my hand and pressed it hard and started sobbing a bit, I held her from my other hand and consoled her and asked what happened dear?

She told “I’m feeling alone these days. When you came I started enjoying your company now if you leave again I’ll be alone, doing the same routine in the shop” I said “don’t worry, will come to meet you regularly, my work is complete that doesn’t mean I’m going forever. We’ll enjoy each other’s company like always we do.”She called me inside to help her with one rack to move a bit, I came into the shop and she hugged me tightly, I was awestruck for a moment while separating her hand touched my cock which was semi hard due to her busty boobs crushed my chest. She gave a naughty smile and said: “what made you rise?”

I said “nothing sorry!” she came close to me and said “its ok you can share everything from me, n I mean everything!” And she grabbed my cock bit hard and winked me. I was aroused completely and she started moving front to see if any customer is there. I became horny and grabbed her ass and pressed it hard, that she left a moan aaaaaaahhhhhh! And turned back with a lustful face and said “I wished if this was not a shop now” I then again pressed her ass and she grabbed me close and started massaging my cock over my jeans. Meanwhile a customer came n she was looking after them and I was sitting down under her front desk so that no one can see me. She was taking order from them n I was massaging her big ass softly over her salwar. That feeling was awesome, I was able to feel her ass inch by inch her inner cuts and her ass crack. I started rubbing her big pussy also. She was giving me a foot job with her left leg to my cock over my jeans … I started precummingAs soon as the customer left she got down and we smooched roughly trying to hold each other n fell down. She then said;

N: I’m starving due to sex, I haven’t had sex for a long because I don’t have a boyfriend. That’s why I was sad.M: Oh! Then what you’re waiting for now. Have me!

N: sure honey, but not now any one can come, even I can’t able to stop myself. Still, meet me tonight at the backside of the shop. We’ll do it in my house!

M: what about your parents?N: they will be going to mom’s house evening. So come at 8

We kissed again and we both got up while getting up I pressed her ass again to which she moaned fffffffffuuuuuckkkk! And lifted me and pushed me on the back rack and smooched me and was rubbing my cock from her ass up-n-down for a min and said “hope this will make you wet by night until we meet” and I left.

I was waiting for the night when the time came I started from my house half n hour early went to the medical store and bought few condoms and lubricant. I was waiting for her at the back of the shop. She came n hugged me, in return I hugged her tight and she took me to her house and made me comfortable in her sofa. She went to take water and gave me.

M: water is not necessary I think, as I’m going to suck water from you (with a smile)

N: Oh yes, right! Why waste time then.

She closed all doors and windows and curtains. And came in front of me and turned around and started undressing and moving her body in a seductive way by twerking her ass and slapping it hard. With the act, she was ordering me to remove my clothes too. I started removing my T and jeans and I was stroking my cock over the innerwear she was in her bikini and her huge ass was juggling in front of me. She asked me to touch her ass and spank it. I did the same, I massaged her ass and spanked it so hard that she was moaning yessssssss, do it hard baby, love my booty. Ohhhhhhhh yeeeahhhhh.

She then removed my innerwear and started rubbing her ass over my cock and jumping on it. She did it for few minutes and then she put my cock between her busty boobs and started boob fucking/tit fucking in between she was taking my cock inside her mouth giving me a blowjob too for 20 min, we were sweating due to which she looked more horny and lusty.

She then made me sit in the sofa and came n sit in between my legs and started licking my cock tip slowly and said: “I want to taste every inch of you today, I want to be fucked hard and good, and I want to enjoy sex”. She then gave me the awesome blowjob for around another 20 min. n I was about to cum. She stood up and made me too and came close to me lifting her pussy up and started stroking my cock hard and made me to cum on her pussy. She then pushed me on to the sofa and rubbed her pussy and was licking the hand with my cum on it… she came close to me whispered; “wanna fuck me hard?” And slapped me and told, “say yes you fucker, say you wanna fuck my big booty, say you wanna lick my big ass, say yes I want to sit on your ass” after each slap she was putting her hand in her pussy and was making me lick her juices. She then pressed me from her leg on the sofa and came above me and smacked her ass on my face and started grinding it very hard in a circular motion.

She did this for a couple of minutes. Then she sat down and I sucked her busty boobs one after another squeezing and sucking it hard. Then she got down and asked me to lick her pussy. She lied down on the sofa spreading her legs wide. Her thunder thighs with a big bottom were making me hell horny. I just jumped on her pussy and started rubbing with my hand slowly and opening her pussy lips slowly with licking at the same time. Her cum was so tasty that it was irresistible. I explored every inch of her pussy with my tongue and was fucking her with my middle finger then slowly increasing the count of finger slowly I was fisting her pussy with only half of my palm. She was about to cumm she said “I’m Cumming you bastard ohhhhhhhh ahhhhhh annnn you asshole” I immediately insert my mouth around her pussy and was licking all her love juices.

She relaxed for a second and I was fingering her asshole and was licking her asshole making it clean, meanwhile, I was spanking her thighs and was pressing so hard that she was unable to resist the pleasure and kicked me on the floor and came above me and started wrestling nude. (I like wrestling nude with all kinky ideas). She was making me smother in her ass, was sitting on my face and was grinding. She even picked me up and made me sit on her shoulder and was sucking my cock by keeping me on wall support. I was fucking her mouth so hard she started moaning with my pussy in her mouth n I was moaning too.

She then put me down and started hitting my cock by choking my neck against the wall. I pulled her nipple she shouted “ahh fuck you” the n I grabbed her hand turned her around and pressed her against the wall and came down to suck her ass in standing position. I sucked her ass cheek by pressing it hard either sides, n was inserting my tongue in her ass. Then I turned her and was pussy was in front of my face, I grabbed her by her thighs and inserted my face on her pussy and she started moving in circular and up-n-down motion with pressing my head deep inside her pussy. I was then spanking her ass and squeezing it hard with one hand and another one was pressing her belly. She came so hard that I licked it completely. She pulled me up and said “you’re one nasty bitch, I’m going to make you a man today” slapped n kissed me and spit inside my mouth and then smooched me. That was one of the best moments….

She then grabbed my cock and put the condom and pointed towards her pussy in standing position. I inserted slowly, as it went she lifted her right leg and I grabbed it by her thighs and was fucking her like that for 15min, she was moaning “yeahhh Ohh my goddddd, fuck me yeayhhhhhh ooooooooo fuck me hard you asshole yeah tear my pussy” I slapped her cheek lightly, to which she saw me shockingly and I slapped her again and smooched her, she was craving for it more… I said “you love sex a lot right?” she whispered “yes just wanna fuck whole day like this. Will you fuck me hard entire day? I’m ready to be your wife too, you can make me your bitch else. Whenever you want, wherever you want just put your dark meat inside my holes yyyyyyeeeahhhhhhh slap my ass ooooooo.”

We then separated and I made her turn around and asked her to fuck her ass she said “I’m all yours asshole, do whatever you want just don’t stop, fuck me good” I took the lubricant and applied inside her ass cheek and asshole and applied on my cock and inserted slowly she was bearing pain as it entered completely we stayed like this for a while. Because she was exhausted she asked to go in the bedroom, without removing me cock she pressed me on her back and started walking, damn!! What a pleasure it was. Her ass cheeks were pressing my cock and her asshole was squeezing my cock.

She just fell down on her stomach in bed with me inside her from back and whispered “fuck my ass now” in the same position I started ramming it slowly then hard and was fucking her like that for 20min, I was about to cum I asked should I release. She immediately got up and removed the condom and started stroking it hard and then took it in the mouth and we smooched sucking each other’s mouth passionately.

Later I made her lie down side ways and was inserting her from behind, she lifted her one leg up and I held it from my hand and was making it wider so that her pussy is wide open to fuck her hard. I put another condom n came close to her She kissed me and I was inserting it slowly and started ramming it hard after approx 15min of fuck she was about to cum n I was still fucking her hard she came so hard that due to my cock inside her pussy the cum exploded and she was squirting hard, still I kept on fucking… she was moaning like hell, Annnnnn ahhhhhhhhhhh myyy gggggggggooooooooddddd, ffffffffffffffuuuuuuuckkkkkkkkkk yyyyyyouuuuuuuuuuu, she shouted “madarcchod, kya to lund h tera… aaaaahhhhhhhh, ruk mat chod madarchod, ahhhhh (motherfucker, what a cock you have, don’t stop just keep fucking) ahhhh I’m loving it”.

Then I made her lie down on her back and lifted both her legs and made them close to her face giving me the awesome view of her well shaped big ass and huge thighs. I grabbed her legs and inserted my cock inside her asshole and slapped her ass hard oooouccchhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk I slapped her again while inserting she shouted ohhhhhhhh “you bitch be my male escort” I fucked her hard like that for few min and I was about to cummm. She said “cumm inside me, put it all” I came all in.

We then rested for few hours at morning we woke up at 7 and she was sucking my cock, we came to 69 position we explored each other and licked all juices, I then sat with my legs wide open and put another condom and I made her sit on my cock wrapping her legs around my waist and started fucking her like this, when she was bouncing her boobs were juggling, I held one and was sucking it hard giving a bite. She was so happy that while fucking she was laughing and saying “what would have happened if you didn’t came to my shop!” ooooohhhhhhhh yeahhhhhh bannnnnneer just keep fucking me like this whole life aaaaahhhhhhh. We fucked like this for few min n I was cumming she got up and removed the condom and again sat on my cock and started fucking me hard and I came huge load in her pussy she was feeling satisfied. We lay down then and were experiencing the art of kissing, we were smooching each other with all kinky act and pressing and stroking each other’s private parts for an hour.

We then got up and went to took shower, there I massaged her ass with soap and made her clean I was aroused so I got down lifted her one leg and kept it on my shoulder and started sucking her pussy and asshole deeply she was moaning hard ” mmmmmmmmmmmmm oooooooohhhhhhhh ffffffffffffffffucccccccckkkkk you’re amazing honey”.

It was morning and I had to leave so I got ready and even she wore her salwar suit in pink she was looking gorgeous and her tight lower made her ass look sexier. My cock was getting hard which she noticed and said “fuck you’re hard again, fuck me for last time today, fuck my ass, common you fucker aahh aaaa” she was lowering her salwar and I inserted her from behind and fucked her in doggy style for 20 min she was completely satisfied, we kissed like that for around 10 min and then I took my stuffs and was leaving she grabbed my hand and asked “will you fuck me again, pls I need you all day… ” I smiled and said in one condition, she asked what I said “if you allow me to fuck you ass whenever I want” she replied “ahh I have given myself to you completely and you’re asking about only my ass? Not only ass you have to fuck me completely…” I smooched her and said “okay darling” while going I slapped her ass and squeezed so hard that sound was echoing in the room, she got so aroused that she pulled me inside and squeezed my cock so hard that it started paining, she lowered my jeans and started giving me a blowjob. After half n hour of blowjob I came inside her mouth she drank all of it. And we smooched again.

We were so lost in the lust for each other that we never wanted to leave each other, whenever I was about to leave either she grabbed my ass and cock or pull me inside and kisses me, or sometimes I grab her ass and rub her pussy over her dress…. All these were making us fuck each other again and again. Still, we bid bye and left.Now, whenever I visit her shop she used to call me in if there is no rush in shop n give me a blowjob and I used to suck her pussy. Sometimes we do quickie session also…

Once again this is Banner from Hyderabad. Hope you guys liked my story, please do give any suggestions, if any, and feedback to me. Feel free to text me to talk or for anything to my mail [email protected]. Thank you 🙂

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