Savita Bhabhi fucks Hubby’s Doctor

This story is based on Savita Bhabhi comics which you can read in Savita Bhabhi Episode #148.

Savita rode Ashok’s cock until he burst. He lay breathless beside her, but she was not satisfied. She grabbed his cock and played with his balls. She tried to coax him into fucking her again, but he didn’t move.

Savita: I think we should go again, Ashok.

Ashok: No, Savita. I just came, and I have work in the morning.

Savita: I think I can help with that.

She bent down and sucked Ashok’s limp dick. She put her soft breasts in his face as she jerked him off, but his cock wouldn’t budge.

Savita: (pulling out a huge purple dildo) Maybe you can fuck me with this instead!

Ashok: You still have that?

Ashok watched Savita ram the dildo deep inside her. He lost interest as she moaned with it deep inside her. Savita’s chest rose and fell as she got into the rhythm of it. Ashok watched, defeated, as his wife came using the huge, fake penis. It hurt his ego, and he buried his face in his hands, unable to face Savita.

Ashok: I think I should see someone about this erectile dysfunction.

Savita: That’s brave, Ashok. I am glad you will.

Ashok: I just feel like it makes me…weak.

Savita: No, you are doing it for our marriage. Otherwise, I might look elsewhere for some fun!

Ashok: What do you mean?

Savita: (chuckling) I’m only joking.

Savita looked away as Ashok rolled over and slept. If only he knew how often she opened her wet legs for every cock that she met. She rubbed her clit, fantasising about all the large cocks she fucked. She bit her lips as she felt her pussy drip, remembering all the times other young, virile men burst inside her.

She was never satisfied. She rubbed faster and arched back as she got closer. She tilted her body so that her pussy faced Ashok’s back. Her cum oozed out onto his shoulder as she thought of other men. But he was too deep in his sleep to feel her sinful cum drip down his dead shoulder.

The next day, the couple sat patiently in the doctor’s office to discuss Ashok’s problems. Savita felt her pussy throb from what she did last night. She looked at Ashok’s shoulder and leaned against it trying to get a scent of her orgasm from last night.

She could smell it in her mind. Her pussy got wet again as she clutched her saree silently. She wanted to fuck right then and there, but she tried to hide the lust.

A young doctor walked in and greeted the couple. He introduced himself as Dr Basu. Ashok’s face paled as he looked at the young doctor’s toned physique. He did not want to admit his shortcomings to this man. Savita told the doctor about his erectile dysfunction, and Ashok hid his face from embarrassment.

Basu: Well, I think your situation can be fixed with a little blue pill!

Ashok: It’s that easy?

Basu: Nothing to worry about. I suffer from occasional impotence myself, so I use it too.

Ashok: But you’re so young!

Basu: We just need a physical examination to be safe.

Ashok: What sort of examination?

Basu: I want to examine your genitals and prostate to be safe.

Ashok: I don’t think I am comfortable with that.

Basu: Well, if you are not comfortable with me, we can have my Assistant Neha do it.

Ashok: Ok, yes! Let’s do that.

Ashok went into the other room and closed the door. Dr Basu remained in the main room with Savita. Savita had questions for him.

Savita: Does this pill make the penis bigger?

Basu: It won’t make it bigger, but he will have the strongest erection he has ever had.

Savita: How can you be sure?

Basu: Well, I took one of those pills an hour ago. They’re really fun. I had a lunch date with my girlfriend, but she cancelled. You can examine mine if you like.

He pulled out his cock, and it was massive. Veins jutted out along the shaft, and it made Savita gasp. He looked at her proudly. She wanted to touch and examine it. She knelt in front of him and squeezed his cock, and he nodded in agreement.

Savita looked into his eyes and licked her lips. She closed her eyes and sucked his cock gently as he face-fucked her. She moaned as she felt his girthy cock dip into the back of his throat.

Savita: (gasping for air) Do they make a pill like this for women?

Basu: Why don’t you strip and tell me your symptoms?

Savita: (whispering and undressing) Ok…It’s just that I am always so horny, and I get so wet down there…

She was too turned on to stop. She undressed until she stood before the naked doctor in nothing but her panties. He rubbed her clit, and she moaned as she leaned against his sturdy frame. He laid her on the couch and opened her legs, and she was wet beyond measure.

Basu: I see you have no issues with lubrication.

Savita: It’s true…I am so wet right now.

Basu: (whispering) I know how to help with that…

She moaned softly as she breathed into his face. Dr Basu’s cock slowly penetrated her wet cunt. It forced Savita to open her legs further. His strokes were deep and passionate, making her drip even wetter. Savita let out a sultry moan.

Basu grabbed her thick hips and pushed in and out, making Savita’s eyes roll from his deep strokes. He picked her up, and she yelped with pleasure as she felt his chest squish against her juicy tits. He held her legs in his sturdy arms and thrust deep inside her.

She grabbed his neck tight and threw her head back, feeling every inch of his veiny cock deep inside her. He bit Savita’s nipples, and she breathed into his face as the two broke into a light sweat. Her body shook as her legs weakened and hung at her side.

Cum slid from Savita’s pussy and oozed down the doctor’s cock. He put her down. She kissed him passionately and stroked him off. He exploded into her hand, and she rubbed it into her filthy body as they kissed again.

Basu: (pointing at his dick) See, I am still hard after cumming.

Savita: Does that mean you can go again already?

He bent her over and thrust into her to answer her question. She gripped the couch cushions and let go of all resistance to the doctor’s persuasive cock. She watched his thighs slap against hers as she moaned like a sultry whore into the couch cushions.

Savita: Fuck, you’re so hard!

Basu: The pill only works effectively when the user is turned on!

Savita: Does that mean I turn you on? (moan, moan, moan)

Basu: (thrust, thrust) I didn’t feel its effects till I saw you.

Savita moaned, and Basu bit into her neck as he fucked her. She could feel her legs shiver as he hit her slutty guts with his cock. She moaned and reached around to grab his neck as her legs shook and let go again. She collapsed into the couch cushion and breathed heavily as sweat dripped off her satisfied body.

She sat him down and sat on his cock. Basu bit her tits softly and twirled his tongue around her nipples. Savita moaned as she threw her head back and smothered him with her tits. He put his cock back inside her and thrust roughly, making her bounce wildly.

He pulled his cock out and came across her stomach as she breathed heavily and ground on his shaft.

Basu: I enjoy giving my patients a pharmaceutical test drive.

He leaned in and bit into her neck, and she let him lick the sweat off her dripping body.

Savita: Does that mean we are done here?

Basu: We can keep going until you want me to stop.

Savita: Really?

Basu: You want me to fuck you some more?

Savita hopped on his cock and grabbed his hands. She made him run his hands roughly all over her as she put his throbbing cock inside her and bounced.

Savita: Please fuck me some more! Please! Please! Drill me deep, doctor! I want to remember this heavy cock forever!

Savita gasped and moaned as he thrust into her deep and slow. She rocked his cock softly, feeling every magnificent inch of him inside her. He grabbed her tits and hips hard and rough. She lowered onto his cock and ground her pussy against his trimmed pubes.

Making sure his cock touched every inch of her pussy walls. She moaned deeply as she felt her legs shudder again. Basu felt her shudder and pulled his cock, and penetrated her very slowly. He made sure she felt every inch of his musty, hard cock inside her.

He sucked on her neck again as she ground, and she let out a sultry moan. Her legs finally gave in atop his cock, cum oozing out of her pussy and onto the doctor’s sweaty thighs. She kissed him as she got off him. He licked her body, and she sucked on his cock quickly until he came on her tits.

Savita was wearing her blouse when the door burst open, and Ashok walked in.

Ashok: What is going on here?!

Savita turned away and put on her blouse. Dr Basu was adjusting his tie atop his ruffled shirt. He looked into Ashok’s eyes.

Basu: Savita wanted me to examine her urinary tract…while she waited.

Ashok didn’t question it any further. Dr Basu handed over Ashok’s prescription. The couple gathered their things and walked out of the office. Savita looked back at her doctor’s crotch, and he winked at her. She bit her lip as she walked away.

She would think of Dr Basu every time Ashok fucked her after taking the pill, and she knew it.

To watch and enjoy this sex-packed episode in comics, click here ➡️ Savita bhabhi Episode 148: Little Blue Pill.


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