Seduced My Aunt – Part 1

Hello, Indian sex story readers, I’m Zeeshan. I’m a dude from North Eastern India and mind you, I’ve been laid more than an average Indian guy!

I’m pretty good looking, and if you want to connect with me, get on FB. My username is: xmoker.wiz

Aunties and horny girls, I hate social works, BUT I am happy to satisfy you with my “cybersex” qualities.

Before we start, let me describe the heroine of the sex story. Her name is Nazrin (of course, name changed!).

She’s a beauty and a perfect one to turn heads wherever she goes. She isn’t a slut, as I described in the title. She is a good woman… Or I should say: She WAS a good woman until she met ME!

Her figure: 38:32:38 — a sexy beauty, right? Haha! Her age: 29! She had deep black hair and a tanned skin with red lips. Just love her!

It actually took place last night. But the backstory continues from few weeks.

We didn’t know each other back in those days. I was on with my work, making friends, having fun, living my life (I still do that).

One day, my mom told me that one of my aunts will come over to our house for two weeks to stay with us. The reason is, her husband is going for a “big job offer” to Australia. She’s all alone and therefore had to come over to our house.

The word for word, she arrived at our place. There “it” happened.

Ever heard of love at first sight? Good. Because it was “lust” at first sight. Her juicy and ripe melons attracted my eyes… Her red, pulpy lips stole my heart… And her round, big ass grabbed me by my cock and held it high.

I knew exactly what I had to do. I ignored her. We had just a few casual talks about my school, etc. I acted my best to appear confident and unimpressed. This worked.

Every time she used to go for the market, she and mom went along. Leaving me back at home.

One day, as I was ignoring her little plays and being unimpressed by everything she did for me, she invited me to come along with her to watch The Fate of The Furious.

I directly said, “No, I’m going with my friends.” And I just smiled, in order to appear “slight” friendly.

“Oh, come on,” Nazrin said. “Can’t you just spend some time with your aunt?”

“I, literally, can,” I replied calmly. “But…”

My mom cut me short, “Go with her, she’s our guest.”

To be honest, I can never go against whatever my mom says. I have a reason for that. Message me on FB: xmoker.wiz and I’d happily tell you the reason.

I got ready to go along with her. She wore a black mini skirt, with a white shirt and above it a black coat. Her sexy legs were revealed and I really was attracted to her.

I looked deep into her eyes, it was black and pretty deep. She didn’t break the eye contact, neither did I.

I asked, “Shall we go?”

She replied as if breaking from a trance, “Uh, oh, yeah, let’s go.”

We grabbed a taxi, got in the back seat and told the driver to make the radio play. (Yeah, exactly like Shape of You by Ed Sheeran, that was my plan.)

On our way, she asked me, “Do you have a girlfriend?”

I replied, “I personally don’t share my personal information with people,” and paused. Her bright smile changed into neutral and I smiled back and said, “but you’re an exception. I don’t.”

She smiled again and on our way, we didn’t have much of any talk. We got off the taxi and, mind YOU, everybody was staring at HER! That explains why my “ignoring” and “unimpressed” tricks were creating attraction inside her heart.

She walked casually, as if “What’s this? I get all these attention all the time.”

We watched the movie and, out of the story, the movie was SUPER AMAZING! I was enjoying myself, I brought two packets of popcorn and I met few of my female friends there.

All of them said, “Whoa, Jeesh, is she your GF? She’s so pretty.” I shrugged coolly.

Back home, mom went to the market for shopping, dad was at his job. It was 7 o’ clock.

Nazrin came to my room, I was on FB. She asked, “Whatchu doing?”

I smiled an amusing smile and said, “None of your business, aunt.”

“Don’t call me aunt, sweetheart,” she said and smiled back.

I looked deep into her eyes again, and said, “Tell me about yourself… I don’t think that you’re only beautiful. You seem to be more than this beauty.”

She smiled and said, “Well, finally you noticed my talent…”

I cut her short and said, “Tell me how many boyfriends did you have back in school?”

“Um, 7, why?” She said, now sitting on my bed and staring into my eyes.

I ignored her again and started to tap my phone. 1 minute passed, 5 minutes passed, 10 FUCKING MINUTES PASSED and I ignored her.

“Uh,” she said and tried to get up from the bed.

I grabbed her hands and pulled her towards me. Our eyes met and her mouth went surprised.

“Close your eyes, honey.” I calmly said.

She did as I commanded her. And I kissed her, directly into her lips. It was a baby kiss and she opened her eyes.

My hand still grabbing hers, she looked into my eyes without saying anything.

The distance between her face and mine was 10 millimeters. I don’t remember how it decreased, but the next thing I remember was, my lips touched hers. The warmth of her lips met mine, and our salivas mixed. Her tongue tickled mines and we were kissing passionately.

What happened next is on the next issue of the sex story! Till then, please connect with me and send me feedbacks on Facebook: or my email ID: [email protected]

I might not reply to your emails, bit I will surely reply to your Facebook messages!

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