Sex Crazy Family – Part I

Hi to all the readers of ISS. This is your friend devilzbadboy. You all can even call me DBB. I am a regular writer of sex stories. Till now i have written all my stories in hindi. Now is my attempt to make you all happy with my English format stories. So now ill proceed with the storyThis story consist of a father whose name is sultan sinha, mother name shahana, elder daughter whose age was 20, her name is gayatri priya, and a younger daughter whose age was 18, her name shina. They even had a gernam shepherd dog whose name was rocky. Rocky was a German shepherd dog, his age was 2 years, he had grown tall and in a point of period i even came to know that he had a big cock.

Mr sultan sinha and shahana had a love marriage and still till this point of time they were sexually active. The reason behind this was that mrs shahana was extremely beautiful figure and good lookin body. She is very fair in complection, her ass was big and had filled boobs. Mr sultan sinha himself was a macho looking person, with broad chest, a well maintained toned body. He had a big mustache which added more on his good looks. Their elder daughter gayatri was herself so beautiful looking girl. She too had well shaped big boobs n a slim body. She was a sexy looking figure to see. And their younger daughter shina was a cute little college goin girl.

Sltan sinha use to regularly have sex with his beautiful wife shahana. This was watched by their daughters gayatri and shina. Gayatri and shina most of the time use to stay in small and tight dresses like mini skirt n tshirt.. tight fitting half jeans which use to be only till their upper thighs.they had a small room in their house which they wanted to give on mr sultan sinha was the only male in the house he wanted to keep a male tenant so that he could get a nice company. This thing was known to gayatri. So gayatri introduced her dad with DBB who was her college friend from past one year. Gayatri s dad offered DBB stay as a tenant for 2000/- rs per month which DBB readily accepted.

Next day sultan sinha and shahana had do go to a wedding leaving their two daughters at home with DBB. So as they went i saw shina playing with the dog. Seeing at them i was amazed as i had never seen any girl being soo close to a dog. Then shina went with the dog in her room to play with him and gayatri and DBB were in the hall alone.

DBB and gayatri were sitting very close to each other. DBB was wearin shorts and one loose tshirt and no inners inside. The cock size could be noticed in his pants. Gayatri was wearing a very short jeans pant which were barely coving her thighs and the shape of gayatris ass was clearly visible in that shorts. And on top she was wearing a tight pink color top and the top was tight so i could notice her bra in the top and the shape of gayatri s beautiful boobs were tempting me to press it.

The top was ending just above the space where gayatri s navel was. DBB was constantly starin at gayatri s body from head to toe but mostly he was going on staring on gayatri s navel. DBB and gayatri could hear some strange sounds from shina s room but that time they wanted too be together and alone.

The opportunity they had got they didn’t want to waste that opportunity. Gayatri and DBB started sitting close to each other. Both their thighs we clashing with each other. DBB placed his palm on gayatris thighs and started rubbing her soft and hairless legs. He was rubbing on her inner thighs also. Then he placed gayatri s hands on his loose shorts to feel gayatris soft hands on his hard cock. Gayatri got shocked as she touched DBB hot rob in the shorts as she thought there was a hot rod inside his pants.

In that excitement gayatri pulled DBB s pants down and saw his cock hard and standing. Gayatri loved the sight of DBB s cock as he keeps his cock hair-free and keeps good care of the skin around his cock. Gayatri fell in love with DBB s cock. Without realizing anything she took DBB s cock and started seein it closely. Her smell of the cock was attracting her to it. Gayatri started shaking the cock the cock and was licking the tip of his cock in her mouth. DBB made gayatri lye on the couch and he opened the clip of the pant of gayatri mad started removing her jeans. Like i said before gayatri and shina use to clean each others pussy and use to see their parents fucking gayatri and shina had full knowledge of sex.

DBB spreaded gayatris legs apart and started taking the aroma of gayatri s pussy. He started licking gayatri s virgin shaved pussy. DBB was rubbing gayatri s inner hymen of the pussy. He wanted to taste the virgin hymen of gayatri before tearing it. DBB was continuously licking gayatri s pussy, licking her clitoris. Sucking her pussy lips and even spitting in gayatri s pussy. On the other side gayatri was also getting wild on him. She was continuously shaking DBB s cock hard and licking the tip of the cock. DBB looked down and saw that gayatri took his cocks tip in her mouth and was sucking it and shaking it with her hand. DBB now straightened himself and came on gayatri.

He removed gayatri s top n bra and made gayatri full naked. He started pressing gayatri s boobs n pinching her cute little nipples. He was pinching and pulling gayatri s nipples continuously. Gayatri started shouting in excitement. From inside room shina started playing her music system in that she was playing the song i ‘m a Barbie girl and which was putting its full effects on the mood there.

Then DBB started to suck gayatri s lips. He was continuously smoochin gayatri s lips and sucking her tongue. DBB started to rub gayatri s pussy with his hard cock. Then DBB applied a sudden push in her n the top of the cock went inside gayatri s pussy tearing it. Gayatri could not shout as DBB was continuously sucking her tongue. Gayatri was now getting pain and she was trying to push DBB but he was forcing his cock all the way inside gayatri s pussy tearing her hymen. Blood was flowing from gayatri s pussy as DBB had torn that pussy with his hard cock. He was continuously going on pumping in gayatri s pussy.

First gayatri was feeling some pain then gradually they both started enjoying their first sex. DBB was going on giving hard strokes and long strokes in gayatri s pussy. DBB s cock was wet with gayatri s pussy juice and even her pussy torn fresh blood. Gayatri too was going on lifting her ass to meet the stokes of DBB. After nonstop fucking of gayatri and DBB, gayatris body was getting stiff she her pussy started to get wet. Gayatri sharted shoutin loudly and her pussy started leaving its juice and at the same time even DBB started pouring his seed in gayatri s unprotected womb. Gayatri was feeling that she was in seventh heaven. Both their juices were getting mixed in gayatri s womb.

Now DBB removed his softened cock from gayatri s pussy. And again got his face near gayatri s pussy. He saw that gayatri s pussy was bleeding. And gayatri was just lying on the couch trying to take rest. DBB wanted gayatri to feel better so he again spreaded gayatri s legs and started licking gayatri s pussy lips. DBB licked all the blood and was spreading his saliva on her torn pussy. This was making gayatri feel better in her pussy.

Gayatri came to know that how much DBB loves women. Gayatri got touched with DBB s love. She took hold of DBB s limb cock wet with her juice and blood and took it in her mouth and licked and cleaned it. Even DBB had sucked licked and cleaned gayatri s pussy. They both then got up wore their clothes and went to see what shina was doing.

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