Sex Fun Roughrider With My Morning Friend Shruthi

Hi everyone, I am back after a long gap, for those people who don’t know me, I am Praveen 26 years from Bangalore.

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So let’s get started. This incident took place just two months back in my place in Bangalore, I used to go for daily morning walk around 5:30 to 6:30 near my place as always. I used to reach the park daily by 6 never missed I used to see one girl who used to come to jog daily.

As I remember the date it was 2nd may I saw her for first time very chubby extra fat around everywhere. A very cute face this was where I fell for. I used to walk slowly and used to watch her daily jogging in the track as I could see her boobs dancing as I guess she never wore her bra and tight legging which shows her portending ass out. I used see this two valuable things daily in a matter of week she caught me looking at her assets and gave a stern look to me. I was little afraid as she could make a big puss in park, next day two days was a weekend so I didn’t went for a walk( having drunk so). Again on Monday morning when I reached the track she was doing some warmup. As I saw her she also smiled looking at me.

I felt something odd. I continued doing my walk and left. This happened for 2 to 3 days, I never looked at her. But what I could observe in her that she was keeping an eye on me. Very next day I went at same time. That day I could see her in tempting shorts and top where her breasts were about to burst out from her top and her shorts was holding her bums. Clearly I could see her panty line. Seeing this only I had a bulge in my shorts which was clearly visible.

She smiled at me for a moment. I too smiled back. She waved her hand I moved to her. Formal hi hello blab blab. Her name was ’shruthi a south Indian girl. I directly said her you had a sexy body. She was surprised to my words as she didn’t expect this at the very first meet. She was blushing abit. She sat at the corner of the ground and chatting but my eyes were glued to the cleavage. She saw that she naughty said that what you’re looking at mister? I moved hand placed it on her right breast “this one madam”. She couldn’t take it anymore got angry for behaving like that in public. I came back to senses and was about to getup but she pulled me back to sit. First time I observed her in person very clear I guess her breasts were larger than 36.a bigger milk tankers holding not less than 5liters of milk inside them.

We were openly flirting on the very first day. As it was my first day with her. As I had get ready to office. I bid her bye and left for home. Whole day I was thinking about her. And later in night I shagged in her imagination and spoilt my undies.. I was eagerly waiting for her sun to set and rise.

As the moment it was 5:30 I left few minutes early and reached before her. I sat on the bench and was doing some warmups. Later felt to piss I moved to the side as I opened my shorts just a rush of urine I could see she was standing at the side of mine and watching my dick closely without blinking her eye. I had heard that girls are also become bold these days. But never experienced such boldness till the day. I finished it off to avoid embarrassment and put my snake inside the pit and closed. She was in other world looking at the snake. Just to taunt I said snake has left for the pit.

She came back to senses. Both forgot why we came there for and sat under a tree. I was feeling abit shy as a unknown girl has seen my dick in public. She chilled me out saying “snake is in good shape” I said yes it is. If you want u could see it closely also”. She got my hint and she was little reserved. She was virgin I feel at that moment (but never saw any blood stains in her chute).

We exchanged no’s and were chatting all day. In noon I couldn’t control anymore I didn’t know from where I got such guts in middle of chat I sent her a message saying that I wanna fuck u day night along. I missing u a lot ’shruthi.

It was like a time bomb. After this message there was not even a reply from her for another 3 hours she again replied me saying meet me in evening at park. I was like afraid. I tried calling her but she didn’t picked my call.

I rushed from office early and got myself fresh and went to the usual spot where we used to meet daily. She wasn’t come yet. I could see some group of people coming towards me I thought she has put me in pit my heart started breathing fast than ever,. Later they passed away I could see her walking alone towards me from long distance. My heart relaxed. And it was pulsating for me.

She came to me with a smiling face and we moved inside the track and sat at usual place. She started the conversation by saying why u are so desperate to have me. I just said I couldn’t control seeing u, she gave me a stern look and started again asking what do u like in me! I was kind of irritated with her questions. I directly attacked her lips smooching her to fullest. She was horrified with my sudden attack. She pushed aside and said control. She said she wasn’t sure of this. She said let’s do it.

As it was around 6:30 in evening I said lets go to my place as no1 disturbs us there. As she was ok with the proposal. First she insisted that lets eat something as she is hungry we moved to central mall. Had full bucket of kfc chicken and started our way to my place. on the way I made her to walk alone. I went to nearby medicals and took a 2 10s moods extra thin condoms for safety.

As we moved into my home, I locked the main door and closed every fucking window and took her inside her to my bedroom. She laid down on the bed as she being a typical Indian girl she had worn chudi. I moved inside the room I passed her a bottle of water. I didn’t wasted anytime at all in one shot I removed my clothes leaving my inners and jumped over her like a bull. She was too me in her arms and hugged me tightly.

I gave a small kiss over her forehead which she loved it a lot. And submitted herself entirely to me. She was also a hungry tiger which I came to know at this moment. As I came to know that girls control everything and they strike at a right time.

The moment I moved over her she pulled over her fully and started smooching me biting my lips and I didn’t spare any mercy on her at all. I too started that roughly I bit her lips hell a lot of times which she couldn’t bare at all. I moved further down near her neckline and gave her solid bite over the left side of the neck which was dark red In color I hugged her so tightly that I could feel her breathing fully. She was moving her hands all over my back as I was half naked.

I moved my hands over her belly and started to remove her top. It was bit tight I couldn’t pull it up as easily she helped in removing her top I could her milk tanks which we prisoned in the dark red bra seeing this view I still more got tempted and started sucking her cleavage and was roughly moving my hands over her bra. Her moans were heard all over the house. I didn’t cared for her bra. I pulled her bra in one shot and the hooks broke and it came out. She slapped for being rough but still we continued ahead.

I took her right breast in my mouth and started sucking it fully. It was much bigger than I thought which I couldn’t take it at one go. I was badly molesting her left one. I bit her nipples so badly that she gave a tight slap on my ass which I loved. In mean time shruthis hands were inside my undies over my bums which are scratching badly I could feel emse pain even the seduction. I took most of time playing with her boobs.

As I could see they had turned red quiet similar color of her bra. She was loving that roughness fully. I moved inside I pulled her nada of pant and it was became loose I made it go down. And she was holding my dick in hand and badly squeezing my balls to hell. I thought of teaching a lesson to this girl. I removed her pant. I could see a white panty with butterflies design over her pussy area.

I didn’t even gave any mercy to her I store her panty by pulling it upwards between her pussy lips which gave her a awesome pleasure. I moved below to her pussy. Parted her pussy lips where I could see the ’shruthi’s pussy my dream. Pushed my tongue inside it.

As I could taste she was already over flowing. I moved my two fingers inside her and simultaneously sucking her clit over her pussy. i sucker her pussy for more than 20mins friends as I love pussy a lot and I feast on it like anything. I moved over her and turned to 69 position. She was badly chewing my dick, balls. I sucked her till she had 2 outs. I could feel her raising her hips to my tongue trusts fully.

As I pushed my three fingers inside and stroked her for longer time as I could see she was tired like hell as she couldn’t push her hips up for meeting up trusts she was begging me fuck her she doesn’t need any more. I couldn’t think. I mean time at one time I caught hold of her clit in between my teeth and bit it slightly and she dozed off. As I could see she was also badly sucking my dick for more than 30mins. As I had cummed in her mouth twice.

I went to my kitchen a got honey and poured it all over body and started sucking, licking her body and giving marks all over her without any mercy. She was giving a hand job to me which couldn’t last any longer. Sucked her fully. I make her hips vertical to me and poured half a bottle of honey inside her pussy and pushed the honey inside as much as I do and made her to sit on my mouth and sucked her cum honey mixed pussy. She was really in a bad anger to fuck.

At last I gave up and came to missionary position keeping a pillow below her hips and spread them nicely. As I pushed inside her, and it went inside without any fuss as it was nicely massaged. And as I had cummed thrice I could hold longer time I fucked her for longer time and cummed inside her and I could feel her nails digging my back and scratching. I slept over her like that but after few minutes I remembered that I had brought condoms which I didn’t use. I left the thought of it. And again kissed her on her forehead she opened her eyes and gave me small kiss. Both were smiling I got up.

As I could see her body was full of red marks and her boobs and pussy was swallow I turned her ass to see it. Where I could see my nail red marks all over from hips over her bums thighs. Which I couldn’t find out when I did that.

We slept like that for a night and we had normal chat and in morning while she was about to leave to her place. She said I have fulfilled Ur wish. Would you do one of mine? I said yes. She said not to contact or meet her from now on. I was bit sad and said ok.

That day I slept whole day but in later when I had went for walk I didn’t saw her at all. I thought she moved on. I was ok. This is how it was. She might have moved somewhere. But still I remember that night what we had together, hi ’shruthi if Ur reading this story I think definitely there would be smile on your face.

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I’ll be back.Thank u readers.

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