Sex Games Can Be Real Fun

Hi horny people. Handshake for boys and boobs shake for girls. Thanks for your opinions on my previous stories. Your appreciation will beinspiration for my new stories. Also I’m looking for a girl to write stories with.

Anyone interested can mail me, even if you are an amateur. This story is more like a teenage adult comedy movie which youguys might have seen, “The American Pie”.

Well, as the title suggests, this story is about a group of friendshaving fun playing different sex games. Yes, we were a gang of 4 guys,Rohit, Nitin, Neeraj and myself, and 4 girls, Divya, Bhavana, Ankitaand Nikita.

Rohit – A short guy and muscular man.Nitin – Tall and handsome.Neeraj – Tall and slim.And me, tall and slim like Neeraj.

And the girls were hotter than any other.Divya – Homely, shy, 34-30-36Bhavana – Stylish, slim and sexy, 34-26-34Ankita – Slim, tall and hot, 32-24-34Nikita – Chubby, naughty, 36-30-36

How I could be so precise? Well that was the first game we played and that is where everything kick-started. Actually it was Ankita’s birthday party and she had invited us to her flat. There was no less music, booze and fun at the party.

We were all very close to each other when Ankita cut her birthday cake, everyone of us wanted to grab and throw cake on her face. But she was very reluctant. So I caught hold of her by waist and her face was totally covered with pastry.

Somehow I felt she had lost so much weight that her waist was so slim and I asked her about it. She said she had been working out. Nitin asked how much has your waist size reduced. So she said she hasn’t measured it now. Divya grabbed a tape which was in a drawer and gave it to me.

Ankita lifted her top and I measured her waist. It read perfectly 24 when the tape just reached her pierced sexy belly, earlier it was 26 as told by her. Other girls got inspired and said they want to work out as well.

So Rohit said lets measure all your figures, so that we will verify how much you girls will reduce later. Everybody playfully agreed and the above measurements were taken. Already the environment was turning hot as we touched and rubbed against each other.

Girls were exchanging naughty looks among themselves and same with the boys too. We finished the pastry and opened the champagnebottle. As we sipped the champagne and we were discussing about their body structure and how hot each one is.

Girls were blushing and smiling on our comments. Neeraj saw the party is getting bored and wants more fun. So we thought of playing something. First thing that comes to mind obviously is Truth or Dare. Actually we had played that plenty of times and didn’t want to play again.

Then we decided to play Spin the bottle. So we sat around a round table and took an empty beer bottle to play. First to spin was the birthday girl Ankita. She spun the bottle and the bottle pointed towards Nikita. To everyone’s surprise, Ankita asked Nikita to show her huge breasts to everyone.

Nikita at first opposed, but she had no other option. She lifted her blue top and showed her 36C breasts to us and didn’t bother to put her top back on. She wasn’t wearing any bra. Next it was Nikita’s turn to turn the bottle. The bottle pointed towards Nitin.

And she asked to take off his shirt and he did. Next Nitin turned the bottle and it stopped pointing to Ankita. He asked Ankita to take off her top and bra. She did and everybody were amazed looking at her sexy pierced brown nipples.

Since Ankita already had spun the bottle, she asked Bhavana to spin it. Bhavana spun and it stopped towards Rohit. She asked Rohit to get naked and girls were giving a high-five among themselves. He got up and got naked.

All the girls were surprised and watched his erect dick with their mouths open. We were giggling at each other and then Rohit spun the bottle and it stopped towards me. He asked me to get naked too. I also got naked within no time.

Girls were going crazy and didn’t know what to do their eyes alternating on my dick and Rohit’s dick. I spun the bottle and this time it stopped towards Bhavana. I asked Bhavana to get naked. She got up and teasingly took off her clothes.

Since Bhavana already had a chance to spin, she passed it on to Divya. Now only Divya and Neeraj were left. So Divya directly told Neeraj to get naked. He did and asked her to do the same. Now that many of us were naked and some of them with little clothes, there was no point in having those clothes on them still.

Everybody took off their clothes and got naked. All of us scanned each other’s nude bodies for a while and finished the champagne bottle. Now what? asked Ankita as you say birthday babe said Neeraj. She got some more beer bottles and handed it to girls only.

Neeraj asked hey! We’re out of beer. We need it too!”. Ankita said why did I give the beer bottles only for girls? You guys have to earn it from us! How?! asked Nitin and let’s play a game. One girl pours the beer on the other

girl’s nude body and one of you has to drink the beer.

And you should not drop any beer on the floor then girls stood next to each other with their hands on each other’s shoulders holding the beer bottles. We knelt down in front of the girls with our face near their love holes.

They started pouring the beer through their shoulders drop wise and weextended our tongues and touched their pussies, and waited for the beerto flow down their breasts as the beer droplets crossed the belly andran across their vaginas.

We started sucking the beer on their pussies. Girls started moaning, some even exchanged kisses. We sucked hard and they let the beer flow more quickly, so that we drink and move our tongues faster over their vagina.

The bottles ran empty and we had drunk a bottle of beer and few spoons of their pussy juices. The girls were all hot with our tickles and tonguing. They collapsed on the couch rubbing each other’s pussies.

We collapsed on the floor too, watching them fingering. The winner in this game was Rohit as he gulped the entire beer bottle quicker than all of us. Looking at the boys lying on the floor naked and drunk, Divya planned another game.

She brought some plastic rings of medium size, may be of diameter 10 cms. She explained the game. Boys are going to lie on the floor holding their cock straight up. Each girl will be given 3 rings. They have to throw the ring onto a guy’s dick.

The one who catches the dick with more rings is the winner. So we held our erect dick straight up in the air and girls started throwing rings. It was hurting but we were drunk and were going crazy. Divya caught my dick with the rings twice.

Ankita caught Rohit’s once. Bhavana caught Nitin’s dick once and Nikita didn’t catch even once. So the winner was Divya. Next I wanted to go to toilet as I got up and moved towards the rest room Ankita blocked my way and asked me to piss on her and I know this is crazy.

She sat on the floor spreading her legs in front of me her pose made my dick hard and I was unable to piss looking at this, the other girls decided to take other’s piss and this became the next game each guy has to piss on every girl and the one who pisses for long time wins.

We all pissed on their boobs, face, mouth and on their urine holes too of course and I was the one with filled bladder and I won the game for pissing for long time and the same contest happened with girls and Nikita won this one.

We were all wet and dirty and needed a shower for sure. We decided to bath in turns, but a guy and girl together. There was lot of confusion who should go with whom. So there was another game to decide that. The one with bigger dick goes with the bigger boobs girl.

Fair enough, we went for shower according to our measurements. This was the first time one girl and one guy was locked in a place naturally, whoever went together had crazy sex in the jacuzzi and all over the bathroom while a couple was having fun inside.

The others were playing poker once all of us took bath and came to this world. I found a huge cardboard box lying around the corner. It must have been the cardboard of the huge fridge that Ankita had bought. I took it up and stiffened it around 4-5 people could have easily stood inside that.

This gave me an idea and I asked all the girls to stand inside the box and covered them from all sides. They kept asking what the hell was doing. I told the boys to make a hole on each of the four sides. Oh yes! As you mighthave guessed, it’s the glory hole game.

We inserted our shafts inside and could feel sharks grabbing and eating them up. The girls giggled sucked and exchanged dicks so that they get the taste of all of them. Some girls even tried to take our penises in their pussy but ended up unsuccessful because of small space.

Soon one by one withdrew their cock out as they had ejaculated on a random girl. It was awesome to hear to the sucking sounds moans from 4 hot girls from the small cardboard box. Obviously the cardboard box was torn apart and the girls came out like they had won a war.

They were covered with cum all over. But none of us knew who had whose. Next game was for us to return the favour and we made the girls to sleep on the bed with their legs lifted up and we sucked their pussy. Each guy sucks one girl’s pussy exactly for a minute.

Then he has to suck the next girl. We played a lot with their vagina and their moans reached the sky. After two rounds of exchange, they started to orgasm. We continued till they all peaked their orgasm. We lay together kissing and touching randomly.

All our dicks were hard after sucking and drinking their pussy juices. Girls realized this and made us lie on the bed. Same game repeated.They gave us a quick handjob for us, exchanging dicks for every minute. It didn’t take long to ejaculate for us.

And the girls sipped every drop of our cum. Now that all touching and sucking games were over it was time for some fucking games. We decided to randomly grab someone nearby and fuck them. As soon as they feel they need some change?

They might grab another girl and fuck her. Girls agreed for this too. As they feel they want to change they can get fucked by different guy. But this game had one crazier rule. No guy has to cum inside any girl’s pussy every guy must ejaculate their sperm into a wine glass.

And every girl if she ejaculates has to let her juices in another wine glass. We kept two glasses in the centre of the room and started fucking. We fucked in every wicked and weird position possible. Our moans were so high specially the birthday girl.

Ankita had drunk too much and had gone all crazy and we never fucked a single person for more than a minute. We kept alternating from one girl to other. All girls were happy to take different sized dicks. Neeraj was the first one to ejaculate in the wine glass from boys.

And Ankita filled her cum first from girls’ side. Anki herself needed half a glass and she came so much. Then one by one and we filled the glass with our cum again there was more kissing, sucking and fucking. This went on for nearly an hour.

By then girls had filled two full glasses with their cum and we boys had filled one full glass. Then we all sat around tired and drunk,looking at those glasses of those magical juices. It was white and thick. Some of our cum was white and very thick. Some had ejaculated slightly thick watery sperm.

Bhavana mixed the boys’ cum glass well with her finger and allowed it to settle. Rohit mixed the two glasses of girls’ cum into another bigger glass and stirred it well. Bhavana licked her finger to feel the taste. We all wanted to taste it.

Bhavana and Rohit distributed the biological juice to 8 glasses and we savored the divine liquid by having cheers to the birthday girl and arranging a heavenly sex party. Boys got ample amount of it to savor but girls had a fight sharing the small amount of boys’ sperm.

They in fact licked from each other’s mouth. We were so tired and messed up that we didn’t even realize that we went to sleep. Next morning we got up by 11 and some of them were in such a hangover that they had forgotten what had happened last night, particularly to birthday girl Anki.

Since we all woke up dirty, naked and in each other’s arms,it was clear that we all were drunk and had sex. But it was one unbelievable sex party ever.

The story might sound unreal but when it happened even we felt it was so unreal. Waiting to hear comments from you all at [email protected] or [email protected] games can be real fun!

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