Sex In Kerala – Part II

“This is going to be your day, OK? So don’t worry and just enjoy it”, Renu was advising me. “OK baby”. “See, nobody is going to know about what happens here. So just feel at home and relax”. “OK. I will be fine”. “I saw that you were tensed yesterday”. “Yes. I was. But now I am fine”. “Good. Then lets do it”, she smiled at me and I beamed back at her. We were going to auntie ‘s place again after our usual temple visit. I was wearing a green colored blouse and a green colored skirt with matching red borders. Renu had pleated my hair nicely in the morning. She was also wearing the same style blouse and skirt but in red color with green borders. We were wearing the same kind of jewelery, a pair of umbrella form of ear rings, one bangle on each hand and a pair of silver anklets with chyme bells on it. She was also wearing her mobile phone pouch around her waist with her phone in it. We almost ran to her auntie’s house.

We slipped off our sandals at the entrance and stepped into auntie ‘s house barefooted. She was not in the hall. “We will check the courtyard”, Renu said and we went to the courtyard behind the house. She was sitting in the same old chair as we had left her yesterday. We began to move towards her. Vaishu was sitting opposite her. Both were silent and sipping coffee. Walking barefooted on the ground, I was getting a happy feeling as I felt the naked ground under my feet. “Hi auntie”, Renu said, as she went and touched auntie ‘s feet and hugged her. The she went and hugged Vaishu and finally settled on a chair near her. I went and touched auntie ‘s feet, hugged her and then readily sat on her lap. Renu looked at me smiling when I jumped on to auntie ‘s lap. I winked back at her. The maid brought in more tea. We exchanged pleasantries and gossip as we sat and drank the hot tea.

“How are you Ayesha baby?”, auntie asked me. I was sitting on her lap in such a way that my legs were over one of the arm rest of her chair and I was leaning against the other one, so that I could see her face while talking. “I am fine auntie. How are you?”. “I am fine too. Thank you”. “By the way Vaishu, how did you reach ahead of us?”, I asked Vaishu. “Oh! Ayesha baby. I cant tell you. Its a secret” and she made a funny face as if her secret was too valuable. We all laughed at this. The maid cleared our tea cups and took her spot behind auntie. “Renu. Come here baby”, auntie called out. Renu came and stood in front of us. “Why don’t you remove your skirt for us?”, she asked her. I was sitting on auntie ‘s lap, waving my dangling feet joyfully. After hearing auntie, I stiffened up a little, wondering what was about to happen. Renu unhooked her skirt from the side and let it hit the ground. She removed it from around her feet and put it aside on a chair beside us. Renu ‘s blouse was long enough to cover almost half of her white panties. I looked at Renu and she was just standing there smiling at me.

“She is your best friend, right?”, auntie asked me. “Yes auntie”. “Have you seen her naked before?”. “Yesterday auntie”. “Oh! ya. Have you touched her naked body?”. “No”. “Do you want to?”. “Yes. I want to auntie”, I replied excitedly. Renu was standing there smiling at me in her blouse and panties. “Lakshmi. Get her out of those clothes”, auntie told her maid. The maid came around Renu and started unhooking her blouse which was buttoned up from back just like mine. As I watched in amazement she removed her blouse and put on top of her skirt on the chair. Now, my best friend, was standing in her undergarments in front of me. Within seconds Lakshmi relieved her off her undergarments too, placed them with the other clothes and took her position behind us. Renu was standing completely nude in front of us now. Apart from her jewelery, there was nothing on her body now. She was standing completely relaxed, smiling at me. She had a completely well toned body. She was in perfect shape. Her breasts were of the correct sizes, not too large or not too small. Her waist and hips were of the perfect shape and her slim long legs was enough to get anyone crazy. Her pussy was clean shaven. She had a flat and smooth stomach with a cute little belly button. She just stood in front of us, as I sized up my best friend.

“Renu, show us what you have got baby. We are dying to see your pussy”, auntie said. Renu came very close to the chair and placed her one foot on the arm rest on which I was leaning against. Now her genitals were completely exposed to us. She was so close to us that I could almost smell her vagina. Her vagina was quite a sight to watch. Folds of skin were closed together and to me, it looked like a fresh flower ready to open in full bloom to display its glory. “Go on. Touch it”, auntie encouraged me. I looked at Renu and she smiled at me invitingly. I placed the palm of my one hand on top her pussy. It felt so soft against my palm. Auntie had started to massage my bare feet with her hands. I was too engaged on the view between my best friends legs. I slowly rubbed my hand against her pussy. She was standing still. She moaned a little as my finger rubbed against her clitoris. I was getting excited. I inserted my middle finger slowly into her pussy. She moaned a little loudly this time, as I pushed my entire finger into her vaginal hole. The folds of her skin parted ways to let my finger in. Renu widened her knees inviting me directly in. I felt the wetness of the inside of her pussy on my finger. I slowly pulled out my finger. My finger was wet with her liquid. “Go on. Taste it”, auntie encouraged me. I put the middle finger into my mouth and sucked on it. I tasted a little bit of urine and her wetness as I sucked on my finger. “Its good”, I said and auntie laughed out aloud.

Renu had gone back and was sitting in her chair beside Vaishu, facing us. She was still naked and did not look as if she was worried about it. “Did you like it?”, auntie asked me. “Yes auntie. Very much”. “Do you want more?”. “No auntie. Let them enjoy”, I said, looking at Renu and Vaishu who were engaged in a deep passionate french kiss. Vaishu ‘s one hand was holding Renu ‘s neck, while the other was slowly massaging her breasts. I could hear their soft moans. I suddenly realized that auntie ‘s hand was rubbing against my inner thighs under my skirt. My body just jerked in shock. “Relax baby, relax”, auntie said. “Sorry auntie. I suddenly realized that your hand was..”, my voice trailed off slowly. “Its OK baby. Don’t get scared. Just look at those two enjoying OK?”, she said, pointing towards Vaishu and Renu. Renu and Vaishu were still locked in their deep lip kiss, but Vaishu ‘s hand was slowly massaging Renu ‘s pussy, Renu was moaning softly and her body was twitching and twirling in the chair, unable to contain herself.

“Can I remove your blouse?”, auntie asked me. “I am not wearing any bra inside”. “That’s OK. Don’t worry about it”, she smiled at me. I got up and stood in front of auntie with my back to her as she slowly started to unbutton my blouse. Immediately, the maid, Lakshmi, came around in front of me and started to unbutton my skirt at my side. As soon as auntie had unbuttoned my blouse, Lakshmi helped me out of my skirt which had dropped to the ground around my feet. She also removed the blouse off me and put both on the chair along with Renu ‘s clothes. After that, she caught hold my panties and was about to whisk it off my body when auntie said, “Let it be there”. She immediately stopped and went back to her old position, behind auntie. I settled back on auntie ‘s lap in just my panties. Vaishu and Renu had stopped for a moment and was taking in the exposed parts of my body as I lay in my panties, with my bare feet dangling in the air at auntie ‘s sides. The chymes in my anklets were making noises as I waved my legs in the air.

After getting a good look at my body, Renu and Vaishu had started on with their games. Vaishu was slowly fingering Renu. Renu was moaning softly as Vaishu ‘s finger, very slowly, darted in and out of her pussy. Auntie ‘s one hand was over my belly, playing with my navel, rubbing and poking in it, while her other hand was around me, touching my breasts. She was squeezing my nipple with her two fingers, while I winced with her every squeeze. “You are very beautiful baby”, auntie said. “Thank you auntie”, I thanked her. “Are you ready?”, she asked me. “Ready for what?”. “To show us something like Renu did”. “No auntie, I..”. “Why are you shy baby? You have got the most beautiful body that I have ever seen”. “Thank you auntie. But…”. “Common sweetheart. Wont you do it for me? Eh? Common. Get on the ground now. Lakshmi will help you. Just enjoy yourself”, she said, pushing me on the ground. I got off her lap and stood on the ground, barefooted and in my panties, wondering what was about to happen.

“We will take care of this, auntie”, Vaishu said. “Yes auntie. Please”, Renu chipped in. They had stopped everything they were doing and were watching me with interest. “OK! Go ahead”, auntie showed them the green flag. Vaishu just jumped out of her chair and charged towards me. I got scared and moved back, hitting auntie who was in her chair. She held me by my hands and said, “Don’t scare the kid”. She pulled me back on to her lap. Vaishu and Renu came up to me together. They each took my leg in their hands and began to kiss it, running their tongue all over my dusty feet and toes. Auntie was rubbing my breasts. Her fingers were squeezing my nipples, making me moan softly. I closed my eyes as auntie increased the pressure on my nipples. I leaned on to auntie and rested my head on her body. I was wincing in pain as well as pleasure and my whole body tensed up under her strong fingers. Her one hand continued to torment on my nipple, while her other hand moved down to navel. She poked and rubbed her hands on my belly button. Her finger roamed around my belly, making me completely horny. Even though her rough hands felt grossly against my skin, her touch was pleasuring me every way. She was good.

Renu and Vaishu sat on the ground still sucking my legs. They had placed my legs over each arm rest of the chair so that they were wide apart. Auntie continue to torment my nipples one after the other. I was actually twitching around in her lap. Her other hand which was on my navel, began to slowly move down and rested around the elastic band of my panties. I wanted to scream for her to go inside them. But it stayed there. She was teasing me. Her hand began to move around the edges of my panties at the sides, but not exactly touch my panties. It roamed around the sides of my pubic region, slowly rubbing around that part. I was getting uncontrollable now. I was trying to move my legs unable to control myself. Renu and Vaishu pinned down my legs, as auntie continued on teasing my body. I tried pushing my body up, but auntie placed her one hand around my hips so that I was pinned down on her lap. As the pressure began to mount, I sensed my inner thighs getting sweaty. I could also feel the anticipation building up between my legs, as it began to get ready for action. I knew that my wetness was drenching my panties in the front area and that the stain would be clearly visible to the others through the light sky blue color of my panties.

As I had thought, Renu noticed the stained part of my panties. She said, “She is dripping wet auntie”. They laughed at this. Auntie placed me again on the ground where I stood there panting hard to catch my breath with my back to auntie. Auntie slowly began to lower my panties. Renu did the rest of the honors. She whisked my panties off my feet and threw it on the chair with all the other clothes. “Its really good”, Vaishu said, looking at my pussy. Renu just winked at me and I held my head low with a shy smile. Auntie turned me around facing her. I just moaned loudly as she ran her wrinkled finger over my pussy. Her finger was immediately wet. My pussy was small and tight. The folds of my skin were tightly shut together and you can just see the two outer skin tightly shut together forming a straight line on my pussy mount. Auntie just turned me around. She cupped up my ass in her hands and squeezed them. I just stood on my toes wincing in pain. “Bent over”, she said. I bent forward with my ass pointing to her. Renu and Vaishu were holding me. Auntie ‘s tough hands separated my ass cheeks as far as it could and got a good look at my ass slit and my hole. “This too is tight”, she said.

I began to moan loudly as auntie began running her slimy tongue through my ass slit. My legs were going weak. If Renu and Vaishu were not holding me, I would have surely collapsed on the ground. As auntie ‘s tongue began to lick around my ass hole, my moans began to change into high pitch cries. I had my eyes closely shut, as I stood bent over getting my ass licked all over. While holding me, Renu and Vaishu were slowly massaging my breasts. My small breasts were really hard and my nipples were erect. My breathing had become hard as I cried on, unable to control the rising passionate emotions in my body. I felt pussy slightly discharge my wetness. I slowly opened my eyes and looked down. Drops of my wetness had fallen to the ground. One droplet was sticking onto my pussy lips, getting ready to fall off. Suddenly auntie pushed me on to her lap.

She made me lie on her lap with my head resting on her and my each leg on the left and right arm rests of the chair. I sat with my pussy exposed to all, as Renu and Vaishu watched all this in amazement. There was hunger in both their eyes as their eyes zoomed in on my exposed pussy. Auntie held me with one hand while the other caressed my breasts slowly. Renu and Vaishu immediately held my legs in place as auntie began to squash my breasts. I winced in pain and cried out aloud as my small tits crushed under her tough big hands. Tears began to roll out of my eyes through my cheeks. Auntie slowly moved her hand down below to my navel. It did not stop at my navel. It slowly began to descend as I held my breath in anticipation. I let out a scream as her rough wrinkled fingers brushed against my pussy lips. I closed my eyes shut and pushed my waist up, widening my knees, inviting her to continue.

Auntie began to slowly rub my pussy. Her wrinkled middle finger was slowly stimulating my clitoris, making me go wild. I was screaming loudly now. A million stars exploded inside my head as she went on and on. I opened up my hips and pushed my legs wide apart. I had closed my eyes and I was twisting my toes and my leg. I was holding on hard to the auntie, almost hurting her as the pressure between my legs began to mount. She began to pick up pace and her finger began to rub furiously on my pussy. My crying also took the same pace as her rubbing as I moaned and shrieked in high pitch. After some time I let out a howl, as the dam inside my pussy burst. I felt my fluids gush out of my pussy, through her fingers. I was panting hard for my breath. I slowly opened my eyes and saw that I had drenched auntie ‘s clothes. Thick white fluids were sticking on my pussy lips and below it. Renu and Vaishu were staring at my explosion with wide open mouths. “I have never seen anything in my life”, auntie said, as I curled up on her lap, tired and exhausted. She was licking my juices on her fingers.

Vaishu widened my legs and got me into the same position as before. She crouched on the floor on my front. Then she put her face between my legs and began to lick the sticky fluids off and around my pussy. Auntie and Renu held me down, as I began to get into another frenzy state. I started screaming as her licks began to touch my pussy lips. Her tongue was furiously flicking on my pussy, furiously licking it clean. I began to feel similar sensations build up below my stomach. I prepared myself for another blast, as Vaishu continued on and on. Suddenly, I let out a howl and jerked my head backwards as my juices spurted out for the second time. My juices were all over Vaishu ‘s face, but still she showed no signs of stopping as I climaxed again and again. I was having multiple orgasms as Vaishu went on and on. I lost count as her tongue showed no signs of stopping or slowing down. I felt my body was being lifted into the air and then ripped apart into pieces as more of my juices flowed out. Finally, Vaishu stopped and got up from the ground. She was smiling with satisfaction. I collapsed on top of auntie as I was completely exhausted. I was panting hard and my whole body was covered in sweat. I just lay there on her lap, exhausted and tired.

“You were too good there”, Renu praised me, as we walked back to the house through the coconut field. “Thank you”. “I did not know that you had a superb body. Probably I did not notice before”. I did not say anything. “By the way, you look more beautiful without clothes”, she said laughing. I kicked her jovially and we laughed out together. “Ayesha, we have to do something like this when we return back, OK?”. “OK”. “No. Promise me”. “I promise”. “Good”, she said and slapped me on my butt. I began to chase her for slapping my butt. We ran all the to her home, happily laughing and cracking jokes.

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