Sex In Train With Shikha

Hey guys… this is Rohan from Bhopal submitting my 3rd story. First of all, thank you all for your feedback. I am really very happy to see so many positive responses. so coming to the story, I hope you remember my first story with Shikha, a friend I met on tinder and now we are best friends with benefits.

One day, while talking to her on phone, I don’t remember why but the topic of Maharaja Express came up. I hope you guys know what is that and if not, please google it. As I was telling her about it, she suddenly asked that if people can have sex there!

Me: (laughed) ofcourse yar, I told you that is like a palace on wheels and there are rooms in it, just like we have in hotels.

Shikha: Ya, must be adventurous (laughed).

Me: Ya.. a lot!!

Shikha: Imagine, people having sex in train.. (and laughed)

Me: Haha.. by the way, I had oral sex with my ex once.

Shikha: What?? are you kidding?? weren’t you guys scared.

Me: Babe, we were in 2nd AC compartment and they have curtains there.

Shikha: Then also yar, what if someone would have come all of a sudden.

Me: Thats the fun. Vaise no one comes in the night unless the train halts at some station.

Shikha: Man.. that is so risky… exciting too!! (and laughed..)

Me: yeah… could have had sex also but gf was scared like hell. I had a condom too..

Shikha: Haha.. I don’t blame your gf.

and like this, our conversation about this ended. The next day, while I was in office I received her msg on watsapp.

Shikha: so…?? sex in train is possible haan??

Me: 😀 .. ya, but why all of a sudden..??

Shikha: Just like that… maybe will try if it is not that risky 😉

Me: Sure babe.. we can give it a try ;)….

That night, I messaged her just like that.. in a very casual manner

Me: so.. wana give it a try??

Shikha: yeah 😉 would be fun

I called her up and then we had a nice phone sex imagining we were in train.

After some 2-3 days, I faked in front of my parents that I am going on a tour, and since mine was a touring job they had no problem. Shikha was also in Bhopal only. As decided I had booked two tickets (Side upper and lower) in 2nd AC in Punjab mail and we got on the train in the train and made ourselves comfortable. She was wearing a blue capry and a white top and was looking very hot that day. I had already bought a condom packet .

And, the train started and we started chatting casually, waiting when it will get dark. Yes, we had already pulled on the curtains and kissed whenever we got a chance, fondled her boobs and believe me guys and girls… when you make out with the fear of getting caught (although with the minimum risk), the feeling is just amazing.. a very thrilling experience!!

And finally it was dark, most of the public were done with the dinner and as some of them have a habit of sleeping early while travelling, they switched the lights off. Now, obviously, me and Shikha had no intention of having sex at that moment, so I told my babe to go on upper berth and relax for some time. I will call her as soon as I m sure people are asleep and also, when there is no station in the next 1 hour or so.

After 1 hour or so, when I was sure that it is now least risky, I called Shikha down. The boogie was pretty dark and Shikha quickly got on my berth and lied down. I lied next to her and put on the blanket and kissed her on her lips softly and brought her a little close as the berth was not that big. Within few seconds, we were engrossed in a passionate lip lock, obviously we could not see each other’s faces. I took my hands on her ass and started to squeeze her ass cheeks softly.

Then my hands went inside her capry and panty together and started to rub her pussy. I could sense she was getting hornier as she had now started kissing me madly, exploring my mouth with her tongue. I then slided my finger in her pussy that was pretty much wet by now due to which my finger went in easily. I finger fucked Shikha for a few minutes.

Shikha: (whispered) Let us finsh,, before somebody comes..

I got what she meant and got up, took a condom from my bag and went to the bathroom. Now obviously I had to make it quick as I could loose hardness. So I wore the condom quickly and returned to my berth and lied beside Shikha. Now, we adjusted ourselves in spoon position (google it if you don’t have any idea about what is it).

Then I lowered my lower and underwear as well as her capry and panty and placed my dick over her pussy and gave a slight push and also kept my hand on her mouth so that she does not make any sound. I was all in at once and it felt so hot, so wet inside her pussy. Slowly slowly, I started thumping her from her back, while she was licking my hand, biting it in excitement. Man it was so amazing!! In some 5 minutes or so, I cam and took out my dick out from her pussy. I lied next to her for sometime, kissing her and fondling her boobs.

Shikha: (whispered) finally we did it!! …

She said as if we had won a battle !!! Then, I removed my condom filled with my cum and went to the bathroom to throw it and came back and climbed on the upper berth as I did not want her to take any trouble further. Now, I don’t think there is any point in telling you guys what happened in Mumbai ;), however this time we did not go to her flat but booked a hotel room.

So girls, this was my first Sexperience in train… hopefully not the last!! Hope you all enjoyed it. I am sorry if I had pissed you off at any point of the story. Also, sorry for keeping the sex section short. It was more of a quickie. I hope you guys understand why. Pls do mail me your comments at “[email protected]”.

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