Sex Swapping Sisters – Part 3

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Honey found a cock for her the She-male Bindi but their Grand-mom has profound love for Bindi and she kept Bindi with her instead of grand-dad and all accepted the fact and Bindi has also got no objection in that as she knew that she i9s free to fuck anyone but it is better for her to be the sex slave of grand-mom Honey.

In college Madhu started her love with Ravi and at last Ravi invited Madhu to her home and as Madhu was completely ignorant about the status of Ravi, so she eagerly waiting for this chance and she knew once the mouse of Ravi is trapped in between the endless cave of her, Ravi will be compelled to marry her as Ravi is a simple type of youth as

Madhu thought in her mind.Now it was about 3’O clock in the noon time and they came to the house of Ravi.It is a very big cottage and all sides are covered by high wall and there was enough place outside the cottage for 50 car parking.The total house is covered with opaque glass and none can see from outside but inside people can see outside. All house is fitted with closed circuit camera and Madhu understood that Ravi is very rich person but there is no one in the house except them.

Now it was easy for Madhu to seduce Ravi and Ravi finally put his 11 inch cock inside Madhu’s love sex canal and Madhu was familiar to this length of cock and after fucking for 20 minutes Ravi wanted to leave for urinating and the room was dark enough and it has been done by Madhu to avoid CCTV and just after 3 minutes Ravi entered and started to ,fuck her and now the fucking rhythm is fully different and Madhu released her sex fluid twice on Ravi’s cock and atlast Ravi discharged his sex jism and it is totally cleaned by Madhu and became too much happy to find so good sex partner like her dad and grand-dad and returned home with happiness and told every thing to Honey.

Now next day Madhu told Ravi to collect her from a shopping Mall ,she will be waiting for him.But next day sisters swapped their role and Honey went to the shopping Mall instead of Madhu and she was taken by Ravi to her around 2’O clock and Ravi started to fucking and again around 25 minutes he wanted to leave for taking water and came back and Honey felt the sex temperament of Ravi is somehow different, much more skilled and humping rhythm is also very nice and after 40 minutes Ravi discharged though Honey has discharged twice.Again the question came to Honey’s mind is it possible for a vigour of Ravi to keep his sex for 1 hour 5 minutes.There must be something fishy. Honey invited Ravi to her home next day and around 12’O clock in the noon Ravi accompanied by Madhu came to their home.

Now in the mean time Madhu. Honey and their mom and Grand mom discussed about the sex venture of their daughters with their would be SIL. Anyhow all have a definite plan to explore Ravi. When Madhu entered with Ravi in their house it was ensured that there was no body in the home.

Ravi kept his very costly mobile at the stand brought by him and then slowly and slowly started to sexploit Madhu and It was discussed between Madhu and Honey that Madhu likes the fucking vigour of Ravi but Honey obviously loved the rhythmatic fucking by Ravi.Now Madhu found vigour of Ravi and enjoying a lot of sex within that and suddenly Madhu withdraw her sex cervix from Ravi’s pecker and his 11 inch cock is glistering with mingle juice Madhu’s sex love fluid and Ravi’s sex water and pre –cum.Ravi asked why are you doing this? Madhu replied you fucked me in your house in the dark room and now in this room darkness is not possible hence I will go for blindfolding you unless you discharge.

By the next step Ravi was blindfolded and once he is blindfolded grand-mom Honey took the place of Madhu and unsatisfied Madhu came out and the burning of sex cervix was soothed by the foot long cock of Bindi in the same room very silently and after discharge of sex fluid of Madhu on Bindi’s cock,as per plane Madhu told that she wants fucking by Doggie position and her mom now took the place of her grand mom to be the bitch of her SIL and Blindfolded Ravi entered her pecker inside her MIL’s sex pot thinking he is poking the cunt meat of her wife but each time when the position is changing Ravi is finding some extra thrill and he knows how to find .

Now after fucking mom for 15 minutes Madhu told she wants fucking in missionary position and in this juncture Honey entered the bedroom and took the position of inverted frog and Ravi started with fresh energy to fuck new fuck valley though always it is Madhu for him.In this moment Madhu’s dad entered the house and found that her unsatisfied wife is getting vigorous fucking from Bindi and the sex charged dad found her MIL Honey and started fucking her.Again in the bed room of Madhu after completion of ! hour,Madhu told that she wants to make 69 with Ravi and at last Madhu discharged her sexjism on Ravi’s mouth and lapped all the sex jism came out of Ravi’s cock and Ravi thanked his dad silently who gave him suggestion to take sex enhanced tablet before entering Madhu’s home which retain the sex energy for about 1 hour + .Now Ravi silently went outside Madhu’s House aftert taking his mobile.

Next day four images came to Madhu’s mobile from Ravi, No.1-showing Grand-mom Honey riding Ravi’s cock like a cow girl,No.2-Showing bitch Mom fucking with her SIL in doggie position,No.3-an inverted frog SIL (Honey) is taking her cock and at last No.4- cunt and cock lapping with wife Madhu in 69 position.Again a message came you two sex swapping sisters are invited in my home at 5’O clock in the evening. Both the sisters plus all family members understood that Ravi has known the truth of vulgarity and may reject Madhu as his wife but they gave permission to meet Ravi for the last time.

Both the sisters reached Ravi’s home exactly at 5’O clock.Ravi was very casual and told the sisters that yesterday you blindfolded me to fuck four cunts and today I will not only blindfold you but also bed spread you and also shut your mouth so that you cannot speak the pain, cannot see the sex pleasure and can only here the fucking clap of cock and cunt,both the sisters became too much happy as Ravi has accepted them and their family also hence Madhu will be the wife of Ravi in future.

Both Madhu and Honey was taken to the Master bed room and in this room different type of camera, electronic gadgets and chains are fitted in the bed for bed spread.Now both of them made nude before bed spread and arrangement was made so that they cannot speak and last they were blindfolded.Ravi told it is your punishment and last test,if you pass this stage then both of you are accepted as wife of this house. As they have gags in their mouth so they got astonished but could not speak to ask.

Now my readers I am explaining the condition of Honey and Madhu is also getting the same treatment. Honey felt a tongue in her clit then the tongue moved to her vagina, opening the sex cervix by two fingers and again the tongue is put inside the sex hole and sex water started from both of their sex centre and now it was tasted by the tongue and again the tongue moved to the nipples and slightly biting their nipples by the teeth and pressing their boobs and the boobs are like tomb of charminar in their sexcitement and they are really enjoying sex outside their family cock and shemale Bindu’s cock and Honey has something jealous in her mind as Madhu is getting so much good cock for her life.God knows what type of cock she will get in her life. Anyhow Honey’s sex honey started flowing from her sex cervix and it was sweetly lapped by a tongue and put inside her mouth next stage was something new for both of them as the gag in their mouth was removed and cocks were put inside he mouth for deep throating and they were quite novice about this adventure but both are quick sex learner and done with extreme perfectness and they also got the sex water of their partner in their mouth..

By the next step both after 15 minutes of sex play Ravi is completely withdrawing his cock from the cunt and again within 15 seconds inserting the cunt and sex pattern is changing and as both are blind folded they cannot understand what is happening as they are thinking she is only getting the sex and another is waiting for her turn but actually both are getting sex at the same time with identical similar fashion and at last both came after 45 minutes with unison with their sex partner and mingled juices came out of their cunt whole and again the gag from mouth was remove for lapping of jism from the cock and the cunt was cleaned by their sex partner tongue and mouth and both the ladies gasping in sexcitement and at last blindfold was taken out and they were allowed to talk and Madhu told marvelous, I have not received this type of mindful sex and suddenly Honey told I have also received sex for last 45 minutes and that is the best for my life.Both the sisters started looking towards Ravi with curiosity but he is laughing.

The what is the Mystery in it? Let us find the strange fucker by the next Episode.

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