Sex With My Best Friend

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Coming to the story, it all started on facebook once when a girl sent me friend request, I have gone through her profile and came to know that she is from my college only, so we chatted every day and became so close day by day, one fine day she said I love you and I was in shock and asked her what are you speaking she said ” I love you as a friend and more than a friend you are like my best friend” then I taught it’s okay and agreed to be her best friend

From then we become more closer, one day I asked her a hug and she agreed to that in a friendly manner, and asked me to plan a private place for us, the next day we went to a movie at inox and in middle of the movie she asked to come out to take some snacks and I agreed and went with her, at the entrance of the auditorium there are two rooms and some space in between them and at that place I held her hand and grabbed her waist to hug her, she was shocked by my hug and we were there for 2 mins hugging while I was kissing her neck and ears with my hands over her waist and pressing it, she was damn happy about it and is turned on but a attendant of the inox came and we had to separate but thank god he didn’t see us,

These hug sessions increased in number and duration as the time changed and we were bery happy about it and I once kissed her on her lips, she was so turned on that she kissed me back very tightly and hugged more tight, we were on cloud9 and after a few days we met at our place but we didn’t have mich time so we just had an hug and I slowly slipped my hands into her top to touch her boobs they were so soft, and forgot to tell her stats were 34b-28-32 and were curvy and perfect without much fat at any place and stiff boobs,

After that day while we were chatting she texted me “The first one to touch my boobs should be the first one to suck them too” and I was shocked and excited at the same time I was damn happy about it and replied “Don’t worry babe you’ll have the perfect time with me” and she was happy seeing me responding positively and this led to start sex chat between us and we used to have sex chat very often when any one of us are horny

One of them are as follows

Me:babe come to my bed and sleep with me

She: I ‘m already beside you hugging you da

Me:ya I can feel those boobs touch my arm ;p

She:you are always horny

Me:why wouldn’t I be if this milky beauty is seeping with me while I ‘m only in my undies

She: you are and idiot

Come undress me too to my birth suit

Me:you are such a slut

I’m kissing you from your lips to neck slowly and went down slowly to the boobs and bit those hard nipples while you are moaning and continue to kiss till the navel and bit there to get hold of your t shirt and bring it up and open it completely with me mouth

She: you always turn me on

I can’t wait any more remove the rest things

Me:now I turn you back and kiss all your back and get hold of your bra hooks to open them with my mouth and turn you around to bite those nipples and pull your bra

She:aaaahh don’t stop baby plz continue

Me: I then come to the bottom part and caress you and remove the short and panty slowly while touching every part of your bottom to smell that clean shaved wet pussy

She:plz come on to me and fuck me I can’t stop I ‘m all yours

Me: I’ll kiss those pussy lips to make them wet and start licking the pussy completely and finger it with one finger then with two and then with three

She: ahhhh stop fingering start fucking plz

Me:ya babe I ‘m getting there let me make it ready first, and then I start slowly inserting my dick into your tight wet pussy and give strokes to insert my whole 7 inch tool into it

She: come on fuck me harder bang me like a bitch

Me: ya babe fucking you harder and harder , faster and faster till you and me cum

She: I already cummed here darling thanks a lot, I can’t wait to have it directly

Me: I ‘m already planning on that baby will let you know

Blah blah blah

And one day I planned to take her to my flat when no one is there and asked her to wear a saree on that day to have more pleasure and she agreed to that and co incidentally that day happened to be her freshers day and she wore a semi transparent maroon and green saree

She sent me a pic before going to colg and texted “Get ready and pick your bitch by 3 in the afternoon” and I was so ready for that and made arrangements in the flat with rose petals all over the bed and candles around the bed closed all the curtains to make it look darker with only the candle light

I picked her up at that time and we came to my flat, she is so happy seeing that and said “So you planned our first night so well ah but remember da I’ll be here for two hours only plz send me after that or else it’ll be a problem at home”

I assured her “Sure baby I’ll fuck you mad these two hours and drop you home”

And she hugged me tightly I hugged back and started kissing where ever possible and was pressing her waist

She gets turned on if her waist is pressed and so did she on that day and started to scratch my back and kiss harder

I threw her on the rose petals arranged bed and climbed upon her and started to kiss her from fore head to down till the boobs and took of the pallu of the saree with my mouth and then kissed her stiff boobs from the jacket and slowly removed the bottoms of the jacket which are in middle of her milky boobs and then tore of the bra with my mouth She was turned on and started caressing my dick from my pants and I continued to kiss her all over the naked upper body and made her stand up and removed her bottom part while she was undressing me and now she threw me on bed and started kissing till the dick and started sucking it she was doing it like a professional and I asked her how and she said she watches a lot of porn and continued to suck my dick

Then it was my turn and I started to kick her pussy like I explained her during the sex chat and we had 45 mins of foreplay in which she cummed once and then asked me to enter her virgin pussy I didn’t know she was a virgin till then she didn’t tell me before when I asked too and then I slowly started entering her pussy and she shouted to take it off and I took it as I haven’t fucked any virgin till then so I didn’t know what today and she relaxed a bit and I surprised her by suddenly pushing it deep and she had tears in her eyes and blood was oozing out of the pussy and I didn’t stroke her and was speaking to her that it’ll be okay and all and then slowly started to stroke her and she got better with each stroke and started moaning a lot and asked me to fuck harder

I started to fuck harder and harder, she was so happy and I said I ‘m about to cum and she asked me to cum in her mouth and I did it she happily drank those juices and we slept on the bed for 15 mins and I woke up to find her going into the bathroom to get ready and I hugged her from back and she smiled and said thank you and I said there is some more and took her under the shower and we had bath and she got ready in front of me and scolded me for tearing her bra and I surprised her with a brand new cupped bra and she said “You are an asshole” in a sweet tone and took those and asked me to hook them at the back and I did it and made her wear the saree and dropped her off at home.

Later we had some misunderstandings and she left me, I still need her but she doesn’t.

Anyways that’s the end of the story, send me your feedback @ [email protected]

Thank you

And any unsatisfied girls or aunties can also mail me and I assure their privacy

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