Sex With My Cousin Sister

Hello, guys this is rishab again with my second story in iss.I never thought I would write another story on iss.So yes it has happened to me again and trust me guys ladies crave for sex more than guys do when they want it to happen.

So the ones who doesn’t know me I am from Hyderabad, doing my btech from one of the good institutions of the city and the heroine of the story is my cousin sister Sanjana (name changed) for obvious reasons she 5’7 in height, aged 24 and her stats I didn’t measure them for now but she is little plumpy but that adds her to look sexier, whitish in complexion and let me tell u her boobs omg perfectly shaped and ass the best I have ever seen its a long story so bare it.

Now let us move on to the story this happened just a couple of weeks ago and she has completed her mbbs and came to my place as she hasn’t visited us since a long time,I was happy to see her so are my parents then we had lunch and went to a movie and returned back home.My father left to Bangalore the next morning and my mother is working too then we were left alone then we started speaking about my college and she showed some pics of her tour with her friends I was always busy staring her ass I was in no mood to listen what she was saying.

Then the topic moved on to girlfriends and boyfriends she asked me did I ever had sex I replied that yes I did I could not reveal about my bhabhi but lied that I had with my ex-girlfriend then we thought of boozing and I bought a bottle of vodka then the topic got spicy but we never had an intention of having sex,then she asked me if u get a chance to have sex with someone in our whom would u pick and I instantly replied you she was stunned then she gave a naughty smile and said u play football na let me test your stamina but not now I was depressed then we both had some shots and dozed off speaking with each other

Then my mom was back we had dinner and went to my room she always sleep beside me since childhood then she came and gave me a naughty smile and switched off the lights and slept as if nothing happened I was getting so desperate to fuck her then she was acting as she was sleeping then I wrapped my arm around her and slowly moved my hand inside her shirt and hugged her tightly and my dick was as hard as it can be and was poking her ass crack and I was pressing her boobs over her bra she was moaning lightly then she herself opened her bra I was circling her nipples and was giving strokes over her track she was getting very horny we did this all night and slept.

Then the next day my mom left for work I got up and realised wat happened in the night I was looking for her then I got the sound from the bathroom she was having shower then she came out gave me a smile and went to the next room then I had a shower and came out I was stunned she was sitting on the bed waiting for me she just wrapped a towel around her body and she was all wet still that was the best scenario I ever witnessed I was not that happy when I saw the Eifel tower she said “Kal raat tho bohat koshish kar raha tha abhi I am all yours baby come off” I just went and jumped over her.

Then I started kissing her lips they were so soft then were biting each other’s lips like there is no tomorrow then I licked her neck and kissed her back she was getting very very horny she was sitting in doggy position and I was kissing her back and was pressing her boobs then she came over me and sat over me and removed her towel there comes her big melons which were welcoming me to lick then I started pressing her boobs she had light brown nipples she gave me her boobs to eat I started pinching them and licking the other made them wet with my saliva then she went down and removed my towel and my tool made a big tent she held that came started stroking it

Then she came up again and licked my chest and my arms and went down and gave a bitchy look those eyes were filled with lust and she took my 6 inch dick in her mouth and started blowing it, it was like heaven she started to deep throat and she poured all her saliva filled in mouth on my dick and again blew it and I said u do it like a pornstar she laughed and I said I wanna do 69 because I want to feel that big ass over me then she came over me I started licking her pussy she was sucking my dick and I was licking her pussy she started to moan heavily and she had an organism within 10 mins.

Then she was getting desperate then she laid down and I inserted my dick inside her pussy it was little tight then I applied some saliva then I inserted it in and gave some strokes then she was shouting loudly then I inserted it completely and she gave very loud moan then I kissed her lips to calm her and started giving hard strokes she was shouting fuck me baby yeaaaa ummmmm ahhhhhhhaaa yeaaa then I fucked her for 20 mins then I was about to cum and came over belly.She gave a smile and hugged me tightly

After some time we started fucking in doggy position and I fucked her very hard she was shouting and I had to close her mouth as my neighbors would get a doubt then I was little tired then she came over me and kept my dick inside her pussy and started riding me she was jumping and I was also applying some pressure the rhythm made us go crazy and we fucked hard holding each other tightly then we were about to cum then we went to wash and I cummed in her mouth.We had 2 more sessions after that I applied oil to her ass and fucked her.She applied to ice cream to my dick and gave me a bj.

So, guys, this is how I and my elder cousin had the best time and yes many of you might think its all fake but trust me guys its a true incident happened with me.So please do give me your feedback and I thank all of them who gave me a feedback to my previous story thank u guys and thank you iss.

And any ladies or girls can mail me for any kind of fun to [email protected]

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