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Not wasting your time. Getting into the story, this incident happened during our vacation. My friend is hot with nice structure. I never asked about her size, but it must be 34-30-36. So the day arrived me and my friend boarded the train we luckily got the same coach. So we shared my upper birth. There were no bad intentions on my friend before this travel. So train started, we were chatting casually, laughing, since being the week day there weren’t many peoples in my train. Our chatting continued till late night, then we decided to sleep but she was resistant to go to her birth. So she stayed with me and we slept buy sitting, then after few, she was in deep sleep and fell on my shoulder, I was keeping quiet as she was my friend. Then as it got chilled, she hugged me tight and asked me to go to one end, then she hugged me and lie on my chest. It was very hot, due to chillness, I got my boner and her soft tits was pressing my chest hard. I couldn’t control it.

So my tool got rock hard and as I was wearing tracks it was easily poking her. She came to her senses and slightly moved, but didn’t utter a word. Then I moved my hand towards her ass and pressed it hard. Then she moaned it, due to the coldness, she was also on, came up to me and started smooching me. Initially, i was shocked but then I responded her back. I moved her hand inside my boxer and started moving my cock. Then we were continuously smooching each other. We exchanged our saliva, we sucked each other’s tongue. Then I moved my hands inside her t-shirt and started caressing her. Then she whispered just one hour more then I will get down so lets move to restroom fast. So we moved to the western toilet one after the other. So after entering, we again started smooching heavily, we didn’t worry about, we were so high. Then I lifted her and smooched her again. Then she removed my t-shirt and started caressing my back and I removed her t-shirt and removed her bra hooks. Then I started sucking and licking her neck.

Then I went to her boobs, I sucked her nipples and simultaneously pressed the other one hard. She was moaning like anything. Then I went to her hip and licked it, it was tasty and I gave a love bite in her hips, and now made a mark. Then I removed her jeans, and panties at a go. I made her sit on the western toilet and spread her legs, and started kissing and licking her inner thighs, and went to her pussy. I kissed it and licked it very hard on her pussy. Then I inserted my tongue inside her pussy and started eating her pussy. I licked it deep inside. She was moaning a lot. If someone was there they would have really heard it. Then I was pressing her tits hard. She couldn’t control and finally released her cum on my face by moaning ah aha ha ah aha ah ahhhh haha. I drank it without wasting a drop and licked it all over her pussy.

Then she went on her knees and started stroking my dick. She took it in her mouth and started stroking it. She caressed my dick with her nails, and took it very deeply, she was enjoying the stroke and stroking hard, and winked at me. And she started stroking very hard then finally I said I am gonna cum and she stroked, even more, faster and I released my load of cum into her mouth and tits by moaning ah ah aha ha ha aha fuck fuck and she drank it all without wasting a sing drop ad gave hot smile and she hugged me nude and came to my ears and said it was great and we will finish the remaining while going back. Then we saw the time it was just 20 min left to get down for my friend. So we dressed up then moved to our seat, and she was lying on me and we smooched again for the next 5 minutes then she got down. Then I came to my birth and started remembering about the past 1 hour. Then after 1 hour, i got a message from her that she reached her home.

Then she was sorry that she was pushed to leave in middle. But assured it will be continued while returning to our college after vacation. Then we made sex chats on what would have happened after the oral sessions. So we were eager for that moment, which showed how lust developed between us and enjoy our lust to the core and full satisfaction. So till that moment, we were exchanging our photos nude, semi-nude and some hot photos as we wished. So, the whole vacation was fun, erotic and sex chats at different scenarios and so.

This story continues in part 2 on how we enjoyed our lust with full satisfaction while going back to our college, which made us extend our relationships to friends with benefits.

So thanks for reading this story, your comments are most welcomed.Also, girls who like to have sex, sex chat, friends with benefits, virtual relationships, chatting, etc can contact me at [email protected]. Privacy is guaranteed at its peak for 100%.Thank you.

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