Sex With My Girlfriend In Pune

Hi All,

My name is Sandip. I and my girlfriend had many sexual encounters. We used to live close enough in Bangalore. She was staying alone in a rented house and I was staying with my friends.

One day we thought to have a visit to Pune. Soon I booked 2 tickets to Pune from Bangalore via bus. We reached Pune in evening. We were tired and went to booked hotel. We got fresh and then took a nap. Then we roamed the city post evening and had a mouth-watering dinner (famouns Pune thali). We were so satisfied we the food quality and variety of items. After an enjoyable dinner, we walked for a while then came back to hotel room. We were in a good mood.

Suddenly I wanted to have fun with her. She was lying on the bed, I went near to her and planted a long kiss on her lips. She was very good in kissing and we put out mouth stuck for 10 mins. She said – You are planning to have sex pleasure, so we came here?. I denied and told I want it memorable for lifelong. I kissed her forehead and cheeks. Slowly moved to neck. Girls actually love kissing on their neck. It’s a secret !

Then I removed her dress. She was wearing a black bra. I kissed on the breasts covered with bra. I kissed on her navel. She was tempted with arousal. Then I removed my t-shirt. She kissed me whole over face. I was enjoying a lot. Then I removed her legging and panty. She was hiding her sexual part with hand. I removed her hand and kissed on her thighs. The my mouth liked the taste of her vagina. Put kiss on it and licked for 3 mins. She was enjoying a lot and told me to put my manhood on her.

I told her to enjoy slowly. I fingered her and slowly kept on increasing pressure on her with finger. She was moaning like anything. I then moved upwards and kissed on her breasts. Those white-pinky boobs were so tasty, I put my whole mouth and sucked like never before. My mouth on one breast and hand on other breast. I was enjoying a lot. Then I removed my pants and underwear. My dick was standing erect and ready to score. She kissed my dick and sucked it. She was enjoying and I was in heaven. I controlled a lot and gave her oral sex. Then we moved into 69 position. She was licking my dick and I was licking her pussy. We were so satisfied from each other.

After a while, I moved up and put my whole body on her. Then I inserted my dick on her vagina and slowly gave thrust. She moaned heavily with pleasure. The fucking went smooth and then we moved into doggy style. I fucked her hard and then she was on my top. And she was fucking me deeply. We used to put our mouths together many times which fucking. It was so vigorous, we sweated heavily even though AC was on. I could not control myself and released my sperm within her vagina. She asked me what I did. I gave her a pill to eat.

We took a break and she went to get freshened up. She washed herself and came covered with white towel. Then I went and cleaned. We were on the bed and watched TV. Soon we both slept naked whole night.

Next day in the morning, we visited some places and did shopping. We had lunch outside and came in the afternoon. We took rest and in the evening we roamed nearby places. In the night, again our sexual activities started. She fucked me a lot with her full vigor. I was enjoying. She kissed my body all over. She fucked in many positions. Then I told her to lets do sex while bathing.

In the night, we went to bathroom and fucked standing. It was showering on our bodies and sex was on. A total different experience altogether. The body heat was soothing to the cool shower. We were very happy and fucking each other nicely. I was smooching her and my dick was pressing hard. I fucked her from back while pressing her boobs. I was kissed her neck. She was raising her voice in pleasure and told me to fuck hard and we shouldn’t stop for ever. I fucked her till my strength and after 20 mins I released my fluids within her. We were so exhausted. We took washed each other with soap and did a lot of tickling.

We came to sleep and we both agreed that today’s sex was out of the world and never experience while bathing. Next day when she took bath, I was caressing my dick. When she came from bath, she caught me seeing playing with my dick. And asked we whether it need a good care. I agreed. She readily came and inserted my dick in her mouth. She was such good in licking my dick, we both were enjoying.

After sometime, my 7 inch rod needed a proper place to fuck. I was sitting on the edge of the bed and told her to sit on my thigh. She placed her pussy in my dick and sat on my thigh. I fucked her with placing my hands on boobs. She turned her face and kissed on my mouth. We were smooching and fucking. Then she changed direction and turned towards my self. We were sitting front and cross legged. It was a yogic fuck and good balance. I must say we both are very experienced in sex. She was complementing me and I was her.

Then we got cleaned up and went for lunch outside. We were teasing each other while walking. We both were free and loved each other. Our love cum sex life continued for other times as well. We stayed in Pune for 3 days and it was full with fun. Our sexual journey still continued when we were back to Bangalore. I would love to get your positive comments.

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