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Hi, I am Rohit and I am 28 years old and stay with my family. I have always had an attraction towards my sister. This was when I was 26 and my sister was 24. One day morning I was out brushing my teeth I noticed my younger sister was washing clothes, she was wearing her skirt but had taken her blouse off to wash it and her half-sari was covering her chest.

As I stood brushing my teeth, she raised her hands up revealing her small, wonderful breasts. I was stunned at the beauty of my sister’s breasts. But I felt guilty that I was watching my sister’s breasts and turned away. For few days I struggled with my feelings for my sister. Then one night I saw her breasts rising and falling with her regular breathing.

I wanted to caress those breasts but was afraid as I eagerly waited for the night. I started moving closely with her. One day I saw the opportunity to touch her breasts when she was sleeping. I thought it is worthwhile taking the chance with my sister. I spread palm and placed it gently over her left breast and kept it motionless for a long time enjoying the rise and fall of the breast in that short time.

After that one night, I started an activity with my sister regularly when she would be in deep sleep. One day we were at home and our parents were out of the station… we were watching TV and a lovemaking scene was going on… we were both a little embarrassed and looked at each other and smiled…

I asked her for a kiss on the cheeks and she agreed… then I asked her for a kiss on the lips and she denied this time…After that night, for a long duration, we did not speak a word about this until our parents went out for a week. One night the moment I put my hand on her breast, she caught my hand. “Brother, what have you been doing”, she said. I replied, sorry, please don’t tell anybody.

I won’t do it again” and I went in another room to sleep. But I could not control my feelings for her and kept masturbating in her honor. The next day when she came home in the evening I was watching a movie and another lovemaking scene was going on… she went to her room to change…

As I went to the washroom, she happened to come out of her room, wearing her petticoat till her chest no bra inside, her hair free… we caught each other’s eyes and she was a little shy… she looked down and said, “bro, please get aside, I want to go to bathroom…” I said fine. she went inside. I came back to the living room and started to think about her.

She came out and again we happened to see each other into the eyes. She was shy again and rushed inside her room. But she did not close the door. I somehow gathered courage and went inside the room. She was again wearing her petticoat till her chest no bra inside, her hair free, and wet, her lips wet…

She was very shy, was not looking at me. I also was trying to gather the courage to start to speak to her again. Somehow I broke the ice and asked her, “Can I kiss you?” she, surprised and looked shocked, asked “what?” I said, “Can I kiss you… on the lips?”

She smiled and looked down. I took her face into my hands and touched her lips with mine. She was so shy and nervous, that her heartbeat rose to double. I was also in the same condition. We kissed again.

I hugged my sister and started kissing, in fact smooching her lips passionately, touching my tongue to hers. She gradually unbuttoned the lower three buttons of her blouse and gave her breasts to me for caressing.

Then I asked “Sis, can I suck your breasts please?” She was shy and said, “Okey” and then looked down like a newlywed typical Indian bride. Then she gently drew my head towards her right breast and I started sucking alternating between her two breasts. Then I asked her if I can give her the ultimate joy of lovemaking… she agreed…I took out her top and molest her.Pressed her big size breast like a hungry animal with my both hand.I suck them over her bra.She moaned..”ahhhh please be gentle vaiya…”I continued to do this for 10 minutes.

Then I remove her black color bra.she was so amazingly beautiful.those white breast made me more hungry.I again suck them and bite the nipples gently…she whisper…”ummmm….ahhhaaa…” and grab me tightly with her both hand.Then I open her jeans.I sensed she was hot by then.I could smell her lower part raw smell.It made me hornier.I rub my finger over her panty.She was out of control.Then I open her panty.her pussy was saved.Slightly hair was there.

First, I kissed there…she moaned in pleasure..and grab my hair with her both hand…”ohhhh…please suck there…ohhhhh…aahhhhh…..ohhhhhh…..ummmm”…she lied on the bed..I was on her.

I insert my middle finger into her pussy.She was in pleasure.She gasped when I enter my finger and said ..”please fuck me…I need your big cock” I finger fucked for 15 minutes…she was about to cum.But I stopped.She said..”Please, vaiya….ungli dalo…mujhe acha lag Raha hai”…

My penis was hard an iron rod.It needs a hole for entering.She was mad by my sucking and licking.Then I can’t control myself, I desperately need to fuck her.

I took out condoms from my bag and wore and inserted my penis into her vagina… she moaned with pleasure and anxiety…. “Aahhhh… that feels so nice…ahhhh please slow….ummmm….ahhhhhh….I love you vaiya”I banged her for more than 3 hours.She was cum 4 was her first-time sex experience.

This took place for the next 4 nights. Now we have jobs in Bangalore have both moved here and our parents are in Kolkata. We both are living together like a married couple.Please feedback me guys – [email protected]

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