Sex With The Ex Girlfriend In Her Terrace

Hi all! I am Rohit from Bangalore. 25 years working in a good company. This is my first story hope you enjoy it as much as I did doing it. Cutting the chase I am 6 feet athletic body while the girl here whom for now we could call Aisha here on ISS is as old as me with a height of 5.8, long hair cute face hot body must be a 34b on her bust 28 at her waist and her ass would be a 32-34. Well endowed extremely passionate of sex we were. Please share your feedbacks and more to [email protected].

We started dating over a kiss and the sexual energies we shared would beat quite a few porn stars too. I was lucky to have her for the time I had. She used to give me the best blowjobs and I loved the way she would look up at me while she had my entire dick in her mouth gagging that innocence in her eyes while she did that used to be such a turn on.

There were time we couldn’t meet but with her libido we would get on skype and have had the dirtiest virtual sex ever. The wildest used to be in the car while we used to get to the boot of my suv strip each other naked and fog the windows and enjoy a banging session. Whatever reasons we had to part ways but our bodies refused to as we had enjoyed the best sex with each other for the longest time. Im already hard while writing this story.

Soon after we broke up her wedding was fixed and we tried avoiding to meet as it didn’t feel right as we knew if we meet were sure to tear each other’s clothes apart to get down and dirty. Once so happened that I bumped into her in a bar while she was with her other friends and we continued chilling in the same table and when it was time to go I offered her to drop her back home.

The minute she sat in the car I knew things would go out of control. She lloked upset and upon asking told me her fiancé was really boring in bed and he had a very small dick and really misses the times we had.

Both were slightly drunk and I told her I miss her too she immediately kept her hand on my thighs and looked straight into my eyes with a naught smile. We were at the signal and I started getting hard aisha caught on to my vibe and came forward to kiss me.

She kissed me and our tongues played with each other while we had people around we didn’t care. Traffic moved and she slid her hands into my jeans unbuckled it and pull down my boxers and my dick sprung out with pre cum and she came down and started giving me the sloppiest and dirtiest blowjob I’ve ever got her saliva was all over my lap she continued giving head she spat on it and went for it again as I was driving.

Luckily since it was late night the streets were comparatively empty which made it perfect I also lifted her zebra striped short dress to see her black thong pulled it to her thighs to feel her trimmed pussy soaking wet and I licked my fingers to taste her and boy beats it any day!!

The wildness continued every time we got a chance and in this one lonely street near her house I pulled over and pushed back both our seats and got on to the 69 position and feasted on each other. It was time I was about to explode and I asked her to grab the tissue but she just wasn’t in a mood to listen and I blasted the cum into her mouth. It was so hot to see her with her mouth full of my cum which she spat outside.

She wasn’t done yet I continued to lick her pussy and let my tongue excavate deep into her love hole she started holding my hair tight and started to clench her thighs as she was about to come she suddenly pressed my head deeper between her legs and shouted loud saiying aaaahhh you fuckerrrr mmm …. Aaahhh and she had her orgasm.

We moved the car from there towards her house and I parked the car for her to get down hoping without a goodbye and as expected we decided to finish what’s half done she quickly goes to her apartment while I head to the terrace she speaks to her parents and get out in her night gown without her underwear walk straight up to me puts me to the floor and sits on my face for me to feast on her wet pussy.

She moved front and back while she rolled up her gown and played with her boobs moaning my whole face was wet with her juices while she bends down to blow me in 69. She loved to spit on my dick and gag deep on it.

Now I turn her around and spread her legs and insert my long dick deep into her pussy which was so wet while I kissed her and sucked on her lovely brown nipples but our thirst wasn’t satisfying enough . We stood up while she leaned over the wall I inserted my dick in doggy style and loved the sight when I banged her hard and a her ass jiggled every time I thrusted.

She played with her g spot while I continued to bang her from behind. She shouted saying make me your whore fuck me hard I missed your long dick for so long fuck me hard!! I was about to cum but I didn’t want to end it so soon I turn her around make her sit down I again go down on her spit on her asshole while she guides my dick into her asshole

I slowly push it all the way in and once in I rammed my dick in and out continuously for close to 10 minutes while she kisses me moans loudly without caring we were at a public place and digs her nails deep into my back in pleasure I held both her feet and sucked her toes while I banged her asshole she continued to moan with one hand fingering her own pussy and the other playing with her boobs where I finally cum inside her asshole. The most satisfying sex I’ve ever had. Hope you enjoyed the story!

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