Sexual Escapade With Extremely Beautiful Rita Aunt

Hi, this is Snow from Bangalore. I am 28 years old with an ideal physique. I am an open-minded person and I like to keep myself active by involving in sports activities. And I work in a reputed law firm in Bangalore.

Without wasting any of your time, let me jump into the story.

It was the summer of May 2006. I had attained physical and legal maturity just then and was waiting for my exam results. It is common to visit relatives’ place during the summer vacation and I had planned to spend my holidays at my uncle’s place.

My uncle lived on the other side of the same city along with his 26 years old wife and daughter. They recently had shifted their house and I was visiting their new house for the first time. So I reached the place. There was my uncle, aunt, their child, my cousin who was very young and Rita aunt (I used to call her sister because there was not much age difference between us), who had come from the native to spend some time with her sister.

Rita aunt was my aunt’s younger sister who must be around 23 years old, slender, unmarried and extremely beautiful. All of us used to spend quality time playing games, making jokes and were very jovial.

One fine day, my uncle and aunt had gone to work as usual and it was just me, Rita sister and the kids. In the afternoon after lunch, the kids went to sleep on the mattress which was spread out on the floor. I and Rita sister also decided to sleep. So we lied next to the kids.

I was at the extreme left and she slept next to my right and the kids next to her. We were facing each other and were lying so close that I could feel her hot breath on my face.

There was tension building between us, which was something new to me as I was a virgin at that time. We both were breathing heavily and knew something incredible was happening but none of us had the courage to make a move. In the end, we both dozed off and woke up fresh and pretended everything was normal.

Later that evening, I started checking her out. Oh my god, she was a bomb! She was slim, had glittering eyes, tiny lips, elongated nose, clear fair skin and an ideal figure altogether.

Hours passed by, my uncle and aunt were back from work and everything else went by pleasantly. It was time to sleep. So, my uncle and aunt slept in their room and the rest were to sleep in another. It was the same set up as in the afternoon – kids, Rita sister and me. The lights were turned off, kids had slept and everything turned quiet.

It was completely dark and both of our minds were racing and there was no sign of sleep. We both started facing each other and our noses were almost touching. I could feel the warmth of her breath hitting my lips and she could feel mine. Our breathing became faster and louder and we were almost suffocating. We came even closer and our noses and lips were almost touching each other.

“Aren’t you sleepy?” she asked in a low voice. I was terrified and somehow mumbled, “No, it’s hot and I slept well in the afternoon”.

Silence occupied between us and we both wanted to make a move but lacked the courage. Finally, she placed her right hand on the back of my head and started playing with my hair. “This is a good sign”, I thought and placed my left hand over her ribs and started feeling her back. I could feel her bra strap over her kameez and we were kind of hugging each other. This made our slightly opened lips touch each other.

We both had come a long way and there was no turning back and all the shackles had been broken. I slowly forwarded my tongue and started feeling her lips from my tongue. She was not lagging behind either; as much as I wanted to feel her body, she wanted to feel mine too.

She pushed her tongue forward and our tongues started playing with each others. In no time, it turned into a lip lock and we were exploring the art of kissing. Our body heat, saliva, and seductive odor started flowing endlessly, making it irresistible and erotic.

We started feeling each other’s body, I was sliding my left hand all around her back and curvy waist. In no time, my hand was caressing her ass which was firm and soft at the same time. In the meantime, she slid her right hand inside my t-shirt and was feeling my bare chest. Soon her hand was playing with my nipples.

I started pulling her ass closer and both of our private areas were touching each other. All these acts had made my virgin dick rock solid and the only thing separating my dick from her pussy was our clothing.

Our bodies were rubbing against each other and in the ongoing process I held her by her waist and took her on top of me. I was lying on my back and she was on top of me kissing. Our hips ware moving in a rhythmic motion pushing against each other’s crotches.

I slowly slid my hands inside her kameez and was feeling the shape of her bareback. She removed my t-shirt and me, her kameez. It was my bare chest against her bra. I was trying to unhook her bra but failed miserably. She whispered slowly in my ears, “You know nothing”. “Teach me”, I replied.

I don’t know how she got turned on by this. She helped me unhook her bra and straightaway, grabbed my dick. My hands were squeezing her boobs. I was astonished by the size of it. It was bigger than how it looked from outside. The nipples were hard and in no time, my mouth was on her right breast and then on her left.

I slowly bit her nipple with my teeth and pulled it, Aaahh” she moaned with utmost pleasure. We rolled over and I was on top of her. I removed her salwar and the panty also came down. “Even better,” I thought. She undid my pants and dragged my underwear down. We were stark naked and her hands were feeling my dick.

“So hard and big, how will this fit in my pussy” she exclaimed. “Let’s find out” I giggled.

We got into 69. Woah!! The strong smell of her pussy compiled with the radiating heat. I let my tongue explore her pussy, she had big lips there and was already flooding with juices. My penis felt a warmth, it was her mouth. She pulled the foreskin of my dick completely back, it did hurt a bit but she let it down her throat. The pleasure of a virgin dick in a woman’s mouth is indescribable.

Even though I was ecstatic, I wanted to give the pleasure of her life. So I continued with my mouth and slid my middle finger down her pussy. And I could easily sense that she was enjoying it to the core.

She started squeezing her legs together and started trembling all of a sudden, a kind of a shiver. I wanted to go on but she stopped me for a few seconds. I gave it a pause and continued mastering my skills again. She orgasmed again, “Put it in, I can’t take it anymore” she slowly screamed in a low voice.

We got into the missionary position. She spread her legs and I positioned myself and tried pushing my dick in. But it didn’t go. She was tight and I was hard. She held my dick and placed it right over the hole. I gave a thrust, she screamed and I quickly kissed her on her lips; luckily nobody woke up.

We stayed in that position for a while and I slowly started sliding it in. It went deep all the way in. It was very hot, tight and sticky with plenty of fluids. I let it stay there for a while, slowly pulled it out a bit, pushed it back, pulled and pushed it slowly. A rhythm had formed and her inside muscles where also contracting and relaxing with the flow, pulling and pushing of my dick.

Our hips started moving in tandem supporting each other. It was too intense a feeling and I didn’t wanna rush. It was that moment when everything else had stopped and we were one. I kept banging her for a while, “This is it, I may burst out any time” I realized. So I pulled it out, and took a few deep breaths. She asked, “What happened?”.

“Let’s change the position,” I said.

I rolled to her right, made her ass face towards me, lifted her right leg a bit, positioned myself and pushed my dick from behind. And it went all the way in. I liked the way her arse felt on my lower abdomen. My right-hand was playing with her right boob and she was cooperating by pushing her arse toward me when I gave it a thrust. I banged her for another 10 minutes and we both were verging towards our climax.

The thrusts got stronger and faster, breathing got heavier, and pleasure intensified. There it was, the moment of bliss and absolute pleasure. Her vagina got very slippery and I started flooding it with my fluids.

That was it. We stayed in that position for a while and separated after a while, cleaned ourselves and lied down for a while with absolute relaxation. Then we started cuddling and it again led to another session. Soon we were asleep.

Then I felt something warm on my dick, opened my eyes from sleep only to find out that she was sucking my dick. I looked at the time, it was around 5 am and we finished one more session. Later we woke up and pretended everything was normal.

And that’s how I lost my virginity to a sex goddess.

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Have fun.

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