Sexy Sister-In-Law And Rainy Encounter

Hi guys, this is Rahul, and I am back with recent encounter. I am very thankful for the responses I received for my previous sex stories. Happy that people like my story. This is about the recent encounter with my favorite and cute my sister-in-law Sruthi. It all started with a marriage function of my relative.

Let’s move to the story folks.

It was my distance relative’s marriage function and it was a must that someone from my family should attend it. As my wife had left with the kid, everyone decided it should be me. I too accepted it thinking will be a relief from the daily work stress.

The wedding was on 10th of November. So I planned to take leave for 2 days and since I have leave on weekends, we reached the house on Saturday itself.

Since my wife family also decided to attend, we planned to go by car. As I was the only driver, I needed to drive the long way. It was a 350 km-drive and half of it was a rough route.

My wife family reached our house on Sunday and we started by noon. Myself, my mother-in-law and as usual my SIL were the crew.

It was around 3 when we started and travelled for 8 hours with some breaks for refreshments. We reached the marriage hall by 11 and were well-received by the groom’s family.

We were given 2 rooms. I shared my room with my cousin and as usual, guys were enjoying booze at the bachelor party. I too joined and enjoyed till late night. The next day, the marriage was at 7.30 but we slept at 3 only.

We got ready early in the morning, attended the marriage and spent some lovely time chatting with the relatives. I needed to get back home as I booked train for the same night to reach back to office.

My train was at 10:30, so we had our lunch and started back to home. My mother-in-law stayed back as she wished to come with the other relatives. So it was me and my sister-in-law.

We started from hall at 12.30 and were driving at medium speed. As you all know, I and my sister-in-law are very close. We were talking all kinds of stuff and the journey was not at all boring.

We crossed half the distance and it started to rain heavily. We couldn’t even see the road. Since it was a highway, we thought to park in the lorry-parking lane until the rain stopped.

We found one parking lane and parked there. There was one other lorry parked a little ahead of us. The rain was getting heavier as time passed. I knew it was not possible for me to catch the train now, so I cancelled the ticket and booked for the next day in bus. I informed my office about the situation and availed WFH.

We were talking and the climate was very cool. We could feel the chillness inside the vehicle. It was situation that demands or tempts for a hardcore sex. My sister-in-law winked at me and smiled with an expression of lust.

I received the signal very well and was ready for a steaming sex session. Since it was raining, the inside of the vehicle was not visible to see from the outside. So, the situation also favored us.

I tilted the seats and it was like a bed. My sister-in-law was looking gorgeous in a white chudi and her eyes. She was killing me with those eyes.

I grabbed her face and looked deep into her eyes. I felt her passion towards having me inside her and I was ready to give her what she wanted.

I kissed my sister-in-law’s lips and she closed her eyes. We kissed deeply, our tongues exchanging saliva and lips crushing. She almost ate my lower lip and I liked the mood she was in.

We kissed for a long time and I was hugging her tightly. I then started kissing and licking all over face and she was moaning in ecstasy. My one hand was on her left melon and was squeezing it over the dress. It continued for around 20 minutes and then we both parted our lips.

We both were in full sexual mood and the heat was building up between us. My sister-in-law removed my shirt and asked me to move to her seat.

I jumped over to her seat and she came upon me. She started kissing my neck, chest, etc, increasing the mood. I grabbed her chudi from below and pulled it upwards. And in a single pull, it came over her head.

My SIL was in her white bra and her melons were waiting for my lips to play with them. I sucked my sexy sister-in-law’s nipples over her bra and it was getting harder. Her bra was wet with my saliva and she was moaning loudly.

Then I stretched my hands back and unhooked her bra. Her melons were freed and were thanking me for it. Such a great shape her boobs had! Those nipples will make anyone fall for it.

I grabbed my sister-in-law’s melons in both hands and softly squeezed them. They were a little big for my hands but was soft enough to squueze. I pinched her nipples and rolled over and she screamed in pain and pleasure. I sucked both her nipples and tasted every bit of it.

I circled my tongue over her nipples and licked all over her melons. My sister-in-law was sometimes bringing and feeding her melons to my mouth. I ate them like a crazy guy.

After few minutes, my sister-in-law unzipped and removed my pants. It was a good view that my cock was rock hard and throbbing. I removed her pants and panties, she had slight pubic hairs there. She hadn’t shaved for some time.

Then she moved down and we were in 69 position. The aroma of her vaginal liquid drove me crazy and the feeling was heavenly. That instant, I grabbed her ass and inserted my tongue into her love hole.

I started licking and tasting her internal walls and my sister-in-law was shaking in pleasure. In the meantime, she pulled the foreskin of my cock and licked the rose mushroom head. A scintillating vibration passed throughout my body once her soft tongue touched my cock head.

My sister-in-law then started kicking all over my length and after it was completely wet, she took it entirely in her mouth. She sucked my cock like a juicy ice cream bar.

She was enjoying sucking my cock and the sensation throughout my cock was awesome and tingling. She is a pro in this. We both were exploring each other’s private parts by our tongue. We couldn’t even breathe as we were busy licking and sucking.

We were oral-fucking each other for about 10 minutes. I felt she was gonna burst into her orgasm. I was ready and there was her sweet love juice flowing from her pink wet pussy.

I drank all of it and tasted very exotic. It was like a viagra which made my cock to grow even bigger. She gasped to relax and again started to suck my cock. I felt I was also going to reach my limit. So I stopped her and she came up.

Again we both kissed, cuddled and I was playing with her nipples. Now she held my cock and guided it into her love hole. First, it was tight and she slowly pushed her weight towards my boner. In a single hard push, my shaft completely vanished inside her.

My sister-in-law came in a cowgirl position and started pumping my shaft. Her melons were bouncing sexily while she was moving up and down. For grip and smooth guide, I supported her butt with my hands.

She was covering my entire shaft and was feeling the tightness inside her. Her vaginal walls were warm and gripping my shaft very tightly. It was the pleasure that every man should experience daily. She pumped for some time and she got tired.

Then I asked her to lie on the seat and came over her in missionary position. She widened her legs for me to enter. I positioned my cock head in her hole and pushed in. Now it went in smooth without any delay.

Then I started stroking her and she was moaning in loud voice. As the rain was heavy, her sound didn’t travel outside our car. I positioned close to her and went in very deep for every stroke. My cock reached the edge of her hole and she was in ultimate ecstasy. She closed her eyes and enjoyed every inch of my shaft entering her.

I often leaned down and kissed her and sucked her nipples. I stroked her for about 5 minutes and she asked me to do in her favorite position.

We jumped to the back seat and she bent down for the doggy style. I went back and entered her in doggy. I grabbed her melons and crushed them while stroking. My thighs were hitting on her butt and making sounds. She also was moaning, I was in heaven.

I stroked for 5 more minutes and I was about to blast my cum. I said to her and she wanted to drink it.

I pulled my shaft out and shook my boner a few times. My thick white cum splashed on her face and mostly fell on her mouth. She drank it and wiped each drop on her face and licked it too.

My sister-in-law caught my cock and sucked it dry and licked all over, not letting any drop to go waste. We then kissed passionately and rested naked.

After about 40 minutes, the rain stopped and we dressed and travelled back home.

The rain made our day and it was another best sex experience with my SIL. She loved the way I had sex with her and made her horny. She also insisted to drop a long weekend plan secretly, so we could enjoy to the core. So I must get ready and plan for it without any delays.

We reached home night and she happily went to her home. I rested that day and started back to work the next day.

Folks, I hope you would have enjoyed this story. Ladies and girls who want some classy and steamy sex, you can drop a mail in [email protected]

Till we meet in the new sex story, I am signing off. Jerk a little and enjoy sex.

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