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Guess who is back after a long time? I missed writing my blogs due to other work commitments. But I ensure that I would try writing a lot of stories for all the readers here and hence contribute to this forum actively.

This is a real incident that took place in my life. It is very dear to my heart and hence I would like to know all your feedback. Don’t hesitate to contact me on [email protected]. And please vote for the story once you finish reading it.

Hello, everyone, I am 27-year-old from Bangalore, India. I still remember that month and year. It was 2010 in Punjab. I had gone there for my sister’s wedding. 5 days before the wedding, all super excited and unknown that that trip would leave a large impact on my life.

It was post-summer I guess, everyone was running here and there taking care of the arrangements. So was I. Tensed whether the wedding would go as per what our family had thought or not. The relatives had to be taken care of, the arrangements for days before the wedding had to be done.

All those burdens a typical Punjabi wedding would have. I was asked to get something from a nearby market. I was leaving the service apartment we had rented, that’s when I saw her. Walking with her parents and her brother beside her was my cousin.

Let’s call her Sneha. She was the epitome of beauty. She stood at a height of 5″6′ slim, very fair, long hair, long legs, killer eyes. To add to it a mole on her face, which would make any guy go gaga on her. Sneha and I were a bit close, in fact. Among all my relatives, she was the only one I liked.

I went and met them touched the feet of her parents, hi-fi ed my brother and gave her a hug. Oh man, it was one of the best feelings I would have, she gave me an electric current in a 2-3 second hug, unfortunately, I had to move away since her parents were also there.

I had to wave them a bye for now and leave for the work I had. I used to see her every now and then, steal glances and admire her beauty. At times I would think no, I shouldn’t be looking at her, she is my sister. But then I would be like, she is my cousin, cousins are best friends, not sisters, so it is fine. No regrets.

The next day it was as though gods were in my favor. When I was going to go to the city to run some errands I saw the cute little princess sitting among all aunties and uncles. She was getting bored I suppose. I went to her and asked her if she would like to accompany me. She told that she needs to ask permission.

She asked and told me to let’s go. I was very happy inside that I can spend some time with her. Unfortunately, we had a driver taking us along so we could talk with as much freedom. We were talking and talking and then sharing adult jokes over the messages and laughing out.

I finished most of my errands and then I had to get my hair cut done in the end. Ahe came along and sat next to me facing me in the adjacent chair. I could see her from her side through the mirror opposite me. And oh god, she looked pretty in a correct fitting white t-shirt and jeans.

I was lost looking at her and in the process, I couldn’t hear what she was talking about. I think she understood what was happening and gave a mischievous smile.

After I was done, I told her my work is done, let us go to the service apartments since all of our relatives would be waiting for us there. She told me she has a small work, she has to collect something from her friends’ place. I was like okay let’s go.

The traffic is Punjab was too much then. After some 15-20 minutes in the scorching heat, we reached the place. She asked me to come along. I told her you to go and come I won’t be comfortable to come in. She told it’s OK you come. I was like okay fine. Grumpy at first I went along with her.

What shocked me was instead of ringing the bell she took out the key from her wallet and started to open the door. I took some time to register all this. Confused still, I told her how did you get the keys. She told her friend had given her the keys and since she had to collect her parcel.

Her friend and her family had gone to their native and would come back after 10 days. I was still. My heart started beating fast. She opened the gate and went inside. Her parcel was on the dining table. She is an artist and had probably made some art out of it. She went ahead and I was behind her.

She was opening her art and she told me to come and see this stuff. I stood behind her with a million questions running in my head. What is this and what is happening? It took time for me to register things that are happening. I stood there and I thought should I or should I not?

Kya Karun, mere samne mere sapno ki pari khadi hui thi. Usko dekh kar toh koi bhi pagal ho jaaye, sochte sochte main aage badha. Woh kuch bol rahi thi shaayad, lekin mujhe sunai nahi de raha tha. Main jaa kar uske bagal main khada ho gaya.

(Translation: What to do? In front of me was my dream girl, anyone would go nuts seeing her in that condition. Thinking all this I moved a little ahead I went and stood next to her, with my heart beating so loudly I think she could have heard it.)

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