Slutty Esha fucked by strangers

Hello, my dear ISS Readers. I am Esha Shah, female, 36, married. Read my previous encounters to know more about me.

My hubby then took some tissue and cleaned my lubricated pussy. I removed his cummed condom and put them in a tissue paper. I asked him to throw them in a dustbin. My hubby wore his underwear and shorts. I, too, wore my panties. He then started kissing me.

It was then the lights came on for an interval. As soon as the lights came on, my hubby stopped mauling me. He got up from his seat and went to use the bathroom. The 2 guys in front of us also left outside, looking completely horny.

I was seated alone in the private cabin, waiting for my hubby to return. My hubby took some time to return. The movie started after the interval. I again started to get horny and wet by the music in the movie. My hubby returned with some more chips.

The other 2 guys were yet to return. My hubby came and made me glasses of vodka and soda. He made me drink 5 glasses of vodka mixed with soda. I got completely trippy.

My hubby then got kinkier. He put a blindfold on my eyes. He removed my black shirt and skirt. I was standing there in the cabin in my neon lingerie and skirt with stiletto. My lingerie was glowing in the cabin. Then he put handcuffs on both my wrists and made the scenario kinkier.

He then started mauling my boobs and kissing me. I was getting more and more hornier and wetter. I moved my hand towards his dick. It was fully erect. Just as we were enjoying our sexual moment, he got nature’s call, which he had to take. So, he made me sit and said he would be back very quickly.

But he forgot to remove my blindfold and handcuffs. He just lay me there. I heard the door open and close as he went out. I was trippy, horny, and wet, with my lingerie glowing in the dark. Just then, I heard the door open and close again. I thought it was my hubby. But it was the 2 other guys.

As I was trippy, I was in no position to oppose. The 2 saw an opportunity of a lifetime. As I was in a helpless situation, they could do anything to me. They both came and made me sit in between them. They started playing with my boobs.

Both held one boob of mine. They were squeezing my boob. Now they removed them out of my bra and were licking and sucking them. They were enjoying my boobs. One of them started smooching me, and the other guy was playing with my pussy by moving my panties.

It made me reach my sexual peak. Then, they made me kneel. I knew what they were going to do to me. So, I asked them to use condoms. I heard them pause and open the condom packets. They had put them on their respective dicks. One guy shoved his dick into my mouth and the other in my pussy.

They were grinding me from both ends. It was my first time taking 2 guys together. They were now ramming me at a great pace, and we all three were reaching our sexual peaks. Both came respectively and were happy. They made my lingerie proper, and both kissed me and left the room.

Wow, it was a great experience. I just fucked 2 guys that too together. Once they left, the door opened and closed again. I thought it was my hubby. But when the hands rubbed me on my thighs, I realized, fuck, it was someone else. He held me by my arms and made me stand up.

He then hugged me tightly, and that is when I guessed he must be the ticket counter guy. I knew he was bald. He was hurriedly squeezing my butt and was licking my shoulders. He then dropped back a bit, and by the sound, I think he stripped off his clothes. He got completely naked and wore a condom.

He came forward again. He then removed my bra and panty to make me almost completely naked, only with stilettos. He then gave his dick in my hand for a hand job. He got busy kissing me and mauling my boobs. He was doing me rigorously. After some time, he stopped my hands and took his dick back.

He then took my arms and put it around his neck. He pinned me to the wall and lifted my legs. He then just shoved his already hard dick deep into my pussy. He started ramming my pussy hard. His chest was rubbing rigorously over my boobs, and his lips were kissing my lips.

This went on for some time, and then he stopped and took out his dick. He again raised my hand and pinned them to the wall. He then turned me around with my hands pinned to the wall. He then grabbed my boobs and bent me over a little, and shoved back his dick back into my pussy.

Now he started mauling my boobs and ramming my pussy at a fast pace from behind. While doing so, he was kissing me over my shoulder and neck. My pussy was also giving his dick complete lubrication for smooth movement. He was truly enjoying fucking me like a slut.

He rammed me for some more time and finally came inside the condom. I thought he must be done and gone, as my husband could come at any moment. But to my surprise, he sat on the seat and made me sit on his lap. I think he poured some vodka on my nipples and sucked them one by one.

He enjoyed sucking my nipples, and then, when he was finally done. He arranged my clothes back to how they were and stood up and dressed up. He then kissed me on the lips, hugged me tightly, and left me on the seat. The door opened and closed.

Then, after a moment, the door opened and closed again. Someone came and sat in the front seat. I thought it must be those 2 guys who fucked me. After 5 minutes, my hubby arrived, very frustrated. Someone had jammed his toilet door.

He couldn’t open it, and after some time, the ticketing guy came and helped him out. I clearly understood the whole scene of what happened to me now. My husband got instantly horny by seeing me there with 2 guys in the front row. He turned me around and started fucking my pussy from behind.

He was doing it without a condom. Fuck, it was awesome to feel a raw dick after so many rounds of fucks. He rammed me for about 15 minutes and finally came on my bums. He sat on the seat and then cleaned my bums with a tissue.

He opened my handcuffs and blindfold. We both got dressed as the movie was about to end. As soon as we were dressed, the lights came on, and the movie was over. My hubby was really happy to fuck me like a whore. And I, on my end, enjoyed being a slut fucked by strangers.

While going out, my hubby went out first, with me behind him. While going out, one of the guys who fucked me squeezed my bum. I didn’t look behind to see who it was, but just left with my hubby. We booked a cab and reached home. Fuck this was a great experience for me and my hubby.

End of this part. I will come up with more sexiest things. Till then, enjoy this.

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