Start Of Incest Journey With Shalini Didi…

I am Rajveer, from Hyderabad, working for an MNC as a regional head, 5’9″ height with average built body, I like meeting and having safe sex with mature, married or single women (any female who wants to have a good time in bed), This sex story is about how I was seduced and had sex with a very distant older cousin sister Shalini who is married and has a son. She wasn’t my cousin by relation, though our families were very close and our fathers were like brothers so we considered their daughter and son as my cousins. Shalini was the older one and she had a younger brother Jatin, both Shalini and Jatin were older than me, Shalini was 11 years older than me and Jatin was 5 years older.

This story is in 2 parts and I will be explaining everything in detail, so please be patient and read till the end and keep imagining everything in detail and enjoy my journey.Since childhood, 3 of us were close like own blood brothers and sisters but addressed each other as cousins, as I was the youngest amongst 3 of them and the cutest as well, Shalini loved me a lot and showed me a lot of care, attention, and affection, even Jatin cared for me like an own younger brother, and we were happy friendly cousins, but I never ever had any lustful or any negative intention on Shalini.

This incident happened in the year 2009, when, after a long gap of 7, we met again in Udaipur for one of my cousin sister’s wedding, as they were considered as family members they were also invited. I was happy to meet them again. I arrived 3 days early to help with arrangements, Shalini with her family and join with uncle and aunt arrived on the day of sangeet.

Early morning at 7, I got a knock at my door, and when I open the door was surprised to see a 7-year-old kid, telling me “Good morning mamaji, mummy and papa are calling you in the room” it was Shalini’s son Harsh. I was happy to see him all grown up, and asked him the room number and told him I will be there in 10 minutes.

I reached their room, and rang the bell, Shalini’s husband Amit (whom I address as jiju) opened the door and I greeted him good morning, and jiju invited me into the room, and asked me to sit, and he called out at Shalini telling her, Rajveer is here, as she was in the bathroom taking shower. Later jiju said he has to go out with my other cousins and Jatin, so I said I will also come along, then jiju asked me to stay back as he was going out to buy liquor for the night’s bachelor party that was after sangeet, and as me and Shalini don’t have alcohol, jiju requested me to stay back and accompany her, and said anyhow Shalini wanted to spend time with her favourite cousin whom she missed badly for 7 years. So I agreed and stayed back.

Jiju left and took harsh along, leaving them with other kids and grandparents and closed the door behind, I was sitting on the couch waiting for Shalini, she stepped out from the shower only in towel that was just covering from her breasts to her thighs and most of her cleavage was visible and her hair was wet and left loose and water droplets all over her face and body, for a moment I was mesmerized seeing her, she had put on a little weight, all in the right places, even the towel couldn’t cover-up her, tempting body curves, her waist was still curvy, her breasts and hips got a little bigger, and her hair had grown a little longer till her hips, she was looking like a sex goddess walking towards me.

I realized I shouldn’t be looking at her that way and put my head down, she just came and sat on the couch opposite to me with her wet, towel covered body, applying lotion on her body and we were talking, and I was still looking down, when she said why are you staring at the floor, I am sitting up, then I replied, didi you aren’t wearing anything. She started laughing and stood up from her couch and came and sat on the armrest of my couch and was leaning on me, telling me, my little Raj has changed so much in 7 years, have become so handsome and macho, hayeeee…. Jaan leke maanoge ladkiyon ki… I kept blushing and smiling.

The way Shalini didi was leaning on me, her wet hair kept falling on my face and shoulders and water droplets from her hair were falling on me, and her body fragrance was arousing me, and she kept sliding her hips more towards me, and finally she sat on my lap and put her arms around my neck and was grinding her ass on my erect dick and was teasing me in double meaning saying… someone grew up too much… hehe… and I had my arms around her waist holding her so she doesn’t fall and didi was hugging me and kissing my cheeks very hard with wet kisses.

Shalini didi was getting too touchy and naughty, and she was just grinding her ass more and more on my dick making it more erect, and even she could feel something poking over her ass… jokingly I tried to tickle her, and she was about to slip off my arms and lap and she balanced herself by putting her foot down and she stood up, as soon as she stood up, her towel loosened up and fell on the ground and there she was standing stark naked in front of me, with her delicious naked body right in front of my eyes, with her huge breasts and erect nipples and her curvy waistline and her trimmed pussy hair, with white smooth skin on her body like milk, and her wet hair open and few on her face…

We were staring at each other and I quickly realized what had happened, though I was all aroused from inside I tried to control and put my head down, Shalini didi was still standing naked and staring at me with a blank face, don’t know what was she expecting, I quickly got off my couch and told her sorry didi and left the room. I ran to my room and shut the door tight and kept thinking what just happened, and was feeling guilty to get aroused as she was like an elder sister. I stayed in my room for almost 2 to 3 hours lying on the bed, while the images of her naked tempting body kept flashing in my mind.

I again had a knock at my door but this time it was my cousins calling me to a common room where all the siblings were gathering, I went to the room and it was quite full, couches, bed floor cousins sitting anywhere they found a space, and even I found space on the floor over the mattress and sat there having fun time with my cousins.

when I saw Shalini didi entering the room as well, I was a bit nervous and tried to look away, and divert my attention to other cousins talking something or the other, Shalini didi kept telling everyone to give her some space to sit, but everyone in a playful mood told her to make her own space, then she saw me and came around me and sat in my lap and put her arms around my neck and started cheering, yay! I found my comfy seat… and she was moving her hips on my lap and over my erect dick which was poking her ass.

I kept saying didi move, ur too heavy, you’ll break my legs and she kept bouncing more in playful mood saying no, I’m not leaving my comfy seat, and all the cousins in a playful mood kept laughing and encouraging her not to get up and squash me under her weight.

I somehow put my hands around her hips and tickled her and pushed her off me, and kept standing in the corner and told her you can have the place now, but in a playful way… I was feeling odd about her, and confused about what was she up to, is she serious or is she just treating me like a little brother or her child or is she giving me an indication of something… all the thoughts kept going on and on in my head but no answers, finally it was night and sangeet ended.

Everyone had a blast and then the DJ night for few more hours everyone put the dance floor on fire with their moves… and I too danced along with everyone and Shalini didi was too much into me dancing along with me, and while we danced in crowd she did some sexy moves by rubbing her hips on my trousers and sometimes taking my hands and placing them on her hips while dancing and sometimes leaning her head on my chest, everyone knew us so took all that as brotherly and sisterly affection… no one thought of anything else. Though her hips were soft and fleshy I felt like squeezing it but felt wrong on my thoughts as I considered her elder sister.

What more can I do, I am a single man who desires women, it’s natural to get attracted on such advancements… and who wouldn’t? Finally many retreated to their rooms after being tired and most of the cousins who were in for a cocktail liquor party were there and rest left to their rooms who don’t drink… after few drinks, all my cousins and relatives who were up for more drinking retreated to the suit where the liquor as kept, and stayed there for the night.

Shalini didi took her son Harsh and left to her room and I retreated to my room to take a shower and relax.

To be continued…

In the next part of the sex story, I will tell u what all happened that night between me and Shalini didi.

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