Steamy One Night Stand – Part 2

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This is the continuation of my story steamy one night stand. For new readers I am Samir young, educated, handsome guy from Delhi and this was my random encounter with a girl Rose who is a very young beautiful girl with slim and toned body to die for. Comments are welcome at [email protected]

To continue my story, we had a session and I was in trousers and she was in bra and panty. We both were sitting on couch and smiling on each other. We were too happy and I saw satisfaction in her eyes. She repeatedly told me that you are crazy for sex and you are the best pussy licker and you eat crazily. I prepared the tea and came to couch and we were sipping tea. I told her to sit in my lap and we have tea. She obliged and sat in my lap with her legs around my waist. We were having tea and in between she was kissing my lips and face and I was also responding. The atmosphere was erotic. In between we smooched and exchanged our saliva while having tea. I told her do you wana go for next session or you wana relax. She told me to stretch and lie down and she came over me and lie down over me with her back on my chest.

I began caressing her boobs over bra and squeezed them a lot. In between she turned her face and we smooched. I licked her face and neck and I kept on squeezing her boobs. She got up and showed her back. I understood and I started licking and kissing her back from top to bottom. I licked her arse back crack and everywhere over her back. She turned and we wildly smooched and she bite my lower lip. She took out her bra and fed me her boobs. I crushed them squeezed them a lot. She again lie down on me and I was crushing her boobs. I was pulling her nipples, twisting her nipples.

I took each boob in my hand and pumped them a lot. She was moaning and grunted a lot. She began shouting loudly and I feared neighbors should not wake up. I kept squeezing her mangoes. She took out her panty and I took out my trouser and she continued to lie down in same position. I put my one finger in her pussy and started fingering her. I fingered her for good 8 minutes without any pause. She moaned groaned and grunted a lot. She shouted O God keep it up. I increased the pace and told her to relax. In between I was smooching her mouth a lot. I spit on her face many times and licked her. I continued fingering till she cummed wildly on my fingers. I took out fingers and gave in her mouth and she licked my fingers.

I went to pussy dipped my finger took out and fed her in her mouth. This continued for a while. She then went on the bed and was on her all fours. She told me can you eat my ass also. I was more than obliged. I took the position and began kissing her ass cheeks. I licked her ass and kissed hundred of times. I parted her ass cheeks and licked her asshole. I licked and rimmed her asshole and she was tossing the bed wildly. She held the sheet and I was continuously eating her ass. I rimmed her ass a lot. I licked the area between her pussy and asshole.

I kept my face there and I was literally eating her both holes. She shouted fuck your bitch now. Make me your whore tonight. Fuck me like you want. Fuck my pussy with your big dick. Don’t leave me. Spoil me. I put condom and inserted my dick in her pussy in doggy and I was mounting on her and fucking her pussy. She shouted screamed and tossed the bed and I fucked very hard. I thrust my dick deep in her pussy and was fucking her badly. I held her waist and was fucking her. She shouted to hold and squeeze her boobs and I obliged. This continued for a while. She was tired and then she lie down.

I spread her legs licked her pussy nfor few minutes and shove my dick in missionary and I began thrusting deep and hard. She kept says fuck me fuck me, fuck your bitch. Go on fucking. I kept fucking her pussy harder and harder. Then I stood on the floor near bed and I pulled her to bed edge. I lifted her legs and made them wide as possible. This was her pussy was pointing towards floor. I kept one leg on bed and inserted dick in her pussy and fucked her in this position. She was wildly moaning and grunting. I fucked her with pace. I was feeling to cum but I decreased speed and diverted my mind so as to make it prolonged.

She then took my dick in her mouth and licked and sucked my dick. We came into 69 and ate each other well. Once I felt to cum I stopped her. I spread her legs and began to eat her pussy. She said how much you like my pussy. I said I can suck you for full night. She said don’t stop and suck me as much as you want. I was eating her pussy lips, licking each lip.

I took whole of the pussy in my mouth and was smooching her pussy. The whole pussy was in my mouth and I was not ready to leave it. I was eating and smooching the pussy a lot. She kept on saying eat me, eat me, bite it, and spoil it. I took her clit and chewed it, bite it and sucked it. She wanted to sit on my mouth. I lie down and obliged. She wildly smothered my mouth and face. She rubbed wildly her pussy on my face and mouth. She sat deep on me and I was breathless. I managed to take air and she again rubbed her pussy all over my face and mouth and was shouting eat it eat it lick it. I was enjoying her act.

After that she sat on my dick and rode it like a cowgirl. The scene was amazing she was fucking my dick like a crazy wild girl and I was holding her waist and helping her. She kept on riding wildly and very hard. She said hold my waist and handle me rough. I held her waist and ass and helped her to ride. This continued for a good time and I sprayed all my cum in her pussy and she also came heavily shouting, grunting and moaning. She bends her body over me and we kissed and smooched each other. I took out my dick after a while and we were happy.

We went to washroom, cleaned ourselves. She said you are the best fucker I ever met and you have fucked me like a king fucking her queen. She said I was much better than her ex- boyfriend. She wore her bra and panty and I was in my trouser. I felt she is sleepy. We went to bed and slept in each other arms. She was so hot that I could not sleep.

During her sleep, I took out her bra and panty and we slept nude. In morning when she woke up, she said did you fuck me in sleep also. I replied no I just wanted to feel your heat. She laughed and kissed on my lips. She said she has to leave for important work we embraced and smooched each other. She thanked me a lot for all the fun we had.

Thereafter as I remembered that she was in need of money, I out of courtesy handed her 10000 rupees but she refused and said you have satisfied my pussy and I cant take. But I insisted and said it is a friend helping another friend in need. She thanked me a lot. I went down and bade her good bye.

Comments are welcome at [email protected] and if any girl, female, married or single wants to share her fantasies and wants to make her dirty fantasies true, email me. I shall treat you as a friend and assure you a good time. Looking forward for new encounters and more wild and erotic sex.

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