Story of my first gay experience with a 60yo man

I am Adhi (name changed), working in a reputed organization. Now I have been married for 2 years. This is my first story. In 2009 I was studying in junior college.  I was slender, fair, handsome and good in academics.

But like most parents, I was brought up naïve. I was studying in a boys’ school with no scent of girls and had no idea of sex or masturbation. No concept of good touch and bad touch. I was taught to work, study, and spread happiness however I could.

Although I was good in academics, I was put into tuition to improve my marks. During one such time, my teacher was not at home. I had to wait in his nearby house till his return. That house was occupied by a couple roughly aged 60. I had good relations with them, so I had no problems approaching them.

At that time, only the uncle was there. His wife was out at some temple. We were enjoying the fresh air as it was around 06:30 PM. It started to drizzle slightly.

The uncle and I spoke casually about academics, classes, tuition, music, etc. His house had a balcony-like portion covered by some tree leaves. Hence from the street, nothing would be visible. We were sitting on a sofa side by side.

While speaking, he casually put his hands on my thigh, and I didn’t feel anything. I was continuing the conversation. Casually his hand brushed my cock over my pants, and I had a strange sensation. It was tickling, and it became erect. I still didn’t mind and was continuing the conversation.

It happened for the next two times or so. But when he touched me deliberately, I tried to cover my cock with my hands. I asked him what he was doing. He replied just like that and continued the conversation. After a few minutes, he again tried the same.

I asked him innocently whether he felt like pinching my cock. He said he didn’t want to pinch it but would like to see it. I lowered my pant and undies to knee level and sat on the sofa nude ass with my erect dick. He started to fondle it and just touched the tip.

It sent shivers down my spine. But I didn’t tell anything and was still trying to have a conversation about something else. He started stroking it gently. It felt heavenly, as it was my introduction to masturbation. My cock was slightly leaking precum which I tried to control.

But he didn’t mind and was playing with my cock. I didn’t mind as it was feeling different, and I wanted it more and more for some reason. Now it started to rain. So I might have to wait a bit longer. Nobody else would return till the rain stopped.

I couldn’t return home also since I only had a bicycle. We were not into cell phones at that time. Hence I started enjoying it. Seeing no resistance from me, he made me remove my pants completely.

We went into his room. He asked me whether I wanted to see his cock. I was afraid, and so I nodded no. He didn’t force me to touch his cock but was playing with mine. He stroked it gently and asked about a girl known to us. I realized that my cock was more erect than before.

He teased my tip slightly, and I shivered and let out a slight moan. I didn’t care what he was doing but wanted it more. I also thought that this gave happiness to both him and me, so why not do it? I asked him why he did that, and he just said enjoy this.

I stopped asking him anything. Our conversation was about girls, their assets, his wife, and how he used to fuck his wife thrice daily in the initial phases of marriage. How he misses it since they are well above 60.

I felt pity for him, but all the while, he never stopped playing with my cock. At one point, I felt as if I was freezing completely. A strange feeling was on my cock, and a thick white fluid was gushing out. It was my first masturbation cum shot. He didn’t feel it.

He caught the whole load in his hands and washed it off. He still was not done and wouldn’t let me wash. He stroked me continuously for almost 2 hours. I might have come more than 3 times.

When we heard the compound door opening, I went into the bathroom with my pants on the pretext of using the restroom. Then we both behaved as if nothing had happened. My teacher had returned, and I had my classes. After that, around 9:30, I was about to leave for my house.

I saw him coming out of his house to buy some milk. It was dark, and not so many people were around. He offered to walk with me for a while. I was pushing the bicycle. All the way to the main road (10 minutes walk), he teased my cock over my pants, even on the road. No one was watching.

I liked the thrill and excitement. Even when he took his hands away, I asked him to at least keep his hands on my cock and play with it over my pants. We tried to walk through every deserted crossroads so that I could have that extra time.

I again was about to cum, and I came on the road under the pretext of peeing near a dumpster. He waved goodbye and said we would have much more in the coming days.

Though I didn’t know what he was doing at the time, it felt heavenly. I just wanted it more. I decided to keep it a secret, and whenever time permits, we would do mutual masturbation.

He also encouraged me to do masturbation. But that’s a story for another time. I have had 3-4 partners apart from my wife. If I get a good response, I will also narrate the other stories.

Now I am straight and not into gay sex anymore. But even though I am far more experienced in sex now, I still can’t get this first incident out of my head. It lingers on clouding all the other sexcapades.

But unfortunately, my wife is very traditional and doesn’t allow me to have other partners anymore. But I miss him and would like more experiences.

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